Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 919 - Purplish Air Enshrouds Heaven Han, the Will of the Fists Cuts Across the Sky


Yun Jianli turned his head around to look towards Qin Mu. Although he was a sickly person, at this moment, he appeared to be full of vim and vigor. "My ancestor's technique is the world's first type of Emperor's Throne technique. It's called the Purple Heavens Blue Skies technique! Before him, no one had ever cultivated to the Emperor's Throne Realm! The most unique characteristic of this technique is its ever-changing nature! Every generation of males in the Yun family has continuously adopted the techniques and divine arts of others into this technique as the era evolved. The Purple Heavens Blue Skies technique of today is a lot more formidable than it was back then!"

As he spoke of the technique that was passed down in his family, one could feel the overflowing sense of pride from his tone and manner of speech. "Every generation of males in my Yun family were top divine arts practitioners of the celestial heavens in their respective realms. If the children of the Yun family manage to step into the Divine Bridge Realm, in that era, our Yun family will finally have a strong practitioner of the Emperor's Throne!"

His tone was filled with self-confidence, and he gave a small smile. "Even for me, it's hard to meet a worthy match of the same generation in the celestial heavens! Celestial Venerable Yun's Purple Heavens Blue Skies technique will never be outdated!"

Behind him, suddenly, purple-colored light rose up and transformed into a piece of purplish sky!

The sky was filled with stars—starlight shone radiantly, and the bluish river of stars descended from the sky, the great stream pouring downwards. Following which, a divine peak rose from the ground, piercing straight into the high heavens!

It was as though the divine peak that had been frozen by mysterious ice melted at this moment, as the warmth of summer blossoming washed through the air. The scenery was filled with clean and lush mountains, clear long rivers, and purplish skies!

A divine bridge stretched across the horizon, and his primordial spirit stood atop the bridge. The divine bridge floated beneath the purple heavens, amongst the river of stars, and on both sides, it was surrounded by mountains and lush scenery—with this alone, the poetic sight was already incredibly intoxicating.

The thousand peaks rise into the sky. When the road ends, the divine bridge raises.

The stars close in on the blue skies above, and beneath it, the mortal world stretches vastly.

Qin Mu watched the apparition behind Yun Jianli as he compared it to the poem, and he felt even more admiration for Yun Jianli.

The Purple Heavens Blue Skies technique that Celestial Venerable Yun had created was truly refined and out of the ordinary. This was as expected from the first type of Emperor's Throne technique from back then!

The Nine Celestial Venerables from the first year of Dragon Han all had their own achievements that few others would be able to attain. Even Celestial Venerable Yue, who was hiding in seclusion, had immeasurable attainments in the art of space. Founding Emperor, although a talent of a later generation, was also known for his thirty-three heavens of Sword Dao, which was considered the greatest throughout the ages.

As the first existence who cultivated to the Emperor's Throne, Celestial Venerable Yun's achievements were naturally no small matter.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, although my ancestor's command was filled with high regard for you, at the same time, it also had some resentment towards you—the Dragon Han Overlord Body."

Yun Jianli's aura had now increased to its maximum. Although he looked like a weak and sickly youth, at this moment, his aura was incredibly astonishing, and his pale face now had some color in it. He continued, "In his command, he said that he didn't believe that the technique he created wouldn't be able to match up to the so-called Overlord Body. Thus, he hoped that his descendants would be able to prove him right!"

His eyes were now wet, and he laughed in a low voice. "Today, my ancestor's technique is finally going to meet Celestial Venerable Mu. This is my ancestor's last long-cherished wish! Celestial Venerable Mu…"

He shouted in a deafening volume, "Please pardon Jianli's impertinence, I will fight you on my ancestor's behalf!"

