Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 941 - Letting Loose the Devil in One's Heart

'The Great Void is very strange. What one imagines becomes reality. Could the whole world be made of consciousness? The prehistoric masters of creation used the Grand Primordium Divine Stone to visualize things. Perhaps, the entire world's form is a Grand Primordium Divine Stone? What are the principles that this world runs by?' Qin Mu was stuck in his thoughts.

The other people utilized Neither Thought nor No Thought to keep their thoughts in a near static state to prevent the devils in their hearts from becoming reality. However, by doing so, they lost the ability to think.

This was why he didn't learn Neither Thought nor No Thought. He had an incomparable curiosity, and he wanted to find out the truth of the Great Void.

Without the ability to think, it would be hard to find the truth in all of the chaos.

Luo Wushuang was still battling the devil in his heart, young Qin Mu, while the god official on the boat planned to drive the boat past them. Luo Wushuang was clearly not a worthy opponent to the devil in his heart, and thus, abandoning Luo Wushuang was the right decision.

Qin Mu was still stunned as he thought, 'The Great Void could be the Grand Primordium Divine Stone Universe that the prehistoric masters of creation created. These blank thoughts capture the fears in our hearts, turning them into reality.'

'The fear in one's heart is thus the devil in one's Dao heart. I thought about the prehistoric masters of creation because Shu Jun resides in the heart of my brows. Shu Jun was a great concern of mine, so the Great Void materialized a master of creation.'

'I am the devil in Luo Wushuang's heart because he lost to me in his early years. Thus, when he asked who was letting their imagination run wild, he unconsciously suspected me, so the devil in his heart materialized.'

When Qin Mu thought about this, he immediately purified his consciousness, cast away impure thoughts, and stopped thinking about the other Celestial Venerables.

Those Celestial Venerables were the devils in his heart, especially dangerous weapons like Celestial Venerable Yu, which were the biggest devils in his heart.

If one were to think about it, a Celestial Venerable Yu might appear and cause chaos.

'Then, why does the Great Void only pick up the devils in people's hearts? Why does it only materialize people's fears?'

Qin Mu fell into deep thought again. For others, the Great Void was an incomparably dangerous place. For him, however, it was also a place of incomparably large energy. If one could use it and materialize one's divine weapons for combat, or even materialize gods and devils, couldn't one use it to fight back against the celestial heavens?

At this moment, Luo Wushuang's growling came from behind, and Qin Mu rapidly went to the back of the boat. He saw that the knife light at the back had become several times stronger as Luo Wushuang's divine knife carved into the sky repeatedly. It cleaved straight towards the devil in his heart, Qin Mu!

"Luo Wushuang is a genius! In this battle, he broke through his original realm and allowed his blade technique to reach new heights!"

Yun Chuxiu and Lian Huahun came to accompany him, and Yun Chuxiu praised, "His technique of entering the knife path became more powerful than before. The devil in his heart was only stronger than him by a little bit. Now he can defeat him!"

The knife light was extremely dazzling, akin to a burning sun. After the light exploded, it faded away.

Luo Wushuang's imposing body came out of that dissipating light, carrying the head of the devil in his heart, Qin Mu. He caught up to the boat quickly, jumped, and landed on its back.

His entire body was covered with blood and injuries, but his aura was stronger than before.

Qin Mu slightly frowned, as he could tell that this one-armed man had suffered heavy injuries.

Luo Wushuang threw the head of the devil in his heart, Qin Mu, which rolled towards Qin Mu before coming to a stop beside his legs. Qin Mu looked up at Luo Wushuang and saw that he was walking towards him with murderous intent. Suddenly, with a thump, he fell to the ground and fainted.

The disciple that he brought with him hurriedly took out medicine to help Luo Wushuang.

Suddenly, Yun Chuxiu coldly said, "People who have fainted are the most dangerous. If we kill Luo Wushuang now, we might be safe!"

That disciple was shocked, and he immediately put down his case and stood up to guard Luo Wushuang, hollering, "Crazy lady, what are you talking about?"

The others were stunned as well, and they looked at Yun Chuxiu, failing to understand her.

Yun Chuxiu coldly said, "After a person faints, their consciousness becomes chaotic, and they lose control of their Dao heart, thus becoming the most dangerous person. In such a state, one lets their thoughts run wild and lets loose multiple devils, which creates highly unpredictable dangers!"

