Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 940 - The Devil in Luo Wushuang's Heart

Yun Chuxiu was extremely curious as she asked, "Divine Knife Luo, did you cultivate Neither Thought nor No Thought?"

Luo Wushuang shook his head and said, "As long as I'm loyal to my blade and Dao, I will have no fears, so why would I fear the Great Void?"

Yun Chuxiu praised him, "Divine Knife Luo, you certainly have a steady Dao heart, fitting of being called the number one divine knife of the celestial heavens!"

She turned around and told Qin Mu, "Divine Knife Luo is dead, like you."

Qin Mu smiled. "I've had great guts since I was small and have never felt afraid before."

Yun Chuxiu coldly laughed. "Both of you are youths that know no fear. You don't fully comprehend the terror of the Great Void!"

Luo Wushuang glanced into her eyes before looking down and taunting, "Little maiden doesn't know that my Dao heart is sincere to the point where I have no fears."

Yun Chuxiu was angry.

The extremely daring Qin Mu had called her "little maiden" before, but he was a Celestial Venerable and thus had the right to do so. This fellow Luo Wushuang also dared to look down on her and call her a little maiden!

However, she was a Celestial Empress and a Celestial Venerable, so she decided to be forgiving.

Qin Mu's eyes flashed, and his gaze landed on Luo Wushuang. Luo Wushuang sensed his gaze, snorted coldly, and plainly said, "I won't kill you now. Once we arrive at the Great Void, I'll kill you. If you're scared, beg the little maiden to teach you Neither Thought nor No Thought."

Qin Mu smiled and ignored him as he turned to size up the other youths on the boat.

These youths were of extraordinary origins, for they were disciples of Celestial Venerables and strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne of vigorous cultivation.

He sized them all up and was secretly alarmed. Although there were a lot of young talents after Eternal Peace's reform, there were countless more young talents in the celestial heavens. Each one of them was extraordinary in their own right and very capable.

The celestial heavens ruled over tens of thousands of worlds and heavens, so it wouldn't be difficult to pluck out outstanding disciples from these worlds.


Qin Mu's eyes lit up as he noticed a lady. That lady's appearance was extremely similar to the younger sister of Celestial Empress. He asked Yun Chuxiu naturally, "Do you have a younger sister?"

Yun Chuxiu was perplexed and looked in the direction he was gazing at. Her eyebrows rose, and she coldly laughed.

She saw the lady too, who bore some resemblance to Mistress Yuanmu. It was just that she seemed young and was a beautiful young lady like her.

Yun Chuxiu approached that lady, and the cold smile on her face was replaced with a pure one as she stood by her side.

That girl saw her and was uncontrollably shocked. Their conversation seemed to make them happy, both of them smiling throughout.

Qin Mu curiously observed them. The girl's relationship with Yun Chuxiu piqued his interest.

Mistress Yuanmu died at the hands of Celestial Empress. She got rid of her and used her body to continue being Empress before becoming Jue Wuchen to trick and bring about the demise of Celestial Emperor.

Later on, Celestial Venerable Ling assassinated her by stabbing a hairpin in the back of her head. However, her primordial spirit left her body and escaped, which gave her a new lease on life as she became one of the ten Celestial Venerables by sneakily joining the Heaven Alliance.

Mistress Yuanmu's body was locked in the crystal coffin, which was in the hands of Qin Mu. This body was seemingly not vanquished, as after Qin Mu received the coffin, Mistress Yuanmu became reanimated and tried to hurt him. Wei Suifeng was the one who suppressed her.

Could this girl whose looks were similar to Celestial Empress and Yuanmu be Yuanmu reincarnated?

'Mother Earth died but wasn't vanquished. The Heaven Alliance, the ancient Celestial Emperor, and Celestial Venerable Hao failed to kill her off entirely. The ancient Celestial Emperor was like Mother Earth in this regard. Thus, did Mistress Yuanmu really die?'

Qin Mu smiled as he saw Yun Chuxiu walking towards him with that girl. He thought, 'This lady could very well be Mistress Yuanmu, but Mistress Yuanmu died in a very early era, during the latter parts of the Dragon Han Era. Therefore, she can't still be a divine arts practitioner. Then…'

The smile on his face grew denser as he thought, 'Could Mistress Yuanmu be part of the Heaven Alliance? Could she be a Celestial Venerable? The ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens are becoming more and more interesting…'

Yun Chuxiu and that girl stopped in front of him, and Yun Chuxiu said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable, I'll introduce a good sister to you. This is Lian Huahun, a disciple of Celestial Venerable Hao. She's very capable!"

Lian Huahun paid her respects, and Qin Mu smiled. "Good sister, there's no need for such formalities, please rise. Every flower that blooms eventually withers, who will pity them when they do? Sister Huahun has a nice name and is beautiful too."

He sincerely praised her.

Yun Chuxiu gave a cold humph.

Although Lian Huahun was beautiful, she paled in comparison to ladies whose bodies were created to be perfect like Jue Wuchen.

Although Yun Chuxiu's body was created according to the mold of Jue Wuchen, unexpectedly, Qin Mu never praised her, instead, praising Lian Huahun. It was clear that Celestial Venerable Mu's taste in beauty was problematic!

Lian Huahun rose, blinked her beautiful eyes, and said, "Celestial Venerable, you are outstanding and multi-talented for your oratorical skills to be so good."

Yun Chuxiu coldly smiled. "My name has a famous origin too, does Celestial Venerable Mu know about it?"

Qin Mu probed her, "The water under the moon will always be clear, the clouds that emerge out of the mountains will always be light?"

Yun Chuxiu shook her head and replied, "No."

