Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 945 - The Beauty of Great Sword Dao

Qin Mu glanced at him and then shook his head, laughing, "Divine Knife Luo, you are suffering from extremely heavy injuries right now. If you don't get treated, you'll die soon."

Luo Wushuang was covered in blood, and he had wounds all over his body. It was to the point that his blood had dyed the waterfall at his feet red.

He had tried to protect the disciples of the Celestial Venerables and big shots, fighting with the heart devils and then taking the aftereffects of the blow from the heart devil Celestial Emperor head-on. As a result, he had suffered severe injuries.

Qin Mu was skilled in the art of healing and had well-trained eyes that allowed him to conclude with just one glance that Luo Wushuang's injuries would turn fatal very soon.

"You have already waited for me for forty-thousand years. Waiting a moment more won't make much of a difference, will it?"

Qin Mu walked up to him and checked his wounds. "It's not difficult for me to treat your wounds. Stop trying to put on a tough front."

Luo Wushuang grunted, and the wounds all over his body burst open as blood spewed out.

Qin Mu propped him up and brought him to the top of the mountain. He first helped him stop the bleeding of his wounds and then took out some spirit medicine to refine spirit pills as he said, "I can treat the hidden injuries on your body and can use spirit pills and miraculous medicine to treat the damage to your primordial spirit, divine treasures, and celestial palace. However, you still have a Dao injury inside your body, a result of your collision with the palm of the heart devil Celestial Emperor. You'll have to refine that yourself."

He continued apologetically, "I can't treat such injuries. However, I'm skilled in the technique of creation. Back then, I cut off one of your arms. Now, I can return an arm back to you."

Luo Wushuang shook his head. "I'm called Wushuang, my parents hoped that I would be matchless in this world. However, after you chopped off my arm, I then realized that Wushuang could also mean this—to have only one arm. All of my life's learning and comprehension are on this single arm. Even if you reconnect the arm for me, I would still chop it off."

Qin Mu used his vital qi to form a furnace, and he circled it, executing all sorts of pill refining techniques. Upon hearing what Luo Wushuang said, he turned around to smile at him as he continued to refine the spirit pills and said, "I thought so too. Aren't you afraid that I'll give you some poisonous pills when I'm treating you?"

Luo Wushuang remained silent.

Qin Mu finished refining the pills and medicine and let him consume them first.

"Are they poisoned?" Luo Wushuang stared at the pills.

Qin Mu then took out some silver needles and laughed. "Guess."

Luo Wushuang raised his head and swallowed these spirit pills. Qin Mu then carefully inserted the needles into his acupoints, using them to guide the medicinal energy so that it would be able to travel into the divine treasures.

Luo Wushuang instantly felt the medicinal energy flowing into his divine treasures. The injuries to the divine treasures were slowly healing, and the tears in them were also shrinking in size.

"The wounds of the celestial palace will be harder to treat, as I don't have much understanding of it. Also, it will be difficult for regular silver needles to pierce through the celestial palace, as they'll be crushed at the Southern Heavenly Gate and won't be able to let the medicinal energy flow through. Luckily, I have a precious treasure that can pierce through the Southern Heavenly Gate."

Qin Mu took out the core of the Primordial Tree and made a mental command. The core became as thin and small as a needle.

He pierced the wooden needle through the heart of Luo Wushuang's brows, and the core of the Primordial Tree pierced through the Southern Heavenly Gate and came to Luo Wushuang's celestial palace.


Qin Mu commanded in a low voice, and the core immediately grew longer until it reached Luo Wushuang's celestial palace's Jade Capital. The other end of the core entered the Numinous Sky Hall, coming before Luo Wushuang's primordial spirit.

Qin Mu carefully inspected Luo Wushuang's expression and said, "Are you aware that this precious treasure can change as my heart wishes it to? It's also incomparably sharp. Even if you're an expert of the Numinous Sky Realm, at this point, your life is well within my grasp. If I so wished it, this treasure would burst through your celestial palace, stabbing through your primordial spirit and bursting through your head."

Luo Wushuang's expression was calm. "I trust you. If you don't treat me, I won't be alive for much longer anyway."

Qin Mu burst out laughing and let him consume the spirit pills. "You trusting me so much puts me to shame. Truth be told, even I don't trust myself. Your injuries will still need some time before they can fully recover. When you're fully recovered, you can come and challenge me again."

Luo Wushuang got up and asked, "Where do you intend to go? I want to follow you. If I don't eliminate the devil within my Dao heart, when I return to the celestial heavens from here, I will still die at the hands of the devil in my heart. Don't worry, when I fight you after I'm fully recovered, I'll definitely fight you in the same realm. If I use my cultivation to crush you, I won't be able to eliminate the devil in my heart."

Qin Mu was about to speak when, suddenly, a divine ray cut through the sky and headed straight towards them.

The divine ray was gaining in speed, and from afar, an imposing vital qi was unleashed, transforming into a big hand that enveloped the peak of the mountain!

"A real god!" Luo Wushuang felt his heart jump and was about to make a move to block it when, suddenly, he felt his vital qi thrown into some disorder.

