Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 898 - Testing the Prowess of Facing Calamity

The inside of the throne hall was extremely luxurious, but the decor was very different from what Qin Mu had seen in the past. Most of the wall paintings and pillars were adorned with portraits of prostrating dragons. They were lying beneath an old tree, looking very fearful of it.

The bark of the old tree was like dragon scales, its branches primitive, simple, and mysterious, looking like thousands of dragons.

Qin Mu inspected his surroundings and was puzzled. He laughed. "Green Deity of the Eastern Sky is of the dragon race?"

Revered God Wu Ji invited him to sit. "My teacher was a green tree that attained the Dao. Before Dragon Han Era, my teacher was a tree, withered and dry. Celestial Venerable Yu comprehended the Dao under this tree and created the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, becoming the number one Celestial Venerable. At that moment, the heavens shook, and ancient gods appeared in the sky praising Celestial Venerable Yu and giving him their blessings. My teacher also received some of Celestial Venerable Yu's benefits. After receiving some divine qi, the tree revitalized from a withered tree into a divine tree."

Qin Mu allowed the dragon qilin to lie down by his feet. Yan'er transformed into a fat girl and stood behind Qin Mu, looking very different from the beauty that she was at the peach forest. Rather, she now looked quite silly.

Qin Mu examined the paintings in the throne hall and said, "I didn't realize that Green Deity of the Eastern Sky had deep connections with Celestial Venerable Yu."

The gods under Revered God Wu Ji were unhappy when they saw him sitting at the chief seat, and when they saw that Qin Mu brought a strange-looking fat girl as his servant instead of beautiful women, they were very suspicious of this Celestial Venerable Mu's beauty standards.

Revered God Wu Ji laughed. "However, my teacher encountered calamities as a result of him becoming a divine tree."

Qin Mu was oblivious to the gazes of others as he asked, "Why is that?"

"Originally, my teacher had no use. He was an old rotting tree, not fit to be made into furniture. You wouldn't be able to carve a nice looking god statue out of it either. Even if you were to use it for firewood, it wouldn't be efficient. Hence, he was able to survive."

Revered God Wu Ji's face was full of smiles, and there was deep meaning within his words. "After my teacher became a divine tree, he became useful. A few years later, he was cut down to be refined into treasures. Hence, for more than 10,000 years, he was helpless. Celestial Venerable Mu, becoming useless is the path to survival, don't you agree?"

Qin Mu laughed loudly. "It does make some sense."

"My teacher was chopped down to be made into treasures because he became useful. At the Jade Pool Meeting during the first year of the Dragon Han Era, my teacher was being taken to the Jade Pool. Hence, he was able to see the Nine Celestial Venerables, with Celestial Venerable Mu among them. He was also able to witness that golden age."

Revered God Wu Ji said, "At that time, my teacher was just a muddle-headed spirit weapon. He was being held in someone's hands and was listening to people talk. On the divine platform explaining the celestial palaces were Celestial Venerable Yu and Celestial Venerable Hao. Later, my teacher realized that Celestial Venerable Yu was actually Celestial Venerable Mu. Hence, my teacher was very grateful to you."

Qin Mu was speechless and burst into laughter. "I didn't expect that many of those who were listening at the Jade Pool would end up becoming big shots of the future."

Revered God Wu Ji said, "Subsequently, the lifeforms after the beginning and the half-gods each set up their celestial heavens and waged endless battles. As a result, my teacher went through different owners many times. Before the outbreak of the Dragon Han first calamity, the celestial heavens rose and left the mortal realm, settling beyond the nine heavens. My teacher became an ownerless tree after the war and fell into the mortal realm. More than 10,000 years later, when my teacher was about to discard his tree body, he was spotted by the gods from the Crimson Light Era and made into a hilt."

Qin Mu heaved a sigh. "I sympathize with Green Deity of the Eastern Sky, who experienced so many trials and tribulations."

"Despite so many twists and turns and going through so many owners, my teacher's primordial spirit embryo remained. At one point in time, he even fell into the hands of Crimson Emperor, becoming an Emperor's Throne divine weapon. During the High Emperor Era, the killing and fighting got worse, and my teacher became one of the strongest divine weapons that North High Emperor and South High Emperor fought over."

Revered God Wu Ji said, "During the High Emperor Era, the ancient gods of the celestial heavens also participated in the war. Because my teacher was too strong, East Deity Qing Long had to step in personally. During one of the great battles, he broke my teacher, becoming an enemy of my teacher."

Qin Mu looked towards the paintings on the wall, and a realization suddenly struck him. "So there's a grudge. No wonder the slaves building the god city are mostly of the dragon race. Also, the paintings on the wall have dragons prostrating under a tree."

