Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 899 - Meeting an Old Friend While on the Way to Prison

Revered God Wu Ji was terrified. He originally thought the Qin Mu that traveled here from Eternal Peace's capital city was a pushover.

Qin Mu had the title of Overlord Body of Eternal Peace and was the Celestial Venerable Mu of the Nine Celestial Venerables, who were famous since the first year of the Dragon Han Era, but the big shots of the celestial heavens knew what actually happened.

He was just a small fry in Eternal Peace who unintentionally transmigrated to the first year of the Dragon Han Era and used knowledge that surpassed the era by a million years to achieve the title of Celestial Venerable.

The so-called Overlord Body was amusingly just the overlord of a small mud pit known as Eternal Peace.

What struck fear into people's hearts was his identity as Son of Youdu. Now that Qin Mu was no longer the Son of Youdu and had become a soulless man who didn't have long to live, anybody could have a go at him!

But now, it seemed that this Celestial Venerable Mu wasn't as simple as he thought!

His abilities were extremely strange, and even though his cultivation was very low, his divine art was incomprehensible.

Also, the abilities and methods of the fat dragon sparrow that was beside him were terrifying. She was even more powerful than him, the provincial governor of the Eastern Celestial Palace!

He would only be able to take him down if he mobilized the Eastern Celestial Palace great army of gods and devils' formation, and he was unable to do that when he was in the throne hall.

More importantly, he didn't dare to.

Those who possessed great societal influence could kill Qin Mu, but not him.

For those who had great societal influence, the powers backing them would be indifferent towards the infamy that would result from killing a Celestial Venerable. They could easily assign someone to be a scapegoat.

However, his backer was Green Deity of the Eastern Sky, and the crime of killing a Celestial Venerable wasn't something he could bear.

Qin Mu surveyed his surroundings and smiled. "Revered God, despite being your guest, I have damaged your throne hall. I'm very sorry about this."

Revered God Wu Ji was unable to sense any guilt from him, but he forced a laugh anyways. "It's fine. During the first year of the Dragon Han Era, Celestial Venerable even destroyed the Jade Pool. What is my humble abode compared to that?"

Qin Mu laughed loudly as he raised his hand, planning to pat him on the shoulder. However, Revered God Wu Ji was too tall for him.

Revered God Wu Ji quickly lowered himself, and Qin Mu was finally able to pat his shoulder. Qin Mu appeared pleased as he said, "Revered God understands me very well and also know my likings. I wonder, does Revered God know of my plans for the future?"

Revered God Wu Ji asked deferentially, "May I know Celestial Venerable's plans?"

"I plan to leave Eternal Peace."

Qin Mu said, "To roam about and visit my friends in the Primordial Realm. First, to visit the great prison and see how a friend is getting on. After which, I plan to head towards the celestial heavens to meet a friend."

Revered God Wu Ji was shocked and cried out, "Celestial Venerable, heading towards the celestial heavens, isn't that courting your own death?"

Qin Mu glanced at him, and Revered God Wu Ji hurriedly lowered himself, but Qin Mu didn't pat his shoulder. Instead, he said, "You are still too young. I head towards the celestial heavens as a Celestial Venerable, and I will be treated to a courteous reception. My little companions of the past don't dare to make a move on me openly. At most, they will do it behind the scenes."

Although Revered God Wu Ji felt that this Celestial Venerable had an undeserved reputation, it was often hard to live up to one's great reputation. Still, he admired his bravery and courage. He said, "I admire Celestial Venerable Mu's courage. In that case, I wish you a safe and smooth journey."

Qin Mu laughed. "Thank you for your auspicious words. However, I'm not sure where the great prison is, so I humbly request for Revered God to point me in the right direction."

Revered God Wu Ji solemnly said, "Celestial Venerable, please travel towards the Primordial Tree. The great prison is at the bottom of the tree."

Qin Mu thanked him. "Revered God, there is no need to send me off. Farewell."

Revered God Wu Ji respectfully said, "This is something I have to do. You are, after all, a Celestial Venerable, so if I don't send you off, it would be disrespectful. Celestial Venerable, there's no need to stand on ceremony. My name is Wu Shengji. Celestial Venerable, if you don't mind, please call me Xiao Wu."

Qin Mu nodded and walked out of the throne hall.

Revered God Wu Ji followed behind him step for step. Outside the throne hall, they saw thousands of gods and devils of the great army organized into formation, their killing intent bearing upon the hall.

The killing formation of the celestial heavens was incomparably terrifying, and its aura crushed the sky. The shining gleam from countless divine weapons shot up and covered the sky, and numerous runes interlocked, transforming into a green tree and suppressing the heavens!

Revered God Wu Ji was furious. He stepped forward and shouted, "How imprudent! This is Celestial Venerable Mu, esteemed guest of my Eastern Celestial Palace. How disgraceful of all of you, drawing your weapons. Stand down!"

Those god and devil soldiers of the Eastern Celestial Palace were at a loss. They gathered their great army here because they had sensed a frightening aura bursting forth from the throne hall.

When they arrived, they saw a fat bird eating a man within the throne hall. The walls of the throne hall were sent flying, leaving only its pillars and beams. Hence, they assembled their formation, preparing to attack.

However, based on Revered God Wu Ji's orders, they could only fall back.

Revered God Wu Ji relaxed and smiled. "Celestial Venerable, please."

Qin Mu nodded and stood on the dragon qilin's head. The dragon qilin stepped on fire clouds and moved forward, while Yan'er transformed into a chubby green sparrow and perched herself on Revered God Wu Ji's shoulder. Revered God Wu Ji moved towards the front of the dragon qilin, leading the way.

He sent Qin Mu off, taking him a thousand miles. Qin Mu smiled and said, "Revered God, you have accompanied me for a thousand miles. Ultimately, we have to say goodbye. Let's do it here."

