Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 944 - The Heart Devil Celestial Emperor

If Qin Mu was on the ship, he would definitely have been so alarmed to hear this line that he would jump up in fright.

He had guessed that Yun Chuxiu was Celestial Empress all along, and there were also various signs to indicate his guess was right and that Celestial Empress was the instigator who had schemed to kill her own sister, Mistress Yuanmu, and then possessed her corporeal body before returning to the celestial heavens.

Celestial Empress had then transformed into Jue Wuchen to seduce Celestial Emperor into reincarnating before she assassinated him. After Celestial Venerable Ling killed her, she took the opportunity to reincarnate as well, infiltrating the Heaven Alliance and becoming one of the Celestial Venerables.

He also guessed that Lian Huahun was the reincarnation of Mistress Yuanmu, even going as far as suspecting that Mistress Yuanmu didn't die completely and had also infiltrated the Heaven Alliance, becoming one of the ten Celestial Venerables as well.

The reason he made such conjectures and was deeply convinced by it was that Yun Chuxiu knew of the fact that he had previously tried to summon the soul of Celestial Empress on the ghost ship.

However, Lian Huahun saying, "refer to me as Elder Sister", had completely flipped his conjecture upside down!

It was a pity that Qin Mu wasn't on the ship. What was even more of a pity was that Luo Wushuang wasn't aware of the origins of these two ladies, and he was also utterly uninterested in their sibling feud and thus merely looked up above the galaxy.

On the galaxy, Qin Mu and the others were moving as fast as flowing light as the gods pursued him from behind to kill him.

'If Overlord Body Qin leaves the area protected by the walking corpses, it will trigger the devil within his heart. Why is he being so reckless and so intent on angering these strong practitioners on the ship?'

Luo Wushuang followed the direction of the galaxy and looked ahead. Suddenly, he felt a jolt in his heart. He saw that in the darkness of the void, there was a boundless land at the edge of the galaxy.

'The Land of the Great Void… So that's it, he saw the Land of the Great Void!'

Two rays of knife lights shot out of Luo Wushuang's eyes and criss crossed through the air with clanging noises that alarmed the people on the ship. He yelled out, "Immediately redirect the ship and head towards the Land of the Great Void!"

The remaining twenty to thirty people on the ship hurriedly steered the ship and increased its speed. Yun Chuxiu and Lian Huahun also looked away from each other to help move the ship.

The Land of the Great Void was a piece of floating land within the Great Void that the Emperor of Endless Clouds, Wei Suifeng, had discovered. There, there were no strange and unpredictable heart devils. This time around, Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu had led their many disciples to travel about the Great Void with the intention of uncovering the secret of the Land of the Great Void and to search for the traces of Carefree Village and Founding Emperor.

The ship immediately picked up speed and chased after Qin Mu and the others. Luo Wushuang even personally activated his vital qi to increase the speed of the ship to its maximum. Very soon, the ship had caught up with the group that was pursuing Qin Mu. Luo Wushuang yelled out, "We have reached the Land of the Great Void, return to the ship!"

Countless rays of light spun about and fell from the top of the galaxy, landing one by one on the ship.

Everyone was filled with a murderous aura as they looked towards Qin Mu, who was ahead running atop the celestial river. They each prepared their divine arts and activated their divine weapons, waiting for the moment when they caught up with Qin Mu to kill him from across the celestial river.

At this very moment, Luo Wushuang suddenly felt cold sweat forming on his forehead as he said in a hoarse voice, "There are no more walking corpses ahead… stop the ship! Stop the ship quickly!"

At the same time, Qin Mu had leaped up from the shoulder of the last Walking Corpse. During the split second that he leaped into the air, countless teleportation runes surrounding his body lit up and revolved around him noisily as they enveloped him and vanished with him!

"Celestial Venerable Mu is really slippery!" Yun Chuxiu clasped her palms together and praised.

The ship was gradually slowing down, yet due to its momentum, it still flew past the body of the last walking corpse, continuing to dash forwards for another hundred miles. Everyone on the ship couldn't help but grow fearful, and their various heart devils emerged one by one.

Luo Wushuang shook his head and cried out, "Don't stop, activate the ship with all your might, and rush into the Land of the Great Void before your heart devils materialize!"

Just as he finished his sentence, he heard a tapping noise. Luo Wushuang felt cold sweat on his forehead, and he turned around to look. Behind the ship, a Qin Mu standing atop a chest appeared and looked towards him with an awe-inspiring gaze.

The chest started to run at top speed, pursuing the ship.

At the same time, the space outside the ship started to shake, and a massive eyeball squeezed its way out of the void with a cruel and vicious gaze. It wasn't known whose heart devil this eyeball was.

The massive eyeball suddenly split into top and bottom, and the eyeball was actually filled with razor-sharp teeth. It opened its big mouth and came biting towards the ship!

At that instant, all sorts of monsters started to emerge from the void!

There were vicious dragons longer than the ship, monsters with tentacles that hid beneath the ship, massive spiders with innumerous eyes on their backs, a headless bride, and even ancient gods that were engulfed in fiery flames!