Qin Mu took a long stride, and in the next moment, he arrived on the surface of the Jade Sea ten miles away. He spoke in a calm voice, "Back then, when I transmigrated to the first year of Dragon Han, I met several Celestial Venerables, but it's a pity that I never had the chance to exchange blows with Celestial Venerable Yun. Celestial Venerable Yun was a talent, and I never thought that he would actually have such a wish. Yun Jianli, let me witness his attainments."

Yun Jianli's face was full of tears, but there was also an indescribable sense of heroism that was surging within his heart.

He suddenly leaped upwards, his movement as fast as a shooting star, and he attacked straight towards Qin Mu with unbelievable speed. "If my ancestor's spirit is in the heavens and is able to view today's match, he'll definitely be so emotional that he'll tear up!"

The bloodline of Celestial Venerable Yun that flowed within Yun Jianli's body seemed to have awakened at this very moment. Right now, he didn't seem to be a sickly young master. Instead, it was like he had transformed into a leader of the human race, the one and only human race's Celestial Emperor of this world!

As the founder of the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure of the system of divine treasures, as the existence that was the first to cultivate to the Emperor's Throne, as one of the five Founding Elders of the Heaven Alliance, and as the leader who led the human race and the other lifeforms after the beginning during the period of the Dragon Han, Celestial Venerable Yun had too much arrogance, but he also had every right to be.

Even when he was forced to impersonate Qin Mu and Founding Emperor while the human race was facing great danger, and even though he felt indebted to Qin Mu and Founding Emperor, he was still extremely proud of his own achievements.

He was the most eye-catching figure of the human race in that savage era!

He had built the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens, and he had assassinated the seemingly invincible ancient Celestial Emperor of the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens with a scheme, giving all living beings the opportunity to take a breather.

He had unrivaled arrogance and self-confidence, and this arrogance and self-confidence were inherited by his descendants, who would also inherit his spirit and will!

This blow from Yun Jianli was like Celestial Venerable Yun personally attacking Qin Mu from hundreds of thousands of years away!

Nine Heavens of Heaven Han!

Qin Mu raised his head, and the Nine Heavens of Heaven Han came pouring down at him. That was Celestial Venerable Yun's divine art. It looked very crude to Qin Mu and should be the most initial stage of the Purple Heavens Blue Skies. However, in the eyes of the other gods of the celestial heavens, it was still considered a rare ultimate art.

Yun Jianli had previously mentioned that Celestial Venerable Yun's Purple Heavens Blue Skies technique was most adept at change.

This technique could advance as the era advanced, and every generation of the Yun family had infused the paths, skills, and divine arts of every era into the technique.

However, right now, Yun Jianli had used the most primal version of the Nine Heavens of Heaven Han. He was most likely making use of this move to commemorate his late ancestor.

Even though it was an extremely ancient divine art, from this one move alone, one was still able to observe many extraordinary points that would make many exclaim in admiration.

Qin Mu could tell that Celestial Venerable Yun had already attempted to infuse the runes of Heavenly Dao into this move. In addition, these Heavenly Dao runes were made of algebraic structures and were, of course, a lot cruder than the Heavenly Dao runes that were organized by the celestial heavens Dao Sect of today. However, back in that era, it was already a considerable feat.

'That's also to say that during the period of the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens, Celestial Venerable Yun had already started to research Heaven Duke with Dao Ancestor. Dao Ancestor using algebra to help the celestial heavens analyze the Great Dao of the ancient gods was actually a plan that Celestial Venerable Yun had set in motion hundreds of thousands of years ago!'

Qin Mu's heart flickered slightly, and he bent his palm inwards, forming half of the Heaven Mudra divine art to take Yun Jianli's move head-on.

From this move, Qin Mu had managed to come to a realization regarding many things that he had previously not been able to understand.

Dao Ancestor's attitude had always been ambiguous, and it was hard to tell which side he was standing on in the celestial heavens.

He was a member of the Heaven Alliance, and he had helped the celestial heavens gather data on the ancient gods and organized the ancient gods' Great Dao runes. At the same time, he was also aware of the ancient Celestial Emperor's true identity and had helped him to do many things.