Lian Huahun gently bowed and said with a smile, "The clouds have no intention of coming out of the mountains. In the human world, one's reputation exposes everything about oneself. Sister Yun's name likely means this. This body has no heart and is thus unrestrained. In the human world, one's name creates one's world."

Yun Chuxiu clapped and laughed. "It seems like it's Sister Lian that understands me! One pities the weak stem of the flower, which doesn't change in cold seasons. That jealousy towards the snow has already been blown away by the cold wind. Lian Huahun isn't talking about people's pity but about how the flowers can't coexist peacefully. The cold wind causes the flowers to wither early. Sister Lian Huahun is smart, unlike those dumb guys who look smart but are dumb." As soon as she finished, she glanced at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu remained silent with bitterness.

These two girls were really close and hard to separate, calling each other sister in each sentence, how mushy.

Qin Mu looked forward to a situation where the two of them had a falling out and fought each other. It would certainly be fiery and explosive!

'These two ladies are smiling so happily, it seems like the sisterly bond between both of them is deep. It will be extremely interesting when they fall out!'

The boat grew ever closer to the halo radiated by the Great Void and finally reached its edge.

The god official driving the boat hollered, "Everyone, be careful. Please utilize Neither Thought nor No Thought at every moment. Never stop utilizing it!"

Everyone on the boat utilized the Buddhist technique to keep their thoughts in the state of Neither Thought nor No Thought.

Qin Mu never learned this technique, so he strengthened his heart to keep the thoughts in his mind pure and singular.

The boat flew into that halo, and gentle light shrouded the 300 people on the boat. Qin Mu immediately felt a faint wave of thoughts. These lights were thoughts that coalesced!

However, strangely, these thoughts had no ideas or beliefs, just a simple thought, like a pure and blank consciousness of a person!

'How does one do this?' He couldn't help but think.

He had some understanding of the cultivation techniques of the prehistoric masters of creation, more so than most Celestial Venerables and strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne in the celestial heavens. Of course, his understanding paled in comparison to masters of creation like Shu Jun.

However, he already understood the cultivation principles of the prehistoric masters of creation. The principle was visualization, where one used visualization to strengthen oneself.

However, to use visualization, one had to construct the things to be visualized in one's consciousness. For example, to visualize Heaven Duke, one's thoughts had to construct the form of Heaven Duke and use it to strengthen oneself.

Yet, the Great Void coalesced those pure thoughts that didn't contain any ideas or beliefs into light, which was strange, for it exceeded his understanding.

'Perhaps the prehistoric masters of creation have cultivation techniques that I still don't understand.'

As soon as he thought about that, a prehistoric giant appeared in front of the boat. Its palm reached for the boat, grabbed it, flipped it, and sent the boat towards its mouth!

Qin Mu was dumbfounded. The others on the boat saw this sight for the first time in their lives and panicked.

"Who is letting their imagination run wild?"

Luo Wushuang jumped into the air and pulled out the divine knife on his back. With that one knife, he sliced at the prehistoric master of creation!

The light from the blade was breathtaking and powerful, and the blade chopped off the master of creation's hands. Luo Wushuang raised his blade again, and the knife light cut through the neck of that master of creation!

Luo Wushuang put away his blade as his body landed on the front of the ship. He turned around and coldly said, "Continue utilizing Neither Thought nor No Thought, don't stop! Otherwise, there will be more peculiarities coming our way! Also, who was the one with impure thoughts?"

As soon as he finished, clattering sounds appeared behind him.

Luo Wushuang revealed his shock as he forced himself to turn around. All he saw within the light of the Great Void was a box growing legs and sprinting towards the boat.

On the box stood a youth carrying a long blade.

That was Qin Mu when he was young, with his eyes that blazed as bright as the stars.

Luo Wushuang's body and sole arm trembled. He forced himself to raise his arm and pull out the blade behind his back.

That was the devil in his heart, the most feared person in his Dao heart.

Luo Wushuang shouted, raised his blade, flew out of the boat, and moved to meet the youth on the box.

That youth pulled out his sword, and his sword light met the knife light of Luo Wushuang!

Luo Wushuang was undoubtedly the strongest divine knife of the celestial heavens. One knife had countless changes, truly marvelous!

His divine knife had already reached thirteen heavens of the path of the knife. Using the knife to enter the path and unleashing his knife technique, his knife path was already vast after showcasing it!

Yet, the youth on the box was incredibly strong too, and he blocked his ever-changing knife technique with one blade before striking at the weak point of it!

Very soon, Luo Wushuang was covered in dripping blood!

On the boat, Qin Mu was stunned as he thought, 'I'm that powerful in Luo Wushuang's heart?'

In front of the boat, two figures crisscrossed one another like electricity, creating light out of nothing at all. Their techniques clashed and gave off dazzling lights. Luo Wushuang's vast blade path grew stronger, and his divine knife stretched across the sky.

Yet, that youthful Qin Mu could always find the flaw in his knife technique. As soon as the sword lit up, Luo Wushuang's body received another injury!

Qin Mu was a being like this in Luo Wushuang's Dao heart.

During that night in the latter years of the High Emperor Era, within the darkness, Qin Mu stood on top of a box and cut off his arm with one swing of his sword!

Qin Mu's shadow was etched into his Dao heart as a result. He took the next forty thousand years to cultivate into a knife god not found elsewhere in the celestial heavens, one who could take on the God Execution Mysterious Knife on the God Execution Stage.

Nevertheless, he never escaped Qin Mu's shadow.

His knife path grew stronger with his power, but so did the Qin Mu in his heart!

Upon reaching the Great Void, the devil walked out of his Dao heart and became a reality!

Yun Chuxiu excitedly said, "Divine Knife Luo, you can only defeat the devil in your heart by killing the real Celestial Venerable Mu!"

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