Revered God Wu Ji said, "Although my teacher was broken by East Deity, he didn't die. Instead, he transformed into a human form during the final years of the High Emperor Era and swore to take revenge in the future. Later, thanks to the celestial heavens thinking highly of him, he became Green Deity of the Eastern Sky, Master of the Eastern Celestial Palace. In the future, my teacher will take over the Green Dragon Celestial Palace and become the East Deity!"

Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration. "Out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss, one who is talented will eventually be appreciated."

Revered God Wu Ji said, "My teacher doesn't want you as an enemy. He even has a debt of gratitude towards you. Earlier, at Eternal Peace capital city, my teacher gave in to Celestial Venerable Mu quite a bit."

Qin Mu's expression was solemn. "From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful."

Revered God Wu Ji said, "Before my teacher returned to the Eastern Sky, he instructed me with the following: If Celestial Venerable Mu is able to settle down here, the Eastern Celestial Palace is willing to provide protection, ensuring Celestial Venerable Mu's safety. My teacher said he used to be a useless tree. Because he became useful, he fell into a helpless state for more than 10,000 years until he broke free. Celestial Venerable Mu is a smart person, you should understand my teacher's meaning."

Qin Mu laughed. "I understand. Green Deity of the Eastern Sky wants me to be a useless person. Even if I am useful, I have to willingly pretend I'm not and stay here."

Revered God Wu Ji smiled. "This is exactly my teacher's meaning. To protect Celestial Venerable Mu, my teacher is willing to oppose certain powers, making things difficult for him. My teacher said that, without a soul, he worries that Celestial Venerable Mu might not be able to hold on much longer. We, Eastern Celestial Palace, are capable of enduring these difficulties. Celestial Venerable Mu can live out your life here, spending your remaining days happily. This is my teacher's way of repaying Celestial Venerable Mu for imparting techniques and teachings to him at the Jade Pool Meeting. Celestial Venerable Mu should be able to understand my teacher's efforts."

"I understand, but I don't appreciate them."

Qin Mu laughed. "Emperor Yanfeng and Jiang Baigui, as part of the three heroes of Eternal Peace's reform, are the main culprits who acted against the heavens and its will. They were hence imprisoned by the celestial heavens for 200 years. I, as Celestial Venerable Mu, am not detained by the celestial heavens but am instead imprisoned here. Green Deity of the Eastern Sky, is he above the celestial heavens?"

Revered God Wu Ji's expression changed slightly before breaking into a smile. "If Celestial Venerable Mu isn't willing to accept the protection of my Eastern Celestial Palace, there is nothing I can do. Truth be told, although the Eastern Celestial Palace is under my teacher's power, there are also other powers of the celestial heavens here. I have many powerful disciples training under me."

The many gods under him were itching to have a go at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu laughed. "What Revered God means is, even if Green Deity of the Eastern Sky doesn't dare to kill me, there are others who dare?"

Revered God Wu Ji sighed. "I am just a small fry who can't decide on things. If Celestial Venerable Mu is willing to accept the protection of the Eastern Celestial Palace, I will protect Celestial Venerable Mu with my life. If you are unwilling to accept, then I can only turn a blind eye to things."

Qin Mu looked at the gods under Revered God Wu Ji and said, "Revered God, I wonder if you can introduce me to one or two people who want to kill me."

Revered God Wu Ji hurriedly said, "They don't want to kill you, they just want to teach you a lesson. This is the disciple of Son of Heaven Yin, Yue Wuji."

Behind one of the gods was a Mingdu Heavenly Gate, where thick and heavy darkness existed beyond and where the crashing waves of the netherworld sea could be faintly heard. He walked out of the ranks, bowed, and greeted Qin Mu. "Yue Wuji pays his respects to Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Qin Mu returned the courtesy, a Gate of Heaven Influence appearing behind him.

The two bowed towards each other as their respective primordial spirits appeared behind them. The primordial spirits each stood upon a sacrificial altar and performed a grand offering as they bowed to each other!

Suddenly, Yue Wuji screamed, and blood flowed out of his eyes as he fell to the ground dead.

Upon the sacrificial altar behind him, his primordial spirit had been killed by Qin Mu—burned and its soul scattered. His spirit embryo's death was also clear-cut, turning into streams of dissipating spirit energy.

"Black Deity Son of Heaven Yin's disciple actually became an official within Green Deity of the Eastern Sky's Eastern Celestial Palace. This is strange news."

Qin Mu straightened himself and smiled warmly. "Gods, who's next?"

Revered God Wu Ji was bewildered, while the rest of the gods were astonished.

"Ha ha ha, I have long heard that Celestial Venerable Mu is a Son of Youdu, has a body full of Youdu divine arts, and understands the Great Dao of Youdu like the back of his hand. Yue Wuji deserved to die when he pitted his Youdu divine art against yours!"

