Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 883 - Sacrifices for Great Aspirations

Yan'er was in a dilemma. The woman with the lantern hurried her repeatedly, and then Yan'er followed her into the peach forest, turning back once every three steps before she gradually disappeared.

The dragon qilin came to Qin Mu's side. "Cult Master, where are we going?"

Qin Mu lowered his head. After a while, he raised his head and replied, "We will go to Border Dragon City first."

The dragon qilin's body trembled and revealed his true form.

Dao Master Lin Xuan walked up to them and said to Qin Mu, "Cult Master Qin, Dao Ancestor wants our Dao Sect to migrate, to leave Eternal Peace and head to Clear Sky Heaven to take refuge."

Qin Mu nodded silently.

"Cult Master doesn't intend to say anything?" Dao Master Lin Xuan couldn't help but ask.

Qin Mu leaped onto the dragon qilin's forehead. Looking down, he replied, "Perhaps if the green hills last, there will still be the chance for new fire to be lit in the future. Dao Master Lin, take care!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan hurriedly asked, "Cult Master Qin, aren't you going to seek refuge?"

Qin Mu revealed a smile. Lin Xuan felt that there was actually true purity in this brat's smile.

"The revolution of the Crimson Light Era was to prove that mortals could also be as formidable as gods. The revolution of the High Emperor Era was to fight for the people's right to live. It pushed the ideal that the lives of mortals are equal to the lives of the gods and that human lives are greater than heaven. The reforms of the Founding Emperor Era were a continuation of the results of the revolution of the High Emperor Era. It pushed that human lives are greater than heaven and for gods and devils to be of service to the people, that the authority of the gods and devils must be locked up in a cage."

Qin Mu continued, "The reforms of Eternal Peace continued the reforms of the Founding Emperor Era. It is for the Dao to return to the common people. Only if it can be used in everyday lives can it be considered the true Dao. The revolution and reforms of three generations cannot just end like this in the Eternal Peace Era, and we cannot just let the results of the reforms be stolen by the extraterritorial celestial heavens. Far too many heroes have died for the revolution and reforms in the eras of Crimson Light, High Emperor, and Founding Emperor. They used their own lives as sacrificial offerings for the revolution and reforms of the three generations, sacrificing themselves. These righteous and ambitious people all sacrificed their lives so that future generations could live in better conditions. If the reforms of Eternal Peace require sacrificial offerings as well…"

He curled his lips. Although his voice was soft, it was still powerful and inspiring to the heart. "Then we will start with the three heroes of Eternal Peace's reforms! As Heavenly Saint Cult Master, Human Emperor Qin Mu, one of the three heroes of Eternal Peace's reforms, I am already prepared. Dao Master Lin, go to Clear Sky Heaven and leave some torches for the continuation of the reforms of Eternal Peace. Fatty Dragon, go—"

With wide strides and clouds beneath his feet, the dragon qilin sprinted in the direction of Border Dragon City.

Dao Master Lin Xuan watched them as they flew off. He was lost in thought. 'For an ideal… Cult Master Qin, I once thought of you as one of the abandoned people of the Great Ruins, and I once thought of you as the devil Cult Master of the Heavenly Devil Cult, but I never considered you one of Eternal Peace. However, I didn't imagine that in light of impending doom, the most determined person would actually be you. Yet, as one born of the earth of Eternal Peace, I have to instead lead the Dao Sect to leave Eternal Peace…'

The dragon qilin mustered all of his power and sprinted at full speed all the way.

This time around, he didn't slack off again, and he didn't suppress his speed to cheat for more spirit pills. Instead, he was sprinting with his life on the line.

Before, to exchange for more spirit pills, he would always increase his speed bit by bit to let Qin Mu see his own improvements so that he would refine more spirit pills for him. Now, he no longer thought of playing such small tricks.

The dragon qilin sprinted for two days, but they still couldn't see the borders of the Great Ruins from before. His endurance was much greater these days, so he didn't feel tired even after sprinting with full might for two days straight.

