Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 929 - Final Card Revealed

"A gift from you?"

Qin Mu was furious. With a flash of his body, starlight filled up the sky as his corporeal body expanded steadily. His brows and eyes were white, giving off boundless starlight, like a smaller version of Heaven Duke. He raised his hand, shifting the stars in the sky as his voice boomed. "Every pile of sh*t that I've received is due to my own abilities. There's no need for you to give me any."

It looked as though the real Heaven Duke had arrived. He swung his fists and legs, and the starlight on the top of his head surged towards the sky, transforming into the seventh Heavenly Dao, Heaven Vault.

The Heaven Vault was vast and wide, covering a radius of a hundred miles with azure blue, showing people that the terrifying existence controlling the Heavenly Dao within this space was him!

In his palm was the fourth Heavenly Dao, Heaven Mudra.

Every attack of his seemed as though Heaven Duke was punishing evil and rewarding good. He struck Yun Chuxiu's Dao heart, wanting to purge the sins inside and her weakness and delicateness. He wanted to purge her god nature, making her a mortal again. Finally, he wanted to beat her until she wailed and whined!

Behind him, the Heavenly Law was like the big dipper, the Heavenly Knowledge was like an umbrella, the Heavenly Yang was like a giant sun, and the Heavenly Yin was like a bright moon.

Under his feet was the Heavenly Platform. The vital qi at the top of his head had transformed into a canopy, while both of his eyes were Heaven's eyes, giving off the burning rage of Heavenly Dao.

Qi Jiuyi looked at Yun Jianli in shock and whispered, "Cult Master Qin's divine arts are quite similar to the Yun family's. Both are ever-changing, with all sorts of divine arts at one's fingertips."

Yun Jianli also revealed a shocked expression. He said, "There are still some differences. Celestial Venerable Mu looks like he just figured out these types of techniques, so he isn't very skillful when executing them. These aren't the techniques of my family. Oh, I know!"

He lowered his voice and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu is skilled in the art of creation, and he is very familiar with Heavenly Dao. Hence, he can execute techniques similar to those of my family!"

Yun Chuxiu was pushed back at every step, and she couldn't help but be furious.

From her perspective, Qin Mu didn't know how to back off. He owed her his life. If she hadn't revealed herself at the Jade Pool to assist Celestial Venerable You and fight off those two Celestial Venerables, Qin Mu would be dead by now.

So what if she was giving him this pile of sh*t?

However, Qin Mu's attacks were getting more and more ferocious. With all sorts of Heavenly Dao divine arts at his fingertips, he was unleashing them freely. The power of each move was immensely strong, demonstrating the strength of his magic power and how he had far surpassed his peers.

Yun Chuxiu was incensed but was hesitant in displaying more power.

She could feel many pairs of eyes focusing on what was happening here. Qin Mu was a rash fellow who didn't understand the gravity of things. However, she knew that some of these eyes could be Celestial Venerables.

If she killed Qin Mu or displayed her true ultimate skill, she was afraid that other Celestial Venerables would have a handle on her.

Especially her true ultimate skill.

The current ten Celestial Venerables were trying to complete the Celestial Heavens Realm technique. However, the ten Celestial Venerables were unlike they were in the past. There were many rifts between them, and they didn't trust each other. Hence, they worked alone.

The ten Celestial Venerables had never been closer to reaching the Celestial Heavens Realm. Whoever could completely cultivate this realm would be the ruler of this world!

If she could get her hands on the completed techniques of other Celestial Venerables, it would be greatly beneficial to her. First, it would be helpful in creating the complete Celestial Heavens technique. Second, she could use it to discover the flaws in other Celestial Venerables' techniques!

There were a lot of plots between the Celestial Venerables, even going as far as sending people to infiltrate and learn from their opponents. This had resulted in Celestial Venerables not being willing to impart their actual techniques when accepting disciples.

