Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 914 - A Dark Devil Was Growing Within the Floating Blood-Colored Light

After an unknown period of time, Qin Mu gradually woke up. He felt completely exhausted, lacking both qi and blood. His qi, blood, and vital qi hadn't recovered much.

He trembled as he raised his hand to touch the heart of his brows. The creation divine stone and the jade pendant were gone.

"What happened when I was in a coma?"

He sat up with great difficulty and faced the mirror in front of him. From his reflection, he saw that he was nothing but skin and bones.

The wound in the heart of his brows and the eyelid were sealed, leaving behind a trace of blood.

Qin Mu's mind was a mess. He found it hard to mobilize his consciousness and felt that his body had been emptied of vital qi, and his heart was beating weakly, supplying insufficient blood to the rest of his body.

His limbs were cold as he painfully searched his taotie sack for spirit medicine. After a long time, he found the herbs he needed. With great effort, he used his remaining vital qi to refine them into spirit pills.

His control of vital qi wasn't like before. When he was refining the pills, the cauldron exploded, destroying the pills.

This hadn't happened since he mastered the art of healing!

He had learned the art of healing from Apothecary, and it was only during his time in Disabled Elderly Village that his cauldron exploded. Now that his cultivation was profound, he would succeed every time. An exploding cauldron was something that couldn't possibly happen to him.

His exhaustion was too great, so his control over his corporeal body, vital qi, consciousness, qi, and blood was worse than before, not even comparable to his teenage years!

With his art of healing and art of creation, he was able to recover as long as he didn't die from his injuries. Now, he was exhausted to the point that he was unable to use his art of creation. Even refining pills to heal his injuries was an extremely difficult task for him.

"Big Senior Brother, this divine stone you left for me has caused me great trouble…"

Wei Suifeng left behind the creation divine stone for Qin Mu's benefit. However, Wei Suifeng's plan didn't factor in any unexpected changes, and now Qin Mu had some complications in his situation.

The heart of Qin Mu's brows had an additional eye, and before Qin Mu could discover the marvels and secrets of this eye, the creation divine stone wanted to replace it, causing him to be tormented terribly.

Qin Mu composed himself and tried to refine the pills again, taking extra care this time and managing to refine one cauldron of spirit pills.

He grabbed the pills and swallowed them in one large mouthful, then utilized his remaining vital qi to catalyze the medicinal energy. After some time, his bone marrow began to create blood, and the blood in his heart gradually increased.

His complexion recovered slightly, and he was slowly regaining his vital qi. He continued to refine a few more cauldrons of spirit pills, improving his depleted blood levels to 40 percent. Then, he refined spirit pills that replenished the vital qi, recovering some of that as well.

He struggled to get up. His body was still weak and shaky, but unlike before, his face had more color. However, he was still very skinny.

"Where did my jade pendant and that creation divine stone go? Could it be… they squeezed out the eye at the heart of my brows?"

His scalp turned numb, and his heart quivered slightly as he tried to open the third eye at the heart of his brows.

There was no eyebrow at the heart of his brows, only two thin pieces of an eyelid. The eyelid slowly opened, revealing an eye.

Qin Mu carefully examined the eye in the mirror and saw that its structure was different from his normal eyes. Although his third eye was still made of flesh and blood, the pupil wasn't round but hexagonal!

It wasn't black in color but a vermilion red hexagon-shaped eye pupil!

"This piece of creation divine stone didn't squeeze out my eyeball. Instead, it merged with it. But where is my jade pendant?"

Qin Mu continued to examine the eye in greater detail. The eye's iris was actually round, but the pattern within the iris looked like a path of unbroken chains of mountains!

Qin Mu shook his head. The pattern of a normal iris was supposed to look like a fan of leaves, but his iris pattern formed the word "Qin"!

"My jade pendant has also merged with my third eye…"

He composed himself and executed the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. He organized his disorderly consciousness, planning to recover some of his cultivation so that he could use the art of creation to increase his qi and blood.

Just as he executed his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, he unexpectedly felt a sudden surge in his consciousness as it flowed through his third eye. It strengthened substantially, becoming 10 times stronger than before!


