Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 927 - The Massacre in Lang Xuan Divine Palace

Qin Mu and the others finished walking through Celestial Street and arrived at another street. This street had long been evacuated, and not even a shadow was in sight.

Yun Chuxiu praised, "How impressive, Celestial Venerable! Everywhere that you go, there's no sign of life at all!"

Qin Mu laughed. "I'm a Celestial Venerable after all, so it's obvious that my appearance would be impressive!"

The tiny Earth Count emerged from the dragon qilin's ear and solemnly inspected the surroundings, which were awe-inspiring. The dragon qilin was afraid that he would get in trouble and quickly drooped his ear before stuffing it back in.

The tiny Earth Count hammered his ear, but the dragon qilin tolerated it all, refusing to let him out.

Yun Chuxiu noticed the tiny Earth Count and was visibly shocked. She suddenly and mysteriously laughed.

They arrived in front of the Lang Xuan Divine Palace, and although its plaza wasn't as vast as the Jade Pool's, it was still considered one of the grandest group of buildings in the celestial heavens.

The place proved to be dazzling, and there was nothing between each of the palaces except the clouds, so one had to fly to get around.

In reality, most of the celestial heavens' buildings were like that. Not every place was perfectly connected. For example, the Jade Pool floated in the sky and was surrounded by clouds. Only the tributaries of the celestial river were connected to the Jade Pool, and the Jade Pavilion, which the Jade Pool was in, wasn't connected to the rest of the celestial heavens.

The space between the Heavenly Market and the rest of the places was also empty, meaning that one had to fly between these places and the Heavenly Market.

The other buildings within the celestial heavens were also often not connected together. This was because of how, when the celestial heavens was being built during the first year of the Dragon Han Era, the scale of it wasn't as great as today's celestial heavens. It was only formed out of 36 celestial palaces and 72 throne halls. The celestial palaces, throne halls, and the Jade Capital formed one structural body.

These buildings, only when pieced together, formed the celestial heavens, which created the situation where the halls and palaces weren't connected to one another.

Later on, the original 36 celestial palaces and 72 throne halls were moved to other places in the universe to guard said places.

After constant expansion, such as adding on the merger of the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens, Dragon Heaven Celestial Heavens, and Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, the celestial heavens of today achieved its scale.

However, the tradition that each place within the celestial heavens was independent remained too.

The Lang Xuan Divine Palace already knew of Celestial Venerable Mu's trip here. God Emperor Lang Xuan's disciples were quick to report it. The main disciple of the god emperor, Chang Xiting, was in charge of the palace, and upon hearing of Celestial Venerable Mu's visit, he instantly felt his head hurt.

"Celestial Venerable Mu is really approaching?" he asked again and again.

"Big Brother, he's already outside the palace!"

Chang Xiting mocked him, saying, "Why is he here? Is he not afraid of death?"

The masses looked at one another, and one of them was daring enough to say, "Big Brother, who dares to kill him? A couple of days ago, at the Jade Pool, even Celestial Venerable struck, and he still didn't die. If he dies in our Lang Xuan Divine Palace, we'll be in big trouble! Other forces will use this to accuse us of hurting Celestial Venerable Mu, and we'll end up dying with him!"

Chang Xiting's headache grew to the point where his head was figuratively cracking. He waved his hand and told them, "Of course I know of the consequences. I have heard that he now has no soul and is merely alive due to his Undying God Consciousness. He doesn't have long left to live. Although we can't kill him directly, we can make him suffer setbacks and accelerate his death."

His eyes flashed as he smiled and said, "If the great Celestial Venerable Mu is defeated by the disciples of Celestial Venerable Lang, not once but hundreds of times, his confidence and beliefs will suffer a great setback! Won't he die faster then?"

The masses' eyes flashed with his.

Chang Xiting smiled wickedly, saying, "We are disciples of a Celestial Venerable, guided by one since we were young, and we cultivated using the best techniques and divine arts. In contrast, Celestial Venerable Mu is merely a country bumpkin from the lower bound that used Celestial Venerable Ling's divine art to go back to the Dragon Han Era, ending up with the title of Celestial Venerable. Defeating him is easy. As long as he doesn't die in the Lang Xuan Divine Palace, it's none of our business."

One of the youths frowned. "Big Brother, I heard that Prince Yu and the others challenged him at the Jade Pool with the intent to humiliate him, and they ended up dying. Prince Yu was also pretty high up on the Divine Talents List, and he could kill people with the power level of a prince. His power level is certainly not low!"

Chang Xiting smiled. "The two lists are merely gimmicks to fool little kids. Look at the disciples of each of the Celestial Venerables, how many of them are on the list? The Celestial Venerables each hide their own techniques and stuff heavily with the intent of not letting the other Celestial Venerables know about their techniques. The disciples of Celestial Venerables on the list use techniques that aren't from the Celestial Venerables with the aim of fooling the other Celestial Venerables! If you lot use Master's greatest technique, it'll be easy to defeat him. I want him to vomit blood and die from depression!"