Qin Mu's vital qi exploded, and beneath his feet, the waterfall started to rise, transforming into a round dome that capped over the peak of the mountain. Luo Wushuang raised his head to look and saw that the water flow was flowing along the surface of the round dome, and as it flowed, all sorts of strange characters and symbols emerged.

It was a Heavenly Dao rune.

This Heavenly Dao divine art was called Heaven Vault, the sixth Heavenly Dao of Xuandu.

The palm collided with the sixth Heavenly Dao, and both exploded upon contact. Qin Mu raised his eyebrows. The cultivation of the approaching individual was incredibly dense.

"The Celestial Venerable Mu whose reputation shook the world back then, the Overlord Body Qin who astonished the Dragon Han, High Emperor, and Eternal Peace—you're just so-so!"

The divine ray whooshed over and came to a stop. It was a man who was covered in green-gold feathers. Both of his wings crossed before his chest, and suddenly, the wings trembled, and countless green-gold feathers flew out, slicing towards Qin Mu. Instantly, there were innumerous feathers flying all about the peak of the mountain, and they covered the entire peak of this mighty mountain until it was wholly impenetrable.

The sword feathers were like a great torrent that encircled the peak of the mountain as they flowed upwards and downwards interchangeably.

"Luo Wushuang, this is an affair between the Hao Palace and Celestial Venerable Mu. It's none of your business, don't intervene," the green feathered man yelled out.

Qin Mu raised a hand, and the waterfall stopped flowing. It transformed into the Heaven Vault again to shield the peak of the mountain. The innumerous green-gold feathers continued to crash against the Heaven Vault, giving off brilliant lights and vibrant colors.

"Heavenly Dao divine art? There aren't any disciples within the celestial heavens who haven't cultivated it before. Celestial Venerable Mu should stop making a fool of yourself!"

The green-gold feathered man knelt down with the Heaven Vault separating him and Qin Mu as he said in a solemn voice, "An Qingyu, disciple of Celestial Venerable Hao, pays my respects to Celestial Venerable Mu!"

"A disciple of Celestial Venerable Hao?"

Qin Mu used all of his energy to maintain the Heaven Vault, and with a red face, he struggled to reply, "Since you're here to kill me, why are you still being so respectful?"

An Qingyu didn't stand up. While using his feathers to block off the area and stop Qin Mu from escaping, he continued to kowtow respectfully towards him, kneeling three times and kowtowing nine times. He replied solemnly, "I heard that during the start of the Dragon Han Era, Celestial Venerable Mu imparted the way to become a god to the masses in place of Celestial Venerable Yu. With that, you took away my teacher's merits. However, Celestial Venerable Mu still achieved great merits. I'm under my teacher's orders to kill Celestial Venerable, so you are about to die at my hands. However, Celestial Venerable has, after all, imparted the way of becoming a god to all living beings, so I have paid my respects to you first before ending your life!"

Qin Mu continued to maintain the Heaven Vault as he replied, panting heavily, "The disciple of Celestial Venerable Hao sure has good etiquette. I'm one without a soul and will die soon. Do you not intend to seal your own realm and have a fair fight with me?"

He coughed violently, and his breath was weak. A sense of desolation surged into his heart—similar to the feeling of a hero in his twilight years who was at the end of his life's journey—and he smiled miserably. "My cultivation realm has already fallen into the Spirit Embryo Realm. You are a real god, while I'm only in the Spirit Embryo Realm. I hoped that I would be able to die more heroically. At the very least, there should be a fair fight so that I'll be able to die in peace."

An Qingyu got up. Behind him, there were humming sounds, and four celestial palaces floated in the halo at the back of his head. His gaze was bright, and he laughed. "My Celestial Venerable said that Celestial Venerable Mu's cultivation is dense beyond compare and that you've already fused about four Emperor's Throne techniques together. Therefore, only the powers of a real god would be able to one-up Celestial Venerable Mu."

He was a real god, and his primordial spirit was a god with the head of a bird and the body of a man that had already crossed the Southern Heavenly Gate and wasn't far off from the Jade Pavilion. His magic power was incomparably dense, and as his cultivation burst out, countless green-gold feathers instantly sliced open the Heaven Vault and charged towards Qin Mu!

An Qingyu's voice continued to travel over, "My Celestial Venerable also said that Celestial Venerable Mu's consciousness is extremely strong and that you've cultivated the Old Buddha's Boundless Calamity Sutra. Thus, my teacher refined a precious treasure for each of us disciples to shield us from the influence of Celestial Venerable Mu's illusions."

A jade pendant on his chest lit up, and light flowed around it.

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly. This jade pendant was personally refined by Celestial Venerable Hao, and it was precisely capable of restraining his dreamscapes.

He had just attempted to pull An Qingyu into his dreamscape, and the jade pendant had unexpectedly blocked off his consciousness!

An Qingyu's attack was countless times more powerful than his previous attack. The green-gold-colored sword feathers covered the skies and shielded the sun, enshrouding the entire area from all four sides and eight directions, making it impossible for Qin Mu to avoid them.