'This little fellow is very persistent. It will be very difficult to defeat him if I don't execute my true divine art technique! However, this body isn't the corporeal body from the ghost ship, but a corporeal body that I created using the creation divine weapon. At the moment, it cannot withstand much magic power…'

There were several times where Yun Chuxiu was almost wounded, making her furious.

Her current body was only at the Divine Bridge Realm and hadn't risen to the Celestial Palace Realm. Earlier, the core of the Primordial Tree's explosion of power was driven by magic power channeled from her true body as she took the chance to strike at Celestial Venerable Lang.

However, by only relying on the abilities of this body, it would be very difficult to defend against Qin Mu if she didn't use her true ultimate skill.

Their speed became faster and faster. Qin Mu wanted to force out her true divine art, but Yun Chuxiu was too slippery. No matter how ferocious his attacks were, she was able to handle them.

At this instant, a giant hand suddenly reached over from the sky, shattering the countless flying palaces of the Lang Xuan Divine Palace into powder as it charged towards Qin Mu!

Qin Mu's body transformed, changing into Earth Count, who had the head of a cow, the body of a man, and the face of a tiger. The long horns on the top of his head stabbed right into the sky, turning into the falling lava of devil fire and looking like two streams of yellow springs. He raised his hand to make a stroke at the heart of his brows, opening up his vertical eye!


A ray of light sliced past, chopping that giant hand into two halves straight-on. A grunt could be heard as god blood gushed forth, the two pieces of severed arm falling from the sky.

That was a devil god, who was hiding far away, trying to secretly attack and kill Qin Mu while he was fighting with Yun Chuxiu. He didn't expect Qin Mu to transform into Earth Count and use the eye of Earth Count to cut off his arm!

It was exceptionally rare to see a power as strong as Qin Mu's vertical eye. That devil god was also remarkable. After his arm was severed by Qin Mu, he immediately retreated without leaving any trace.

Yun Chuxiu took the chance to attack. She appeared behind Qin Mu, striking the area behind his heart with her palm.


As her strike landed, her power exploded. The center of her palm seemingly turned into a great abyss of the Ruins of End, instantly contorting Qin Mu's corporeal body as it was drawn into the center of her palm!

Suddenly, the back of her hand cracked. A beam of sword light pierced through the back of her hand, stabbing into the heart of her brows!

Yun Chuxiu got a fright and swiftly retreated. However, Qin Mu felt like he was growing out of her hand. He only looked a foot tall, merged with her flesh. No matter how she retreated, she couldn't shake him or that sword!

Yun Chuxiu clenched her fist tightly and punched outwards, smashing a ruined throne hall into pieces. Suddenly, a knife light appeared within the throne hall and slashed towards Qin Mu. There was another god hiding in the throne hall, waiting for the opportunity to strike at Qin Mu.

Yun Chuxiu saw where he was hiding and forced him out with a punch, resolving her own perilous situation.

Qin Mu's figure suddenly disappeared from her hand. Now, the god's blow was slashing towards Yun Chuxiu.

Yun Chuxiu frowned slightly as she pointed out a finger. That god's eyes were full of fear as his corporeal body collapsed from the inside, instantly turning into a tiny lump of flesh that exploded with a bang!

At this moment, Qin Mu had already arrived behind Yun Chuxiu. She felt a chill down her spine as a humongous aura shot up from Qin Mu's body into the sky. That aura felt as though it was the ancestor of all Dao and techniques.

If one were to close their eyes and solely sense this aura, it would feel as though the vast and majestic celestial heavens had surged forth and that Qin Mu was its ruler!

"Celestial Emperor!"

Yun Chuxiu gritted her teeth. "You dare to use that despicable man's divine art against me?"

Her aura changed as her fine hair rose and her sleeves fluttered. A totally different aura exploded forth, suppressing Qin Mu's supreme aura of ten thousand Dao.

