Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 937 - Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge

After Shu Jun imparted the Heavenly Market Enclosure Higher Knowledge to him, he immediately used the qi, blood, and consciousness from Qin Mu to restore his corporeal body. As for Qin Mu, he tried out the technique. When circulating the Supreme Palace Enclosure Higher Knowledge and Heavenly Market Enclosure Higher Knowledge, they felt like two different types of consciousness techniques. Hence, he had to divide up his energy to simultaneously control two different circulation paths.

He couldn't help but ask suspiciously, "Even with the Heavenly Market Enclosure Higher Knowledge and Supreme Palace Enclosure Higher Knowledge, I am unable to fill up the Grand Primordium Origin Stone. This technique is still one-third short. Also, these two techniques are separated and not one body. Are you imparting other techniques to fool me?"

"Little brat, what was my existence when I was alive? Would I lie to a lowly figure like you? You will first have to restore half of my head before I impart the Purple Forbidden Enclosure Higher Knowledge to you."

Shu Jun laughed coldly. "The Purple Forbidden Enclosure Higher Knowledge is the framework for the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge. Only with this can you finally command the three knowledge, combining them into one body. From your character and conduct, I realize you are sinister and cunning, and I am unable to trust you. You have to first let me recover half of my head before I impart the Purple Forbidden Enclosure Higher Knowledge to you!"

Qin Mu was furious. "You haven't known me for long and have already seen through me?"

"A person's character is determined since childhood. Even though I haven't known you for long, I have seen very clearly what your moral character will be like for the rest of your life. Let's stop the idle talk. Quick, supply me the qi, blood, and consciousness!"

Qin Mu gritted his teeth as he circulated his qi and blood, mobilizing his consciousness towards the sacrificial altar in the Grand Primordium Origin Stone. Immediately, the big ball of flesh on the sacrificial altar greedily absorbed his qi, blood, and consciousness, using the power of the sacrificial altar and Grand Primordium Origin Stone to regrow its flesh.

Soon, there was another big ball of flesh beside the existing ball of flesh. The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. 'This fellow used my qi, blood, and consciousness to restore his other eye. If this fellow manages to recover his brain before his skull, wouldn't I be on the losing end?'

Shu Jun was swallowing the qi, blood, and consciousness at an extraordinary speed. Within a short span of time, Qin Mu was as thin as a stick, trembling as he refined some spirit pills to nourish his qi and blood.

Shu Jun's second eye had been restored. There were two balls of flesh on the sacrificial altar, each opening with a pop, revealing two large eyeballs. He hurried Qin Mu. "Quick! Faster! You are such a weak lifeform, too delicate. You are slow, even in recovering qi and blood."

Qin Mu snorted and was quite unhappy. "You fools of prehistory. If your qi, blood, and consciousness were so strong, why were you wiped out by the ancient gods?"

Shu Jun was furious. The two big eyeballs bounced around on the sacrificial altar. "What do you know? It was because we weren't united. Grand Emperor Ju Yushi had his own thinking and didn't put up much of a fight. Perhaps he has already joined the enemy! Some surrendered, and a great number ran off to create another world. If none of this happened, would we be so miserable?"

Qin Mu was focused on recovering his qi and blood. When they had been restored to their peak, Shu Jun emptied them again.

'If he starts to construct his brain, I will put him to death!' Qin Mu thought to himself ruthlessly.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Shu Jun constructing his skull. If Shu Jun had indeed restored his brain, Qin Mu was worried he wouldn't be his match anymore.

At that point, Shu Jun's consciousness would greatly surpass his, and killing and replacing him wouldn't be a difficult task.

Now, Shu Jun still had a use for him. He was alive, and Shu Jun was dead, meaning Shu Jun had to rely on him. If this master of creation was brought back to life, the situation would reverse.

Once Shu Jun had completed his skull, Qin Mu immediately stopped providing him with consciousness, qi, and blood.

Shu Jun held himself back as his two eyeballs moved into his eye sockets. He then imparted the full details of Purple Forbidden Enclosure Higher Knowledge to Qin Mu, waiting for him to master it so that he could supply him with qi, blood, and consciousness.

Qin Mu's heart was bursting with joy. He immediately tried to combine the Purple Forbidden Enclosure Higher Knowledge, Supreme Palace Enclosure Higher Knowledge, and Heavenly Market Enclosure Higher Knowledge.

