Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 89 - Sword Against The Devil Horde

Qin Mu's vital qi moved slightly and his vital qi thread which was as thick as an arm pulled out Junior Protector Sword. According to the motion of the muscles' trajectory, he deduced the actual location of the tentacles' owner.

Putting his fingers together, his left hand suddenly stabbed out and a sword hum instantly came from Junior Protector Sword. The sword stabbed into the gray fog in a flash and a shriek sounded out. At the same time, the spider web trembled and a woman with eight claws on her back flew towards him on the spider web. The eight razor-sharp claws stabbed down towards Qin Mu!

The five fingers on Qin Mu's right hand opened up and with a pull, the entire spider web suddenly rose up and wrapped the eight claw lady right in the middle. Qin Mu executed his vital qi and Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures started to shrink and sliced the eight claw lady into pieces!

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and the fine thread of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures continued to shrink back into a glove on his hand without any traces of blood.

"What is the race of these Heavenly Devil Horde? They are like humans yet they aren't humans. They are like demons and yet not demons as well. There were also some like bugs but they aren't completely bugs too. This is really weird."

Stepping on the spider web, he continued to walk forward but he didn't make any sound as Cripple's Heaven Pilfering Leg Skill was truly light.

Junior Protector Sword flew back into the mouth of the fish dragon behind him. Qin Mu used his vital qi to maintain the fish dragon form of the sword sheath so that he was always ready for a fight.

He carefully came to the side of the Heavenly Devil Horde who was stabbed to death by Junior Protector Sword to take a look at the body. It had eight legs but all the eight legs were long tentacles. That was terrifying.

"With the fog being so heavy, it isn't a good thing for me, however, it isn't any better for the Heavenly Devil Horde. As long they can't swarm me at once, I would be able to save my life!"

Qin Mu stood in the gray fog and stopped moving. Instead, he listened to any strange sounds in his surrounding.

At this moment, his surroundings had suddenly fallen silent and no sound could be heard.

Qin Mu picked up a stone and flicked it. The stone landed on the ground and other than the loud and clear rolling sound of the stone, there was no other movement.

He waited for a while before flicking out another stone and there was still no movement. Qin Mu finally gave a sigh of relief, "The Heavenly Devil Horde must have all been killed by me. It should be safe now…"

Suddenly a gale blew through the valley, dispersing the gray fog that had saturated the air. Looking clearly at his surroundings, Qin Mu's scalp couldn't help turning numb. Around him actually stood an extremely high number of Heavenly Devil Horde. There were several hundred of them.

When he was standing there motionlessly, these hundreds of Heavenly Devil Horde were also standing motionlessly in the gray fog, waiting for him to give the game away. However, Qin Mu totally didn't expect so many people to be standing around him!

He leaped into the sky and traveled through the air on the gale. The instant he rose into the air, the hundreds of Heavenly Devil Horde also moved in unison to pounce on the youth in the sky.

These hundreds of Heavenly Devil Horde were also divine arts practitioners and there were eight kinds of Heavenly Devil Horde. The first kind was the fish scales mutant that Qin Mu had seen. The second kind was the lava giant. The three kind was the handsome youth while the fourth kind was the ugly woman. The fifth kind was the lady that had a human appearance and a scorpion tail. The sixth kind was a woman with eight claws and the seventh kind was the mutant with eight tentacles. The eighth kind was a mutant with two huge snakes as arms.

At this moment, the hundreds of Heavenly Devil Horde pounced into the air in unison and all the various exotic divine arts and strange body parts attacked towards Qin Mu at the same time. With all the attacks being so densely packed together, it was impossible for him to defend against them.

Qin Mu's hair stood on ends as he knew he couldn't defend in time under such a situation!

At this moment, Buddha aura burst forth from the heart of his brows and a great Buddha leaped out.

"Om Mani Padme Hum!"

The great Buddha put his palms together and his aura burst forth like rings. Countless of severed limbs flew in all directions as the hurricane-battered and wiped out all of the Heavenly Devil Horde.

The Buddha aura gradually faded and the apparition of the great Buddha in front of Qin Mu also faded before disappearing entirely.

That was the apparition of the great Buddha Old Ma had placed in the heart of his brows. It would only burst forth when he encountered a life-threatening danger and could only be used once.

Qin Mu gave a sigh of relief and was slightly stumped for words, "Why was there a sudden gale which blew the gray fog away? If it wasn't for that gale, I wouldn't have been found by those Heavenly Devil Horde."

Now he noticed the source of the gale, it was from Moon Ship.

The colossus actually slowly got up. Because this ship was simply too big, even much bigger than Border Dragon City, it had raised a gale which dispersed the gray fog when it slowly got up.

"Sun Ship requires Sun Guardian to control to be able to move. Could it be that there's a Moon Guardian on Moon Ship? If there's still a Moon Guardian guarding Moon Ship, there might be my clansmen on-board…"

Qin Mu's spirit stirred. It was then he saw black smoke as thick as a pillar from the temple in the closest city to Moon Ship. It was evident that they had detected the ruckus made over here.