In addition, there weren't only monsters, even the figure of the ancient Celestial Emperor had emerged from the void.

There were also Celestial Venerables. It wasn't known which of these disciples had their own masters as the devils within their hearts!

'We've fallen into his trap.'

Luo Wushuang let out a sigh in his heart. He pulled out his knife and cleaved it down towards that massive eyeball as he thought to himself, 'The reason Overlord Body Qin started to run off before he reached the Land of the Great Void was to make us chase after him. Then, he would make use of the teleportation divine art to teleport to the Land of the Great Void a step ahead of us. As for us, when we left the area protected by the aura of the walking corpses in pursuit of him, we would be killed by the devils within our hearts. This brat, he's truly ruthless!'

A god official on the ship cried out shrilly, "There's no need to utilize Neither Thought nor No Thought anymore! Concentrate all magic power and dash towards the Land of the Great Void!"

He had only just finished his sentence when a flying dragon with wings pounced down and grabbed him, dragging him into the void.

A scream could be heard from the void. Countless monsters surged out of the void and pounced onto that god official, and very soon, he was dead.

Luo Wushuang killed the massive eyeball monster and immediately continued to activate the ship with all his might. Everyone on the ship gave their all to increase the speed of the ship to its maximum.

There were flickering shadows about the ship. Even though this ship was a top-notch divine weapon, it had already started to break apart noisily from the stress of traveling at such a high speed. Deck boards were bursting apart one by one, and rivets were loosening and flying off the ship at great speeds.

The hull of the ship was shaking from side to side, and it threatened to fall apart at any moment!

Luo Wushuang snuck a glance and saw that the imposing Celestial Emperor in the void was turning his head around slowly to look towards the ship.

He felt a chill in his heart.

The body of this Celestial Emperor was really too massive.

Although the speed of the ship was extremely fast, in front of this colossal thing, it seemed so insignificant. The ship was like a teeny tiny bug that was flying by the ancient Celestial Emperor slowly, brushing past his nostrils.

Fortunately, even with the Great Void forming the heart devil Celestial Emperor, it would take some time before he materialized completely. This would give them the chance to escape to the Land of the Great Void.

However, although the ancient Celestial Emperor was forming fairly slowly, the formation of the other heart devils was shockingly fast. The devils within the hearts of the people on board the ship grew steadily, and there were endless monsters that emerged by the speeding ship, which pounced towards it.


A monster with six limbs and two wings, which resembled a fusion of a wolf and a tiger, leaped onto the deck. Opening its wide mouth, it swallowed a god whole.

Luo Wushuang pounced forward with knife rays shining and killed the monster. However, beneath the ship, there were countless tentacles flying about that were clinging on to the ship and slowing its speed.

Luo Wushuang shook his knife, and the blade rays split into two, then into four, and finally into eight. In a short period, his blade rays flowed downwards from midair, resembling a waterfall, and they moved along the deck and the side of the ship.

The blade rays avoided the people on the ship, and in the blink of an eye, they cleansed the entire ship, tearing the monsters at the bottom of the ship into a thousand pieces.

Luo Wushuang was, after all, a great expert of the Numinous Sky Realm who had entered the path with his knife and had exceptional abilities. Even though there were many monsters that had leaped onto the ship, he was still able to guarantee the safety of everyone on board.

At this very moment, a giant wheel of light appeared ahead. The incomparably intense bright light was incredibly eye-catching, and following it, a head slowly rose up.

"Celestial Venerable Hong!"

Luo Wushuang sucked in a cold breath. The Celestial Venerable that was gradually rising upwards was Celestial Venerable Hong, one of the ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens.

Although Celestial Venerable Hong was still an apparition, the wheel of light at the back of his head had already been formed completely. He raised his palm and grabbed in the direction of the ship.

"Are you raising your knife to a Celestial Venerable?"

Luo Wushuang's face turned ashen. He didn't know whose heart devil this Celestial Venerable Hong was, but he was also the devil in his heart.

He dared not raise his knife to a Celestial Venerable.

It's a Celestial Venerable.

A sovereign of the celestial heavens!

Even if it was just an apparition, even if it was merely a devil within one's heart that was created by the Great Void, he still dared not attack a Celestial Venerable.

The Celestial Venerable represented the supreme heavenly might, represented the most formidable battle powers of the celestial heavens. Just thinking of raising his knife against a Celestial Venerable was a great sin alone, much less actually doing it!


Luo Wushuang raised his knife with his only arm, leaping up into the sky with a decisive look in his eyes as he roared fiercely, "I dare to beat up even Celestial Venerable Mu! Much less Celestial Venerable Hong! Let me destroy the god within my heart!"

Behind him, his celestial palaces flew out with a buzz, and his primordial spirit stood in the Numinous Sky Hall of the celestial palace. He pulled out his knife at the same time and sliced down at the apparition of Celestial Venerable Hong!

