Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 892 - If You Manage to Die, I Lose

Cripple placed Qin Mu on Yan'er's back, urging the dragon sparrow to fly faster.

Since Yan Qiling was ancient Celestial Emperor's disciple, they didn't face any problems when they encountered checks or patrols.

Yan'er carried them and flew towards Eternal Peace as quickly as she could. The dragon qilin carefully examined Qin Mu's wounds and shook his head. "Cult Master's wounds are nothing serious. His Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique is very strong and contains powers of creation, so his flesh wounds are capable of being healed. Cripple Old Master, you don't have to worry."

Cripple said coldly, "Do you understand the art of healing?"

The dragon qilin quickly shook his head and replied carefully, "I don't understand. However, when Cult Master battled Celestial Venerable Yu of the celestial heavens in the palace of Mahakala, he suffered severe injuries and injured the origin of his spirit. After sleeping in the moon palace for a night, he basically recovered. High Emperor Sword God knew of this. If Cripple Old Master doesn't believe me, you can ask High Emperor Sword God."

Cripple half-believed and half-doubted his words. However, he saw that Qin Mu had stopped vomiting blood and was sleeping soundly, his weak breath slowly stabilizing.

He noticed that beneath Qin Mu's eyelids, his eyeballs were moving, which meant he should be dreaming.

The dragon qilin said, "When Cult Master was speaking with High Emperor Sword God, I was behind pretending to sleep. Hence, I know of certain matters. High Emperor Sword God said that Saint Woodcutter checked on him when he was sleeping after he was injured. He discovered that when Cult Master was dreaming, there was Dharma circulating. Cult Master later said this could be Brahma Buddha's Boundless Calamity Sutra."

Cripple carefully examined Qin Mu and said angrily, "Where is the Dharma? Why am I unable to see it?"

The dragon qilin awkwardly said, "Brahma Buddha's Emperor's Throne true scripture is very powerful. Maybe Cripple Old Master isn't as skilled as Saint Woodcutter, which is why you are unable to see it."

Cripple was incensed. He suddenly coughed and spat out blood.

The dragon qilin quickly said, "Cripple Old Master, you ran too fast and for a few days without rest, leaving your soul and lungs damaged. I'm unable to heal souls, but for physical injuries, you should take dragon saliva, which I have plenty of…"

"I won't drink your saliva! My creation technique is very strong, so I don't need your saliva to recover!"

Cripple cursed under his breath, his eyes falling on the soundly sleeping Qin Mu. The heart of his brows had an eye-shaped wound, which was expectedly just a shriveled eyelid since it was missing an eye.

Cripple was heartbroken, wanting to heal his forehead but being unable to do so.

At that moment, flesh started growing in the heart of his brows, slowly filling up the eye socket. His eyelid and the area around his eyes also healed and melded together.

The wound on his forehead now looked like a small lump bitten by a mosquito.

Cripple touched the small lump, which felt hard inside, making him unsure whether it was flesh or an eyeball.

Yan Qiling also carefully examined Qin Mu's wounds, her face carrying a puzzled look. "There was indeed Dharma circulating within his body."

Cripple snorted angrily. "You can see that too?"

Yan Qiling said, "I have studied Dharma. It was the only Dao after the beginning that wasn't deconstructed by Dao Ancestor's algebra, so I studied it for a while, trying to comprehend the marvel within."

Cripple's expression softened. He usually smiled when interacting with people, but because of Qin Mu's injuries, his smile was now gone, and he wasn't giving anyone pleasant looks.

"However, the strange thing is…"

Yan Qiling continued to inspect Qin Mu's wounds carefully, her expression growing more and more puzzled. "He doesn't have a soul! His primordial spirit was dispersed, leaving only a spirit embryo. The strange thing is that he should've died, I don't understand why he's still alive."

Cripple looked at Qin Mu and was relieved when he saw his breath stabilizing.

