Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 886 - The Invincible Great Wizard

Although the eight High Emperors were all offspring of Mother Earth, they were of different races. One was born when Mother Earth experienced the pulse of the Ancestral Dragon in the land of the Primordial Realm. He had the head of a dragon and the body of a man and was honored as High Emperor Longxi.

One was born when Mother Earth experienced the air. She had the head of a phoenix and a human body with a pair of wings. She was honored as High Emperor Fengyou.

One was born when Mother Earth experienced the celestial river. He had a human body with a turtle shell. He was honored as High Emperor Heluo.

One was born when Mother Earth experienced the largest mountain in the Primordial Realm, Mount Meru. His body was as hard as rock. He was honored as High Emperor Jiamo.

One was born when Mother Earth experienced Youdu. He had the head of a cow and a human body with three eyes. He was honored as High Emperor Yebo.

One was born when Mother Earth experienced Xuandu. Her entire body was as white as snow, and her eyes were glowing white without pupils. She was honored as High Emperor Xuannv.

High Emperor Yuanjun was born when Mother Earth experienced the Ruins of End. His body was black with spiral markings.

Only Mother Earth's eldest daughter, High Emperor Meiying, was created from the Earth Aeon Dao Fruit that she bore.

Apart from the mentioned High Emperors and the one taken by Feng Qiuyun, the rest were dead and their souls dispersed. There had been rumors that some had been picked up and refined into treasures.

Despite having the same mother, due to Mother Earth experiencing different phenomena, they didn't look alike. However, they were all born strong and with divine arts.

Their divine arts were related to Mother Earth and the phenomena she experienced. There was no relationship with Heaven Duke and Earth Count.

The High Emperor Era was a period of chaos, and these High Emperors had cultivated to extreme potency. When they flew up to Celestial Venerable Yu, the Heaven Palaces behind the eight High Emperors were in shambles, but were fully unleashed!

Using her giant body to distort space, High Emperor Xuannv reached out towards the sky and plucked the sun, moon, and stars. She ripped the core from the sun with tremendous force, transforming it into a soldier who charged towards Celestial Venerable Yu.

Although they were real, the stars in her hands looked like toys. The stars were still burning, with magnetism and starlight bursting.

High Emperor Heluo broke a segment of the celestial river, transforming it into a weapon. The immeasurable celestial river looked like a magnificent whip, and also a giant dragon.

As High Emperor Yebo waved his hands, the flesh of the surrounding half-gods exploded. He then sucked their blood into his stomach, raising his battle prowess.

His horns glowed bright red, like two stream of yellow springs descending from the sky. Where his hooves treaded, seas were created

High Emperor Jiamo was like a Buddha sitting in the center of the world, his strong Dharma aura overflowing. He contained both compassion and rage, like a Great Buddha who was furious.

High Emperor Fengyou flapped her colorful wings, transforming into a blade of light over 10,000 miles long.. This was the sharpest blade in the High Emperor Era. It was able to cut through everything. Even the strong practitioners found it difficult to face it head-on.

High Emperor Longxi was known for his shape-shifting abilities. His body expanded greatly, to a size not far from that of this Celestial Venerable Yu. A heaven appeared behind him, with countless green thunder rumbling. He used thunderbolts as a swords, calling down Apocalyptic Thunder Tribulation. The sea of lightning concentrated onto his palm, forming the sharpest sword in the High Emperor Era,

A giant swirl appeared above High Emperor Yuanjun, swallowing up everything. During the High Emperor Era, he could destroy his enemies' divine arts and armies with this.

High Emperor Meiying was like a mini Mother Earth, wielding the strongest power of land of the Primordial Realm. Her bloodline was the most orthodox, and her understanding of magnetism the purest.

With the eight High Emperors exhibiting their divine arts together, the sky collapsed, and the earth cracked. It was a frightening scene indeed.

Celestial Venerable Yu laughed. "Ants."