The masses let out a long sigh of relief as they said, "With this advice from Big Brother, we are relieved. It's just that, what if he doesn't dare to accept the challenge?"

Chang Xiting laughed again. "Is he not the rumored Overlord Body? I have heard that it's unique. Use that and spite him with words. He fights when he smells blood. This man is merely twenty to thirty years old and doesn't have a deep knowledge base. Prepare yourselves, I will go and see Master!"

The masses exited the place to prepare.

In the god emperor's hall, Chang Xiting bowed and reported the incident, saying, "Master, is it fine to let the disciples handle this? Does Master want to meet him yourself?"

The horns rose on God Emperor Lang Xuan's head. His face was tall and ancient-looking. He was the first half-god of the world, and his parents were also ancient gods who gifted him immortality, allowing him to survive.

It was said that he was so strong after his cultivation that he was powerful beyond measure. He was older than Celestial Venerable Yu and Celestial Venerable Hao then. It was even rumored that he fought in the large battle at the Blood Rust Zone, although that was unconfirmed.

Another mystery was which two ancient gods were his parents.

His disciples were also mostly half-gods. Amongst the half-gods, Celestial Venerable Hao, God Emperor Lang Xuan, and Ancestral God King were the three leaders with the great rallying power. They were the most powerful beings of the half-gods.

"Your arrangement is great. Just be careful not to kill him."

God Emperor Lang Xuan frowned. 'This fellow dares to come here? This move makes my head ache. The celestial heavens is already a mess because of him. It was only because of the mutual suspicion and guardedness of the ten Celestial Venerables that no fight broke out. This daring fellow… It's already annoying that he created trouble for the other heavenly kings and the four deities, now he has come here to provoke me! These are some tumultuous times…'

He walked around as he muttered, "I won't see him. He was one of the five elders who founded the Heaven Alliance, and his place there is higher than even that of Celestial Venerable Ling! Amongst them, Celestial Venerable Yue is disabled, Celestial Venerable Yun and Celestial Venerable Ling died, while Celestial Venerable Qin doesn't dare show himself. He's the only one left and thus, in name, is the most powerful person in the Heaven Alliance with the highest status. If I see him, I have to bow and call him brother!"

Chang Xiting was secretly alarmed. Too timid to talk, he thought, 'If I handle this properly, I will have accomplished something great for Master. He will certainly reward me heavily.'

With a deep gaze, God Emperor Lang Xuan slowly said, "This fellow took a lot of advantages. During the first year of the Dragon Han Era, when Celestial Emperor invited me to join the Celestial Heavens Meeting, he ran to join the Jade Pool Meeting with Celestial Venerable Yu. As such, the Heaven Alliance was created, and his position became mine instead… Xiting, I will now roam the world. After humiliating him, invite him to leave. Don't let him die here. And…"

He solemnly said, "Provide extra protection for Celestial Venerable Mu, don't let anything too bad happen to him! If he dies in my Lang Xuan Divine Palace, it'll be like covering me with a huge pot of sh*t that I can never wash away! There are already Celestial Venerables who don't like me in the celestial heavens, who wish to remove me. It's just that they lack the opportunity. Now, their chance has arrived. Someone might strike now and kill Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Chang Xiting felt a chill go through him as he hastily left.

God Emperor Lang Xuan floated away, laughing. 'My position in the Celestial Heavens Meeting was still above that of some ancient gods. It's just that the Jade Pool Meeting, unexpectedly, disregarded the rankings of the later generations. In contrast, the relatively unremarkable Jade Pool Meeting became the big meeting that set the course for the next million years. Luckily, I joined the Heaven Alliance early enough. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had a chance to reap any benefits.'

Qin Mu was emaciated and lacked both blood and essence. He was coughing all the time as many of the disciples of the Lang Xuan Divine Palace tried to provoke him. They tried to do so by "inviting" him, Overlord Body Celestial Venerable Mu, to teach them.

Qin Mu remained silent and didn't respond. His essence and blood floated around, a clear sign of his lack of tranquility within.

Qi Jiuyi couldn't be provoked, and he proclaimed, "Brothers of Lang Xuan Divine Palace, what are you doing? Celestial Venerable Mu is here to visit Celestial Venerable Lang, not fool around with you disciples! If you lot want to fight, fight me!"

A lady laughed. "Qi Jiuyi, we've heard about you. You're a mere disciple of the four deities with barely average abilities, there's no need for you to embarrass yourself. We are here to invite Celestial Venerable Mu to teach us as the Overlord Body of Eternal Peace. You aren't qualified at all."

Qi Jiuyi was enraged. "Does one need qualifications to challenge others?"

The masses laughed so hard that they couldn't speak.

