Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 948 - The Affectionate and Loving Sisters

Luo Wushuang's face was pale. He felt like he had heard things he shouldn't be hearing.

All along, his eyes were cold, his expression icy. He seldom smiled and looked as though he carried a deep and bitter feud. However, the details shared in Yun Chuxiu and Lian Huahun's conversation were indeed shocking. He couldn't help but be appalled.

'There are two Celestial Venerables behind these two ladies? Who are Hao and Qi? Could Hao be Celestial Venerable Hao? Also, that lady actually referred to Celestial Venerable Yu as a pretty boy…'

Luo Wushuang acted decisively, hiding among the shadows of the structures below. He beckoned Qin Mu, signaling that he should hide quickly as well, before being discovered by the two ladies.

Qin Mu was also confused by what he heard. Luo Wushuang hurriedly rushed out to drag him into the shadows. He lowered his voice and said, "Do you want to die? If we are discovered hearing all of these secrets, we're dead for sure! I heard there used to be an ancient god in the celestial heavens who was killed from behind as he charged onto the battlefield because he knew too many secrets!"

He and Qin Mu arrived among the shadows, feeling extremely shocked and terrified.

During the first year of the Dragon Han Era, he knew that Celestial Empress backed Celestial Venerable Yu.

Celestial Empress was enraged when she discovered her sister, Mistress Yuanmu, had an affair with the ancient Celestial Emperor and gave birth to Celestial Venerable Hao. Celestial Venerable Hao was abnormally clever. He opened the Five Elements Divine Treasure and hence became a Celestial Venerable. Her son, however, didn't have such glory.

For the sake of her position, she supported Celestial Venerable Yu and suppressed Celestial Venerable Hao.

He felt that Lian Huahun should be the one saying that Yun Chuxiu had reared the pretty boy Celestial Venerable Yu, but instead, it was the opposite. This was something he didn't expect!

All along, he thought that Yun Chuxiu was Celestial Empress, but he now realized it was the other way around!

Yun Chuxiu was Mistress Yuanmu, while Lian Huahun was Celestial Empress!

Qin Mu was flirting with the mother of Celestial Venerable Hao!

'That day at the Jade Pool, I fought with Yun Chuxiu and forced her to execute her ultimate skill. Since she was impersonating Celestial Empress, that means the ultimate skill she executed wasn't real.'

Cold sweat was rolling down Qin Mu's forehead. This was a trap, a gigantic trap!

Whoever believed that was her ultimate skill would die a terrible death.

'As to why she immediately helped me upon seeing Mistress Yuanmu's corpse in the crystal coffin, it wasn't because she was worried that Mistress Yuanmu might return back to life but rather that her identity would be revealed!'

Qin Mu was drenched in sweat. At that point in time, if he had tried to summon the soul of Mistress Yuanmu, he would have ended up summoning the soul of Yun Chuxiu, exposing her on the spot!

Also, it would then be uncovered that Mistress Yuanmu was still alive.

'This little maiden…' Qin Mu gritted his teeth.

The two traveled through the shadows quietly. The structures of the masters of creation's city were extremely huge, which aided them in not being discovered by the two ladies fighting above.

The above battle between Yun Chuxiu and Lian Huahun was terrifying. One by one, towering structures were destroyed by their divine arts, as small hills and giant rocks of all sorts fell from the sky. The sight made Qin Mu and Luo Wushuang's scalps go numb. If these structure fragments smashed into Celestial Venerable Huo's imprint or that drop of god blood, the entire city, including them, would be wiped out!

Bizarrely, before they could land, these structure fragments disintegrated and disappeared into midair, turning into a strange consciousness that rose up into the sky.

Those structures then regenerated after being destroyed, as though they were being rebuilt by an invisible divine power.

This was the wonder of the masters of creation's city!

Although those structure fragments were unable to land on the city, the aftermath of the two ladies' divine arts was able to ripple through. The two may be of the Divine Bridge Realm, but Qin Mu was very familiar with their real abilities.

On the ship, Lian Huahun had attacked him before, breaking his four arms. And when he fought Yun Chuxiu, both suffered heavy injuries.

Their abilities weren't inferior to true gods, and they were even stronger.

Even so, they didn't display their true ultimate skills. They were trying to force each other to execute their actual techniques, so as to reveal which Celestial Venerable they were.

Whoever's identity was revealed would die first!

After all, Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu were ancient gods. They were as infamous as the ancient Celestial Emperor in the Heaven Alliance and were bound to be killed by the other Celestial Venerables.