At this very moment, Qin Mu's vital qi rose from behind him, transforming into a fan. He grabbed it and waved it with all his might. The heaven's wind was raised, and countless sword feathers were immediately swept away, vanishing!

The eighth Heavenly Dao, Heaven Wind.

An Qingyu opened his mouth and spat out a spirit bead. The Heaven Wind whooshed about noisily, but it was unable to move him even an inch. The power of the Heaven Wind was immediately broken through completely.

Qin Mu was astonished. 'Xuandu's Heaven Duke is truly in danger.'

The two moves of Heavenly Dao divine art that he had just executed were both easily broken through by An Qingyu. Qin Mu's Heavenly Dao divine art didn't merely include the Heavenly Dao runes that were calculated using classic algebra, but it also included runes computed by the Computational Canon of Supreme Molecule.

However, it was evident that the celestial heavens had come up with various divine arts targeted towards the Heavenly Dao so as to eliminate Heaven Duke!

'The celestial heavens probably haven't broken through all Forty-nine Heavenly Dao yet. Otherwise, Heaven Duke would be dead by now. However, this day is probably coming soon,' Qin Mu thought to himself.

An Qingyu rushed to the peak of the mountain. Behind him, there was boundless green light as the innumerous sword feathers flew back, coming together to form a green-colored wing. He laughed. "Celestial Venerable Mu, I've already told you, Heavenly Dao divine arts aren't rare in the celestial heavens!"

Both of his wings pierced forwards, one after the other. After cultivating four types of Emperor's Throne techniques, his cultivation was incomparably dense, making the attack unexpectedly powerful. The wings sliced space into thousands of pieces.

At the same time, his primordial spirit stood within the central celestial palace with his sleeves fluttering and hugging a blazing sun in his arms. A ray of concentrated light shot out from the blazing sun and headed straight towards Qin Mu!

In each of the other three celestial palaces, the apparitions of his primordial spirit emerged as well. They each directed the power of the three celestial palaces and executed their divine arts, forming three giants—a strikingly beautiful heavenly lady, a plain-looking ancient god, and a fierce and evil-looking demon king—and they all attacked Qin Mu at the same time!

This was the first time Qin Mu had met a strong opponent who had simultaneously cultivated several Emperor's Throne techniques and had also cultivated them to the god realm. He knew it would be difficult to go up against him with just Heavenly Dao divine arts, and thus he decisively grabbed onto his sword pellet. The sword pellet exploded open, and sword rays danced about the skies.

The clanking sounds of collisions rang endlessly. In a split second, the two figures vanished from the peak of the mountain. They had both been struck by each other's power until they flew out backward!

In an instant, the two of them had been blown backward dozens of miles. The mighty mountain made a cracking sound, and a crack appeared on its peak.

Luo Wushuang stood atop the peak with the core of the Primordial Tree in the heart of his brows and silver needles all over his body, and he dared not make any unexpected movements.

The silver needles were easier to deal with. At most, he could circulate his power and break the needles, leaving the broken bits within his divine treasures. However, the core of the Primordial Tree in the heart of his brows wouldn't be able to be broken.

If he circulated his power there, his own celestial palace, along with his brain, would probably be stirred into paste!

'I fear that Overlord Body Qin may not be this man's match. The difference in their realms is too much…'

Just as he thought about this, the divine arts of the two, who were dozens of miles away, had already reached the peak of the mountain. In the instant that they were blown away, they had each executed hundreds of divine arts!

An Qingyu had more moves and divine arts. The primordial spirit in each of his four celestial palaces executed various Emperor's Throne techniques, and the various divine arts were executed very easily. The power of every move and technique was incredibly strong, and with hundreds of divine arts rushing over, the total power was considerably terrifying.

Yet, Qin Mu was simply using sword techniques. Countless flying swords came whooshing over from dozens of miles away, and the sword technique executed by each sword was unique. His sword was also able to execute the most complicated sword technique. As the flying sword shook gently, the most brilliant sword rays burst forth, and it then transformed into vast mountains and rivers!

There were also some flying swords that were leaping about at inconceivable rhythms, fading in and out of sight—some swords were very fast while others were comparatively slow. The various sword techniques changed about endlessly, and from within the different sword techniques, they also formed even more exquisite and intricate sword techniques.

Although Qin Mu had so many flying swords, all of his swords were actually countless divine arts, and all of the sword techniques and divine arts formed a single system—it was a portion of a glorious Great Divine Art.

Luo Wushuang watched the sword forest flying by the top of his head, mesmerized. Qin Mu's sword techniques had revealed to him the almost perfect beauty of Great Sword Dao.

He entered the path through the knife and was the number one divine knife of the celestial heavens. He was also Qin Mu's enemy, who had considered Qin Mu to be the one he must defeat in his lifetime.

He had recalled the sword technique that Qin Mu had used to slice off his arm countless times, and he also battled High Emperor Sword God Bai Qu'er countless times in an attempt to search for Qin Mu's shadow in Bai Qu'er's sword techniques.

The one who most admired Qin Mu's sword techniques, besides Celestial Venerable Hao, was himself.

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