Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 924 - The Ripping of the Celestial Heavens

At this moment, even Qin Mu's scalp turned numb against his will. It was as if he was falling into an abyss.

Even though the Celestial Heavens Realm remained incomplete, it was still the highest realm, which made even an incomplete version of it terrifying.

However, Celestial Venerable You might not end up as the opponent of the mystery person on the sea's surface.

All these years, the celestial heavens had been trying to search for various Emperor's Throne techniques with the intent of forging a complete Celestial Heavens technique by combining all of them. Although they hadn't succeeded yet, they still accumulated a lot of techniques.

It had already been a long time since Celestial Venerable You left the circle of power in the celestial heavens and went to Youdu.

The number of strong practitioners at the Emperor's Throne Realm that had died in combat were many, and some of their souls belonged to Youdu, which meant that Celestial Venerable You might have acquired many Emperor's Throne techniques. However, for a long time, the use of Youdu had been weakened by the celestial heavens. An example of this would be the order by the celestial heavens to Black Deity, Son of Heaven Yin, to construct Mingdu. Its purpose wasn't just to weaken Earth Count, it was also meant to intercept some of the existing souls of dead Emperor's Throne practitioners.

As such, it would be impossible for Celestial Venerable You to create a Celestial Heavens Realm technique.

There was also the sheer number of resources occupied by the celestial heavens, as well as Dao Ancestor's classic algebra calculation of the various ancient gods' Great Dao runes. Therefore, Celestial Venerable You couldn't be the opponent of the mystery person on the sea.

Furthermore, another Celestial Venerable level presence had arrived!

A cold sweat broke out of Qin Mu's forehead.

He originally thought that the person who saved him had met the ancient Celestial Emperor. If the ancient Celestial Emperor did help, it would be easy to rip apart the celestial heavens.

It was just that he didn't expect Celestial Venerable You to be so concerned with his safety that he would personally intervene.

He was touched, but he was also worried about Celestial Venerable You's safety.

Celestial Venerable You flared up at almost the same time as the mystery man on the sea. He raised his lantern and smacked it heavily. Immediately, it was as if the Jade Sea had flipped itself. In the next moment, the Jade Sea disappeared from the celestial heavens and appeared in a world shrouded in darkness.

The Jade Pavilion and the Jade Sea of the celestial heavens were forced into Youdu by him!

At the same time, the mystery person struck too, and celestial palaces appeared behind him, one after another, connecting heaven and earth and creating a vast celestial heavens!

At the same time, another figure appeared on the surface of the Youdu Jade Sea, with lights bursting forth behind his body. Incomplete yet identical celestial palaces appeared one after another.

The two great Celestial Venerables raised their legs together and used their might to step on the surface of the Jade Sea as the space around them violently shook. The Jade Sea that was being pressed on returned to the celestial heavens!

'There's no way that Celestial Venerable You can handle these two people at the same time!'

Qin Mu abruptly intervened and forcefully eliminated the consciousness of the master of creation on the sacrificial altar. He followed up on this by rising and shooting a beam of light from between his eyebrows.

Qi Jiuyi, Yun Jianli, and the others were shocked and couldn't understand what was going on. They believed that Qin Mu had become extraordinarily daring, daring enough to strike out against those two Celestial Venerables.

Unexpectedly, the divine light from Qin Mu's third eye was shone in the direction of Yun Chuxiu, which perplexed the two of them even more.

The light from Qin Mu burst forth, and a coffin appeared beneath Yun Chuxiu, which led to a scream from her as she backed off.

Qin Mu swept his sleeves as that coffin opened to reveal a dense divine light within.

Yun Chuxiu's heart jumped when she saw the corpse inside.

Qin Mu walked towards the coffin and solemnly said, "If Celestial Venerable You can't handle the situation, I will use Soul Guide to summon the soul of the owner of this corpse, reconstruct her soul, and revive her!"

Just as Qin Mu looked at her, Yun Chuxiu glanced at him.

Their eyes met as Yun Chuxiu laughed. "As expected of a Great Wizard."

She went silent after that, and the sky rumbled once more as another Celestial Venerable arrived. His aura burst forth as a series of celestial palaces appeared, and Dao voices rang through space.

However, this particular Celestial Venerable wasn't after Celestial Venerable You but was after the two Celestial Venerables from just now.