There was tenderness, as well as a slight twinkle at the corner of his eyes. "Being able to survive is good enough. Since he's recovering, it seems that Dharma is effective. In that case, we don't have to go to Eternal Peace to look for Apothecary. He's unable to help much since he doesn't understand Dharma. Let's go to the Great Thunderclap Monastery instead. Old Ma is sure to understand."

They turned towards Mount Meru.

The Primordial Realm was unsealed, and Mount Meru had surfaced. Twenty heavens of Buddha Realm had been constructed along the mountain, spiraling upwards layer by layer and making this divine mountain even more majestic.

The portion of Mount Meru in the Primordial Realm was the Great Thunderclap Monastery, with the rest of the 20 heavens outside of the Primordial Realm. As this was the territory of Brahma Buddha, no one dared to trespass. Therefore, millions of people of Eternal Peace were hiding there, waiting for the calamity to pass.

"This is the Boundless Calamity Sutra, Cult Master Qin's life isn't in danger."

Within the Great Thunderclap Monastery, Rulai Ma called over Devil Ape Zhan Kong and Monk Ming Xin to check on the sleeping Qin Mu. Only the two of them had learned Brahma Buddha's Emperor's Throne true scripture.

Monk Ming Xin said, "Cult Master Qin has a spirit embryo but no soul. I don't have much knowledge of this phenomenon. Senior Brother Zhan Kong, you have deep knowledge of the Dharma, what do you think of his condition…"

The devil ape said, "Kindness."

Rulai Ma frowned and said, "Disciple, how do I interpret the word 'kindness'?"

Monk Ming Xin said, "Teacher, Big Senior Brother is saying that doing good turns calamities into blessings. There is no danger to his life."

Rulai Ma was still uneasy. "Brahma Buddha resides within the Brahma Heaven. I will send Mu'er up to meet him. His abilities are remarkable, and he will definitely have a solution."

Cripple nodded his head and was about to agree. However, he saw the devil ape lean over and softly whisper a word into Qin Mu's ear. Suddenly, Qin Mu started to wake up, opening his eyes.

The devil ape clasped his palms together and smiled. "Kindness."

Monk Ming Xin sighed. "Big Senior Brother has such great wisdom."

Qin Mu still didn't look good as he struggled to get up and pay his respects to Rulai Ma. "I was awake during my dreams and heard Old Ma's words. I am aware of my injuries, and there's no need to meet Old Buddha. Old Buddha has already imparted me his techniques, so there's no difference whether we meet him or not. I'm returning back to Eternal Peace."

He then turned and paid his respects to the devil ape and Ming Xin, who returned the courtesy.

"Mu'er, you're really going back to Eternal Peace?"

Rulai Ma suddenly took off his cossack and removed his prayer beads. "I promised my teacher to impart his teachings so that the Great Thunderclap Monastery would survive. Today, Zhan Kong and Ming Xin have already greatly surpassed me in terms of Dharma, so I have performed my duties as a promulgator of knowledge. It's time to return to my original self. From today onwards, I am the original Old Ma, Divine Constable Ma. Ming Xin, help your big senior brother put on the cossack and prayer beads."

The devil ape bowed while Ming Xin opened and put the cossack on his body, hanging the prayer beads on his neck.

Old Ma laughed. "Find one's true self and battle the restless mind. Ming Xin, you must help him conquer his restless mind. Zhan Kong, you are now Rulai. Venerables, farewell, our Dharma fate has ended."

The devil ape got up and clasped his palms together. "Farewell, benefactor."

Old Ma returned the courtesy and followed Cripple, Qin Mu, and the rest down the mountain.

Eternal Peace's capital city…

The convoys of people of Eternal Peace from all over the world were increasing, and there were even refugees from Crimson Light. There were camps full of people around the capital city, which were guarded nervously by around 200 gods of Eternal Peace.

There were too many people, so the food supply was a huge problem.

