Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 950 - Bigger, Bigger, Bigger!

Luo Wushuang had already submitted to fate. He thought, 'As long as I can escape…'

Yet, those monsters recovered quickly, and the destroyed buildings returned to their former glory. The path ahead was blocked again as more monsters flooded in, making the chance at escape very low.

Qin Mu clenched his teeth and laughed out of anger. "This is the first time that I've met a city I can't destroy…"

Luo Wushuang was visibly perplexed.

Suddenly, a melody came. That boat of flesh and blood rushed forward with the countless legs that it had. The many half-bodied men on it sang and played their instruments, from small ones like flutes to large ones like trumpets. All sorts of happy and cheerful melodies were played.

The boat danced while its head's mouth opened and swallowed countless monsters. It chewed them and ate them vigorously. They were clearly crispy.

Monsters who couldn't dodge in time were knocked into the air or stepped on to the point of becoming mud.

Behind the boat, there was a large tube made out of a large intestine that was tilted towards the heavens. Anything the ship couldn't digest was made into dense rolling smoke that was spewed out, which made a long "toot toot" cry.

The ship rushed towards Qin Mu and Luo Wushuang. They felt hopeless. This ship was likely an amalgamation of countless souls, which made it peculiar.

Given their strength at that moment, they couldn't defend themselves at all. All they could do was be eaten by the ship and passed out as dense smoke.

Qin Mu clenched his teeth and glanced at Celestial Venerable Huo's imprint not far away. He suddenly made up his mind.

As Luo Wushuang was using vital qi to create divine knives to kill the approaching monster, he glanced at Qin Mu's gaze and was shocked. He hurriedly asked, "Overlord Body Qin, what are you going to do?"

Qin Mu's vital qi flew out of him and morphed into a sharp sword that went straight for the injured portion of Celestial Venerable Huo's imprint.

Luo Wushuang felt a chill down his spine and shouted, "People in the city, leave now!"

Qin Mu plucked out the core of the Primordial Tree from the heart of Luo Wushuang's brows and stuck it on the ground. It became very thick.

Qin Mu pulled Luo Wushuang, telling him to go prone. "After you go prone, use all of your vital qi to protect your corporeal body and beware of being crushed."

The two men went prone on the Primordial Tree core. As for that weird ship, it had already rushed directly in front of them. At that very moment, the flying sword created from Qin Mu's vital qi had already stabbed the injured point on Celestial Venerable Huo's imprint.

"Bigger, bigger, bigger!"

Qin Mu hollered, "Longer, longer, longer!"

Luo Wushuang was using all of his vital qi to protect his corporeal body. As the vital qi filled his entire body, he snuck a glance and saw Celestial Venerable Huo's imprint become an unbelievably bright light. It filled his vision with bright light before plunging him into darkness.

Almost within the same moment, the Primordial Tree core expanded greatly, lifting them up into the clouds. It grew hundreds of miles tall in an instant!

The strong inertia kept them pressed on the top of the core. Luo Wushuang could only feel his divine blood gathering under his skin. His eyes were almost pressed into his head, and his heart was almost squashed, stuck on the ribs on his back.

His muscles were like paper, perfectly pasted on the core. At the same time, he heard bones fracturing and skin exploding beside him.

'It's over, Overlord Body Qin…'

He was filled with sorrow. If even the corporeal body of a Numinous Sky strong practitioner like him couldn't take the hit, how could Qin Mu?

The bone fracturing sound originated from the moment Qin Mu's bones were shattered by the pressure, while the skin exploding sound originated from the moment Qin Mu's blood flowed into the skin pasted on the core. His skin couldn't take such strong pressure and impact force, and his whole body must have exploded, causing blood to cover the core!

Not only that, his entire corporeal body would be shattered completely, including his brain matter!

'Overlord Body Qin, you severed an arm of mine, and I held a grudge for 40 thousand years, yet you saved my life thrice.'

Luo Wushuang's mind was groggy. 'Unfortunately, I can't pay you back. I wanted to fight you here and let you see my knife skills…'

The core of the Primordial Tree was still expanding, standing straight in the masters of creation's city. It was thousands of miles tall as it grew straight towards that bloody moon in the sky.

Soon, the core was ten thousand miles long and still growing ever taller and longer. It managed to stick out of the Great Void's atmosphere.

This Primordial Tree core roared into the sky and reached the bloody moon, roaring past it.

That blood moon was a giant ball of flesh, likely a giant ball of brain matter. Its weird eyes stared in shock at the pillar whizzing past it.

It should be the brain of a near-omnipotent master of creation of the Great Void. He was likely killed with his brain chopped off. Thus, his brain floated in the Great Void's sky, forming the weird world's moon. Every night, it would play a cheerful and pleasing flute tune.

It forgot to play its flute as flames engulfed everything below.

Beneath it, Celestial Venerable Huo's imprint exploded, and in a moment, the energy contained within it swept through the city and destroyed everything!

At the same time, that drop of Celestial Venerable Huo's divine blood and the sword energy within it was triggered, and a loud and bright fireball enveloped the entire city, expanding outwards and engulfing thousands of miles in an instant. It soon expanded to a radius of ten thousand miles. Everywhere it went, space was broken apart as mountains turned into ashes, rivers evaporated, and the oceans became nothing!

Finally, the wave of divine art beneath settled down, and the Primordial Tree core stopped growing. The vision of Luo Wushuang also became clearer as his blood returned. Although he suffered heavy injuries, he was still alive.

He sat up. The Primordial Tree core had sent him into outer space, where nothing else but him and this large and thick pillar existed.

Luo Wushuang was silent as he looked at the Primordial Tree core, which was akin to a landmass. He was suddenly stunned.