A thick and heavy circular ring appeared behind his head, created by the flow of his vital qi. It whistled as it revolved. His consciousness was strengthened after it passed through his third eye. This caused the circulation of his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to suddenly increase, forming the strange phenomenon behind his head!

Qin Mu was stunned. He felt that the vital qi of his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was like tidewater, ebbing and flowing along with the circulation of his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. His vital qi was increasing rapidly.

Not only that, the stars in the sky seemed to breathe. On the taiji-shaped spirit platform, the spirit embryo was inhaling and exhaling, while below its feet, Youdu and devil qi swirled and surged, much like the breath of a giant god.

The entire spirit embryo was like a giant chest, breathing in and out.

His vital qi and consciousness increased and recovered rapidly as his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique circulated.

However, he could still feel this eye swallowing up his qi, blood, and vital qi, except that it wasn't as ferocious as before.

"This is… the use of the third eye!"

As Qin Mu continued to execute his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, a circular ring of vital qi slowly materialized behind the head of the spirit embryo within the divine treasure.

As his technique circulated, the primordial liquid formed a fog. His refinement speed greatly increased, and the fog of primordial liquid rapidly nourished his body and replenished his qi and blood. However, the newly created qi and blood were drawn away by the third eye!

Above, the sky was filled with stars. Below, Youdu was becoming deeper. At the same time, the taiji-shaped spirit platform grew steadily.

After an unknown period of time, his vital qi and consciousness recovered to their peak conditions and were still increasing. However, his qi and blood were still depleted!

His Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was still expanding. More and more stars appeared in the sky, and the Youdu underneath his feet continued to grow wider.

He originally thought that his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure had reached its peak. However, as his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure expanded, he realized he was far from unleashing its potential.

The lake formed by the primordial liquid was gradually shrinking. Initially, he projected that the primordial liquid would be completely refined in 10 years. At this rate, however, he predicted that it would only take a few months!

"Except that my eye is already grown, so why does it still want to devour my qi and blood?"

Qin Mu executed his consciousness and channeled it into the heart of his brows, transforming it into a tiny person as he flew into his third eye.

The space inside the eye was frightening. It was the vast and wide Qin word land, which contained plenty of overlapping mountain ranges that went up and down irregularly as they formed a huge word, "Qin".

This was just a piece of the horn of Earth Count. From afar, it looked like a round-shaped piece of land. It was these unbroken chains of mountains that formed the pattern within the iris.

And the creation divine stone was embedded precisely in the center of the Qin word land.

This piece of divine stone was incomparably huge, displacing a large piece of land from the center of the Qin word land. It was lodged within a deep valley, and around it, consciousness and land connected together like pieces of glowing chains, locking the creation divine stone in place.

The horn of Earth Count formed the iris of his third eye, while the creation divine stone formed the pupil.

His vital qi and consciousness were circulated here, moving around the Qin word land like clouds and causing rapid changes to the sky that were difficult to predict.

Qin Mu didn't expect this, and neither did Wei Suifeng, who left him the creation divine stone.

"I wonder if the changes are for the better or worse?"

He had some worries in his heart. He searched around with his consciousness and saw his surging qi and blood being swallowed up by the creation divine stone.

"It's this stone robbing me of my qi and blood?"

Qin Mu's consciousness flew into this crystal.

Red light permeated the inside of the crystal, making it difficult for one to get their bearings. Qin Mu's consciousness had been flying within the crystal for a long time and hadn't discovered the end of it.

He stopped suddenly, quietly feeling where his qi and blood were flowing. He then followed the direction of the flow and moved forward. After an unknown period of time, Qin Mu's consciousness stopped. Within the red light sat a huge sacrificial altar, and wiggling on the altar was a piece of flesh and blood, which looked like some strange gigantic beast.

"The one that stole my qi and blood wasn't my third eye or the creation divine stone. The culprit is this unknown creature that was hidden within the divine stone, which plans to use my qi and blood to be reborn!"

Qin Mu's heart jumped. He then moved forward slowly. The piece of flesh and blood on the altar seemed to have realized his presence and stopped wiggling.

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, that lump of flesh and blood opened up, revealing a scarlet eye that scanned its surroundings.

Qin Mu immediately dispersed his consciousness, avoiding the strange creature's sweep. The flesh and blood then closed up, covering the scarlet eye and continuing to swallow Qin Mu's qi and blood.