The early goal of the Heaven Alliance, when it was first established, was to give people the right to survive. However, during the middle of the Dragon Han Era, after Celestial Venerable Yun recruited Celestial Venerable Hao and the rest, the goal of the alliance shifted to killing the ancient gods in order to wrest back the right to rule.

Hence, ancient gods that had infiltrated the Heaven Alliance absolutely couldn't afford to reveal their identities.

Qin Mu and Luo Wushuang traversed through this empty city at great speed. They were feeling a little fearful. The divine arts of Yun Chuxiu and Lian Huahun were too powerful. Who knew when the aftermath of their divine arts would trigger Celestial Venerable Huo's imprint or that drop of god blood.

This was akin to having a knife placed at their necks, not knowing when they would die.

Similarly, they couldn't afford to reveal their identities. If the two ladies discovered them, they would be killed.

These two ladies would absolutely not allow anyone to know their secrets!

Even Qin Mu would have to die. Although he was still useful to them, no amount of usefulness could match up to the importance of one's life.

Now, Qin Mu finally understood that the more one knew, the faster one died.

"Ma ha…"

The head of a divine dragon suddenly appeared in front of them. It broke into a smile, opening its mouth to lick the stunned Qin Mu with its bright red tongue, excitedly saying, "Ma ha! Ma ha!"

Qin Mu's face turned ashen, while Luo Wushuang's limbs went cold.

This divine dragon was produced when Qin Mu was creating things at the top of the mountain. He planned to use it for transport. However, as his abilities were insufficient, the divine dragon that he visualized was unable to fly. Hence, it was abandoned by him.

He didn't expect the divine dragon to follow their scent all the way here!

Above, the sound of divine arts clashing suddenly stopped, and so did the tremors. The city was once again quiet.

The foreheads of Qin Mu and Luo Wushuang were covered with cold sweat. Qin Mu made a hush sign to the divine dragon. However, it was too stupid to understand its meaning.

The two and the dragon tiptoed forward, trying to secretly walk out of this life-threatening city.

"Oh, it's Celestial Venerable Mu and Divine Knife Luo."

Suddenly, a lady's laughter could be heard from the above palace in front of them. The two and the dragon raised their heads and saw Yun Chuxiu sitting on the palace's roof. Her palms were placed on the side of the roof as her calves dangled, swaying leisurely.

Her calves were attractive. They were fair and had beautiful curves.

Yun Chuxiu laughed. "Celestial Venerable and Divine Knife are so secretive. Where are you heading?"

Qin Mu gave a cough. Before he could speak, Lian Huahun's voice came from behind. She asked coldly, "How long have Celestial Venerable Mu and Divine Knife Luo been here?"

Yun Chuxiu giggled. "Is that important?"

Qin Mu coughed and said, "We just arrived and were about to meet Celestial Venerable Huo. He's also in the city…"

Yun Chuxiu and Lian Huahun's expressions changed drastically. Lian Huahun immediately flew up and surveyed her surroundings. Right at this moment, many rays of divine light flew over, landing in the city.

"Xue Yuqing, disciple of Celestial Venerable Zu, pays my respects to Celestial Venerable Mu!"

"Huai Yu, disciple of Celestial Venerable Lang, pays my respects to Celestial Venerable Mu!"

"Pan Chunjin, disciple of Celestial Venerable Hao, pays my respects to Celestial Venerable Mu!"

"Luo Fengqing, disciple of Green Deity of the Eastern Sky, pays my respects to Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Loud and clear sounds rang as the light rays landed, transforming into true gods one after another. They surrounded Qin Mu, standing on top of those ancient-looking majestic structures and looking down at him, revealing their excitement.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, we almost died at your hands. I bet you didn't expect to see us here alive."

Xiu Youfang chuckled. "After Celestial Venerable Mu is dead, we can return to the celestial heavens and announce to the people that Celestial Venerable Mu died in the Great Void while trying to save us. He will live up to the good name of a Celestial Venerable. However, that's only after he's dead."

Huai Yu was warm and gentle and had a smile on his face. He leisurely said, "Celestial Venerable took advantage of the absence of my master, Celestial Venerable Lang, and murdered the disciples of our Lang Xuan Divine Palace. At that time, I was away, or else my senior and junior brothers wouldn't have died such terrible deaths. Today is the day of Celestial Venerable's death, hence avenging my dead brothers. Celestial Venerable, do you have any last words?"