Those two were stunned and found the situation hard to believe.

Considering how they hid their real identities in order not to bear the charge of murdering Celestial Venerable Mu, they were unable to identify this new Celestial Venerable who just appeared.

Qin Mu relaxed as he closed the coffin and sent it back into the Qin word land within his third eye. He then nervously paid attention to the situation.

Yun Chuxiu appeared by his side to watch the situation unfolding on the Jade Sea as she whispered, "So, you know who I am now?"

Qin Mu nodded and whispered in an even softer voice, "Yes. I once summoned souls for the empress on the ghost ship."

Yun Chuxiu laughed. "I have been trying to find out the identity of the one who summoned souls for me a few hundred thousand years ago. I then heard that there was an invincible Great Wizard, so I deduced that it was you, and I turned out to be right."

Qin Mu laughed loudly.

Yun Chuxiu's eyebrows drooped shyly as she twisted the corner of her shirt, acting as if she was a young lady experiencing her first love as she quietly threatened him. "You better keep my sister's corpse properly. If not, I won't forgive you! The other ancient gods need your reconstruction methods, but I don't. My soul is perfectly complete, and I already escaped the binding of my ancient god corporeal body a long time ago!"

Qi Jiuyi and Yun Jianli, who watched from inside the pavilion, couldn't help but feel sour over the scene in front of them.

Even though Yun Jianli knew that this lady was up to no good, he still couldn't help but feel some sourness and jealousy.

None of them expected that Qin Mu and Yun Chuxiu weren't flirting and were actually both threatening one another!

Qin Mu merely found Yun Chuxiu's Achilles heel and threatened her with the prospect of reviving Mistress Yuanmu. Meanwhile, although "Yun Chuxiu" did help Qin Mu break the deadlock, she was threatening him too.

However, Qin Mu could finally verify a theory of his, that the sister of Celestial Empress, Mistress Yuanmu, was indeed dead, and she died at Celestial Empress' hands.

The mysterious attack on Celestial Empress during the Dragon Han Era was finally solved.

Yet, some suspicion remained. For instance, why was Celestial Venerable Ling's hairpin stuck in the back of Mistress Yuanmu's head?

According to Qin Mu's theory, Celestial Empress had already reached an agreement with the Heaven Alliance then, and when she returned home, she encouraged Dragon Count Country to rebel and trap the Ruins of End.

Celestial Emperor sent out the Feathered Forest Guards as reinforcements, and Celestial Empress created the facade of another Celestial Empress attacking her in front of Wei Suifeng to make the world believe that she died.

In reality, she killed Mistress Yuanmu and faked her death to get away with it, creating a facade of her death in the process.

Afterward, when Celestial Venerable Ling intervened and saw the incident where the Feathered Forest Guards and their ship became a ghost ship, she made up the transmigration incident involving the Feathered Forest Guards to get rid of any evidence.

Meanwhile, the body of Mistress Yuanmu wasn't put into the pair of flowers in the Ruins of End. This was because the primordial spirit of the empress was injected into Mistress Yuanmu's corpse so that it could return to the celestial heavens and announce to the world that Celestial Empress hadn't died yet.

The ancient Celestial Emperor was particularly fond of Mistress Yuanmu, so he reveled in helping her hide the fact that she wasn't the real Celestial Empress, not knowing that the person within her body was indeed the real Celestial Empress.

As such, Celestial Empress rid herself of a disobedient sister and completed the process of substitution.

After that, she schemed with Celestial Venerable Ling to create Jue Wuchen, using her to trick him and bury the adulterous couple that betrayed her.

After getting rid of the ancient Celestial Emperor, she, Celestial Venerable Yun, and Celestial Venerable Hao flew towards the celestial heavens to take the body of Celestial Emperor. In the end, the identity of the person who ultimately took it remained a mystery.

After connecting the dots on these events, Qin Mu was left with only one mystery—why was Celestial Venerable Ling's hairpin stuck in the back of the head of Mistress Yuanmu?

'Could it be that after Celestial Venerable Ling tried to use her hairpin to kill Celestial Empress, Celestial Emperor unexpectedly exploited this opportunity to rid himself of the body?'

That was Qin Mu's theory, but whether it was the truth, one couldn't tell.

