Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 923 - Celestial Heavens' Master of Creation

This lady's beauty was comparable to clear lake water, free of impurities. Her smile looked as though it reflected her inner heart, pure and flawless, making it seem that any thoughts that were overboard or out of line would be blasphemous to her.

Qin Mu retracted his gaze, his face full of smiles. He suppressed his wildly beating heart and thought, 'Compared to that monster Cult Master Li Tianxing, she is much more dangerous. When it comes to manipulating the hearts of people, Li Tianxing is still a novice. Had I not met Jue Wuchen before, I would have been seduced by her. However, this lady has a fault, her breasts aren't big enough…"

Within the Jade Sea, winds whirled, waves crashed, and frightening roars were heard continuously. That two gods hid among the darkness, exchanging blows with their divine arts and creating a scene of earth-shattering devastation outside the Slow Winding Pavilion.

Qin Mu turned and walked into the pavilion. "Brother Yun, it'll only get busier here. Since we are free, why don't I use the opportunity to undo your bloodline curse?"

Yun Jianli quickly followed him, and they entered the Sea View Gazebo within the Slow Winding Pavilion. Qin Mu sat down and asked, "Who is the god king in the sky? Does Brother Yun recognize him?"

Yun Jianli said, "That person is using an image, not revealing his true identity. However, from his divine arts, I can tell who he is. It's quite easy to recognize such an existence. He's one of the four great heavenly kings of the celestial heavens, God King Nanming. The person in the sea is ancient god North Deity Xuan Wu. Nanming Thunder Fire against North Deity's five great thunderclouds. Although they conceal their true identities, they are unable to fool me."

Qin Mu's third eye at the heart of his brows opened, and he executed the Supreme Palace Enclosure Higher Knowledge, mobilizing his consciousness. In an instant, his consciousness became immeasurably strong.


Within his third eye's hexagon-shaped pupil, his consciousness transformed into a straight ray of light that shone on the heart of Yun Jianli's brows.

Right at this moment, dim daylight suddenly appeared in the sky, with the sun looking quite dismal in the thick fog.

However, as the sun flickered gently, countless suns appeared behind those dark clouds instantly. One by one, they hung in the sky, hiding behind the clouds.

Following which, innumerous three-legged black crows flew from these suns, charging towards the clouds and penetrating them to arrive at the Jade Pool!

All sorts of shrill cries were heard as a myriad of three-legged golden crows charged towards the gazebo within the Slow Winding Pavilion in the darkness. They dragged bright flames with them, blotting out the sky!

Yun Jianli couldn't help but glance outside, his voice hoarse as he said, "It's Great Sun Sovereign!"

Yan'er and the dragon qilin hurried over. When they were close to the gazebo, Yan'er suddenly transformed into a dragon sparrow and flew onto the roof. She looked nervously at the golden crows that were charging in from all directions.

Qi Jiuyi was about to rush over when Yun Chuxiu smiled. "Young Master Qi, it's very dangerous here, why put yourself in harm's way?"

Qi Jiuyi's gaze was warm. "It's more dangerous being with you. You're affecting my Dao heart." After saying that, he walked towards the gazebo where Qin Mu was.

Yun Chuxiu furiously followed him.

Suddenly, many dim stars appeared in the sky. They looked shaky, as though space-time was unstable. One by one, they collapsed into the Jade Sea, creating ear-deafening noises.

The stars pierced the extremely thick dark clouds, dragging their long tails of flames with them. As they crashed into the Jade Sea, the surface was blasted open by the impact. In the sea, simple but imposing gods stood up one after another, reaching up to grab the golden crows that were dancing in the sky.

Innumerable giants in the sea and countless golden crows in the sky were killing each other, preventing others from nearing the Slow Winding Pavilion.

Qin Mu wanted to remedy the problem at the source, so his consciousness followed the flow of Yun Jianli's blood to the source of the curse, finally discovering it.

At this moment, an angry roar came from the sky. A gigantic palm parted the sun, clouds, and crows in the sky, crashing towards the Slow Winding Pavilion!

As it moved through the air, the friction between the palm and the air caused it to be set ablaze. It looked certain that it would pulverize the island containing the Slow Winding Pavilion, burning everything to ashes.

At this instant, the sound of a gong was heard. The island was bathed in gold as a ball of golden light appeared in the west. It tumbled and rolled at high speed, arriving above the Slow Winding Pavilion.

That ball of golden light spun rapidly, and within it, a white tiger could be faintly seen, jumping and rejoicing in joy. Countless rays of golden sword qi shot up into the sky. In a split second, that giant flaming hand was pierced with a thousand holes.