Suddenly, a green sparrow flapped its wings and flew from behind, landing on the dragon qilin's head and then feeding the dragon qilin a spirit pill. It laughed. "I'm back again!"

Qin Mu and the dragon qilin were both surprised and elated. "Sister Yan'er, why are you back?"

"Goddess has many maids by her side, she won't miss me."

The green sparrow was noisy, and she spoke with great speed, "And Goddess doesn't like me taking care of her, she always says that I want to feed her until she becomes a big fatty. This time, I fed myself until I became a big fatty, so she probably doesn't like it even more. Instead of staying there and being upset, I might as well come out here to enjoy myself. At least you aren't afraid of me feeding you all into big fatties."

Qin Mu shook his head. "Following us will be dangerous. Sister Yan'er, you should go back. When unrest bursts out, in the whole of the Primordial Realm, the peach forest will probably be the safest place to be in."

Yan'er laughed. "When danger comes, I'll return. I'm just worried about you guys. Without me taking care of you, you guys definitely cannot take good care of yourselves. You are little nestlings. Also, Fatty Dragon, you're too slow!"

She revealed her true form, transforming into a fat dragon sparrow, and laughed. "Get onto my back, my speed is faster!"

She carried Qin Mu and the dragon qilin on her back and flew ahead. In less than a day's time, she reached the area near Border Dragon City. Qin Mu descended and inspected the geography of the surroundings. When the Primordial Realm broke through, the geography of the place changed drastically. He had only deduced the general position of Border Dragon City, but he didn't have a detailed geographical map.

"Over there is… Heavenly King Temple!"

Qin Mu's eyes lit up as his gaze landed on the rundown Heavenly King Temple. "The Heavenly King Temple isn't far from Border Dragon City. When we get to the temple, we will be able to find Border Dragon City very quickly! Fatty Dragon, do you still remember when the stone statue of a heavenly king rode on you to slay the dragon king? The temple in front is where it happened!"

The dragon qilin snorted. The memory of that event was still fresh in his mind.

At this very moment, a bunch of white bone skeletons dashed over, carrying banners with the words "silence" and "challenge" as they sprinted towards the Heavenly King Temple. From a distance, they could hear the voices of those skeletons. "Sea Suppression Heavenly King, by the orders of Founding Emperor. Great chaos is about to rise. Sea Suppression Heavenly King is to gather the soldiers of the four seas, abandon the Great Ruins, and enter Fengdu, temporarily avoiding the blades of the extraterritorial celestial heavens! After withdrawing the troops, Sea Suppression Heavenly King is to go forth and report to Qing Huang, returning to be under him."

Sea Suppression Heavenly King's voice rang out. "Your general receives the command!"

The group of white bone skeletons then walked out of the Heavenly King Temple, carrying their banners and dashing away.

Qin Mu was bewildered, and then he heard the Sea Suppression Heavenly King's voice from inside the Heavenly King Temple. "Bring my blade over! Lead my horse here!"

Upon hearing the phrase "lead my horse here", the dragon qilin shivered involuntarily.

Qin Mu stepped forward, only to see a stone statue walk out of the temple. The stone statue was rapidly undergoing a transformation from stone into flesh and blood.

The Sea Suppression Heavenly King was completely suited up, and in one hand was his Green Dragon Crescent Blade. He flipped over onto the stone horse in front of the temple gates, and the stone horse was also undergoing a rapid transformation. The dragon scales on its body rapidly turned a green color, its hooves burst apart and transformed into dragon claws, and its horse tail turned into a dragon tail. It had a mouth full of tusks, and it opened its mouth to cry out, sounding like thunder.

Qin Mu greeted him and said, "Sea Suppression Heavenly King, I am Qin Mu, the hundred and seventh descendant of Founding Emperor. We have met once before. Dare I ask Sea Suppression Heavenly King, what orders did Founding Emperor give this time?"