On the Jade Sea, the four Celestial Venerables faced off against one another, which made the scene stifling, causing the people on the island to be unable to catch their breath.

Besides them, there were numerous palace maids that were squeezed together on the island. Although they were either gods or half-gods and thus had extraordinary bloodlines, if the four Celestial Venerables fought, they would die!

"Shu Jun, now you can find out the identity of this master of creation, right?"

Qin Mu rallied his consciousness and told the big ball of flesh on the Grand Primordium Origin Stone's sacrificial altar, "The deal between us is complete."

The master of creation he was talking about was the third Celestial Venerable to appear on the Jade Sea.

This person was the prehistoric master of creation that was hidden within the celestial heavens, the person who cursed Celestial Venerable Yun's bloodline!

His arrival tipped the balance between Celestial Venerable You and the mystery person, forcing Celestial Venerable You to strike first.

On the sacrificial altar, the big ball of flesh became a big eyeball and helped Qin Mu observe that person.

That Celestial Venerable's build was imposing, and he was shrouded in dense light, which made it impossible for one to see his face clearly.

"Incomplete. I can't see his face clearly," Shu Jun retorted.

Qin Mu apathetically laughed. "I have helped you find the master of creation you sought, the deal is complete! As for the fact that you can't see his face clearly, that's because of your incompetence, which is none of my business!"

Shu Jun replied, "It's not that I'm incompetent, it's that you are! I borrowed your eyes to look at him. The reason I can't figure out his face is that your cultivation is too weak and can't penetrate the light surrounding his face! As long as I don't know which Celestial Venerable of the celestial heavens he is, the deal between us isn't complete."

Qin Mu felt resentful.

At this moment, the face-off between the four Celestial Venerables formed a weird balance, and no one dared to strike first.

"Celestial Venerable You, you came from afar. Unexpectedly, your arrival made my celestial heavens suffer from internal strife."

Suddenly, a loud voice came from beyond the skies, and a god with white eyebrows, a white mustache, and white eyes descended from the heavens, surrounded by rays of light behind his head. He laughed as he said, "All of you hide your faces, not daring enough to reveal your identities. But I, Ancestral God King, am not afraid. I want to kill even my father, Heaven Duke, so why would I not want to kill a mere Celestial Venerable Mu?"

The sky lit up as a large glow descended from the heavens and smashed onto the surface of the Jade Sea. The light was restless as it appeared with the gray-haired Heaven Duke. His body slowly rose up as it grew taller and larger.

"Old man…" Ancestral God King saw the descent of Heaven Duke, and his eye violently pulsated.

Heaven Duke was silent.

At that moment, space violently shook again as another Celestial Venerable, who also hid his identity, arrived. He laughed and said, "Heaven Duke, your arrival from afar helps to elevate the celestial heavens."

The situation lost its balance again.

Heaven Duke grunted as a sound arrived, rumbling like thunder, proclaiming, "Earth Count, you still want to sit this one out?"

The masses were shocked. Black qi rumbled from deep inside the Jade Sea as the sea cracked open, and the twin horns of Earth Count rose from the surface!

"Even Earth Count can't sit back and watch anymore!"

In the pavilion, Yun Jianli suddenly felt relieved as he said, "The more people that arrive, the safer our situation. After all, if these people strike, the outcome of the battle is less than certain. In addition, the celestial heavens might be shattered because of it. Thus, they won't strike!"

Qi Jiuyi also felt relieved as he cautiously whispered, "However, the celestial heavens will fracture because of this."

"Earth Count, Heaven Duke, why didn't the two of you tell us that you were going to arrive simultaneously?" Another Celestial Venerable approached the scene on the Jade Sea whilst hiding his identity.

Before he stopped, flames suddenly emerged as South Deity's vermillion bird appeared in the center of all of these existences. In its hand was a peach flower, and she smiled and said, "Everyone, my capabilities are weaker than yours. I'm merely here to deliver an item, not to interfere with the situation."

She stuck the peach flower onto the surface of the sea, and suddenly, countless peach trees appeared. They extended for thousands of miles, blanketing the surface of the Jade Sea.

Within the peach trees, there were multiple young ladies who hung lanterns underneath the palace's roof before returning to the palace.

Qin Mu was relieved with Celestial Venerable Yue's arrival.

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