A cold snort came from the sky. Suddenly, flames began to burn as a shining pillar descended from the sky. It stabbed upright into the Jade Sea, its height immeasurable. Using the Slow Winding Pavilion as the center, it started to stir vigorously, seeming as though it was trying to overturn the seas and rivers!

That ball of golden light remained floating above the Slow Winding Pavilion. It released its light rays, and Dao sound trembled and resonated. A white tiger pounced from the golden light, intercepting that pillar repeatedly.

That pillar swiftly shrunk until it looked like a golden needle, appearing and disappearing unpredictably, making it difficult for that ball of golden light to intercept it.

At this moment, a golden list flew from the darkness, fluttering in the wind. The golden needle pierced the golden list, but it wasn't out of danger yet.

The golden list and golden needle clashed in the sky, radiating terrifying levels of power. The people on the island trembled with fear. If one of these attacks landed on the island, they and the island would be wiped out completely. Even their souls wouldn't survive!

Even a Numinous Sky Realm individual like Yan'er was unable to shield herself from such attacks. There was only death!

"Brother Yun, don't be distracted."

Qin Mu sensed some disturbance in Yun Jianli's consciousness, so he reminded him, saying, "You're distracted, and this is interfering with my efforts to rid your body of the bloodline curse."

Yun Jianli couldn't help it, saying, "Celestial Venerable, how can you be so nonchalant? Are you not afraid? If any of the divine arts slips through those strong practitioners that are guarding you, it'll be enough to kill us a million times over."

Qin Mu's consciousness surged into his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. It looked like a gold-colored torrent, striking the spirit platform and transforming into a dazzling sacrificial altar. "Naturally, I'm afraid. However, they will show proper restraint. Those that want me dead won't completely fall out with me, as that would be equivalent to ripping the celestial heavens apart. If they want me to live, they will protect me at all costs. This is where our chance of survival lies. Brother Yun, did you not make preparations for your death already? Why are you still afraid?"

Yun Jianli's primordial spirit stared at the sacrificial altar in the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. Qin Mu's consciousness actually condensed into this physical object. It was the first time he had encountered such a strong consciousness.

"Because of my bloodline curse, I'm unable to live until I become a god. Hence, I'm not afraid of death. However, when actually facing death, I'm still afraid." He couldn't help but laugh.

Outside, a terrifying wave came rippling by as flames flew out of nowhere, like an enormous fire bird sprinting at full speed through the darkness.

On top of the gazebo, Yan'er, who had transformed into a dragon sparrow, cheered and leaped around excitedly, almost bringing it down.

It was getting chaotic as a continuous stream of strong existences joined the battle.

Among the darkness, a Mingdu Heavenly Gate rose from the Jade Sea. A Life and Death Book flew out from the Heavenly Gate, radiating brilliantly and shining its light towards the island.

Just as the Life and Death Book appeared, a giant dragon head emerged from behind the island. Its long neck passed over the island as its head moved to the front of the Slow Winding Pavilion, shielding it from the light of the Life and Death Book.

As the giant dragon breathed, thunder and lightning from everywhere within ten thousand miles crashed into the Mingdu Heavenly Gate.

Suddenly, an old-looking tree descended from the sky, smashing the giant dragon's head into the Jade Sea. Its body wriggled, circumventing the island so as to avoid crushing the people on it.

The giant dragon coiled around the tree, locking it in place. The roots of the old-looking tree suddenly expanded and climbed up the giant dragon's body as they battled each other among the sea and clouds.

Yun Jianli, Qi Jiuyi, and the rest were dazzled but had fear in their hearts. The island that the Slow Winding Pavilion stood on was too dangerous. They could be smashed into flying ashes at any moment.

Even so, the culprits weren't the strongest existences. The strongest existences in the celestial heavens were the ten current Celestial Venerables!

Those ten were the strongest existences since the beginning of time!

The hexagon-shaped pupil at the heart of Qin Mu's brows was getting brighter, mobilizing the Grand Primordium Origin Stone with all its might. The golden sacrificial altar that he had set up in Yun Jianli's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was immediately activated!

This sacrificial altar peeled the curse from Yun Jianli's bloodline layer by layer, as though it was peeling silk off the cocoon of a silkworm.

At this instant, the sky trembled incessantly. Dao sound filled the sky, and for a moment, weighed upon the existences with concealed identities that were battling among themselves in the Jade Sea.

This power was so frightening and strong that it was hopeless to even think of resisting.

Not only were the people on the island petrified, the terrifying existences that were fighting had also quieted down.