The scholars of every academy were skilled in the art of creation, so they opened up the fertile farmland and used the art of creation to speed up the growth of the crops, which were then harvested and processed into food.

However, the soil could only support three to four crop cycles before the fertility was depleted. Therefore, they had to keep on cultivating new farmland.

With the turmoil and chaos of war outside, along with the gods and devils of the celestial heavens appearing and disappearing unpredictably, it was very easy to be killed while cultivating new farmland. A lot of scholars had lost their lives because of this.

Be it inside or outside the capital city, there was an atmosphere of panic, despair, and gloom.

This day, the sky was filled with battleships of the celestial heavens, with countless awe-inspiring and dignified-looking gods shining brilliantly. Their weapons were gleaming, and their divine might was overbearing, suffocating the people of Eternal Peace.

Although the great army of gods and devils of the celestial heavens had arrived, they didn't attack. Rather, they restrained the gods and devils of the celestial heavens that were scattered all over the land, preventing them from hurting the people of Eternal Peace. Their discipline was evident.

Both inside and outside the capital, there were many people who bowed and offered incense to these mighty gods, praying for peace.

"When people are suffering, evil nature will flourish."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor stood at the top of the city and looked at the great army of the celestial heavens. He then looked down at the countless people praying to the great army of the celestial heavens. He smiled bitterly. "Your Majesty, it seems like it's impossible to change this in our lifetime."

Emperor Yanfeng stood behind him and sighed painfully, his voice hoarse. "From the ancient times through the generations, revolutions and reforms were never bloodless. During the second dynasty of Crimson Light, Crimson Emperor died with his corpse destroyed, and no generation of High Emperor has had a good ending. During the destruction of the Founding Emperor Era, 33 heavens were wiped out in an instant, and a generation of mighty rulers had to put up with Carefree Village. The resistance to Eternal Peace's reform was greater, so if there's blood to be spilled…"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor laughed. "It would have to start from you and me."

Emperor Yanfeng laughed heartily, then suddenly sighed. "I'm worried that after we die, there won't be any successors. After all, there are a lot of foolish people in the world. The gods want the people to be stupid, not daring to resist and revolt, while foolish people will willingly remain stupid, not wanting to resist and revolt. Imperial Preceptor, since the start of our reform until now, there have been people worshiping these gods and devils. The greatest resistance to reform, sometimes, is from these people."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor felt dejected. "To sacrifice your life for these people, is this worth it?"

"Worth it!"

Emperor Yanfeng raised his voice and said, "To destroy gods in the temple and within their hearts, there are people who hesitate, but there are also people who don't kneel down!"

His eyes brightened as he smiled. "There are people who kneel down again after standing up, but there are also people who will never kneel down. Even if you and I become the sacrificial offerings for this reform, there will be people who continue the path we took until this world is changed! This is worth it!"

A majestic god flew up and appeared in the sky above Eternal Peace's capital city.

His sheer size distorted the space around him, and the fleet of battleships of the celestial heavens circled him like stars orbiting the sun.

This was the Green Deity of the Eastern Sky.

He was so tall that he reached the clouds, his face sitting among the heavens, and the white clouds becoming ornaments around his waist.

He displayed an air of awe-inspiring righteousness as ten thousand rays of light glowed from him. He had immeasurable strength and power and could eradicate Eternal Peace's capital city and its billion people with a finger.

A god official flew and landed on the palm of the Green Deity of the Eastern Sky, kneeling and kowtowing respectfully as he called forth an imperial decree scroll. He then kowtowed again, raising the imperial decree above his head before bowing and flying off.

"I never had such rules here." Emperor Yanfeng laughed upon witnessing the scene. "The rules of the celestial heavens are just too strict and rigid."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor laughed in reply. "Your Majesty must have forgotten. When Cult Master Qin and I were accused by the contrarians of the imperial court, we were sorry figures caught in a difficult situation, and we almost had to kowtow until our heads bled."

Emperor Yanfeng's face darkened, and he said resentfully, "I want your head, please remember that."

