Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 92 - Professional Test Breaker

Qin Mu stretched his palm out and gently touched the air. He could not find any trace of the world's existence.

Village Chief hesitated for a moment but he still told Qin Mu about his encounter in the living realm of the dead. Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open. Village Chief actually had such an encounter?

"There's a King of Hell in the living realm of the dead therefore it shouldn't be the world of the heavenly devils and should be something left behind before the darkness. It should be part of Great Ruins before the darkness had descended."

Village Chief analyzed, "The King of Hell in the living realm of the dead should be a clergy as well, just like Sun Guardian and Moon Guardian. However, Carefree Village isn't there and I couldn't extract where exactly it was from the bird-head mutant. Your jade pendant led you to the living realm of the dead might be because both the Moon Ship and your jade pendant came from Carefree Village."

He sighed, "The world of Great Ruins is simply too huge. Staying here so long, I had never thought that there would be so many layers of worlds. There are at least three layers of worlds here!"

Qin Mu nodded his head. Great Ruins in the day, Dark Realm in the night as well the living realm of the dead which appears in Dark Realm. This night, they had seen the three layers of worlds in Great Ruins. This incredible encounter wasn't necessary to let others know because not many people would believe it.

On their way back, they passed by the little village where they had met the messengers of death. Qin Mu stopped and looked towards the village which was dilapidated and covered in spider webs. It was evident that no one had stayed here for quite some time.

However, it wasn't so last night. Last night, there was an elder carrying a lantern and making paper boats. These were the mystical and strange points of Great Ruins that no one could understand.

"Is there a relation between the living realm of the dead and the messengers of death?" Qin Mu asked.

Village Chief shook his head, "I've no idea either. However, as I see it, the messengers of death don't belong to the living realm of the dead. The King of Hell in the living realm of the dead should be only the King of Hell in Great Ruins. Whereas I have also met messengers of death and such village in the outside world as well. They are the gods of netherworld…"

Qin Mu scratched his head. Netherworld? Living realm of the dead? Messengers of death? So complicated that his head would explode if he reflected on them!

"Carefree Village is even more mysterious than this living realm of the dead. We won't be able to find this mysterious place in just a short while."

Village Chief continued, "Mu'er, I'm afraid you'll have to wait to find out about your ancestry. Don't worry, as long as Carefree Village is still in Great Ruins, we'll definitely be able to find it."

Qin Mu nodded his head, "When I get stronger, I can go find out about my ancestry myself. Village Chief, I…"

He hesitated for a moment but Village Chief understood what he wanted to say and smiled, "You want to leave Great Ruins and train in the outside world?"

Qin Mu nodded his head with his heart on tenterhooks.

"Devil Cult Patriarch sent a letter for you and a letter for Granny Si. I have also taken a look at it. He has only seven years left to live, so it's only logical you head over to Eternal Peace Empire to meet him."

Village Chief said unhurriedly, "The bird will have to leave home one day to broaden its horizons. Before entering the darkness, I had discussed this with Apothecary, granny and the rest and they had all agreed."

Qin Mu's eyes lit up. Village Chief continued, "They say as long as you pass their tests, you will be able to leave the village for an experience."

Qin Mu disappointed. No matter what, he would still have to pass the tests to leave the village.

Village Chief smiled, "And I'm your ninth test. Mu'er, once you pass all these nine tests, you'll be considered an adult and you'll be free to spread your wings."

Qin Mu's face turned even blacker. The eight tests from Old Ma and the rest were already extremely difficult and Village Chief's test made him feel as if he was looking up at a towering mountain that he could never pass. How could he pass the nine tests?

Suddenly Qin Mu felt warmth flowing out from the heart of his brows and into his whole body. Every part of his body and mind was comfortable and his vital qi was also circulating vigorously by itself, making him cry out in astonishment.

Village Chief's expression changed slightly as he felt the vigorous vital qi in the body of this youth beside him. It gave him the feeling that a small sun was hidden in the heart of the youth's brows!

"Mu'er, your spirit embryo has awakened?" Village Chief asked.

Qin Mu replied, "It has. My spirit embryo doesn't seem different from before… Just that there's something different with my vital qi."

Regarding the Overlord Body that he had made up, Village Chief also knew nothing about it, therefore, he couldn't say anything to help even if he wanted to. He could only console him, "I have never seen a spirit embryo awakening four times. However, if it's a good thing, there's no need to worry. Is the change in your vital qi a good one?"

Qin Mu nodded his head repeatedly and Village Chief smiled, "Then that's good."

Disabled Elderly Village.

The darkness retreated and the morning sun rose. It was already the third month of spring today but it was still chilly in the morning. Qin Mu woke up early in the morning and scooped up a bucket of water from the village's well to pour it over his half naked body to wake himself up.

His vital qi burst forth in Vermillion Bird Vital Qi and evaporated the water on his body. Soon he was energized.

"Mu'er, pour a bucket on me as well." Butcher propped himself over with his hands.

Qin Mu scooped up another bucket of water and poured it on Butcher's head.


Flames surrounded Butcher's body and turned the bucket of water into white steam. He immediately waved his hands and made his Pig Slaughtering Knife flow over into his hand. He took his big knife to quickly shave his beard while the steam was still there.

