Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 928 - Old Ancestor Long Pi

The dragon qilin raised his head and saw Qin Mu and Yun Chuxiu exchanging blows with each other in the broken palace, their figures leaping through the air as though they were flying, moving extremely fast.

"Yun Chuxiu could be Celestial Empress or her sister, Mistress Yuanmu."

The dragon qilin said, "The wooden rod which Cult Master took out just now is called the core of the Primordial Tree. Its growth rings indicate an age of 50 million years, and it's extremely powerful. It's a precious treasure refined by Mother Earth. However, Cult Master is unable to unleash the power of this precious ancient treasure. Despite that, its power was unleashed just now. Therefore, Cult Master deduced that it was because Yun Chuxiu did something."

"Celestial Empress, Mistress Yuanmu?"

Yun Jianli was astonished when he heard that, then he became a little frightened. Not only had he become sworn siblings with such a terrifying existence, but he had also kept her by his side to spy on her, checking her intentions.

Now that he thought about it, he felt a little chill down his spine.

However, he began to feel perplexed and asked curiously, "Brother Long Pi, do you know if Yun Chuxiu is Celestial Empress or Mistress Yuanmu?"

Qi Jiuyi cried out, "How can this beautiful lady be Celestial Empress or Mistress Yuanmu?"

At the same time, he was tremendously curious. During this time, the dragon qilin was always sleeping or eating, seemingly in a muddle-headed state, and he didn't see much interaction between him and Qin Mu.

How was the dragon qilin able to see through Yun Chuxiu's real identity while the rest of them knew nothing?

Lang Xuan Divine Palace was damaged by the core of the Primordial Tree so badly that it fell into ruins. Countless palaces and halls had discarded their original formation and were crashing around haphazardly, in utter disorder.

Qin Mu stood on a throne hall that was flying around madly, and Yun Chuxiu was extremely far away from him, also standing on a throne hall. However, these two structures were moving in completely different directions. One was moving up the sky, while the other was falling.

Between these two structures were innumerous giant pillars and collapsed palaces, which were colliding around aimlessly. Also, there were many divine mountains flying around, whistling as they went past. It was a scene of chaos.

Earlier, Yun Chuxiu had unexpectedly released the magic power of a Celestial Venerable and activated the power of the core of the Primordial Tree, destroying most of Celestial Venerable Lang's Lang Xuan Divine Palace. This was the reason behind Qin Mu's anger.

He went there with the intention of causing a small conflict and had no desire to fall out with God Emperor Lang Xuan, Celestial Venerable Lang. As long as he refused to admit he was wrong, there was nothing Celestial Venerable Lang could do to him.

The unexpected action of Yun Chuxiu was equivalent to slapping Celestial Venerable Lang's face 10 times while holding his neck.

Even though he was Celestial Venerable Mu, one of the five elders who founded the Heaven Alliance, Celestial Venerable Lang wouldn't sit idly by after this. He would go from making a move on him in the dark to openly taking action against him.

This pile of sh*t was too big and smelly, he was unable to carry it on his own.

Although Qin Mu was extremely audacious, looking as though he didn't care about life and death when he barged into the celestial heavens—fearless even when he ventured deep into a dragon's watery lair or a tiger's den—each of his moves were actually carefully planned and executed. Every time it looked alarmingly dangerous, there were hidden opportunities or paths of survival.

He could rip apart the celestial heavens and have sufficient room to maneuver to protect his life.

However, what Yun Chuxiu did instantly pushed him to a side opposing Celestial Venerable Lang, a side where he was in the wrong!

Qin Mu raised his hand and struck out a palm towards Yun Chuxiu, who was separated from him by many wildly flying palaces. Countless stars pulsed behind him, dancing in the sky. In the blink of an eye, they formed a resplendent galaxy.

The starlight converged as divine energies of magnetism between the stars suddenly surged. The galaxy transformed into a mighty current, gushing forward ferociously along with his palm strike.

Immediately, those structures that were flying around madly were attracted by his divine art. His divine energies of magnetism caught those humongous objects, and limitless magnetic force locked Yun Chuxiu's body in place, pulling those humongous objects to smash upon her!

The terrifying and powerful magnetic force caused the space around Yun Chuxiu to contort. As she fell, the gigantic palaces, together with the crumbling remnants of stone pillars, broken bricks, and tiles, all crashed into her!

The scene was immensely frightening. Qin Mu executed his magnetism divine art and gained an advantage over the battlefield. The structures of the Lang Xuan Divine Palace were made of divine metal and extremely heavy, which augmented the power of the divine art.