Revered God Wu Ji bowed and said, "Farewell, Celestial Venerable."

Yan'er flew off his shoulder and landed on Qin Mu's shoulder. Qin Mu said, "Revered God was very polite and hospitable and shared with me Green Deity of the Eastern Sky's story. I have benefited a lot from it, so before we bid farewell, I have some words to express my thanks."

Revered God Wu Ji hurriedly said, "I'm all ears."

Qin Mu smiled. "East Deity Qing Long didn't treat Green Deity of the Eastern Sky well, hence creating a grudge and risking being taken over and killed. If Revered God creates a deep feud with Eternal Peace, who knows whether Eternal Peace will become another Green Deity of the Eastern Sky? For everything we do, we leave a chance. I gave you a chance and didn't take your life. If Revered God is able to give Eternal Peace a chance, in the future, there is a possibility that Eternal Peace might repay in kind. Fatty Dragon, it's time to leave."

The dragon qilin carried them away.

Revered God Wu Ji felt as though he was relieved of a burden. He carefully savored Qin Mu's words and was apprehensive.

After some time, the great army of the Eastern Celestial Palace caught up. Its ships sailed across the sky, flags fluttering in the air filled with its murderous aura.

"Revered God, do we give chase?" asked one of the gods.

Revered God Wu Ji waved his hand and said, "There's no need to give chase. Pass down my orders—treat Dragon Rearing Sovereign well and be a little nicer to Surging River Dragon King. Don't be too ruthless. Also, if the ordinary folks of Eternal Peace give their offerings dutifully, there is no need to be cruel. Give them a path of survival."

There were doubts in the hearts of these celestial troops and generals, but they still bowed and acknowledged the orders.

"Pass down my next orders!"

Revered God Wu Ji said solemnly, "Overlord Body Qin of Eternal Peace, Dragon Han Celestial Venerable Mu, is heading towards the great prison! Get the best god general to pilot the fastest ship and notify the Southern Celestial Palace, Northern Celestial Palace, and Western Celestial Palace so that they can be prepared!"

The doubts in the hearts of the innumerous celestial troops and generals increased.

Revered God Wu Ji narrowed his eyes and thought, 'Celestial Venerable Mu knows that there are many who want him dead, so why would he reveal his whereabouts to me? However, since he has revealed it, I'll take advantage of the situation. Whether he kills those strong practitioners of the celestial heavens or they end up killing him, it's none of my business!'

He let out a shaky breath. 'He wants to head towards the celestial heavens. This fellow is incredibly audacious!'

The dragon qilin moved upwards along the Surging River, while Qin Mu sat on his head, inhaling and exhaling, cultivating the techniques that he had comprehended himself. His cultivation had been increasing with each passing day, and after four months, his cultivation was close to its original level, soon to reach peak condition.

The strange thing was, he felt like he was near his peak, but he also felt that the potential of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was still tremendous, as though he was still far away from its limit!

This left him greatly puzzled.

He destroyed the celestial palace and the various great divine treasures, and he reopened heaven and earth and his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, hence allowing his primordial spirit embryo to survive. On top of that, the groundbreaking feat of birthing a divine soul was a very different path compared to his prior cultivation system of divine treasures and celestial palaces.

Therefore, he had no idea how long it would take to reach the limit of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure cultivation, nor what that might look like.

He executed the Boundless Calamity Sutra and entered his dream again, deducing the countless possibilities. However, he was unable to determine the limit of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and the path beyond the limit.

Without a limit, he was unable to enter the next realm and had no way to become a god.

'At the Jade Pool Meeting during the first year of the Dragon Han Era, Celestial Venerable Ling once said that immortality could be attained through the art of creation. If I can do that, wouldn't I be the same as the gods? Whether I become a god or not isn't relevant anymore. What can be considered a god, what is the definition of a god?

'Being able to cross the Divine Bridge and enter the celestial palace, that makes one a god?

'This kind of god is just a name for divine arts practitioners who are immortal and can live as long as heaven and earth. Strong practitioners that break through the divine treasure and enter the celestial palace are just strong practitioners, not real gods!

'What about the ancient gods?

'The ancient gods are powerful lifeforms born from the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. Does that make them gods? I'm afraid not. They are limited by their own Great Dao, and it's difficult to break through this restraint. They aren't omnipotent, they aren't gods, they are just powerful lifeforms.

'There are no gods in this world.'

Qin Mu burst out laughing and raised his head. The dragon qilin had reached the midstream of the Surging River, and the Primordial Tree, which lay deep within the Primordial Realm, was looking more and more gigantic.

'My technique has already surpassed the domain of the original Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and doesn't exist within the present-day cultivation system. What should I call this new technique?'

He fell deep in thought and suddenly laughed. 'Since I am unable to impart this technique to others, it doesn't matter what I call it. I will use the original name and continue to call it the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.'

Ahead, the roots of the Primordial Tree traversed through the Surging River. There was a root that emerged across the surface, 300 yards above the water, and on the water surface, there were countless roots that drooped down like curtains.

The dragon qilin stopped. Suddenly, he saw a young crop sprout on a dark-looking root. This young crop grew rapidly, producing two green leaves and a big flower bud at the center.

The plant drooped downwards onto the water's surface, and its flower blossomed and spat out a stone coffin. However, this stone coffin didn't drop into the river.

"There are demons causing trouble here!" The dragon qilin was shocked.

Qin Mu stepped down from his head to the side of the flower. The river water was surging, and he could hear faint words from within the flower. "Celestial Venerable Mu…"

"Mother Earth."

Qin Mu revealed a smile. "I thought you died at the hands of the ancient Celestial Emperor. Mother Earth, it seems that your broken soul remains. Why are you blocking my way?"

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