Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 93 - Heaven Pilfering Sun Switching

"I've lost."

Old Ma spat out a murky breath and gave a gratified smile, "Brute force can overcome everything. Mu'er, the power in your strength could make up for the lack in your moves. You've passed. That's right, why did your cultivation raise so much in such a short time? Even I can't shake off your strength."

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and smiled, "On the way back after going out with Village Chief, my spirit embryo…"

Village Chief immediately gave a few coughs and Qin Mu was bewildered, "Village Chief, what's wrong?"

"I was startled by your move just now."

Village Chief gave another two coughs and ask, "You've passed the first test so what about the second?"

Cripple pulled out the pig trotter in his mouth and hobbled over while chuckling, "Mu'er, let's not compete fist skills and compete leg skills instead. Raise your head and look, do you see that cloud there?"

Qin Mu raised his head and only saw a white cloud slowly drifting across. Cripple smiled, "Let us contest our leg strength and see who can reach that cloud first."

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and nodded his head. Cripple smiled warmly, "You're still young. I'm fond of children so I shall let you have a head start."

Qin Mu also smiled warmly, "I respect the elderly so you can go first."

"You're still young. You go first."

"Your old body isn't that good anymore. You should still go first."

Both of them wore the fake smiles on their faces and politely pushed each other to move first. Butcher raised both his knives and shouted, "Stop being so long winded! That cloud has almost floated away! If you still don't run, old man I will mince both of you!"

Qin Mu and Cripple literally burst forth like a hurricane at the same time. Qin Mu stepped repeatedly as wind gathered under his feet. Suddenly he rose into the sky as his feet stepped onto a gale. However, Cripple was already one step faster than him. Qin Mu pressed his palms down, and the wind beneath Cripple's feet instantly blew towards the ground, making Cripple flailed his limbs as he fell from the sky.

Qin Mu immediately rushed forth and passed Cripple. Just as he was about to travel on the wind, he suddenly felt both of his legs tightened as they got tied up together, causing him to instantly crash head first to the ground.

Cripple laughed as a vital qi whip appeared on his hand and locked Qin Mu's legs.

Qin Mu fell from the sky and this elder who had lost a leg stepped on his body to rise into the sky.

However, at this moment, Qin Mu's vital qi burst forth and snapped his whip. Hugging Cripple's leg, he kicked his feet towards Cripple's face. With a bang, both of them crashed into the ground, raising up all the dust and smoke.

Cripple's crutch touched the ground and executed perfect Heaven Pilfering Leg Skills to attack Qin Mu. Lying on the ground, Qin Mu only attacked his crutch and gave countless kicks to it. Being kicked a dozen times by Cripple, Qin Mu finally kicked Cripple's crutch into pieces.

Standing on one leg, Cripple scolded angrily, "Rascal, who taught you to be so mean?"

Pushing both his hands on the ground heavily, Qin Mu spun upside down into the sky. Cripple sneered. Bending his only leg, he jumped into the sky with a leap.

Just as he jumped up, Qin Mu who was on top of him immediately gave him a smack. His vital qi changed into Black Tortoise Vital Qi and water markings immediately appeared in the air, which turned into a water dragon that rushed towards Cripple.

"Little tricks!"

Cripple sniggered and wind came out from his hands to strike the water dragon, deviating the water dragon. His vital qi then transformed into a leg which was translucent. With both of his legs sprinting, he looked like he was going to overtake Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's leg split open and did a horse stance in the air. Pushing the air with his palms, his head flipped back up and the legs went back down. With his legs back together, he sprinted after Cripple and mercilessly struck towards Cripple's back.

As the two of them sprinted in the air, they executed their leg skills and they were all despicable moves. Their figures shifted around indefinitely, dazzling the eyes of people below who were looking at them.

Suddenly Cripple's arms moved like shadows that even ghosts couldn't notice as he executed Heaven Pilfering Hand Skill. Before Qin Mu could detect his attack, he immediately felt his pants loosening and the pants got pulled down to his ankles.

He was immediately tripped by himself and he suddenly felt a chill on his back as his shirt was also taken off by Cripple to tie his hands. As Qin Mu fell from the sky, he urgently ripped his shirt and pulled up his pants. As he sprinted frantically and tied his pants, he shouted angrily, "Grandpa Cripple, you didn't teach me this move!"

Cripple laughed out loudly, "If you can catch up to me, I'll teach you!"

Qin Mu snickered and with a punch, the dragon-shaped fist force instantly rushed forth at Cripple. With an astonished cry, Cripple hurriedly changed his footsteps and dodged to one side.

Qin Mu molded his qi into thread and the vital qi thread which was as thick as an arm swept towards Cripple like a huge snake. If he was to be tangled up with the vital qi thread, it would be hard for him to break free therefore when Cripple dodged again, Qin Mu had already caught up to him. He then said grudgingly, "Alright, I'll teach you."

The two of them was full of smiles as they got closer to each other in the air. Cripple was about to attack him when Qin Mu suddenly sealed his three souls and seven spirits before kicking this old geezer down from the sky.


Cripple crashed into the ground and created a human-shaped pit. He then slowly crawled out from the pit, crying tears of joy, "As expected of the one I taught, he did not easily believe others."