In front of the mirror on the ship, Qin Mu's expression was grim.

There was some kind of monster hidden in the creation divine stone that Wei Suifeng had left him. Relying on the creation divine stone to hide, the monster was stealing his qi and blood.

"The sacrificial altar looked rather familiar, like the prehistoric sacrificial altar in the Blood Rust Zone. His aim is to steal my qi and blood and borrow my consciousness to construct his corporeal body. In that case, the creature hidden in the creation divine stone should be a master of creation from prehistory!"

Qin Mu steadied his qi and blood so as not to alarm the creature in the creation divine stone. He thought, 'The Blood Rust Zone was a place where the ancient gods battled the masters of creation from prehistory. This particular master of creation was killed by the ancient gods, but he didn't completely die. I believe he used his last ounce of power to hide within the fragment of the creation divine stone.'

He paced around, deep in thought. 'Big Senior Brother was the one who found this crystal. As he was too powerful, the creature didn't dare to cause trouble. Because of that, Big Senior Brother thought that this divine stone didn't contain any danger, hence he left it to me. However, my cultivation is weaker, so when I experimented with the creation divine stone, the creature tried to steal my qi and blood to be reborn. In the end, he was thwarted by my third eye and didn't succeed.'

He gradually pieced together the truth. "When I was using the jade pendant to separate the creation divine stone and the third eye, the divine stone unexpectedly flew out of my hands and collided into the jade pendant, sending me reeling. That should have been the work of this master of creation!"

"He could have taken over my third eye and completely stolen my qi and blood. However, he didn't expect that this jade pendant was a seal that Earth Count personally refined—one used to seal my elder brother, Qin Fengqing, Son of Youdu."

Qin Mu's eyes flickered. "When he crashed into Earth Count's seal, he was unable to escape. Hence, he simply stayed on, stealing my qi and blood secretly. Every time I execute the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and when consciousness flows through the third eye and moves past the creation divine stone, he takes a portion of this consciousness for his sacrificial altar."

"He is gathering his power, waiting to be reborn! Having survived for so long, he must be some important figure among the masters of creation. If he manages to steal enough qi and blood, together with the creation divine stone's mysterious but marvelous effect, he could be reborn within my eye. In that case…"

Qin Mu's third eye was getting brighter and brighter. "How do I kill him completely?"

He stopped his footsteps. From the way the master of creation stole his qi and blood, even if he didn't have a corporeal body, Qin Mu was unable to match up to him.

At that time, Qin Mu was unable to control his qi, blood, and vital qi. If he didn't have his third eye, he would definitely have died.

Now, the creation divine stone was merged with Qin Mu's eye. Together with Earth Count's seal, the creature wouldn't be causing trouble for a while and could only slowly steal Qin Mu's qi and blood.

This gave Qin Mu a chance to deal with him.

Dealing with this master of creation hidden within the divine stone was indeed a thorny issue. The divine stone had been merged with his eye, so if he was careless, he could destroy his own eye.

"First, I need to control my qi and blood. I also need to stop my consciousness from flowing into the third eye. This will prevent him from recovering his strength."

Qin Mu pondered over it carefully. "Also, I need to set up a formation within the third eye. The Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill that Grandpa Blind imparted to me is insufficient to kill such a frightening existence. I need to devise a new formation. This master of creation died in the Blood Rust Zone, killed by ancient gods. In that case, the Great Dao of the ancient gods will be the best way to deal with him. I will start with the runes of the star gods' Great Dao!"

He put his plan into action immediately, sealing his qi and blood and mobilizing his vital qi to imprint the runes of the 360 star gods' Great Dao within his third eye!

This wouldn't only deal with that master of creation, it would also raise the power of his third eye, making it transform into his third divine eye.

Upon mobilization of the formation, this third divine eye would transform into the grand formation of the star gods, capable of killing strong opponents without difficulty.

Within the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, Qin Mu's vital qi surged forth, becoming a long river under the control of his spirit embryo. It penetrated the Qin word land, imprinting a star god in the sky.

Following which, countless runes appeared in the sky, slowly transforming into the first star god.

Right at this moment, an ancient and mysterious consciousness rippled within his mind. "Hold on."

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