His body radiated divine rays of magnetism as his palm struck High Emperor Meiying. Despite being regarded as the Emperor's Throne practitioner with the highest physical power, she was utterly overwhelmed. Her bones shattered as she fell from the sky, hitting the ground.

When she was struggling to get up, a gigantic foot appeared and crushed her.

Celestial Venerable Yu's other palm struck High Emperor Yebo with a Youdu divine art, a case of Youdu versus Youdu.

High Emperor Yebo's horns broke as the seas beneath him boiled. Celestial Venerable Yu knocked him down with one palm strike, almost disintegrating his body.

"I didn't expect Earth Count's runes of the Great Dao to save you."

Celestial Venerable Yu laughed heartily and didn't pursue High Emperor Yebo. However, as he turned, his hair fluttered, and a thousand strands of his hair flashed across High Emperor Yebo like slender swords unopposed.

High Emperor Yebo was dumbfounded, his body sliced into a thousand neat, equal pieces.

"From today, the Emperor's Throne isn't a peerless realm anymore!"

Celestial Venerable Yu retracted his hair as his palm struck High Emperor Longxi, breaking the Apocalyptic Thunder Tribulation sword that was rumored to cut through everything. Longxi's head spun off his neck, his eyes blasting huge electrifying thunderbolts in all directions.

Celestial Venerable Yu's eyes glowed and shot two light rays into Yuanjun's divine art, the abyss of the Ruins of End. The rays penetrated the abyss and went through Yuanjun's head!

The celestial river whipped in and coiled itself around Celestial Venerable Yu, drawing blood on his body and keeping him in check.

Suddenly, the celestial river whip exploded, blasting High Emperor Heluo's hand into a bloody mess.

Celestial Venerable Yu gathered and reconstructed the celestial river, striking High Emperor Heluo's body with a jet of celestial water. His body was badly mangled, his flesh was almost ripped from his bones.

High Emperor Fengyou's sharpest blade could injure him superficially but was unable to penetrate his body. High Emperor Xuannv's magnetism and starlight battle formation was unable to hold him.

Celestial Venerable Yu laughed heartily, knowing he was moments away from defeating the eight High Emperors.

He reached out to grab the Primordial Tree, which was still growing bigger and taller. The friction between his palms and the air created blazing heavenly fire.

Qin Mu continued to circle around the Primordial Tree, performing his spell to reconstruct Mother Earth's soul.

However, he had no way of escaping Celestial Venerable Yu's palm.

At that moment, the powers of Heaven Duke and Earth Count suddenly surged, sending a powerful force through the Gate of Heaven Influence, boosting Qin Mu's powers a hundred times!

This vast and profound power in Qin Mu turned into energy to reconstruct Mother Earth's soul, pouring into the Primordial Tree.

Qin Mu thought, 'Heaven Duke, Earth Count, can you not bear to sit idle anymore?'

Celestial Venerable Yu's palm was almost upon him and was about to grab him together with the Primordial Tree. "Qin Mu, one of the three heroes of Eternal Peace's reform. Legend has it that you are an invincible great wizard, able to resurrect people from the dead. Great Wizard Qin Mu, we finally meet!"

Suddenly, the Primordial Tree rose straight from the ground, and endless light rays flew alongside its leaves and branches. With a strong sweep, Celestial Venerable Yu was knocked back.


Countless roots rose from the earth, following the rising Primordial Tree. Mother Earth appeared below the Primordial Tree, rising from the earth. She laughed. "Finally, I have seen the day! What you took away from me, you shall return back to me today!"

The Primordial Tree seemed like a giant squid flying in the sky, breaking through the Primordial Realm barrier. Under the control of Mother Earth, it flew towards the horizon.

Qin Mu, who was trapped with the tree, was taken along.

The speed at which Mother Earth was flying was too much for Qin Mu to bear. The pressure pressed against his body, tearing his skin.

"Mother Earth, what more can you do?"

Celestial Venerable Yu's face appeared across the Primordial Realm's sky. Although he was struck by a fully recovered Mother Earth, he appeared relatively uninjured. He laughed. "You were brought back to life only to die again. But this time, you die for good."

