Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 90 - Horizontal Sword On Knees To Slay Demons

At the village entrance, the elder who was smoking the human bone tobacco pipe finally had a change in his expression. He turned around to face Qin Mu who had an overbearing presence as he rode the surging waves over and came crashing down with an earth-shattering pressure!

A current, if fast enough, would be able to shatter everything, slice everything and destroy everything!

That's the marvel of Black Tortoise Vital Qi. Using Black Tortoise Vital Qi to control water, as long as the speed of the water reaches hundred and fifty yards in an instant, it would be able to slice through steel. If it lands on a person, the person would definitely split in half and there's nothing it can't destroy.

Qin Mu rode the cusp of the wave as he crashed towards the elder with an overbearing presence!

Activating Deaf's painting with the dragon precious blood plus the great furnace that Mute had hidden in his body, Qin Mu had confidence that he could take on anybody!

At the village entrance, the elder smoking the human bone tobacco pipe raised his hand and collided with the all mighty long river. The entire long river was slithering forward like a huge python collapsing and turned into huge puddles of water that splattered everywhere!

At the same time, the elder's two fingers gently pinched and stopped the momentum of Junior Protector Sword that was stabbing out!

"Did you find Carefree Village?" the elder chuckled.

Right at the instant, the elder pinched Junior Protector Sword, Qin Mu's palm had already gripped onto the sword's hilt and he stabbed forward with all the strength in his body!

The elder's power was beyond his expectation. However, with his Nine Heaven God Eyes, he could see the change in strength in the elder's body.

When the elder raised his hand to block the long river and pinch the sword tip, his strength had already reached its limit. Now with the addition of Qin Mu's body strength, it would surpass the limit which he could defend against.

The dragon's precious blood and Deaf's painting raised the strength of his physical power to its maximum. Therefore his strength that could be unleashed by his body wasn't any weaker than his violent magic power!

As the sword stabbed out, the elder instantly had a change in expression. His fingers weren't able to pinch the tip of the sword and his palm was pierced by Junior Protector, which continued to stab into his chest!

"Let me send you to Carefree Village now, old man!"

Power burst forth beneath Qin Mu's feet as he pushed Junior Protector Sword into the elder. The elder was originally sitting but now he had to plant both his legs into the ground. Even so he was unable to defend against Qin Mu's astonishing power and both of his legs created two lines of deep pits in the ground!


The elder's other hand raised his human bone tobacco pipe and smacked it heavily on Junior Protector Sword. Qin Mu's arm turned numb from the tremors and he immediately let go of the sword. Sweeping the sword up with his vital qi, he swung the sword horizontally in an arc and sliced towards the elder's neck!

Wave Sword Form!

His sword skill had received Village Chief's guidance and even though it was a simple stab, wave, and flick, its power was extremely terrifying.

That elder immediately evaded but Junior Protector Sword continued to swing around in an arc and closed in on his neck. Thus he could only continue to retreat!

If he retreats any further, he would have to retreat to the boundary stone that marks the living realm of the dead.

At the same time, the splattered water once again rose up and whooshed over from all directions like huge pythons as they coiled around the elder.

Suddenly, the human bone tobacco pipe flew out from the elder's hand and block Junior Protector Sword. At the same time, dense smoke billowed out from the tobacco pipe and formed skulls which cackled weirdly as they flew towards Qin Mu, tunneling into his body to try to tear his soul apart.

Sealing his soul using Heavenly Devil Nature Technique, Qin Mu let the skulls formed by the smoke nibble and tear at his soul freely but they couldn't do it no matter what.

Taking a deep breath, he suddenly blew out a gale!


The fog, as well as the skulls, were all dispersed by his breath. Even though he hadn't learned another wind control spells or divine arts, his current cultivation that had been forcefully boosted by Deaf and Mute reached an unimaginable height. Therefore even his breath could become a spell divine art.

The tobacco pipe collided with Junior Protector Sword and sparks shot out. Those sparks instantly turned into flaming red lava as they flew into Qin Mu's face. Qin Mu shuffled his footsteps and dodged the incoming lava and increased the intensity of his attacks.

The huge pythons formed by the water coiled around the elder and countless of water swords came stabbing towards the elder.

The elder's tobacco pipe bowl suddenly became huge like a big black pot covering down. A powerful suction force came out and sucked away all the water. However, it also extinguished the fire inside the tobacco pipe.

Qin Mu's body closed in like a phantom and flailed his arms. Whether it was a palm or a fist, he frantically attacked the elder like Thousand-Armed Buddha. His fist skill changed suddenly as it had knife light hidden within and by pairing it with his irregular footsteps, it made his attacks impossible to defend.

The elder had no choice but to continuously retreat. His strength was even higher than Qin Mu but Qin Mu's body and feet movement, as well as his fist and knife skills, were unpredictably strange. Especially Junior Protector Sword, which was so sharp that even his tobacco pipe couldn't withstand it. The moves that this sword had executed were all incomparably simple but it was extremely effective. It had fast speed, enough strength and could repeatedly break through his tobacco pipe's defense while aiming at his weakness!