"Your Majesty won't have the chance anymore." Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor smiled. He saw his wife and daughter in the city and felt pain in his heart, but he turned without changing his expression.

"Sinners of Eternal Peace, receive the imperial decree!"

The god official carried the imperial decree in his hands, his voice booming like thunder, resonating among the clouds.

Countless people, including some divine arts practitioners among them, knelt upon hearing the voice. Emperor Yanfeng and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor felt pain in their hearts, but they felt better after seeing that there were many who refused to kneel.

The god official took a glance at the two of them and laughed coldly as he unfurled the imperial decree and read it out loud. "By the will of the heavens, the people of Eternal Peace didn't think of the kindness of the heavens and acted against the heavens. The reform has disrupted the Heavenly Dao, resulting in the wrath of the heavens and the resentment of the people, with the masses destitute and struggling to survive. However, the heavens have the virtue of loving all living beings. His Majesty decreed to only punish the leaders and not the masses. The will of the heavens is as follows:

"One—confiscate all books and records on reform from every college and academy to be burnt in front of the people. Future generations shall not be able to reform.

"Two—Eternal Peace shall restore the ancient system, keeping the position of emperor to govern the country. All sects and cults shall worship the gods, and all the people shall worship and pray to the gods.

"Three—Eternal Peace's authority to issue coins shall be handed over to the celestial heavens. The coins of the celestial heavens shall be circulated among the people. The Eternal Peace Empire shall not compete with the people for profit.

"Four—Eternal Peace shall not forge heavy divine weapons. For those who forge, their families will be executed.

"Five—Eternal Peace shall follow the teachings of the ancestors and not tamper with the paths, skills, and divine arts.

"Six—Every year, the Eternal Peace Emperor shall hold a grand festival to thank the heavens for its kindness.

"Seven—The people of Eternal Peace whose houses contain artifacts that are able to perform any strange tricks shall destroy them and not hide them.

"Eight—Emperor Yanfeng and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor disrupted the order and spread lies, causing chaos and turmoil. They shall be seized and escorted to the God Execution Stage, where their corporeal bodies and primordial spirits will be executed to serve as a warning to others! End of imperial decree—"

There was a commotion within and outside Eternal Peace's capital city. Countless divine arts practitioners and gods and devils of Eternal Peace felt a sense of humiliation, anger, and resentment. They couldn't wait to charge forward and attack the heavens.

Emperor Yanfeng laughed loudly and bowed. "Your criminal accepts the imperial decree!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor passed down an order—no one was to move or take action.

A few ships of the celestial heavens flew over, dragging the God Execution Stage. The blood on the stage gleamed across the sky, the two blood knives moving like blood trails, embroiling incessantly with one another.

The god official said, "The two of you, please get on the God Execution Stage."

The inside and outside of Eternal Peace's capital city fell silent as countless people stared at the God Execution Stage in the sky.

"If you want to kill the leader, so be it."

Suddenly, the silence was broken by laughter. The people and divine arts practitioners looked furiously towards the sound and saw Qin Mu appearing behind the fleet of ships of the celestial heavens. He stood on the forehead of the dragon qilin, his face pale as though he was seriously ill.

The dragon qilin stepped on fire clouds and moved calmly into the midst of the fleet. He then looked sideways at the face of the Green Deity of the Eastern Sky, who was towering high above.

"The God Execution Stage is scary."

Qin Mu looked towards the God Execution Stage and laughed. "You speak as though they are dead with their souls dispersed, as though I am unable to bring them back to life."

He didn't look at the Green Deity of the Eastern Sky. Instead, he waved at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng, saying with a weak tone, "Imperial Preceptor, Emperor, please go ahead and die. If you manage to die, I lose."

Behind him, the Green Deity of the Eastern Sky raised his hand, stopping the gods and devils of the celestial heavens who were drumming up their rage to kill. "This is Celestial Venerable Mu, please show him some respect."

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