Yet, if everything happened due to the plan that he had made with Celestial Venerable Yun from hundreds of thousands of years ago, then it would all make sense.

Yun Jianli's move could be considered extremely remarkable, but going up against Qin Mu's half Heaven Mudra divine art, it was still unable to match up, and the Nine Heavens of Heaven Han was destroyed.

That was something that was bound to happen. Celestial Venerable Yun died at the end of the Dragon Han Era, which was almost five hundred thousand years ago.

Using a divine art from hundreds of thousands of years ago to go against a divine art of today would definitely result in the easy defeat of the former.

Yun Jianli was unsurprised by this, yet after using the Nine Heavens of Heaven Han, he executed the Nine Heavens of Heaven Han once more. However, this time, when he executed the move once again, it was no longer the divine art of Celestial Venerable Yun from back then.

This move was now infused with the newest and most complete Heavenly Dao that the Dao Sect of the celestial heavens had come up with in their research. In the Nine Heavens of Heaven Han, it was like there were nine purplish heavens with nine celestial palaces, and within each celestial palace, there was a celestial emperor sitting inside!

In addition, the area that Yun Jianli's divine art enshrouded had shrunk by several times. His one move of Nine Heavens of Heaven Han had previously enshrouded the surroundings miles away. It had looked as though it was extremely powerful, but in actuality, its power was very scattered.

If he was up against a normal person, it would definitely look very terrifying, but against someone as strong as Qin Mu, it only seemed flashy in appearance but was without substance.

Now, the area that this move covered was only a yard in circumference. Its power was highly concentrated and extremely terrifying, such that Qin Mu couldn't afford to take it lightly!

Yun Jianli's previous divine art was no longer comparable to the current divine art he had just executed!

Qin Mu couldn't help but change his expression. Celestial Venerable Yun's Purple Heavens Blue Skies technique truly grasped the meaning of the word "change". This move not only absorbed the research of the Dao Sect of the celestial heavens, but it also had the unique points of the techniques and divine arts from the Founding Emperor Era.

The unique point of the divine arts during the Founding Emperor Era was that they didn't give much importance to having a great aura and presence. Instead, they tried their best to contain the power of their divine art into a square-inch-sized space. The crux was to use a single point to break through. This reduced the damage to the surroundings while simultaneously getting the enemy, having the least losses while unleashing the greatest power!

Yun Jianli's move did just that.

"The divine art of the Yun family is truly formidable."

There was radiance in Qin Mu's eyes as he activated the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and vital qi circulated within his body. "However, I'm stronger!"

The spirit of the martial path exploded from within him, and he unleashed a strike as boundless energy struck directly towards the Nine Heavens of Heaven Han!

The split second the marks from their fists made contact, the two rows of great waves from the Jade Sea behind them floated into the air and surged into the distance.

The towering waves that were raised even swept the colossal divine turtles of the Jade Sea into the sky. These divine turtles carried divine mountains on their backs, and atop the mountains, there were many palaces and throne halls where goddesses of the Jade Pool were resting.

The divine turtles swam about these giant waves and tried their best to maintain their forms, while the divine mountains on their backs trembled as though there was an earthquake. The many goddesses walked out of their palaces to take a look, only to see that in the middle of two gigantic waves, there were the figures of two youths flitting in and out of the surface of the sea. The two youths were exchanging blows as quick as lightning flashes, but their techniques and divine arts were still extremely terrifying!

At the Slow Winding Pavilion, Qi Jiuyi was startled awake by the auras of the two. He regained his senses from his infatuation with Yun Chuxiu and looked outwards to watch the two on the Jade Sea.

'Yun Jianli's abilities are a lot stronger than before.'

Qi Jiuyi's expression changed slightly. He had exchanged blows with Yun Jianli before, and he knew exactly how strong and terrifying Yun Jianli was.