Old Ma pushed open his room door and unloaded two doors at his sides. He stretched his lazy back and all the bones in his body cracked. A green dragon coiled around him and with a raise of his hand, he sealed his Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars, Celestial Being, Life and Death Divine Treasure and only left the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure open. He then shouted, "Damned Cripple, are you awake?"

"I am."

Cripple hobbled out with combing his hair with a small comb. He dressed himself up nicely and looked like a refined elder as he smiled, "Today is the big day, therefore, I've to wake up early. Is Deaf awake?"

"What's the commotion about?" Deaf was grinding his ink and painting in his study. With two metal ears in his ear holes, he didn't even raise his head.

Mute was currently pouring out the slags in his furnace. Apothecary was feeding some small fire-breathing birds at his windowsill and a small bird then flew to Village Chief's room to peck on his window. Village Chief's voice came from inside, "I know. I'm awake already."

Granny Si was cooking on the stove and steaming rice in a wooden bucket. Cripple ran over to lift the lid and was smacked by Granny Si using the spatula. Giving him a stare, she scolded, "What's the hurry? Have you washed your hands and face? Use the toothpaste to brush your teeth."

Cripple immediately scooped up some water to wash his hands and face. He then asked Apothecary for some toothpaste and used a wooden toothbrush to brush his teeth. Granny Si called Qin Mu over and the two of them hurried to serve the dishes and scooped rice. Old Ma arranged the table and chairs and soon all the villagers in Disabled Elderly Village seated in front of the table. Qin Mu placed a set of chopsticks and bowl for everyone before carrying Village Chief up and placed him on the recliner before sitting down.

Qin Mu rose to pour wine for every villager before pouring a cup for himself. Granny Si raised her wine cup and was on the verge of tears. Butcher complained, "Why are you crying on a day of exultation? You clearly want him to go outside in your heart yet you still can't bear to see him leave. Women sure are sentimental!"

Granny flew in a rage and stared angrily at him. She then smiled and said, "Today is a day of exultation for Qin Mu so I won't stoop to your level. Mu'er, everyone, let us have a toast!"

Everyone drained the cup with one gulp and Qin Mu chuckled as he poured the wine for everyone again. At the same time, he carefully said, "Hope that everyone would use lesser strength and go easy on me."

Butcher smiled, "Rascal, don't be so cocky. You might already be sprawling on the ground after the first test."

The rims of Granny Si's eyes turned red again, "Mu'er, do remember to come back often to visit us after you leave the village…"

Butcher smiled, "He may beat all of you but he can't beat me…"

Granny Si flew into a rage again and pressed his face into the bowl while smacking his head with her chopsticks, "You talk too much! My Mu'er is the Overlord Body, he will definitely beat you until you cry for your parents!"

Butcher cried for his parents and begged for forgiveness repeatedly before Granny let him off.

After breakfast, Qin Mu cleaned up the cutlery and Village Chief asked, "Has everyone sealed the rest of the divine treasures?"

Everyone nodded silently.

"Then let us begin."

Old Ma walked out and said indifferently, "Mu'er, you have learned your fist skill from me, therefore, you'll definitely lose if we are to compete in fist skill. You can execute whatever you've learned. As long as you beat me, it will be considered as a pass."

Qin Mu bowed and a dragon roar could be heard. His vital qi turned into a Green Dragon coiling around his body and he said firmly, "I would like to use fist skill to take Grandpa Ma's test!"

Old Ma gave a smile, "Ambitious! However, this way you might not be able to pass the first test."

Both of them stretched out their hands and Qin Mu suddenly made the first move. With his vital qi bursting forth, Tempest Of The Nine Dragons was executed in his first punch. His grandiose vital qi burst forth with his punch and dragon markings could be faintly seen in the air.

Similarly, Old Ma also used Tempest Of The Nine Dragons to face him, "Are you trying to compete the transformations in our dragon forces…"


Old Ma had a huge change in expression. It was as if a behemoth weighing dozens of tons had collided with him, making him fly backward and crash into Mute's smithy. Shattering through the smithy didn't stop him from flying backward.

In midair, he involuntarily activated his Five Elements Divine Treasure and with a drone, the terrifying power in his Five Element Divine Treasure burst forth and he finally stopped. However, at this moment, the shirt on his back exploded into countless pieces and indistinctly turned into forty-nine Green Dragons rushing backward as they raised a gale. The several huge poplar trees ruffled loudly from the gale and their leaves scattered randomly.

Old Ma twisted his waist and landed on the ground with a bewildered look.

Cripple was currently eating a braised pig trotter and stuffed the pig trotter into his mouth in shock, leaving only the toe outside. Butcher was currently sharpening his knife and the whetstone broke with a crack.

Apothecary and Village Chief were drinking tea and their teacups all exploded. Blind's bamboo cane was squeezed into a bamboo strip and Deaf's ink had spilled all over the table. Granny Si crushed a stack of porcelain bowls while the hen dragons just clucked and flapped its wings back into its chicken coop, stretching its claws to close the wooden door of the chicken coop.

Apothecary looked at Village Chief and whispered, "What happened after you two had gone out at night? How did Qin Mu's cultivation raise so much?"

Village Chief was also at a loss. He suddenly came to realization and whispered back, "His spirit embryo had awakened a fourth time. He said there was nothing different with his spirit embryo, it just that his vital qi was slightly different…"

The corners of Apothecary's eyes twitched as he muttered, "This is slightly different?"

"How did I know his slightly different was actually several times increment in vital qi…" Village Chief also muttered.

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