Even a real god wouldn't be able to carry the combined weight of these structures!

Qi Jiuyi and the rest were looking up at what was unfolding and saw broken tiles and shattered bricks smashing into Yun Chuxiu like comets. The surrounding space was contorted by magnetic force, increasing the speed of these tiles and bricks, making them not inferior to divine weapons!

The dragon qilin said, "Sister Yan'er, do you still remember the twin lotuses at the Ruins of End? There was a crystal coffin with a lady inside. Cult Master said that she was the sister of Celestial Empress, Mistress Yuanmu."

Yan'er nodded repeatedly. Of course, she remembered.

She also caught a huge worm in the world within the flowers at the Ruins of End. It took her a long time before she was done eating the worm.

Qin Mu had told her the snake belle wasn't a worm, that it was an ancient god born in the Ruins of End—a spirit of Great Dao transformed from the stamens of the twin lotuses. However, Yan'er still considered it a worm. The snake belle ancient god that she ate still hadn't been digested fully, which was why her body remained chubby.

The dragon qilin said, "During the incident at the Jade Pool, when the two Celestial Venerables joined forces against Celestial Venerable You, it was a desperate and urgent situation. Hence Cult Master took out the crystal coffin and placed it in front of Yun Chuxiu, planning to revive Mistress Yuanmu. Subsequently, another Celestial Venerable arrived, restoring balance to the situation and making both sides evenly matched. Therefore, Cult Master didn't proceed with reviving Mistress Yuanmu. So who was the one that came forth to help?"

Qi Jiuyi and Yun Jianli's faces were full of shock as they stared at the dragon qilin blankly.

The dragon qilin said, "Expectedly, it was Yun Chuxiu who helped. In that case, Yun Chuxiu could only be either Mistress Yuanmu or Celestial Empress."

Just as he finished his sentence, Yun Chuxiu spread her arms to perform a stroke in the air. A bottomless abyss appeared, swiftly breaking down Qin Mu's seemingly powerful move!

Yun Chuxiu stood above the abyss. That was the abyss of the Ruins of End created by her divine art, and it looked like it could swallow everything in the world. The swirling galaxy created by Qin Mu's divine art, the contorting divine energies of magnetism, the countless broken bricks and shattered tiles, and the crumbling palaces and great halls, they all plunged into the abyss of the Ruins of End!

Upon seeing this, Qi Jiuyi, Yun Jianli, and the rest were stunned. This type of divine art was what the Celestial Empress sisters were well known for!

It looked like Yun Chuxiu was one of the two sisters indeed!

Qi Jiuyi cried out, "Second Brother, weren't you asleep all along? How did you know so much?"

The dragon qilin gave him a look of disdain and said calmly, "All you see is me sleeping, but you are unaware of how studious I am. I was cultivating while I was napping! The most hardworking person in the world is obviously Cult Master, but I am second."

Yan'er was full of praises, and she took out a spirit pill. The dragon qilin opened his mouth precisely at the moment Yan'er reached over with the spirit pill and put it into his mouth.

As the dragon qilin was eating the spirit pill, he narrowed his eyes and said indifferently, "I have followed Cult Master for so many years. The people I have met are gods who are either famous, have cultivation beyond measure, or wisdom that is deeply profound. Or they could be strong practitioners of reform, Celestial Venerables, or sacred gods. Hence, my knowledge and horizon naturally increased, just like how a ship rises with the tide!"

Yun Chuxiu's abyss of the Ruins of End divine art had swallowed Qin Mu's divine art together with those broken structures. The great abyss contorted and trembled, preparing to violently spew a dark, mighty current towards Qin Mu, one transformed from the things it had swallowed. Suddenly, the subsequent galaxy he followed up with transformed into the apparition of Heaven Duke, striking the abyss of the Ruins of End with a punch!

Yun Chuxiu's expression changed slightly. Qin Mu had originally used the divine energies of magnetism as his divine art. The divine energies of magnetism between the stars were extremely strong, so she didn't expect he would use the stars to transform into Heaven Duke.

His earlier divine art looked like one move, but was, in fact, two!

The relationship between Mother Earth and Heaven Duke was unclear and complicated. Mother Earth had once snuck into Xuandu to steal Heaven Duke's essence, giving birth to several children.

The Great Dao of these two ancient gods had complementary effects. However, Mother Earth also had unclear relationships with other ancient gods. She once snuck into Youdu to steal the essence of Earth Count and had a few children. Other gods also had experiences of her stealing their essence. Hence, Heaven Duke wasn't particularly fond of Mother Earth.