Revered God Wu Ji laughed heartily after he pointed out Yue Wuji's cause of death. "This man is the disciple of Ancestral God King of the celestial heavens, Hua Qing. Junior Brother Hua Qing's divine arts are boundless, very remarkable."

Hua Qing stepped out from the ranks and greeted Qin Mu.

Qin Mu glanced towards him, carefully examined the strange phenomena behind him, and laughed. "I met your master before. Your master, Ancestral God King, used the man-made corporeal body of Celestial Venerable Yu to battle me and was destroyed by me."

Hua Qing's expression changed slightly, but he spoke indifferently, "That was just a weapon controlled by a strand of my master's consciousness, only executing a fraction of my master's abilities. If my master descended to the lower bound and fought you in the same realm, he would kill you easily."

Qin Mu laughed loudly and shook his head. "His Celestial Venerable Yu corporeal body was destroyed by me. If he descended to the lower bound and battled me in the same realm, he would be killed even quicker."

Hua Qing smiled coldly. "I would like to experience Celestial Venerable Mu's Overlord Body, which I have heard so much about. Celestial Venerable Mu, which realm are you at now?"

Qin Mu gave it some thought and said, "It should be the Divine Treasure Realm."

Hua Qing was overflowing with killing intent. "Divine treasure has seven realms. Which realm are you at? I'm not going to bully you. I wish to battle and kill you in the same realm, thus restoring my master's reputation!"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "My divine treasure only has one realm, which is the Spirit Embryo Realm. If you restrict yourself to the Spirit Embryo Realm, I will kill you easily, which is unfair to you. Realms are not important to me, so you can just choose any realm."

The corners of Hua Qing's eyes twitched. When Qin Mu killed Yue Wuji, his cultivation wasn't at the Spirit Embryo Realm. However, Qin Mu, being a Celestial Venerable, wouldn't lie about his cultivation realm.

He sealed his Southern Heavenly Gate and said, "I will battle you with my cultivation at the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure Realm. What do you think?"

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "If you are unable to handle it, you can open up the Southern Heavenly Gate and use it as you please."

"You dare to underestimate me!" Hua Qing roared and brazenly made his move. Right when he executed his divine art, suddenly, a ray of sword light came slashing in, moving as quick as rolling thunder!

Hua Qing was shocked by Qin Mu's sword slash, and he was unable to block or dodge it. Immediately, he opened up the Southern Heavenly Gate. God vitality surged and descended from the sky. At that instant, his cultivation of the god path reached its peak.

The sword displayed by Qin Mu was the Third Writing of the Calamity Sword—Facing Calamity.

The sword light pierced through Hua Qing's body, demolishing his Divine Bridge, and with it, his Divine Bridge Divine Treasure. It went straight down, grinding and crushing his Starry Sky, destroying his Celestial Being, Five Elements, Six Directions, and Life and Death Divine Treasures.

In the next instant, after destroying his Life and Death Divine Treasure, the sword light wiped out Hua Qing's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure as well!

At this point, god vitality descended from the sky as Hua Qing's Southern Heavenly Gate opened. However, within the same instant, the god vitality spun out of control, resulting in the celestial palace losing its foundation and becoming unstable!

Qin Mu retracted his sword, the sword light turning into a sword pellet and circling around his fingertips.


Hua Qing exploded, and terrifying waves of god vitality came crashing down, throwing the roof of the throne hall up into the air.

Qin Mu gently held the sword pellet, transforming it into an umbrella and shielding himself from the falling debris. He laughed and said, "Revered God, please introduce our next Dao friend."

Before Revered God Wu Ji had a chance to speak, a god suddenly took advantage of the chaos to strike. His divine might surged as he charged towards Qin Mu.

At this moment, the fat female servant, who looked like she weighed around 300 pounds, expanded imposingly, transforming into a dragon sparrow. She raised her claw and pinned the god underneath it.

The dragon sparrow opened her beak and took a long breath. Wind and rain swayed within the throne hall as the gods under Revered God Wu Ji lost their balance and began moving towards her while she inhaled.

These gods were struggling hard, trying all sorts of things to escape outside. In the next moment, it felt as though the dragon sparrow had sucked until the air in the hall had collapsed, causing these gods to fly towards her beak!

The dragon sparrow raised her claw, lifting the god that was trapped beneath it. She then shoved him into her beak, swallowing him with her head raised towards the sky!

Following this, the fierce nature within this ferocious beast erupted as it looked towards Revered God Wu Ji.

Revered God Wu Ji was spooked as a sharp claw that seemed capable of splitting the earth and sky pressed down on him!

"Sister Yan'er, we are guests here."

Upon hearing Qin Mu's voice, the dragon sparrow retracted her claws and transformed back into the 300-pound fat female servant, obediently standing behind him.

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