This time around, he executed the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge. He saw the Purple Forbidden Enclosure Higher Knowledge forming 39 constellations and 163 star gods. The Supreme Palace Enclosure Higher Knowledge had formed 20 constellations and 78 star gods, while the Heavenly Market Enclosure Higher Knowledge formed 19 constellations and 87 star gods.

When the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge was fully executed, it formed a Great Overarching Heavenly Cycle that filled up the inside of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone.

Qin Mu instantly felt his own consciousness increasing rapidly.

'There are 78 constellations and 328 star gods. Compared to the star gods of the Great Heavenly Cycle, the numbers don't seem right. There should be 360 constellations in the stars of the Great Heavenly Cycle.'

Qin Mu thought quietly to himself, 'In that case, the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge isn't the master of creation's best technique. There should be other techniques that are above the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge!'

On the sacrificial altar, the skeletal head opened its eyes to examine the starry sky that was inside the Grand Primordium Origin Stone. He saw many images of ancient gods appearing in the sky of this red-colored world, looking remarkably life-like. He thought to himself, 'This junior of the later generations seems to know a lot of things. If this little fellow took his reformed techniques to our era, his techniques would be considered top tier ultimate skills not inferior to Grand Emperor Ju Yushi's ultimate skill!'

Qin Mu's improved version of the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge had blended in Crimson Emperor's Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness and the runes of Great Dao that were produced from the celestial heavens' million years of research on the ancient gods. That was why he was able to raise the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge to a level where Shu Jun found it astonishing.

Qin Mu cultivated for a while, his depleted consciousness soon recovering back to its peak level. His consciousness was also strengthening, becoming stronger.

Not just that, he realized that when he visualized the 78 constellations and 328 star gods, the star gods formed by his consciousness would then imprint on his corporeal body non-stop, augmenting it continuously!

Qin Mu clicked his tongue in wonder. This type of visualization had resulted in great augmentation for his corporeal body, and it wasn't inferior to top tier Emperor's Throne ultimate skills!

'The masters of creation had an innate advantage. They were born with very strong consciousnesses and corporeal bodies. If this little fellow continues to cultivate, he'll be able to match up to the masters of creation in a few years' time.'

Shu Jun couldn't help but say, "Little brat, can we continue now?"

Qin Mu supplied him with qi, blood, and consciousness while mobilizing the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge at the same time.

Shu Jun was jubilant as he feasted on the qi, blood, and consciousness. He thought, 'When my head is restored, I can take back the Grand Primordium Origin Stone, forcing out his consciousness like a guest supplanting his host and then killing it off! Oh, I can't kill him before I am fully recovered. I still need him to help me navigate this era, discovering its many secrets. However, I must subdue this little fellow, making him work for me as my slave!'

After some time, the surface of Shu Jun's head was fully covered with skin. He then planned to reconstruct his brain. At this moment, the supply of qi, blood, and consciousness was suddenly cut off.

Shu Jun continued to suck, but he received nothing. He was furious. "Little brat, my head isn't yet complete. Continue to supply me with qi, blood, and consciousness!"

Qin Mu said in a puzzled tone, "Senior, your head has already been restored. Hence, our agreement is fulfilled, and I don't owe you anything else. Why do I need to continue supplying you with qi, blood, and consciousness? I'm not the celestial river, my qi, blood, and consciousness are cultivated through painstaking efforts."

Shu Jun was enraged. "I still haven't recovered my brain. There are also my ears, teeth, tongue, and nose! My scalp doesn't even have hair!"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "Earlier, we agreed on restoring your head, we didn't mention anything about restoring your brain. Senior, calm down. What other treasures do you still have? For example, how to utilize the power of the Grand Emperor's seal? If you impart that to me, I'll help you restore your brain…"

Shu Jun's anger couldn't be satiated. He was cursing and swearing ceaselessly.

Qin Mu revealed a pained expression. "Senior, don't be like this. I'll give in to you a little, providing you with some more qi, blood, and consciousness so that you can grow some hair."

"I'm going to kill you!"

The eyes of that head on the sacrificial altar were filled with rage. It flew up with a whoosh, angrily charging towards the outside of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone. At that moment, the images of the 328 star gods up in the air attacked at the same time, suppressing downwards!

Shu Jun got a shock. He was immediately suppressed by these star gods and was pushed back to the sacrificial altar.