Pan Chunjin laughed. "Whatever last words he may have, they're useless. In the Great Void, there's no Youdu or Mingdu. We are outside the jurisdiction of Heaven Duke, and Goddess of Heavenly Yin is unable to come here. Dying here means that your soul is indeed scattered, truly dead!"

Qin Mu looked at his surroundings. There were over 10 true gods that had arrived. He didn't care much about the disciples of Emperor's Throne individuals. However, the disciples of Celestial Venerables were by no means insignificant.

These more than 10 true gods were able to beat him to a pulp!

There was no need for them to hide the true intention of this journey anymore. They wanted to kill Qin Mu, then return to report on their mission.

Earlier, they clearly needed to ensure that they survived traversing the Great Void.

Qin Mu glanced at Luo Wushuang and whispered, "Has Divine Knife Luo recovered from his injuries?"

Luo Wushuang hesitated a while. Obviously, Qin Mu's intention was to use him as an accomplice to get rid of these disciples of Celestial Venerables and Emperor's Throne individuals.

Now that he knew the secret of Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu, he had no chance of staying alive unless he fought.

However, his injuries were too serious. His celestial palace had yet to recover. If he pulled out the core of the Primordial Tree and fought recklessly, his celestial palace was likely to crumble and be destroyed within an instant.

His divine knife was also destroyed. Facing these true gods, he was helpless.

Lian Huahun flew and landed on the roof of the palace in front of them. She said, "It's Celestial Venerable Huo's imprint rather than Celestial Venerable Huo that's in the city. He ran into terrifying enemies here. As he fought them, his Great Dao was imprinted here."

Yun Chuxiu was astonished that there was someone in the Great Void who was able to match up to an existence like Celestial Venerable Huo. She chuckled. "In that case, Celestial Venerable Mu is trapped in a hopeless situation. Since Celestial Venerable Huo isn't here, it seems that no one is able to stop all of you from killing Celestial Venerable Mu."

She sighed and said softly, "Celestial Venerable, I'm sorry. Even if it was me facing this situation, I would be helpless."

At this moment, the sun set in the west, descending among the mountains as the sky gradually darkened. Suddenly, many lanterns lit up with intense brightness, illuminating the entire city.

Waves of roars were heard from afar.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly as he cried, "I knew it!"

Everyone paid no attention to his words as they raised their divine weapons and executed their divine arts, preparing to kill him.

Yun Chuxiu smiled. "Celestial Venerable, what have you discovered?"

Qin Mu composed himself. "I finally discovered why the masters of creation of the Great Void built such high city walls and what the walls are defending against."

Everyone was slightly stunned, and there were some who looked around their surroundings. Lian Huahun frowned slightly as she flew and landed on a sentry tower, scanning the city in all directions.

The roars came from the darkness outside of the city, and they were getting nearer.

"Pan Chunjin, earlier you mentioned that there is no Youdu or Mingdu here. Also, we are outside the jurisdiction of Earth Count and Heaven Duke. In addition, those who die here won't return to the jurisdiction of Goddess of Heavenly Yin. In that case, for people who die here, where do their souls go?"

Qin Mu's eyes were bright as he solemnly said, "The souls of the dead naturally remain in the Great Void!"

Yun Chuxiu couldn't help but say, "Celestial Venerable Mu, do you think that these words can save your life?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "I'm not asking you to spare my life, I'm saving yours. It's the Great Void here!"

Everyone was confused.

Qin Mu said coldly, "This place is teeming with the consciousnesses of the masters of creation. Those who die here, they end up wandering around the Great Void. Since their grievances were unleashed, what do you think the masters of creation's consciousnesses would transform them into? In Youdu, the grievances of the dead become monsters, even producing devil gods or heavenly devils! These devil gods and heavenly devils carry with them negative emotions, plundering, killing, and committing all sorts of evil. However, Youdu is under the jurisdiction of Earth Count, which is why these devils are unable to cause much trouble."

Everybody's hearts jumped. Yun Chuxiu hurriedly flew and landed on a sentry tower, and her delicate body froze as she looked around the city.

"As there is no Earth Count here, what's being produced would certainly be more powerful and sinister than the devil gods! They are what these masters of creation of the Great Void were guarding against!"

Qin Mu sighed and said, "I was trying to save you. Unfortunately, all of you were persistent in taking my life. I predict that we're no longer able to escape."

Pan Chunjin, Huai Yu, and the rest were skeptical. They each flew on top of the sentry towers. Within the darkness, they saw many gigantic, ferocious-looking figures. They couldn't help but turn pale.

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