Qin Mu was successful with his attack. He flew above Yun Chuxiu, and his great divine art of Martial Dao burst forth, striking down with a punch!

"Didn't you say that you've already escaped the binding of the ancient gods?"

Qin Mu fully unleashed his cultivation and coldly said, "Then why are you still using the divine arts of ancient gods?"

The great hall beneath Yun Chuxiu's feet broke into pieces. With a swish, the great hall that was smashed by the two fell like a comet, disappearing from everyone's eyes.

In the next moment, a long river appeared, and Yun Chuxiu was standing above it. The five great thunderclouds had transformed into fire bell divine weapons, and the giant bells surrounded Qin Mu, shaking violently. The celestial river swirled and coiled, chaining up Qin Mu.

Behind her, a dragon turtle and flying serpent circled, roaring in rage. The thousand-feathered serpent merged with the celestial river, and as the great river rotated, the serpent's feathers flew out of the waters like knives, slashing towards Qin Mu, who was trapped in the center. Its speed was fast like lightning, its power like rolling thunder!

The fire bell divine weapons formed from the five great thunderclouds shook ceaselessly until the space surrounding Qin Mu crumbled into fragments.

The dragon turtle shook its body, and pieces of its shell rose into the air. It formed an extremely thick cube-shaped seal, trapping Qin Mu inside. The cube prevented him from escaping, and his only option was to be refined to death by the great five thunderclouds and the celestial river flying serpent!

"If Yun Chuxiu is indeed Celestial Empress or Mistress Yuanmu, she has indeed escaped the binding of the ancient gods!"

Qi Jiuyi's expression changed slightly as he turned towards Yun Jianli. "Sickly master, how did you get to know her and become sworn siblings?"

Yun Jianli's face was a little pale. He released a bitter laugh and said, "How would I know her abilities were so strong? Even battling her within the same realm, Celestial Venerable Mu is unable to defeat her…"

Right at this moment, the big disciple of Celestial Venerable Lang, Chang Xiting, flew through the air, pouncing towards Qin Mu and Yun Chuxiu from afar. He was seriously wounded by the core of the Primordial Tree, and the Lang Xuan Divine Palace had been shattered to pieces. His losses were so great that he couldn't help but fall into a violent rage. He had no other thoughts except to kill Celestial Venerable Mu!

Yan'er spread her wings and transformed into a dragon sparrow. Her primordial spirit flew out, forcefully blocking his attack head-on.

Chang Xiting's anger couldn't be satiated. He was about to fight to the death with Yan'er when Yun Jianli suddenly shouted, "Senior Brother Chang, calm down! It wasn't Celestial Venerable Mu who destroyed your Lang Xuan Divine Palace, it was Celestial Empress!"


As Chang Xiting was about to swear, it looked like he was suddenly splashed with a basin of cold water, drenched with penetrating coldness. His voice was trembling as he asked, "Sickly master, what did you say?"

Yun Jianli didn't seem to be bothered and said, "Celestial Empress made use of Qin Mu's divine weapon and destroyed your Lang Xuan Divine Palace."

Chang Xiting's expression changed rapidly. He looked towards the young lady and Qin Mu, who were fighting among the chaotic ruins, and murmured, "Celestial Empress?"

The dragon qilin glanced at him and said slowly, "I'm not sure if you'll make it even if you escape now. Your master won't forgive you for the destruction of the Lang Xuan Divine Palace, and now that you know it was Celestial Empress who was causing trouble in the dark, she won't spare you…"

Chang Xiting's limbs went cold, and he immediately flew off with a whoosh.

He knew he was in deep trouble. Although God Emperor Lang Xuan would spare him, he would still subject him to a living hell. Who knew how many years he would be suppressed before he was released. After all, the destruction of the Lang Xuan Divine Palace was a huge loss of face for this Celestial Venerable, so he would want to punish him.

However, when he learned the attack was by Celestial Empress, he understood the gravity of the situation.

Celestial Empress wouldn't give him a chance to inform God Emperor Lang Xuan of the truth.

That was why he made a decisive choice, fleeing the Lang Xuan Divine Palace to protect his life.

On the other side, the black tortoise seal suddenly exploded. Qin Mu held knives in each of his hands, forcefully hacking open Yun Chuxiu's great divine art. He then slashed towards her, his magic power surging wildly.

"The one with the surname Qin, don't you know when to back off!"

Yun Chuxiu's beautiful head was almost chopped off by the slash of his knives. She couldn't help but be furious, lowering her voice and saying, "I have already given in to you. How else do you think you can match up to my magic power? This pile of sh*t is my gift to you, just carry it with you!"

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