Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 946 - You Aren’t Bad

Above Luo Wushuang, the sword collided with the divine art as thousands of divine arts clashed above his head, causing their powers to explode and shatter the sky above him.

One terrifying wave after another fell, and the silver needles in Luo Wushaung's body had already melted from the incinerating heat. The good thing was that although he couldn't use his magic power, his body's cultivation stayed there.

Although Qin Mu and An Qingyu's power was extremely spectacular, they paled in comparison to him, an expert at the Numinous Sky Realm. The aftermath of their divine arts hadn't hurt him yet.

He looked up and saw that their divine arts were of equal power. Some of Qin Mu's flying swords were blocked, while some flew past An Qingyu's divine art and towards him.

An Qingyu's divine arts were like towering white waves that came one after another to drown the flying swords while rushing towards Qin Mu.

It was then that both of them steadied themselves and stopped backing off. They each took a stride forward to receive each other's swords and divine arts, heading towards the peak at the speed of thunder and lightning.

An Qingyu received Qin Mu's flying swords. He shook his wings, and countless green-gold feather swords revolved around him to block the incoming flying swords!

"Feathers' Shrouding of the Sky!"

He rushed forward, towards the barrage of flying swords, choosing to accumulate his aura instead of dodging Qin Mu's swords. He aimed to accumulate his aura to the maximum and kill Qin Mu with one strike!

On the other side of the mountain, vital qi rushed out of Qin Mu's head and morphed into a Heaven Bell that fell downward.

Clang. Clang. Clang.

The Heaven Bell vibrated relentlessly and blocked An Qingyu's divine arts. It soon shattered, but another one took its place.

He ran along as the bell tolled relentlessly, his aura growing stronger and stronger. He clearly had the same idea as An Qingyu.

When two warriors face on a narrow path, the braver one wins. Although this wasn't a narrow path, the victorious warrior would be the braver one!

More flying swords flew towards An Qingyu, which collided with his feather swords, causing a dense amount of clashing sounds. Suddenly, a flying sword broke through the divine art of Feathers' Shrouding of the Sky and went straight for An Qingyu.

Feathers' Shrouding of the Sky was a sword skill he founded. However, due to the lack of reforms in the celestial heavens, An Qingyu saw no flaws in his skill, while Qin Mu saw flaws everywhere.

An Qingyu still ran forward like crazy as the halo behind him shook. It was a blessing given by Celestial Venerable Hao that could block the flying swords.

Yet, more and more of them burst through the Feathers' Shrouding of the Sky from every angle and with greater intricacy. Even Celestial Venerable Hao's blessing could no longer block them.

An Qingyu waved his hand to block them and used various divine arts. He was still fast as he ran towards the peak, and he still retained his aura.

He couldn't give up his accumulated aura, nor could he stop, which caused his divine art to not be as perfect and strong as usual.


A flying sword flew straight into his body.

An Qingyu bit his teeth and pressed on. The primordial spirit at the celestial palace on the back of his head still pummeled towards Qin Mu. The Heaven Bells kept ringing and being crushed. In the split second before the bell could be regenerated, his divine art hit Qin Mu's body, heavily injuring him.


An Qingyu was hit by another sword, and then another one, which entered his chest.

Chi. Chi. Chi.

In the blink of an eye, there were ten more flying swords stuck in his chest. Blood flowed from his mouth, yet he still smiled. He refused to stop and had a strangely bitter aura!

The peak of the mountain and Qin Mu were within touching distance.

Yet, one of the swords stuck within him had its divine art burst forth. The structures of his corporeal body and his divine bridge were ruined. Another sword gave off a sword light before it cleaved into his divine bridge!

If his bridge collapsed, Qin Mu would no longer have to do anything. His own celestial palace would crush him!

An Qingyu saw that his death was soon approaching!

"My Celestial Venerable has ordered me to do so!"

He rushed towards Qin Mu, smiling, his white teeth dyed red with blood. His aura exploded in a unique way as he shouted, "I must bring Celestial Venerable Mu's head to him! While I can't take away his head, I can take away his life! The way to kill Mu!"

"Letting Loose of the Heavenly Feathers!"

His brutal aura reached its peak at this moment. Vast amounts of feathers were behind him as his corporeal body and primordial spirit also became feathers, morphing to form an incomparably powerful divine art as he lunged towards Qin Mu.