Yun Jianli gently smiled. "Then am I qualified? I'm the descendant of Celestial Venerable Yun. Can I replace Celestial Venerable Mu to accept your challenges?"

Chang Xiting walked in from outside and laughed. "Your family's grandmothers aren't people to be provoked, so why challenge us personally? Relax, we just want some pointers in our cultivation from Celestial Venerable Mu. I have heard that Celestial Venerable Mu led a reform in the lower bound and became one of its three heroes. He is also the unique Overlord Body of Eternal Peace, and if he guides my brothers and sisters, their horizons will be broadened."

The masses bowed and greeted, "Big Brother!"

Qin Mu stood up while trembling and said, "Since everyone wants to witness the power of the Overlord Body and the greatest techniques of Eternal Peace, then I shall…"

He suddenly coughed rapidly, and his body wobbled, and he held out his hand as if wanting to hold onto something.

Yun Chuxiu went up to him to hold him, whispering, "Don't always try to show off. Love your body. I already told you not to come out, yet you insisted upon it…" As she finished, she sneakily pinched and twisted the meat under his armpit.

'Have I been played by Celestial Empress?'

His heart stirred, and he quickly pushed this young lady away before huffing and saying, "I'd rather die than be humiliated! I can still do this! I'm here to see Celestial Venerable Lang, not to be humiliated. As the Overlord Body, I must maintain its dignity! Come at me!"

He straightened himself and retrieved the core of the Primordial Tree. Clutching his wooden rod, he shouted with all his pride and arrogance, "The Overlord Body of Eternal Peace has never lost and never backed down!"

Qi Jiuyi sighed and lamented, 'I'm afraid that many people are going to die again from us going out. First, at the Jade Pool, and now, at Celestial Venerable Lang's Lang Xuan Divine Palace. Does Cult Master Qin really want to tear the celestial heavens a new one?'

Yun Chuxiu's heart jumped when she saw that wooden rod. 'The core of the Primordial Tree! That little maiden Mother Earth went all in to please this fellow! Just now, that brat God Emperor Lang Xuan sneaked away and isn't here. Celestial Venerable Mu can't unleash all of the core's potential. If I help him, it should be easy for us to tear this place apart…'

Excitement brimmed in her eyes.

Qin Mu lifted the core of the Primordial Tree and coldly asked, "Who wants some pointers from me?"

He had his own calculations within him. 'After seeking trouble with Celestial Venerable Lang and creating trouble with the other giants of the celestial heavens, I'll finally be able to see Dao Ancestor at the celestial heavens' Dao Sect…'

Chang Xiting cast a glance at a youth, who stepped forward with a shallow smile. He bowed and said, "Disciple of Celestial Venerable Lang, Shen Wanzhou. Please guide me, Celestial Venerable!"

Chang Xiting coughed and reminded him, "Brother Wanzhou, don't hurt Celestial Venerable Mu. We are the hosts and should treat our guests properly."

Qin Mu said stiffly, "No need for that! Hurt me all you want!"

Shen Wanzhou laughed and said, "I can let you go first so that I can see the power of the Overlord Body."

Qin Mu was furious, and vital qi flooded into the core of the Primordial Tree, which allowed its potential to be fully unleashed as he thought, 'Should I kill him with one hit? If I do, others might not dare to challenge me…'

Suddenly, an unbelievably violent magic power flooded into the core. It was extremely terrifying and deep, far beyond his cultivation. In fact, it was thousands of times more powerful than his cultivation!

Qin Mu felt shocked as the core in his hands morphed into a giant pillar that pierced the skies. It swept towards Shen Wanzhou and pulverized him!

Not only was he pulverized, but the other disciples of God Emperor Lang Xuan couldn't escape their ill fates, and they too were pulverized by the Primordial Tree's core!

Chang Xiting saw that things weren't going so well and lifted his hands to block it. However, he was still crushed by its terrifying force to the point that he vomited blood and flew away.

The unbelievably large pillar in Qin Mu's hands swept through Lang Xuan Divine Palace amidst his horror. The space beneath it shattered and pulverized the palaces.

The palaces and halls of the Lang Xuan Divine Palace were swept by the terrifying force and fell out of the celestial heavens and into the vast, starry sky.

This rod of Qin Mu's destroyed most of the Lang Xuan Divine Palace. Out of shock and anger, he turned to look at Yun Chuxiu and said in warning, "Little maiden, I have tolerated you for long enough!"

Yun Chuxiu also got angry and rose up. "You don't know what's good for you! Do you think that I haven't been tolerating you?"

Qin Mu laughed and attacked Yun Chuxiu. "Why attack the Celestial Venerable's disciples? If you want to fight, fight the Celestial Venerable himself!"

Qi Jiuyi and Yun Jianli gawked at the sight. The former hastily kicked the dragon qilin and demanded an explanation, "Second Brother, what's going on? Explain!"

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