Sea Suppression Heavenly King pulled the reins on his Green Dragon Horse, looking at him and then laughing. "I remember that dragon qilin, I once rode on him in the middle of the night to go and kill the rebel dragon of the East Sea. Founding Emperor sent a decree from Carefree Village. He ordered us gods under Qing Huang of the eastern Clear Celestial Palace to abandon the Great Ruins and pull back from all sides so as to secure our strength. Since you are a descendant of Founding Emperor, you should know how dangerous the situation is. You can head to Fengdu to seek refuge. Gallop—"

He raised his blade and rode off on his horse.

Qin Mu frowned, and he felt a sense of unease in his heart.

Founding Emperor's decree was for them to pull back from all sides to secure their strength. This would also mean that Woodcutter, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher, Di Yiyue, Tian Shu, and the four great heavenly teachers and four great heavenly kings would also have received the decree of Founding Emperor for them to abandon Eternal Peace.

Eternal Peace originally survived under the protection of the remaining survivors of the Founding Emperor Era. Now that Founding Emperor had sent out his order, the four great heavenly teachers and four great heavenly kings, as with the rest of Fengdu, would retreat and not help Eternal Peace at all!

Qin Mu composed himself, his voice hoarse as he said, "Let's go, go to Border Dragon City."

On the way, Qin Mu saw that in the various villages and cities, stone statues awakened and transformed from stone into flesh and blood. The gods of the Founding Emperor Era were gathering into armies and leaving behind the land that they had once guarded.

The people of the Great Ruins stood by the village entrances and city gates and watched as the gods that had protected them left. Their eyes were filled with helplessness.

Qin Mu followed the army of gods into Border Dragon City. The army of gods crossed the bridge through Between Life and Death from Border Dragon City and entered Fengdu.

Border Dragon City was in complete silence. There were many temples in the city and numerous stone statues. At this moment, these stone statues were also waking and entering Fengdu one after the other.

"Cult Master Qin!"

There were many disciples of the Heavenly Saint Cult within the city, and they quickly realized that Qin Mu had entered the city. Heavenly King Shi led several hall masters towards Qin Mu and asked flusteredly, "Cult Master, what happened?"

Qin Mu waved his hand and smiled. "There's me around, there is no need to panic." With that, he also walked up Between Life and Death to enter Fengdu.

Fengdu's Hall of King Qin.

The face of King Yama was hidden beneath the cape of the dark as he said, "Son of Qin, you need not speak. I know why you have come. Regardless, we are ultimately the people of Founding Emperor, not the people of Eternal Peace. Founding Emperor has issued his decree, as his subordinates, we must follow it!"

Veins popped out on Qin Mu's forehead as he clenched his fists tightly. "What about human lives, the lives of the many in Eternal Peace? You control the most formidable army of the Founding Emperor Era, are you going to just watch as the countless lives of Eternal Peace are given up like that? That's millions of human lives. Their ancestors were also the people of the Founding Emperor Era!"

There were no traces of emotions in King Yama's voice. "Founding Emperor is my godfather. He has his plans. He left the gods and devils under him to me, so I will have to be responsible for them. The four great heavenly teachers and four great heavenly kings have also each received the orders and have already retreated from Eternal Peace. Son of Qin, Qin Mu, you are, after all, the descendant of Founding Emperor. Come to Fengdu, we are backed against Youdu and can retreat or defend."

Qin Mu was utterly disappointed. He stood up and laughed coldly. "I am the Son of Qin, but I am also a Human Emperor. In the line of the Hall of Human Emperors, starting from First Ancestor Human Emperor until my generation, there have been thirty-seven generations. The thirty-seven generations of Human Emperors have all fought with their might for the ordinary people of Eternal Peace. When one fell, another would continue the fight, there are none who retreated. I cannot end the legacy of the Hall of Human Emperors. Farewell!"