Luo Wushuang looked up and saw the two of them collide at that moment. This terrifying force was sent into their air, sweeping through it and flattening everything in the clouds.

The force struck down and fractured the mountain and the waterfall. It was as if two-hundred-mile-long snow-white sashes were picked up by the hurricane and were drifting in the wind.

A grunt came from Qin Mu. This Letting Loose of the Heavenly Feathers divine art was aimed at his countless weak points. It aimed to transmit its power into his body and contort his corporeal body.

He heard the sound of his own finger bones cracking, followed by his hand bones and his arm bones. It soon reached his neck and skull.

A crisp sound of cracking came from his chest, sounding as if it were two firecrackers exploding. The sound went from his chest to his feet!

Dong. Dong.

Qin Mu and An Qingyu were separated, and they landed on the two mountains of the peak that had been split into two by their collision.

Suddenly, a pak sound emerged, and a blood hole burst open on Qin Mu's skin. It spurted out blood as a feather stained with blood drifted out.

Pak. Pak. Pak. Pak. All over his body, his skin blew open, and green feathers flew out one after another. They danced around Qin Mu, seeming as if they wanted to bury him in feathers.

Opposite him, An Qingyu revealed a smile from his shaking body as he said, "Celestial Venerable Mu is truly worthy of the title of Celestial Venerable. I couldn't do anything using my own paths, skills, and divine arts. However, while my divine arts failed, my Celestial Venerable's divine art didn't. I finally took you away…"

"Not bad, An Qingyu."

Qin Mu's body shook as the blood and flesh of his injuries grew back. The broken bones reconnected themselves, while the crushed ones regrew, and the spoiled blood became new blood again. It was as if Qin Mu was reborn.

He lifted his palm and attracted water from the waterfall to wash away the blood on his body. He said, his aura still in peak condition, "You managed to injure me. Celestial Venerable Hao should be grateful that he has a disciple like you under him."

An Qingyu stared at him blankly, and suddenly, a loud sound came from inside his body as the celestial palace on the back of his head collapsed.

"As expected of a Celestial Venerable…"

His corporeal body burst open as his primordial spirit dissipated and soul dispersed. He died on the spot.

Qin Mu spat out a ragged breath and complimented, "This An Qingyu wasn't bad. He was powerful and elegant."

His face suddenly became wax yellow as his breath became haggard. Although An Qingyu failed to kill him, Celestial Venerable Hao's divine art was indeed made to exploit his weak points, which caused his primordial spirit to be injured severely. Although An Qingyu's last strike failed to destroy his corporeal body, it caused his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure to be cleansed.

The only reason he didn't show his weakness before An Qingyu's death was that he wanted to maintain his own pride and dignity.

Luo Wushuang looked around him and saw flying swords flying towards Qin Mu, clashing in front of him to form a sword pellet. The fact that he was able to refine his forging technique to be as smooth as flowing water was extraordinary.

"Divine Knife Luo, you are called the best divine knife of the celestial heavens. You showed me your knife skills before."

Qin Mu put away his sword pellet and retrieved some spirit medicine to treat his injuries and plainly said, "When I was still a worthy opponent of Zhe Huali, I planned to ask him to let me show you my sword skills. However, he was too proud and wanted to defeat me, so I couldn't show them to you. Now that you've seen my sword skills, how are they?"

"Very intricate and almost perfectly marvelous."

Luo Wushuang praised him from the bottom of his heart. "Your sword skills are already unrivaled, but I'm confident that my knife skills will beat your sword skills. If it was in the past, I might have lost to your sword again, but now, I have destroyed the devil in my heart and no longer fear it."

Qin Mu consumed the spirit pills and laughed. "You speak in almost exactly the same way as Zhe Huali. However, he destroyed the devil in his heart earlier than you, and yet he still wasn't a worthy opponent of mine."

Luo Wushuang grunted, and Qin Mu forged some spirit pills for him as he said, "You can excrete the silver needles from your body. For now, don't remove the core of the Primordial Tree in the heart of your brows. These spirit pills are meant for you to treat the damage to your celestial palace. Refine the power of the medicine in your body first, then take these spirit pills on the road. Just now, my battle with An Qingyu must have attracted the attention of other experts of the celestial heavens. We need to hurry."

He pointed towards the east and said, "I just saw some magnificent buildings in the air, likely built by the Great Void's masters of creation. Let's check it out."