At this moment, clattering sounds rang out again. The masses went to look and saw a box appear out of the light of the Great Void. On that box was Qin Mu, the devil of Luo Wushuang's heart.

Another clattering voice rang out as a second Qin Mu appeared, then the third and the fourth…

Soon, more and more Qin Mus appeared. In a short span of time, around 50 boxes appeared out of the Great Void's light, and on each one of them stood Qin Mu, the devil in Luo Wushuang's heart!

"It's too late… Luo Wushuang imagined Celestial Venerable Mu to be so strong because he has the title of Overlord Body."

Yun Chuxiu sighed and commanded everyone, "Everyone, direct your energy towards the boat and leave this place immediately!"

The boat accelerated and sped towards the depths of the Great Void's halo. At the back of the boat, 50 Qin Mus rose together and chased the boat. Their sword lights dazzled, reaching the boat before they escaped.

Sounds of "Chi, Chi, Chi" rang through the air as the boat was pierced by those sword lights, creating a massive hole. On the deck, the sword lights weaved through the crowd like dancing fish and dragons.

Everyone on the boat was in danger and immediately deployed their divine arts, utilizing their divine weapons to block the sword lights.

Suddenly a scream appeared as a god was pierced by a sword. His primordial spirit immediately flew out of his body before being impaled by another sword light!

It was chaos on the ship. Qin Mu raised his sword pellet to block the sword lights. The sword skill in Luo Wushuang's imagination belonged to the past Qin Mu, which looked battered and weak to today's Qin Mu.

Yet, he was extremely strong in Luo Wushuang's imagination. All he could do was find a way to break his sword skills, but colliding with the Qin Mu in Luo Wushuang's heart caused his vital qi to be dispersed!

'I'm too strong in Luo Wushuang's heart!'

Qin Mu bit his teeth and persevered. Sword pellets flew everywhere as they prevented the sword lights from coming close to the unconscious Luo Wushuang.

The unconscious Luo Wushuang's consciousness was scattered, and more Qin Mus appeared out of thin air and chased after the boat, making the situation even more desperate.

On the other side, Yun Chuxiu and Lian Huahun were also preventing the sword lights from getting close to Luo Wushuang.

Qin Mu's body moved and ended up in front of Luo Wushuang. The disciple of Luo Wushuang was loyal to him as well, and he guarded him throughout the ordeal, using his knife light to block the sword lights, preventing them from hurting his master.

Qin Mu quickly moved in front of Luo Wushuang, and his ten fingers went into action. They poked the body of Luo Wushuang swiftly, in a manner that resembled a thunderstorm.

That disciple was shocked and instinctively cleaved his knife towards him. The knife light only stopped when it was at Qin Mu's head.

He realized that Qin Mu wasn't trying to kill Luo Wushuang and was instead trying to wake him up. After Qin Mu's poking technique, Luo Wushuang stopped bleeding from his wounds.

Yun Chuxiu came quickly, and she furiously asked, "Why aren't you killing him?"

Qin Mu pretended not to hear her, and his fingers flashed, forming a peculiar mudra. Consciousness morphed into a lotus and, along with his mudra, fell between Luo Wushuang's eyebrows.

Lian Huahun came along too and pushed Qin Mu and Luo Wushuang with both of her hands.

She pushed at them with an incomparably powerful aura. Her blood and essence were incredibly fierce as her divine art burst forth, creating a loud sound!

Suddenly, a head grew out of Qin Mu's back. Soon, four arms followed. Their palms simultaneously deployed the Heaven Mudra and collided with the young lady's palm force.

Their divine arts collided, and incredible power came out of Lian Huahun's hands. Qin Mu grunted and flipped his body upside down as the other two arms continued to deploy the mudra steadily, pushing the consciousness divine art into the heart of Luo Wushuang's eyebrows.

Qin Mu landed, and the four arms exploded open, crushed by Lian Huahun's divine art, their bones fractured.

Lian Huahun was about to press the attack when Yun Chuxiu blocked her. They stared at each other, each with their own worries.

Suddenly, Luo Wushuang sat up violently.

Qin Mu's four arms returned to his body, and the head behind him also disappeared.