His body shrunk sharply. Even at its limits, it was still a hundred feet tall.

Mother Earth quickly followed suit.

When facing someone weaker, a big body would create terror. However, when facing someone comparable, a big body would expose weak points.

Although she had shrunk to her limits, she was 800 feet tall. Compared to Celestial Venerable Yu, this was unfavorable for her.

The Primordial Tree also shrank, its countless roots retracting quickly, transforming into an enormous entangled ball.

As the trunk shrank, Qin Mu's body was crushed. He suddenly felt a flow of energy, which was Qin Fengqing transferring him energy.

Qin Mu moved upwards along the trunk, reaching the tree crown. There was a phoenix nest on top of the tree, shining with brilliance. It looked like a safe harbor from the surrounding chaos.

Qin Mu immediately took shelter in the nest.

"Mother Earth, you can't defeat Celestial Venerable Hao. I will only give you one chance."

Qin Mu's Undying God Consciousness emerged from the nest and entered Mother Earth's ear, saying, "I have fought him before. I know what his weaknesses are."

At that moment, Mother Earth held up the Primordial Tree to face Celestial Venerable Yu. As the both of them clashed in the skies, the emitting force was apocalyptic and could shred through the entire face of the world.

Mother Earth snorted. For the first time, she experienced the terrifying power of a strong practitioner on the Celestial Heavens Realm.

This was a strong practitioner who was able to mobilize thousands of Dao under the heavens. Although Celestial Venerable Hao's celestial heavens may not be perfect, with him having not yet built the 32 celestial palaces and the 72 throne halls, his magical powers weren't beneath her.

Even more frightening was the completeness of Celestial Venerable Hao's divine arts and Great Dao. This was a level that an ancient god like her was unable to attain.

Mother Earth and Celestial Venerable Yu clashed again. Her divine art was broken, and she was injured.

Celestial Venerable Yu's attacks were ferocious. Even a powerful weapon like the Primordial Tree was unable to injure him. Instead, she was constantly hurt.

She may be strong, but her runes of Great Dao had been thoroughly researched by the celestial heavens. The magnetism divine arts exhibited by Celestial Venerable Yu were much stronger than hers.

No matter what move she utilized, it was full of flaws. There was no chance of striking Celestial Venerable Yu.

This was very terrifying.

She had no tricks up her sleeve anymore.

Her brainwaves pulsed and communicated with Qin Mu's Undying God Consciousness. "What are his weaknesses?"

When the Undying God Consciousness clashed with the vast thoughts, Mother Earth saw a flash and was transported back to the celestial heavens of the early Dragon Han Era.

She stood on the Jade Pool, facing Celestial Venerable Hao.

Somehow, she seemed to become a teenager—full of anger, wanting to help the real Celestial Venerable Yu fight for justice.

She then seemed to transform into the Celestial Venerable that had been lost in history—Celestial Venerable Mu.

"Watch for my divine art!"

Qin Mu said, "Remember, you only get one chance!"

Celestial Venerable Yu attacked, his divine art graceful and dazzling beyond description. However, Mother Earth was unable to notice this as her thoughts were merged with Qin Mu's Undying God Consciousness.

With the Primordial Tree in hand, she did not invoke the powers of magnetism. Instead, she used it as a sword and performed a sword skill.

Her sword penetrated Celestial Venerable Yu's seemingly perfect divine art and pierced his chest.

Celestial Venerable Yu's expression turned from shock to fear.

The branches of the Primordial Tree pulsed with a mysterious rhythm, tearing into his seemingly perfect body.

This was a sword skill, exhibited by every branch and leaf—a skill that would terrify him for ages!

"Celestial Venerable Mu!"

He screamed while struggling to rid his bloody body of the Primordial Tree. "It's been a long time since we met!"

Qin Mu stood in the nest, his clothes fluttering with a divine glow. He smiled. "Yes, it's been a long time."

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