Luo Wushuang took the spirit pills and couldn't help but ask, "You're really in the Spirit Embryo Realm?"

"That's right."

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Are you sure you want to fight me in the same realm?"

Luo Wushuang's expression was uncertain as he changed the topic and asked, "You just said the buildings here were built by the Great Void's masters of creation. Have you been here before?"


The third eye in the heart of his brows opened as he visualized for a bit. He saw a divine dragon that was at least 100 feet long appear out of thin air.

Luo Wushuang was shocked and thought that it was the devil in his heart, so he immediately clutched his knife handle.

Qin Mu shook his head. "There won't be heart devils here. The heart devils are actually created by the collapsing consciousnesses of the Great Void's masters of creation in accordance with the devils in our hearts. This divine dragon is my creation and isn't dangerous."

Luo Wushuang hesitated and asked, "How do you know the master of this land was a master of creation of the Great Void? Are you one of them?"

Qin Mu sized up the divine dragon, jumped onto its back, and laughed. "No. Fly!"

The divine dragon beneath him waved around, trying to fly, but it couldn't. It cried out, "Ma ha ma ha."

Qin Mu scratched his head. "Am I too heavy?"

He leaped off of the dragon's back and tested it, saying, "Fly!"

The dragon leapt into the air and fell straight down onto the ground and into the waterfall beneath.

Qin Mu was stunned as Shu Jun's laughter came through into his head. "You want to create with your current power? You're far from that. Your consciousness attainment right now is only that of a low-class master of creation, similar to that of a newborn baby from our race."

Qin Mu's face went black, and he walked down the mountain with Luo Wushuang.

Luo Wushuang still had the core of the Primordial Tree in the heart of his brows, which made movement inconvenient. However, he was still a great expert of the Numinous Sky Realm and retained his foundation. Thus, he utilized the vital qi in his divine treasures and moved as fast as Qin Mu.

"Those young experts from the celestial heavens will surely notice that palace and head there too. You are walking into a trap," Luo Wushuang reminded him after noting his direction.

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "By the time we arrive there, I will have mostly recovered."

Luo Wushuang reminded him, "A lot of people want to kill you, and few people survived on the boat. Those who survived the dangerous conditions of the Great Void are powerful people, with most of them being true gods! Their power will be stronger than that of An Qingyu."

Qin Mu smiled. "Divine Knife Luo hated me to the core and wanted to kill me so badly. Why do you now worry about my safety?"

Luo Wushuang gave a humph and plainly said, "I just don't want you to die at the hands of others. You haven't lost to my knife yet. Don't be too cocky, Overlord Body Qin. The celestial heavens is filled with strong practitioners and young talents, and some of them might be beings who have cultivated a Great Celestial Heavens technique!"

Qin Mu's heart turned cold as he unconsciously thought about Lian Huahun.

On the boat, Lian Huahun told him that she had cultivated and merged 18 Emperor's Throne techniques, while Yun Chuxiu told him that she had understood a Great Celestial Heavens technique.

In addition, Lian Huahun was indeed very powerful. Although he was treating Luo Wushuang's injuries, one of her strikes was able to pulverize all four of his arms, which showed her remarkable capabilities!

A lady at the Divine Bridge Realm that hadn't experienced Eternal Peace's reform or opened the Celestial River Divine Treasure was able to use the Great Celestial Heavens technique to sever Qin Mu's four arms. Lian Huahun's Great Celestial Heavens technique was truly something to be feared.

'I certainly can't beat a true god who has cultivated a Great Celestial Heavens technique. But, if I comprehend one of my own…'

Qin Mu shook his head. Emperor's Throne techniques were concentrated in the hands of the celestial heavens' ten Celestial Venerables. Why would they impart the techniques that they had collected painstakingly to him?

More importantly, his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure lacked a celestial palace. The greatest use of a Great Celestial Heavens technique came from the sheer number of celestial palaces. With tenacious magic power, the skills one was apt at would increase.

'What can one do without a celestial palace?' He couldn't help but ponder in a distressed manner.

After not too long, the pool beneath the waterfall suddenly burst open, and the divine dragon that Qin Mu had visualized shook its head, climbed out of the pool, and smelled the environment for Qin Mu's scent.

"Ma ha!"

The divine dragon was happy and hopped around, walking for a bit before going prone to smell the ground, tracking Qin Mu via his scent.

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