As he sliced down with the knife, Luo Wushuang could only feel a sense of heroism gushing out from within his chest. All along, his knife skills had been skillfully calculated and prim and proper, achieving the Samadhi state of precision. However, despite being exquisite, they had lacked a sense of heroism.

Yet, at this moment, he was actually stepping outside of the boundaries of precision!

The knife flash hit Celestial Venerable Hong's large hand and sliced apart the palm of this apparition. Then, the extremely brilliant ray of knife light landed on Celestial Venerable Hong's face, slicing deeply into his skull.


A crisp sound rang out, and the knife in Luo Wushuang's hand exploded. Even though he was merely an apparition, the power of this Celestial Venerable Hong was still incredibly great and beyond comprehension. He had disintegrated the divine knife that had accompanied Luo Wushuang throughout his life!

Luo Wushuang was struck by the blow to the point that he spat out blood and stumbled backward. Behind him, the ship was rushing in his direction, and his body crashed onto the ship and slid a few hundred yards.

The ship passed through the halo at the back of the head of this Celestial Venerable Hong apparition and flew away.

Up ahead was the Land of the Great Void.

The apparition of Celestial Venerable Hong slowly turned around, and behind him, the palm of the apparition of the ancient Celestial Emperor was heading towards the ship.

The ship rushed into the Land of the Great Void with a whoosh, and at this same instant, the palm of the ancient Celestial Emperor had also reached the Land of the Great Void. Everyone's hearts were filled with fear and shock as they looked at the approaching palm of Celestial Emperor in a daze and with helplessness.

They watched as this enormous palm reached the atmosphere of the Land of the Great Void, and immediately, the palm started to burn and was reduced to black ashes that scattered about in an instant.

Evidently, this piece of land in the Great Void was protected by some strange power that stopped it from getting invaded by the monsters outside.

However, the power of this palm still caused a terrifying aftermath. Even though it hadn't reached the ship, the ship still shattered into pieces, and the divine wood burst apart.

The people on the ship seemed to have suffered a huge blow and were all spitting out blood. Those with weaker abilities were crushed into bits directly, their corporeal bodies exploding in midair. Even their primordial spirits turned into dust!

It wasn't clear whose heart devil the ancient Celestial Emperor was. Despite the fact that he had yet to materialize completely or that the palm had been destroyed on its own when it reached the Land of the Great Void, the aftereffects still almost completely wiped them out!

Luo Wushuang went all out to defend against this blow, taking the brunt of the attack. Because of this, countless wounds burst open all over his body, and fresh blood spewed out as he fell from midair.

He wasn't able to protect the disciples of the various Celestial Venerables and big shots of the celestial heavens on the ship. At least half of the gods perished under the aftereffects of the blow.

Luo Wushuang felt his heart turn cold, and an insuppressible sorrow surged into his heart.

Although their mission was led by Qin Mu, the one who was responsible for the safety of the disciples of the Celestial Venerables and big shots was him. Now that so many had died, he wouldn't be able to be absolved from blame.

Even if he was able to leave the Great Void alive, when he returned to the celestial heavens, he would still be unable to escape the punishment of death.

He was completely disheartened and simply allowed his body to drop freely from the sky. As he fell, he saw the grand and magnificent mountains beneath him, which were a lot bigger than the regular mountains and were even more elegant and tall. The river below was also wider, and the waterfall looked as though it fell from the skies as it flowed downwards for over a hundred miles.

White clouds drifted leisurely, and they were as dense as the sea. His figure fell through the skies, and as he streaked past a tall mountain, he saw the flying waterfall that descended from the skies like the milky way.

He saw Qin Mu standing at the highest point of the flying waterfall, raising his head to watch as the more than a hundred figures engulfed in flames and thick smoke came crashing down from the destroyed ship, scattering all across the Land of the Great Void.

Qin Mu retracted his gaze. Seemingly noticing Luo Wushuang, he gave him a small smile.

'This devilish brat!' Luo Wushuang was enraged as he crashed into the deep pool at the bottom of the waterfall with a loud noise.

At the highest point of the waterfall, Qin Mu unrolled a scroll containing a topographic map and inspected it carefully before he looked around his surroundings and compared the area against the map.

After some time, the waterfall suddenly started to flow in reverse and rushed up into the sky. It resembled an extremely large knife made of water, slicing open the sky.

Luo Wushuang stood atop the waterfall that was flowing in reverse and walked towards Qin Mu with murderous intent. He enunciated each word carefully, saying, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you are a hidden danger to the entire celestial heavens. You are extremely scheming and ruthless!"

Qin Mu rolled up the topographic map and smiled. "I have saved your life before."

"I'm not trying to kill you on behalf of the celestial heavens, I merely want to continue that battle from forty-thousand years ago, to kill the devil in my heart."

Luo Wushuang was like an unsheathed divine knife, and there was a great sense of heroism surging within his heart as he announced solemnly, "Luo Wushuang of the Spirit Elite Guards hereby challenges the Overlord Body of the High Emperor! Please—"

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