Luo Wushuang was stunned as he looked at Qin Mu before solemnly thanking him, "Many thanks."

"You're welcome." Qin Mu smiled.

Luo Wushuang rose and used his knife to cut the sword lights in the air, and the boat immediately accelerated, leaving behind the Qin Mus, who were the devils in his heart.

His magic power cultivation was ahead of everyone else's, and he hastened the boat with all of his power, causing it to accelerate rapidly.

This time, he received a blessing in disguise, growing stronger to defeat the devil in his heart. The current devils were those that had been created when he was unconscious. When he was unconscious, he didn't have a clear understanding of his own power, so the Qin Mus that he spawned weren't very strong. Now that he was awake, if he thought about the devils in his hearts again, they would become even stronger!

As long as Qin Mu remained undefeated by him, the Qin Mu in his heart would always remain stronger than him!

Only when he defeated Qin Mu would the devil in his heart dissipate.

"I separate my favors and feuds carefully. You saved me, for which I hereby thank you, but my arm was also cut by your blade. I will still get my revenge for that."

Luo Wushuang saw that those Qin Mus couldn't catch up with the boat and felt relieved. He warned Qin Mu after, saying, "To completely rid myself of the devils in my heart, I will still challenge you."

Qin Mu smiled and said with a lack of concern, "I'm very interested in the way you use your knife to enter the path. You can challenge me anytime."

Luo Wushuang put away his divine knife and looked back. Those Qin Mus were gone, and he whispered, "The Great Void can materialize the devils in people's hearts, which, essentially, makes it a giant divine creation artifact. Now that we shook them off, will they still exist? Will they exist forever?"

Qin Mu's gaze fell on Lian Huahun, who recovered herself and bowed. She apologized with a pleasing voice, "The situation was urgent, and thus I was forced to offend you. I beg for your forgiveness."

"It was an urgent situation just now, please don't blame yourself, Sister."

Qin Mu gently smiled. "Your techniques and divine arts are intricate. Do you mind telling me about your sect?"

Lian Huahun replied, "I'm under Celestial Venerable Hao and have cultivated 18 Emperor's Throne techniques, which I merged to form a technique that suits me."

Qin Mu was moved. "Eighteen Emperor's Throne techniques? How powerful of you, Sister!"

Yun Chuxiu walked forward and smiled. "Merging 18 Emperor's Throne techniques makes it a Great Celestial Heavens technique. You're capable, Sister Lian. You can be considered a young Celestial Venerable. If you cultivate yourself to the Emperor's Throne Realm, you will have 18 celestial palaces, and with such deep cultivation, you will become ten times stronger than other strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne!"

Lian Huahun smiled. "You're not bad either, Sister Yun. Which Celestial Venerable are you under, Sister Yun?"

Yun Chuxiu held onto Qin Mu's arm and smiled tenderly. "Of course, it's Celestial Venerable Mu! I'm personally taught by Celestial Venerable Mu."

Qin Mu had a huge problem. Both of the ladies stared at each other whilst trying to read between each other's lines. Both of them wanted to know which Celestial Venerable they became after reincarnation and were thus probing each other.

The ten Celestial Venerables appeared to understand each other, but in reality, they knew little about each other. The ancient Celestial Emperor, Celestial Empress, and Mistress Yuanmu were part of the ten Celestial Venerables. Exactly who, however, no one knew exactly.

'These two ladies should have their a**es beaten!' Qin Mu thought.

The boat went into the deepest part of the Great Void, and not long after, it passed through the Halo Zone and went into a starry sky where the stars formed a tranquil galaxy.

The boat sailed under it, and one could touch those little dust-like stars by raising one's hand.

"This must be the Great Void?" a person asked as he raised his hand to touch one of the stars.

"Don't touch it!"

Luo Wushuang stopped him quickly, saying, "That's a divine art that has been materialized. If you touch it, it will explode!"

The masses were shocked, and they immediately steered the boat away from that galaxy.

Qin Mu sized up that galaxy, and his heart fluttered when he thought, 'This divine art… It's Big Brother Wei Suifeng's divine art! He has been here before? Where has my big brother not been to before? Wait a moment, I thought the Great Void could only materialize the devils in people's hearts. How did Big Brother use the Great Void to materialize his divine art?'

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