Qin Mu quickly caught up to the cloud in the sky before running diagonally down again. Running a few steps forward as he landed on the ground, he finally stopped.

Cripple smiled, "I promised you just now and I'll not go back on my word. When you pass the ninth test, I'll teach you Heaven Pilfering Sun Switching Hand."

Qin Mu was overjoyed.

Butcher waved his knife around and smiled, "Mu'er, do you need to rest?"

Qin Mu immediately nodded and sat down to rest. He drank some tea to rehydrate himself and after resting for quite some time, he ran back in to change a set of clothes. Butcher's face immediately turned black as he muttered, "Rascal, you have such a dense cultivation so why do you still need to rest? Why can't you just fight? If you just fight I might still have a chance of winning…"

Some more time later, Qin Mu went to the collapsed smithy and picked up another Pig Slaughtering Knife. With his two Pig Slaughter crossing each other, he shouted, "Grandpa Butcher, I'm done resting!"

Butcher sneered, "Originally you only use one knife, why are you using two now?"

Qin Mu gripped a knife normally and helped the other in a reverse grip. Butcher's expression turned solemn and also reversely gripped his knife on the left hand. Butcher then smiled coldly, "Rascal, you want to fight close combat with me? You are still too inexperienced…"

Apothecary coughed and reminded, "Butcher, without the lower half of your body, if he gets close to you, you're at a very big disadvantage. You don't have as much muscles as him."

Butcher's face turned black again and said resentfully, "He won't be able to close in on me He will be blocked outside by my knife skills…"

Old Ma reminded, "His vital qi is abnormally dense and is two to three times more than yours. If your knife touched his knife, your knife would fly away from the impact. You will also be blown away by him. You can only win him in technique."

"Then what's the point of fighting?"

Butcher flew into a rage and stabbed both his knives into the ground. Rolling his eyeballs, he smiled, "Sit down, Mu'er. We shan't use knives and only listen to each other power, put our hands together."

Qin Mu stuck the Pig Slaughtering Knives into the ground and sat down in front of him. Using their hands as knives, they two pressed their palms against each other and closed their eyes. They deduced the movement of the opponent's muscle and vital qi circulation through sensing the change in strength in the opponent's palm. Once one of them grasped the distribution of the opponent's strength, one would aim for the weakness and finish his adversary off with a single knife.

This was the key to Raising The Knife From Forbidden.

Raising the knife from forbidden, the vehicles and horses like thunder. Entering the palace alone, out with the emperor's head in his hand!

The meaning of this poem was as I raised the knife and walked out from the emperor's forbidden palace, the horses and vehicles sounded like the rumbles of thunder outside as numerous men and horses blocked my way. It was because I had slaughtered my way into the palace alone and carried the head of the emperor in my hands.

The loftiness in this move was something other moves could never attain. The wildness, the disdain, and disregard for everything.

However, this move was the move which was most particular on its technique among Butcher's knife skills. It required extreme control of one's own strength and extreme grasp of the opponent's strength as well. This was the pinnacle creation among the battle technique divine arts!

As the two palms touched, Qin Mu could instantly sense the muscle movement, vital qi circulation and power distribution of his and the opponent's. He instantly perceived that Butcher's vital qi was inferior to his and in that split second when he used his hand as knives to attack, Butcher had already sensed the change in his strength and had blocked in advance while using his other hand to cleave towards Qin Mu's weakness.

Butcher still had a better technique after all. No matter if it was reaction or experience, he far surpassed Qin Mu. However, as Butcher blocked Qin Mu's knife, he then noticed something wrong and flew backward. He was blown out from the village and crashed into the forest by the strength of Qin Mu's hand knife.

Looking down, Qin Mu saw that the shirt that he had just changed into was split open by Butcher's knife. He thought what a close call it was.

His cultivation was too strong therefore despite his knife skill was not as good as Butcher's, he could overwhelm him with his cultivation.

"I've lost!"

Butcher leaped from the forest and landed in the village. With both his hands propping on the ground, he fired off without hesitation, "I've lost. Apothecary and Deaf, there's no need for you two to compete. Your cultivation is definitely inferior to his!"

Deaf sneered, "Who says I'm going to compete with our magic power and cultivation to see who is better at fighting? Mu'er, I've drawn two dragons."


With a shake of his hands, he unrolled the paintings and hanged them on the poles. Two vivid and lifelike ink dragons stood out on the paper and seemed like they were ready to soar off into the sky anytime. However what's weird was that both dragons had no eyes.

"I've taught you the path of painting and calligraphy over these years and the path of painting and calligraphy isn't like those stupid methods of brawling. It's the thing for the intelligent people and requires comprehension."

Deaf placed the brush and said solemnly, "I've drawn these two dragons using divine art and as long as their eyes are painted, they would be able to transform into dragons and fly away. However, with the cultivation of Spirit Embryo Realm, it's impossible to dot the eyes and bring the dragon to life. However, if the cultivation isn't enough, it will have to depend on your painting technique. I have taught you how to bestow divine soul with a dot by using mutual sensitivity. Today I'll be competing your mutual sensitivity with mine and see which one of us could dot these two dragons to life and let the dragon soar into the sky!"

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