"You little scoundrel!"

That head's eyes were staring out of its sockets as its consciousness burst forth to resist the star gods who were attacking him from all directions. He shouted, "You think you can kill me? Fat chance! I have experienced and survived the great battle of the Blood Rust…"

His consciousness was remarkable. He could create whatever he thought of. His consciousness created all sorts of weapons, beasts, gods, devils, and even formations and divine arts to ward off Qin Mu's attacks.

As he didn't have a brain, his consciousness was far weaker than Qin Mu's. Soon, the star gods were invading the sacrificial altar, one after another.

Shu Jun got a fright. "I really taught my student well, he's now killing his teacher, indeed a fast learner!"

He was in a precarious situation. His consciousness hurriedly rippled, shouting loudly, "Stop it! I'm the last of the masters of creation. If you kill me, my race will be extinct, and you will be cursed by our undying god consciousness that has remained in the voids of the universe since the beginning of time. The curse will follow you closely, and your children and grandchildren as well!"

Qin Mu got a fright and stopped attacking. He asked, "Isn't there another master of creation in the celestial heavens?"

Shu Jun managed to catch his breath and laughed coldly. "That's only my deduction, it might not be true."

Qin Mu smiled coldly. "Your people created another world, they are still alive there!"

Shu Jun retracted his stare and coldly said, "They aren't in this world. I'm the only one left here. If I die, you'll be cursed by a billion deceased people of my race!"

Qin Mu's expression wavered. He doubted Shu Jun's words and didn't know if they were true.

Was it possible that the masters of creation from prehistory could preserve their consciousnesses even after their deaths, cursing whoever exterminated their race?

Wasn't this too far-fetched?

However, from Crimson Emperor's experience, it may indeed be possible.

Crimson Emperor was exploring a tiny incomplete universe when he died. His body turned into the floating world, but his consciousness wasn't extinguished. It survived until it was awakened by Light Emperor's grand offering, revealing to his people the path to the floating world, hence giving the Crimson Light Era a lifeline.

If Crimson Emperor could do this, so could the masters of creation who had unparalleled consciousnesses!

'Shu Jun is the last master of creation. Does this mean that no one can easily touch him? This fellow is like a huge porcupine. Whoever touches him will be pierced!'

As he retracted those images of star gods, Shu Jun heaved a sigh of relief and laughed coldly. "Do you understand the gravity of the situation now? If you kill me, not only will you and your future generations be cursed, but you will also never be able to utilize the Grand Emperor's seal!"

Qin Mu laughed. "It's likely that I need the sacrificial altar within the case to use the Grand Emperor's seal. I'll soon figure out how to use the seal. Senior, you don't have to worry."

Shu Jun's eyeballs jumped in their sockets, and he snorted angrily.

Qin Mu observed his reaction and felt a sense of relief in his heart. 'The Great Emperor's seal is indeed connected to the sacrificial altar within the case.'

Right at this moment, the celestial heavens suddenly trembled. Qin Mu was startled and immediately walked out of the Slow Winding Pavilion. He raised his head and saw a magnificent light ray shining over, piercing through the void and disappearing in the skies beyond.

That was a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge! Its light was forming the shape of a hole.

However, the scale of this Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was too big, exceeding Qin Mu's expectations!

'Celestial Empress likes to show off. Building such a large Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge that even an entire fleet will be able to traverse easily.' Qin Mu's heart was filled with astonishment.

At this very moment, the giant sacrificial altar outside of the capital city of the Primordial Realm's Eternal Peace suddenly gave off a bright radiance, blasting it into the sky. It connected with the radiance that was shining over from the other world, linking the two great worlds—the celestial heavens and the Primordial Realm.

Within the capital city, a monk and a Daoist swiftly flew to the side of the sacrificial altar, raising their heads to witness this magnificent scene. The Daoist laughed. "Grand High Emperor, the celestial heavens is now connected to the lower bound. Maybe we should embark on our journey and make a trip to the celestial heavens."

"Grand Supreme Imperial Preceptor, please calm down."

That bald-headed monk laughed. "Let's wait for someone from the celestial heavens to arrive first."

As they were speaking, a beautiful young lady popped her head out from the brilliance on the sacrificial altar. She looked around curiously and spotted the two men. She then laughed. "Monk, Daoist, what is this place?"

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