He walked out of the Hall of King Qin.

Outside the hall, thousands of gods and devils bowed to him and stood quietly, waiting.

"Seven Kills Star Sovereign Wei Liao pays his respects to benefactor!"

The god general leader spoke in a solemn voice, "Wei Liao is already dead, so I am no longer a subordinate of Founding Emperor. I am willing to follow benefactor to go to war!"

Qin Mu looked at them in a daze and then revealed a sliver of a smile. "Star Sovereign Wei Liao, your souls may be dispersed…"

Wei Liao burst out into laughter. "We have already died once for Founding Emperor, what harm is there if we die once more for benefactor? Brothers, are you afraid?"

The thousands of gods and devils laughed out loud. "We weren't fearful twenty thousand years ago, so how can we be fearful after death? We would fail to be ghost heroes!"

Qin Mu clasped his hands and bowed to the ground. "On behalf of the people of Eternal Peace, I thank you all! Please migrate the people of the Great Ruins into the cities of Eternal Peace to settle down!"

He was about to leave when he saw a group of old men, old women, handsome men, and pretty women of all shapes and sizes walk over noisily.

The one leading them was the young patriarch. He kicked the dragon qilin to a side and laughed. "We are, after all, not subordinates of Founding Emperor. If we meet death for Eternal Peace, it is merely our duty."

Qin Mu was shocked. These good-looking men and women, old men and old women, they were all the past generations of cult masters of the Heavenly Saint Cult. They all spoke out and said, "We are the Heavenly Saint Cult, not the Heavenly Devil Cult. It's useless for us to hole up here anyway. We should go and attend to some business!"

Qin Mu didn't speak anymore, he clasped his hands and bowed to the ground before the past generations of cult masters of the Heavenly Saint Cult and the young patriarch, and he didn't get up even after a long time.

The young patriarch helped him up and smiled. "This isn't just your problem, it's everyone's problem. We can't let you carry this on your own. Go ahead first, us demons and devils have hidden here for so long, it's time for us to come out."

Qin Mu got up and left with the dragon qilin and Yan'er.

He came to Between Life and Death only to see a small boat floating down from the River of Helplessness. The oarsman on the boat removed his bamboo hat and smiled. "Human Emperor Qin, I will give you a lift."

Qin Mu boarded the small boat. Daoist Ling Jing rowed the boat and sailed them against the current, reaching the Living Realm of the Dead. He then transformed into a white boned skeleton and spoke leisurely, "The housing prices in Fengdu increase every day, I won't be able to afford a house by the shores of the River of Helplessness. Human Emperor Qin, the situation outside is very precarious."

Qin Mu was silent for a while. "Daoist Ling Jing, you are already dead, there is no need for you to think about such things anymore."

Daoist Ling Jing smiled. "I fought with your master Human Emperor Su all my life. He cut off one of my fingers, I hate him very much. However, when he took out the Human Emperor's Seal, I still went to help with Heavenly Devil Patriarch. The human race, as well as the other races of Eternal Peace… they were all saved by the Human Emperor. I row boats and guide souls here, there's not much meaning. If I continue muddling about here for another few tens of thousands of years or so, it may be possible that I can afford to buy a small house by the shores of the River of Helplessness. Rather than that, I might as well go fight another vigorous battle. Heavenly Devil Patriarch is going, I want to go too."

Qin Mu replied in a hoarse voice, "Daoist Ling Jing, you and Patriarch are going to meet death for Eternal Peace, to stop the High Heavens, yet none of the people of Eternal Peace will know that you are the hero watching over them."

Daoist Ling Jing rowed the boat, passing by countless mountains of white bones. He smiled and said, "But I know that I'm a hero. I want to follow my heart, to go and do things. You have reached the shore. When you come again next time, the one on the boat may not be me."

Qin Mu jumped off the boat and bowed. The small boat sailed off, disappearing amongst the mist and white bones.

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