He saw many blood droplets seep out of the Primordial Tree core before automatically coming together to form a heart in outer space.

Many blood vessels grew out of the heart, extending in all directions. Then, smaller vessels grew from it, giving it the form of a human body.

He then saw a brain growing, followed by vital organs and the skeletal system.

Not long after, the human body grew skin and hair to form a naked man that looked exactly like Qin Mu.

Qin Mu lifted his hands, and the shirt lying on the Primordial Tree core flew to him. He shook off the broken bones on it before wearing it.

"Mother Earth really was great to me."

Qin Mu revealed his happiness, while Luo Wushuang remained silent.

"She was so affectionate that she was even willing to give me such a precious artifact. I kept thinking about how to acquire more of such babies like this from her. I really am inept," Qin Mu said gratefully.

Luo Wushuang was silent as he thought, 'This man still looks so disgusting after living through this. He hasn't changed one bit. I blamed him wrongly.'

Clattering sounds came from the air, it was the devil in Luo Wushuang's heart reappearing.

Qin Mu glanced at him, and the Primordial Tree core shrank, returning to the land. The core of the Primordial Tree shrank until it was beneath that bloody moon before stopping.

Luo Wushuang was perplexed as Qin Mu flew from the core. Luo Wushuang wanted to know what he was up to, so he followed him.


Qin Mu hollered once, and the core rapidly expanded, sending the moon into outer space.

That bloody moon gave off a mournful scream as it was knocked far away.

The core shrank again, returning to the atmosphere with the two men standing on top of it. The core shrank to the point of being smaller than the city, which was now a visibly flat white land with a crater in the center.

Qin Mu picked up the core of the Primordial Tree and smelled a burnt smell, so he hurriedly examined the rod. A part of it was charred, and many years' worth of growth rings had fallen off!

Additionally, there were many sword marks on the core. Some parts of it were even chopped in half, likely harmed by the sword energy!

Qin Mu was visibly hurt. "I'm not sure whether Mother Earth will be willing to give me another rod like this…"

He looked into the distance and saw mountain ranges rising and regenerating. One abnormally majestic mountain after another rose from the ground quickly, and the range was about to reach the place they were at.

"Even a Celestial Venerable's divine art can't destroy this place completely?" Qin Mu naturally was dumbstruck.

Luo Wushuang hastily said, "Overlord Body Qin, if we wait for the city to recover, we won't be able to escape!"

The two men speedily flew out of the city's ruin towards the east, and a voice said, "I just saw a magnificent city towards the east. If I go there, I might find clues left behind by Big Brother Wei Suifeng…"

Not long after they left, the land rose again, and the destroyed city rose up as if it were a mirage. The monsters rebuilt themselves as well. It was as if nothing had changed.

All that changed was that Celestial Venerable Huo's imprint and that drop of Celestial Venerable divine blood were now gone, while the others in the city died in that explosion.

Qin Mu looked back at that magnificent and unique city. He was visibly stunned as he thought, 'What did the Great Void's masters of creation experience? Where did they go? Why don't we see them at all?'

Luo Wushuang was thinking about something else entirely. "Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu, are they still alive? The celestial heavens and the Great Void are two different worlds. If their clones died here, their true bodies wouldn't know what happened. If that's the case, I don't need to back out of the celestial heavens."

Qin Mu glanced at him and plainly asked, "Divine Knife Luo, how do you know that Celestial Venerable Xu who entered the Great Void isn't one of them?"

Luo Wushuang was stunned and felt a chill. He forced a smile and said, "Impossible, how could such a coincidence exist?"

Although he said that, he was still unnerved.

Which two Celestial Venerables did Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu reincarnate into?

The sun rose, and the Great Void's monsters receded like the tide, disappearing into the forest. Suddenly, two pitch-black whirlpools appeared, and in the center of them was something akin to an abyss.

A flower grew out of the abyss, and the fresh flower bud bloomed while rotating. Yun Chuxiu was lying on the stamen, looking like a sleeping beauty who had just woken up as she yawned lazily.

In the other abyss, another flower grew out, and after it opened, Lian Huahun stared at Yun Chuxiu while sitting upright.


She quickly stood up and was surrounded by a killer's aura. She coldly said, "It's time to settle our grudge! Today, you will die here!"

Yun Chuxiu giggled. "You're always so uptight and lacking in fun. No wonder Brother-in-law would come into my embrace. You're suited to be Celestial Empress, while I'm suited to be a little lover."

Lian Huahun was furious and was about to act, but Yun Chuxiu hastily asked, "Do you know where your corporeal body is?"

Lian Huahun stopped and coldly said, "You took my corporeal body and were good friends with Celestial Venerable Ling, so my corporeal body is surely on Celestial Venerable Ling's ghost ship."

Yun Chuxiu adjusted her clothes and giggled. "Do you want it back?"

Lian Huahun's gaze fell onto her face and checked her sincerity.

Yun Chuxiu smiled. "Emperor of Endless Clouds, Wei Suifeng, has been sent to the ghost ship already. You should understand who is attempting to find your corporeal body. Mother Earth died but wasn't yet vanquished. Do you think Brother-in-law died so easily?"

Lian Huahun's delicate body shook as she clenched her teeth and asked, "What does that despicable man want with my corporeal body?"

Yun Chuxiu giggled back. "Of course, it's not to make love to you. You and I came from the same source. Neither of us can deal with him single-handedly, so why don't you and I work together? I will help you take back your corporeal body, and you will take back mine. How does that sound?"

Lian Huahun thought for a while before probing, "Where's your corporeal body?"

Yun Chuxiu smiled and said, "Naturally, it's in the hands of that foe Qin Mu."

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