Yun Chuxiu was finally enraged and completely incensed. Had Qin Mu not executed the ancient Celestial Emperor's divine art, she would still have been able to restrain herself.

However, Qin Mu insisted on using the ancient Celestial Emperor's Great Dao divine art, and this had caused her to lose control.

She hated that man to the core. The moment she viewed Qin Mu as that heartless man, all of her techniques completely surged forth, counterattacking.

The Great Dao roared as though a billion gods were chanting the Dao language at the same time. The sound was deafening.

Qin Mu actually felt that there were over 20 different auras in her body that exploded simultaneously. These auras looked like they came from over 20 great emperors who had cultivated different techniques.

It was a strange feeling. Yun Chuxiu was obviously one person, but she had over 20 different auras as though she was the amalgamation of over 20 great emperors.

This meant that she had cultivated over 20 different Emperor's Throne techniques and blended them together.

This was almost an impossible feat. Qin Mu blended Emperor's Throne techniques to create his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and this was an extremely difficult and prized achievement.

But to blend over 20 Emperor's Throne techniques, even if Qin Mu was able to find so many techniques, it would be immensely difficult to blend them together.

However, Yun Chuxiu was able to achieve this. Or should he say Celestial Empress was able to achieve this.

Two types of terrifying divine arts surged forth, and Qin Mu felt his Celestial Emperor divine art crushed by an overwhelming force. It seemed that the so-called supreme power of ten thousand Dao couldn't even withstand one blow!


The area was instantly wiped clean of the chaotic Lang Xuan Divine Palace as countless palaces were swept away!

Qin Mu was also knocked away, and those palaces collapsed onto him one after another, crushing him. The frightening power of Yun Chuxiu was beyond imagination!

In the past, Qin Mu was severely wounded by Yan Qiling's Celestial Emperor divine art—Dao One. Now that he had gotten the runes of the ancient Celestial Emperor's Great Dao and comprehended Celestial Emperor's divine arts, he didn't expect it to be incapable of withstanding just one attack from a Celestial Heavens Realm technique.

Yun Chuxiu bellowed in rage as another divine art surged forth, following closely behind the first. It was more terrifying than before. She shouted, "All despicable men must die!"


The palaces and rock fragments that were pressing upon Qin Mu were pulverized, and the great halls exploded one after another, forming balls of smoke!

This woman had lost control, it was truly frightening.

At this moment, a ray of sword light flew from the dust clouds, stabbing into her divine art. It then penetrated her palm as Yun Chuxiu forcefully struck him with it.

Thud thud.

Two loud noises were heard. The first was from Qin Mu, whose corporeal body exploded, turning into a lump of blood fog. The second was from Yun Chuxiu as the sword light pierced the heart of her brows and caused the head of this beautiful lady to explode, releasing fresh romantic flowers!

The dragon qilin, Qi Jiuyi, and the rest hurriedly rushed over. Before they arrived, they saw the blood fog coagulating, reorganizing into Qin Mu's body!

The head of Yun Chuxiu, which had been blasted into pieces, was also closing up, forming a breathtaking face with no traces of her wounds.

The dragon qilin, Qi Jiuyi, and the rest quickly stopped, feeling bewildered.

Qin Mu retracted his sword and laughed heartily, feeling a little satisfied. "Celestial Empress, you have exposed your techniques and revealed two of your divine arts. How does it feel to have this pile of sh*t of mine dumped on your head?"

Yun Chuxiu's face was black. Suddenly, she displayed a smile, looking very charming. "You have been forced to reveal that your soul has already recovered and that you aren't a man without a soul anymore. This is indeed not a small pile of sh*t, eh?"

They both stared at each other. Suddenly, Qin Mu laughed loudly and said, "We are done with Lang Xuan Divine Palace, where shall we go next?"

Yun Chuxiu cheered as she went forward to take his arm. She raised her head to look at his face and replied sweetly, "Let's go and find Ancestral God King, it's fun over there!"

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