Without further thought, Qin Mu immediately rushed out of the mountain gates of Fengdu. With all his strength he sprinted to the other end of the mountains. Cripple's Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs was unleashed by him without restraint. He became extremely quick like flickering light and passing shadows!

There was an abnormal movement from Moon Ship, therefore, it meant there was someone onboard controlling it, however, he was in a precarious situation now, thus he couldn't go investigate.

He sprinted past a few mountains and the sea of fog once again appeared in his sights. Qin Mu was about to rush over when a suction force came from below, sucking away the air under the feet and caused him to fall from the sky immediately!


Smoke and dust permeated the air and Qin Mu had smashed a big pit into the ground. As the youth slowly got himself up from the pit, he realized he had landed in the village which he had first met after coming ashore.

At this moment, people in the village put down what they were busy with and stood up. They all stared at him peculiarly.

What had made the wind under his feet vanished was the bellows which a blacksmith looking person was holding. Human skin was draped over piston edges to form an air sac and had a spring inside to spring it open after compressing it to suck air. The nozzle of the bellows was a human head.

The blacksmith looking person was holding onto the two handles. It was him who had used the bellows to suck the air under Qin Mu's feet, making him fall uncontrollably.

In front of the straw hut next door, a plump auntie who was chopping dumpling fillings stood up with two kitchen knives on her hands which were still dripping blood.

Behind Qin Mu, a man who was pounding grains of rice also stopped and took out the pestle from the mortar. Under the pestle was a hammer as big as a crock which was dripping blood. In the stone mortar was a human head.

At the back of the village, a tailor was cutting fabrics which were human skins. The tailor stood up while holding scissors in one hand and a measuring ruler on the other.

The assistant at the dye workshop was also hanging up fabrics he had just dyed and fished them out from the huge cauldron which was filled with blood. As the dye workshop's assistant saw Qin Mu crashing down, he put down the human skin on his hand and wiped his bloody hands in front of his chest.

A child that was squatting in front of a house and eating spit out a finger bone which flesh had been cleanly eaten. The white and chubby pig snorted as it walked past with a ghastly white arm in its mouth. The elder at the village entrance was also smoke a tobacco pipe made from human bone. Every smoke he puffed out would form a skull shape which would give off mournful screams before dispersing.

More villagers appeared in front and behind of Qin Mu, blocking his path to advance and his path to retreat.

Behind Qin Mu, the fish dragon spat out his sword and his left hand held his knife in a reverse grip.

Suddenly the vital qi in his body turned frantic and rushed into the painting Deaf drawn on him with dragon blood. Instantly a terrifying strength flooded to his entire body, filling him up with the power of a dragon. At the same time, Deaf's painting made him feel like he was currently a god!

Even though he was now in a skeleton form, it was a facade. His flesh and skin were still there just that it couldn't be seen or touched.

When Village Chief had told him to reopen the nine heavens of his god eyes, he had realized this point.

At this moment, Deaf's painting was awakened by him and he felt an immensely powerful strength coursing through his body. His vital qi also rose furiously. As the incomparably vigorous vital qi overflowed from his body, it turned into a huge python coiling around him!

His aura rose dramatically as concentrated water vapors suddenly rose under his feet and turned into great waves. In the great waves, a Black Tortoise was faintly discernible.

He was now like a god which possessed powers without boundary!

He felt that it was as if he had become a god that could control water, being able to change the rivers with a raise of a hand!

Slaughter his way out of the village!

There was only this thought in Qin Mu's mind. He had to slaughter his way out of this village no matter what!

Rip rip rip. Around his came the sound of human skins ripping. The skins on the villager's bodies ripped apart as tall and sturdy bodies squeezed out from the skins. These people in the village weren't human and were Heavenly Devil Horde!

The children, women and even the pig had all changed their forms and turned into divine arts practitioners of Heavenly Devil Horde. There were some who had even awakened their Seven Stars Divine Treasure!

Only the elder who was smoking the tobacco pipe made from human bones remained sitting at the village entrance and didn't transform.


Qin Mu shouted and rushed towards the village entrance!

The moment he started to rush out, all the Heavenly Devil Horde suddenly moved and attacked him!

Both of Qin Mu's hands swung around, huge waves overflowing to the heavens surged forth between his hands with a rumble. The vast and mighty river was like the impact of a huge python, sweeping up all the Heavenly Devil Horde that were swarming from all directions. With a flick of the huge python's tail, the houses were shattered into pieces by the huge flood reaching the heavens!

Qin Mu's sword finger stabbed out and his Junior Protector Sword flew into the long river and stabbed towards the Heavenly Devil Horde which had been swept into the river. He executed all the basic sword forms that Village Chief had imparted to him and every strike was extremely close to perfection!

The long river was instantly dyed red by the blood and became a huge red river. Corpses floated inside the huge river and those were the Heavenly Devil Horde he had slaughtered.

Beneath Qin Mu's feet, a wave whooshed up and a Black Tortoise appeared as it carried him up and down the river and towards the village entrance. Behind him, the entire village had been razed to the ground and after the flood subsided, all that was left was a ground filled with corpses!

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