Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 938 - The Fatal Weakness of Celestial Venerable Mu

The monk and the Daoist were shocked at the beauty of the lady, and it took some time for them to recover. The Daoist hastily asked, "Little maiden, this is Eternal Peace. Where are you from?"

"Eternal Peace?"

That lady was Yun Chuxiu, who was rumored to be full of smiles. She said, "So this is the Primordial Realm. Eternal Peace is the place of that little fellow Celestial Venerable Mu. I have even heard that he is the Overlord Body of Eternal Peace, one of the so-called three heroes of Eternal Peace's reform. This Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge connects two sacrificial altars. I built one in the celestial heavens, and he left one behind in Eternal Peace, so the two bridges connected together…"

At this point, she said, "Monk, Daoist, can you call your emperor here?"

The monk and the Daoist hurriedly returned back to Eternal Peace's capital city, and not long after, Ling Yuxiu led hundreds of civil and military officers there with her. An idea appeared in Yun Chuxiu's mind, and she commented, "Eternal Peace's emperor is, shockingly, a lady. I kept saying that nothing is wrong about a lady being emperor, yet those stubborn old people in the celestial heavens kept finding all sorts of reasons to prevent it."

Ling Yuxiu led everyone to pay their respects. "The emperor of a small country in the lower bound hereby pays respect to the high god of the celestial heavens."

Yun Chuxiu smiled and said, "No need for such ceremony. It's fine for a lady to be emperor, it's nothing shocking. I admire you. Since the celestial heavens and the Primordial Realm are connected, you should frequent the celestial heavens and cure my boredom. You don't have to stay in the lower bound."

She gave her a token and said, "If you carry my token, you will find it easy to travel to and from the celestial heavens."

Ling Yuxiu nodded and accepted the token before saying, "Eternal Peace is barren, and our people don't have ways to maintain their livelihoods. However, we do have a lot of manufacturing factories here, so can we purchase goods from the celestial heavens?"

Yun Chuxiu thought for a bit before inquiring, "What can your factories manufacture?"

Ling Yuxiu replied, "We can create everything from daily necessities to divine weapons and fleets."

Yun Chuxiu's eyeballs rotated as she asked, "Can you all manufacture a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge?"

Ling Yuxiu nodded and said, "Yes, our workmen have created one before."

"What's the price?"

Ling Yuxiu called upon the Ministry of Works' minister, and he reported a number in the celestial heavens' currency—coins of the celestial heavens, also known as celestial currency. However, the currency in circulation in Eternal Peace was the great abundance coin, which made conversion necessary.

Yun Chuxiu was furious, and she coldly laughed. "How dare the old dog at the Patriarch Creation Palace covet so much of my money! The amount of money needed for Eternal Peace to build a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge is less than one percent of the Patriarch Creation Palace's fee!"

Ling Yuxiu didn't dare to speak.

Yun Chuxiu continued, "Emperor of Eternal Peace, follow me to the Patriarch Creation Palace. Eternal Peace shall be in charge of building the components of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, while the Patriarch Creation Palace will assemble them. The price won't be low."

Ling Yuxiu was happy and brought the Ministry of Works' minister and a couple of other important ministers who were well-versed in algebra into the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge with her.

Yun Chuxiu looked at them and saw that there were two ladies amongst the group of important ministers! One of the ladies was a fox demon who didn't hide the tail behind her body.

"Eternal Peace has a female emperor and a lot of female officers. In the celestial heavens, there aren't as many of them," Yun Chuxiu remarked.

She didn't know that the female officers that followed Ling Yuxiu were Hu Ling'er and Si Yunxiang. This negotiation they had with the Patriarch Creation Palace concerned the future of Eternal Peace's development, which necessitated them going along with it.

Standing beside the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, the monk that sent them in was obviously worried, and he said, "Baigui, can the method of hiding one's talents to construct a prosperous nation set by Cult Master Qin really work?"

That sage-like Daoist solemnly replied, "We can't beat the celestial heavens and can only integrate ourselves into its systems so that we don't become enemies. Our Eternal Peace can use this opportunity to develop and grow stronger. However, if there are no internal concerns in the celestial heavens' systems or no external threats, Cult Master Qin's plan will only make the celestial heavens more stable. However, once there are those things, Eternal Peace will rise and achieve meteoric success!"

That monk had a deep gaze, and he sighed. "Will something as big as the celestial heavens really have internal concerns or external threats?"

"Grand High Emperor shouldn't think about this any further."

The Daoist laughed. "Even if the celestial heavens have no internal concerns now, Cult Master Qin will create one. The same goes for external threats. These are his capabilities."

The monk recalled Qin Mu's actions in Eternal Peace and laughed as he said, "Yes, he does have such capabilities."

The Daoist continued, "All our Eternal Peace needs to do during this period is painstakingly strengthen itself. To get rid of the celestial heavens, it's not enough for one to create a prosperous nation, Eternal Peace must also be strong. If Eternal Peace has a lot of strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne or even strong practitioners in the Celestial Heavens Realm, then success is just around the corner."

Ling Yuxiu arrived at the celestial heavens. Looking around, she was stunned by its luxurious nature. It took a long time for her to recover, and she probed, "High goddess, is Celestial Venerable Mu in the celestial heavens?"

Yun Chuxiu glanced at her and vaguely asked, "Are you his little lover?"

Ling Yuxiu blushed slightly as she shook her head.

"He currently resides at the Jade Pool and is being surveyed heavily. Nevertheless, he still can't resist turning things upside down."

Yun Chuxiu shook her head and laughed. "There are many people who wish to deal with him here, but they are all out of sorts because of his antics."