Qin Mu was like a sword skill expert. Even though the sword moves were plain and crude, it made him appear like an effortless expert. It was very intractable and he had no choice but to retreat.

The simplest sword moves that Village Chief had taught combined with Blind's Nine Heavens God Eyes, he had succeeded in every strike!

The elder moved another step back and was suddenly startled as he saw a boundary stone at the corner of his eye.

The boundary stone of the living realm of the dead.

Raising his knife and pushing forward, he leaned forward and had to swing his knife upwards causing the elder to have no choice but to retreat. With his foot moving back, the flesh on his entire body vanished and he turned into white bones.

And with a step forward, Qin Mu crossed over the living realm of the dead and his flesh instantly came back.

Without another word, the elder immediately turned and left, jumping into the sea of fog. With his flesh back, Qin Mu's body strength would increase and with the elder's flesh disappearing, his strength would decrease. With the imbalance of strength now, he could only retreat.

Qin Mu sighed of relief. This elder was extremely powerful. If they continued to fight on like this, when the time comes where the dragon's precious blood loses its effect, it would be Qin Mu's death.

Walking to the dock, the sea of fog was boundless and no end could be seen. There was a faint lantern light shining from the sea of fog.

"Can Village Chief make it in time?"

Qin Mu turned his head back to have a look and saw gloomy devil clouds from the living realm of the dead continuously swarming here. It was obvious that the strong practitioners in the city had been activated and came forth to investigate. It wouldn't be long for the surging devil clouds to make their way here.

Qin Mu wait for a moment and the boat with a lantern had come. Yet Village Chief still wasn't here.

The devil clouds were already very close and if he still doesn't leave, he won't have the chance to anymore.

Taking out a Fengdu coin, Qin Mu smacked the coin into a wooden pillar on the dock and boarded the tiny boat.

The boatman wearing the woven coat rowed his boat and moved towards the sea of fog. Qin Mu stood on the bow of the boat to look back but when he still didn't see Village Chief, his heart sunk.

The devil clouds had surged the village and soon reached the dock. However, the small boat has sailed into the fog, vanishing without a trace.

"Village Chief is so strong therefore he will definitely come back safely!"

Qin Mu consoled himself and sat down under the boat's lantern. He took down Junior Protector Sword from his back and placed it horizontally on his knees, looking quietly at the fog surging in front. The power in Deaf's painting had already started to fade and the effect of the dragon's precious blood was also fading. The great furnace gradually turned dull and was about to go off.

The small boat moved forward unhurriedly and slowly went further and further.

Suddenly, the fog under the boat surged upwards as a white skeleton in tattered clothes leaped up from the sea of fog and pounced towards Qin Mu!

Qin Mu seemed to be already expecting him and the moment the skeleton's head popped out from the sea of fog, Junior Protector Sword on his knees was already raised.

Cleave Sword Form!

Qin Mu continued to sit up and looked forward as he swung his sword in a horizontal cleave. The white skeleton in clothes hurriedly took out his human bone tobacco pipe to defend but he couldn't block against this breathtaking cleave in time!

Junior Protector Sword cleaved his neck before he could even raise his tobacco pipe. With a flash, his head swayed and dropped into the sea of fog while his body remained on the boat. Still standing on its feet, the skeleton body had a pouncing pose but there was no strength in it anymore.

"I've long waited for you. I was always looking at you who was under the boat."

Qin Mu put his sword back into his sheath. The nine heavens formation markings in his god eyes were gradually fading away as well. The power from dragon's precious blood and deaf's painting were also rapidly vanishing as he said to the headless skeleton, "When you were sneaking into the sea of fog and following the ship, it was all in my eyes. I was waiting for the moment you send yourself to me and let me kill you."

The white skeletons seemed to suddenly lose its strength and collapsed on the floor, separating into bones.

Qin Mu looked at the human bone tobacco pipe and hesitated for a moment. He then threw the shattered bones and the tobacco pipe overboard. This tobacco pipe was a good treasure as it could withstand so many strikes from Junior Protector Sword and belonged to an extremely high category spirit weapon. However he didn't like it because it was made from human bones, that's why he threw it away.

"Village Chief, you definitely have to be safe…" the youth sat back under the lantern and continued to place the sword at his knees, muttering to himself.

The small boat sailed past the white bones mountains and towards the entrance of this incredible place.

In the living realm of the dead, a whirlpool suddenly appeared in the sky. It was split in half by a stunning sword light as Village Chief slaughtered his way out from the whirlpool where blood kept on flowing.

The blood colored whirlpool hung in the sky as blood flowed out continuously. It looked as if the sky was bleeding.

Turning back, Village Chief moved his ten fingers and sword light shot out from his fingertips. The sword lights nailed the whirlpool and sealed it up. Blood continued to flow from the whirlpool and there seemed to be a huge monster inside attacking the entrance of the whirlpool furiously. However, it was blocked by Village Chief's sword light and couldn't rush out in a short while.

Village Chief sighed of relief and immediately headed towards the mountain gate of Fengdu. He was about to fly past the mountain gate when he suddenly halted and saw a bird head mutant with two wings. It was standing on one leg and had the other leg hidden under its feathers.

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