Although this first male of the Yun family was sickly, he was blessed by the heavens, and his cultivation was extremely outstanding amongst the younger generation within the celestial heavens. Even his divine art was terrifyingly formidable.

Back then, when he exchanged blows with Yun Jianli, he had lost in the first move. Yun Jianli had given him time to rest, but when they exchanged blows the second time, Qi Jiuyi lost even more easily. By their third battle, he lost even faster.

Qi Jiuyi learned under Red Deity Qi Xiayu and Black Deity Yin Chaojin, and he had learned the ultimate arts of both deities. However, against Yun Jianli, he couldn't even defend against one move. From then on, he was utterly won over by Yun Jianli.

'I was defeated by Cult Master Qin in the lower bound, and from there, I learned my weak points. Then I learned the results of the reforms of Eternal Peace from Xu Shenghua. Initially, I thought I would be able to match up to Yun Jianli, however, from the looks of it now, I still lack experience. The most crucial part is entering the path.'

Qi Jiuyi looked at the two at sea. At this moment, Yun Jianli suddenly pressed a palm onto the surface of the sea. The sea surface trembled, and then the great waves calmed. The giant waves that were initially towering over the sea surface suddenly became incredibly calm, and only the divine turtles who had ridden the waves just now were left in mid-air.

With the divine mountains and divine islands on their backs, the divine turtles moved their four limbs about leisurely and swam around in mid-air so that they wouldn't fall from the sky.

Beneath them, the surface of the sea suddenly burst open, and seawater rushed upwards into the sky. Instantly, countless flags made of seawater emerged and stood upright on the surface of the sea.

On the surface of the flags, various rune markings appeared, and the different markings formed a total of three hundred and sixty different images of gods!

Previously, Yun Jianli's divine art used its small size to its advantage. Now, it was big in size.

The three hundred and sixty flags with the images of gods enshrouded the area in a radius of a hundred miles, forming an enormous battle formation.

"Yun Jianli's technique, it has succeeded…" Qi Jiuyi was a little dazed.

After setting up the formation, Yun Jianli suddenly retreated and avoided Qin Mu's attack like a startled goose. In the next moment, he collided with an enormous flag, and his form vanished into the flag.


An extremely loud and clear voice came from within the flag, and a god with an imposing stature walked out from the surface of the flag. It was the god Tai Yi of the three hundred and sixty gods!

This Tai Yi had no face—no eyes, ears, mouth, or nose—and on his head, there was no hair. All four sides of his head were blank, and he was also known as North Pole Superior Emperor Tai Yi, the leader of the stars.

At this moment, Yun Jianli had actually transformed into Superior Emperor Tai Yi, and it was as though Superior Emperor Tai Yi had personally descended. Behind him hung a purple star, and every movement he made contained a boundless divine art. Then, he attacked Qin Mu!

That kind of divine art contained within it the charm of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. The divine art was naturally formed, and its power was boundless.

In front of him, Qin Mu looked incredibly small and insignificant. However, the power of Qin Mu's blow was extremely great, and it had actually managed to block Superior Emperor Tai Yi's divine art head-on.

The two of them, one big and one small in size, collided with each other on the surface of the sea. Their fists and legs flew at each other fiercely, and they fought until heaven fell and earth split.

Suddenly, Superior Emperor Tai Yi was beaten up by Qin Mu until he collapsed, his massive body torn inch by inch. Superior Emperor Tai Yi flew backward, and his corporeal body continued to disintegrate. With a loud crashing noise, he collided with a flag.

The flag exploded, and the air was filled with fog. Then, from within the fog, another god emerged. This ancient god had the head of a bird and the body of a human. In one hand, he held a scroll, and in the other, he gripped a brush. He was the god Wen Chang, also known as Superior Emperor Wen Chang.

This ancient god was so powerful that he could command authority just through his words.

The formidable side of Celestial Venerable Yun's technique was finally demonstrated through Yun Jianli.

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