Ling Yuxiu was secretly relieved as Yun Chuxiu examined her, which left her looking at her breasts. Yun Chuxiu realized something. 'I see now. I thought Celestial Venerable Mu was an elegant person who cared as much about a lady's internal beauty as her appearance. I never thought that he would be so cheap as to only care about breasts. I see, this is where I lost…'

Ling Yuxiu blinked and realized that Yun Chuxiu's breasts grew in size. She was confused.

The Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge's connection to the Primordial Realm caused a great deal of vibrations. Its uses were great, and it allowed the celestial heavens' army to quickly arrive at various worlds in the universe. Anyone with a keen eye would immediately realize that it was greatly beneficial to the celestial heavens' rule of the various worlds!

If one could use such Mutual Shift Bridges to connect the thousands of worlds, the celestial heavens' rule would reach an unprecedented height, and it would also lessen the size of the army required by the celestial heavens!

As long as the thousands of worlds were connected to the celestial heavens, one could cut some unnecessary armies. After all, the celestial heavens would no longer need to station so many armies of gods at the various worlds to prevent rebellions!

An army of the celestial heavens could be sent to whichever world was suspected of rebelling and suppress the rebellion via the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge in no time!

By doing so, many rations, spirit pills, and miraculous medicines could be saved, and the expenditure of the celestial heavens could be greatly reduced while its rule grew to be more steady!

Add on to that the tributes from each world, the celestial heavens could save on consumption by the armies too! It would be easy for the celestial heavens' gods to go down and ride roughshod over the people there!

However, the idea of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was spread by Qin Mu, which made people shocked and wary of his intentions. Nevertheless, countless ambassadors came for the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, bringing with them various precious artifacts to be exchanged for the blueprint.

The dragon qilin accepted these gifts before saying, "Cult Master has already ordered people to send the blueprints to the celestial heavens' Dao Sect. Please head over there to ask for it."

Some ambassadors wanted their artifacts back, but they were chased out by Yan'er.

During these few days, Yan'er, Qi Jiuyi, Yun Jianli, and the others returned to the Slow Winding Pavilion to help Qin Mu handle various affairs.

Ten days later, one Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge after another was built. Beams of light soon rose into the sky, forming a magnificent sight.

"I'm heading down, Celestial Venerable."

Yun Jianli requested to take his leave from Qin Mu, saying, "The celestial heavens and the Primordial Realm are now connected, so it's easy to head down. I shall now head to Eternal Peace to understand the idea of reform."

Qin Mu nodded and wrote a couple of letters. He gave them to Yun Jianli and said, "Brother Yun, after you head down, you can go to the West Earth High Heavens Divine Sect to visit Xu Shenghua. Or, you can see Dao Master Lin Xuan at Eternal Peace's Dao Sect, Zhan Kong Rulai at Mount Meru, or Wang Muran at Little Jade Capital. They are the leaders of reforms in the lower bound."

Yun Jianli solemnly accepted the letters, rose, and left.

Qin Mu looked up at the funnel-shaped lights in the sky, sighed in relief, and had a flash in his eyes as he thought, 'Now, Eternal Peace is stable.'

At this moment, Yun Chuxiu's voice came from afar. It proclaimed, "You're going to die, Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Qin Mu looked in the direction of the voice and saw her on a small boat that was heading towards them on the surface of the sea. She was slightly different than before, and he impatiently proclaimed, "You're the one that's going to die, not me!"

His gaze uncontrollably fell onto her breast. Yun Chuxiu was feeling smug and unconsciously made her breast stick out.

The small boat approached the shore, and she jumped out of it. Qin Mu's gaze followed her jiggling breast uncontrollably. The dragon qilin noticed his gaze and suddenly realized what was going on. 'Oh no! Cult Master's weakness has been exploited by Celestial Empress!'

Yun Chuxiu approached them quickly and laughed. "You really are going to die now! Celestial Venerable Hao gathered the other giants of the celestial heavens for a meeting and mentioned how Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu sent back a message telling him about how the Great Void is experiencing abnormal changes. He also mentioned that they want the celestial heavens to send strong practitioners there to prevent it from affecting the celestial heavens. They discussed it and decided to send a Celestial Venerable there to meet with Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu as a frontline force. Guess who they decided upon."

Qin Mu grunted. "It can't be me, can it?"

Yun Chuxiu held his left arm and put it between her breasts as she cheered gleefully. "It's the famous Celestial Venerable Mu! Although some ancient gods objected to it, they were the minority. Besides, Celestial Emperor agreed to it and said that it was a necessity to send you there."

Qin Mu tried to get his arm out of her breasts, but Yun Chuxiu hugged it tightly. He couldn't get his arm out by force.

'Cult Master is doomed!'

The dragon qilin saw the situation, and his heart began to pound. 'Cult Master's fatal weakness has been exploited!'

Qin Mu's eyes flashed as he probed, "I haven't seen Celestial Emperor. Is this Celestial Emperor made out of creation divine weapons?"

Yun Chuxiu glanced at him and smiled. "Celestial Venerable Mu seems to not care about your own safety at all, instead, caring about those around you. Truth be told, those accompanying you to the Great Void are mostly people who wish to take your life. On top of the disciples of the Celestial Venerables, there's also a strong practitioner going who doesn't like you. Guess who."

Qin Mu shook his head as he unconsciously walked towards the Slow Winding Pavilion with her, his arm still being hugged by her. All he felt on his left arm was softness and warmth.

'Cult Master is doomed!'

The dragon qilin's face was like dirt as he proclaimed in his heart, 'That's the wife of Celestial Emperor!'

Yun Chuxiu smiled. "The leader of the Spirit Elite Guards, One-Armed Divine Knife Luo Wushuang! Once he heard that he too was going to the Great Void, two knife lights came out of his eyes, and he was extremely happy!"

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