In the blink of an eye, the Jade Sea was quiet and calm. Giants with concealed identities hid among the gloomy clouds, while the sun and moon rose from the sea to take shelter behind them.

The stars floated into the sky one after another, disappearing.

The golden light dispersed as the golden list retreated. The white banner was gone, while the golden needle pulled back. The divine dragon dived into the sea, and the black tortoise escaped. Only the quiet Jade Sea remained. It was as though the world-annihilating battle earlier didn't happen at all.

The sky continued to be overcast by dark clouds, leaving one unable to see any daylight. Total darkness engulfed the Jade Sea, with the Slow Winding Pavilion being the only light source.

At this moment, a human figure appeared above the sea surface, walking on water as he approached. He gave out an aura that was beyond the Emperor's Throne Realm, capable of terrifying and subduing all.

He had that kind of power and ability.

He wanted to kill, and there was no one in the celestial heavens that was able to stop him!

And right now, he was there to kill someone!

He continued to conceal his identity, not wanting people to recognize him.

The man he wanted to kill was Celestial Venerable Mu, a Celestial Venerable that imparted the way to become a god to the people, allowing the realm of god to become secular.

He didn't want to leave too many traces, in case there were people who would use this to suppress him or get rid of him.

Right now, he had no one standing in his way.

And he was very close to the Slow Winding Pavilion.

Yun Jianli quickly turned his head and said hoarsely, "Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Qin Mu remained fully focused on undoing the bloodline curse, saying indifferently, "Calm down. What happened just now was only the pre-show. The main event is starting now."

Cold sweat appeared on Qi Jiuyi's forehead as he felt a sense of hopelessness. Yan'er returned to the gazebo, her feathers quivering uneasily. She produced a lantern out of nowhere but was still trembling slightly despite holding it.

The lantern was given to her by Celestial Venerable Yue, and it contained her divine arts. Whether this would protect them, Yan'er was unsure.

Only the dragon qilin laid prone at the foot of the pavilion, his eyes closed, fast asleep.

At this moment, a light shone from beneath the sea surface.

That man suddenly stopped walking, lowering his head to look into the water.

Underneath the sea surface, a paper boat was traveling below his feet, following his footpath like a shadow. On the boat, an elder was carrying a lamp.

As that man stopped, the boat also stopped advancing.

Within the Slow Winding Pavilion, Qin Mu laughed. "Does anyone want to witness an existence that has the cultivation of an incomplete Celestial Heavens Realm exchange blows?"


Qi Jiuyi said resolutely, "Over my dead body! Things have already gotten out of hand!"

His forehead was covered with cold sweat, and his heart was filled with overwhelming hopelessness.

Elder Messenger of Death and Youdu's Benevolent Saintly King Equal to Heaven, they were both Celestial Venerable You, one of the Nine Celestial Venerables of the Dragon Han Era—founder and creator of the Life and Death Divine Treasure!

While the other figure remained unknown, he should be a Celestial Venerable of the celestial heavens.

If the two Celestial Venerables were to battle, what kind of terrifying shockwaves would they produce?

Not to mention the tiny gazebo, the tiny Slow Winding Pavilion, or the tiny island, even the Jade Pool might not survive. Who knows, the entire celestial heavens might be smashed into pieces.

That figure hadn't made a move but continued to look at the tranquil sea surface. Beneath it, the paper boat was quietly floating in another world. It looked as though the sea surface should be over there in that world, while the bottom of the sea was over here.

On the paper boat, Celestial Venerable You was silent and didn't make a move.

Both of them were apprehensive, not willing to upset the balance of things. Nor were they keen on destroying the Jade Pool or celestial heavens.

At this moment, Qin Mu finally removed the bloodline curse in Yun Jianli's body. It was a type of blood-colored consciousness and was being forcefully restrained by him on the sacrificial altar of Yun Jianli's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

Qin Mu relaxed. Suddenly the blood-colored consciousness condensed into a blurry figure that let out a weird and indistinct laugh. "Hehehe, which master of creation has removed my bloodline curse? I didn't expect there to be another master of creation in the celestial heavens…"

Qin Mu's consciousness communicated, saying, "It's me."

"Oh, it's Celestial Venerable Mu."

That figure was shocked. "You actually understood the spells of my race. You are worthy of being a Celestial Venerable. However, you can't even protect yourself, yet you have the audacity to ruin my plans. You don't know the immensity of heaven and earth! You could simply stay here for protection, yet you insist on provoking me."

Suddenly, the sky above the Jade Pool started to shake violently, impressively signaling the arrival of a second Celestial Venerable!

The fragile balance between the figure on the sea surface and Celestial Venerable You was instantly broken by this unexpected visitor!

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