Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 957 - Please Die, Grand Emperor

If the third seal was broken, the Grand Emperor's consciousness would rush towards Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, crush his consciousness, and erase it, turning Qin Mu into another him!

The Three Types of Heavenly Aeons technique that Shu Jun imparted to him nearly disintegrated when facing the Grand Emperor's consciousness. His consciousness was stronger than everyone had expected.

Yue Tingge and Luo Wushuang were extremely nervous when they looked up and saw the Grand Emperor battle the Celestial Emperor seal. Ultimately, the Grand Emperor won and broke the last seal of the Three Types of Heavenly Aeons.

The Three Types of Heavenly Aeons that Shu Jun had imparted was different from the one that Qin Mu modified. After Qin Mu's modification, the last test for it was the ancient Celestial Emperor, which made his Three Types of Heavenly Aeons stronger than the traditional one. Yet it was still broken easily by the Grand Emperor's consciousness.

However, after the three seals, this apparition created by the Grand Emperor's consciousness also weakened greatly.

Yue Tingge looked up into the heavens and saw the apparition getting closer and closer, crushing the stars of Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure to the point that it was continuously shaking.

Yue Tingge and Luo Wushuang's consciousness and vital qi kept surging in, allowing their bodies to grow in size.


Their primordial spirits were faster, and they descended onto Qin Mu's divine treasure and onto the taiji diagram, accommodating themselves with its previous embodiment.

They were of the Emperor's Throne Grand Completion Realm and the Numinous Sky Realm, so the arrival of their primordial spirits naturally trumped that of Qin Mu.

Compared to them, Qin Mu's spirit embryo seemed extremely tiny and inconsequential.

From the heavens above, the Grand Emperor's apparition descended and invaded the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. His huge face looked down and was seemingly curious about Qin Mu's divine treasure.

"A mere dead man like you dares to stir up the waves and the wind?"

Yue Tingge hollered, and behind his primordial spirit, his vital qi morphed into a towering and vast celestial palace. His primordial spirit rose into the heavens to take on the Grand Emperor's apparition.

At that moment, Luo Wushuang clenched his knife and rose into the air to attack the Grand Emperor.

Although the two of them weren't masters of consciousness, their cultivation was enough to convince them that they could put up a fight despite their lacking consciousness.

At that moment, the Grand Emperor's consciousness rolled towards them, and both of their consciousnesses collapsed immediately!

With their consciousnesses collapsed, they lost control of their divine arts and vital qi. Their primordial spirits fell out of the sky and were stunned.

"Use primordial spirit close combat!" Yue Tingge hollered.

Luo Wushuang nodded. Since their divine arts couldn't defeat the Grand Emperor's apparition, their primordial spirits had to personally battle it in close range in order for them to have a chance of getting rid of it.

However, in battle, the primordial spirit was usually used for the long-range deployment of divine arts to kill the opponent. Using it for close combat was a taboo.

This was because the primordial spirit wasn't a corporeal body, but the energy from one's spirit embryo and soul. Thus, if it was killed, one's soul would disperse!

However, they didn't have a better idea then. Thus, they had to resort to it to have a chance of defeating the Grand Emperor apparition.

The Grand Emperor apparition was formed by consciousness and thus had no corporeal body either. His consciousness had no vital qi, his divine arts were weak, and he had no divine weapons. Thus, it was unlikely that he could cause major damage to one's primordial spirit.

The Grand Emperor's figure rushed down, and Yue Tingge and Luo Wushuang's primordial spirits rushed up to meet it. They were about to act when, suddenly, the sound of a roaring dragon and tiger appeared. Multiple ferocious-looking dragons burst forth from the Grand Emperor's body and rushed towards them!

"Is this the visualization divine art that Celestial Venerable Mu talked about, where one uses their consciousness to visualize things?"

Luo Wushuang and Yue Tingge's hearts shuddered. This way of forming a divine art was different from how they cultivated their divine arts. It was a different cultivation system!

Today's divine arts were built on the foundations of runes. Divine arts practitioners learned various runes and used their vital qi to shape the runes to allow them to construct various forms of their divine arts.

During the initial year of the Dragon Han Era, divine arts practitioners studied half-gods and ancient gods along with their runes to comprehend their meaning. They came up with rune systems as a result.

For example, the four spirit divine arts came out of the four precelestial ancient gods—Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise. Youdu divine arts came out of Earth Count, and Xuandu divine arts came out of Heaven Duke. There were also the divine arts systems of Mother Earth and the Star Gods.

This cultivation method had lasted for longer than a million years.

Those that weren't in the rune systems were the Postcelestial Great Daos, like the Great Daos of the sword, knife, painting, martial arts, and music. They were postcelestial constructs that had no runes.

However, the Grand Emperor's apparition displayed a divine art that was outside of this system, belonging to the consciousness visualization system. He visualized things like dragons, phoenixes, gods, devils, and other strong beings to help him fight!

Despite seeing Qin Mu visualize banquets, beauties, and even a divine dragon on the way here, they never saw him use it to battle.

Seeing this combat technique now shocked them.

The divine dragon that the Grand Emperor apparition visualized was many times stronger than Qin Mu's divine dragon. It had a corporeal body that was as strong as experts in the Jade Capital Realm, and it fought against them fearlessly.

The skies were filled with ear-shattering roars from the dragons!

Luo Wushuang and Yue Tingge were strong enough to kill the dragons. However, when their bodies fell out of the sky and onto the taiji diagram, their bodies would disappear and become consciousness torrents that rose into the skies, once more forming divine dragons.

The two of them couldn't kill enough of the dragons and got worried. The Grand Emperor's apparition's consciousness was too strong. If they continued, they would die of exhaustion and be unable to stop it!

A part of the Grand Emperor's apparition's consciousness was used to block them. The apparition shrank and continued towards Qin Mu. It was then that a sacrificial altar appeared in the air in front of him. On it, a giant head opened its eyes as its empty mouth opened and closed. It laughed and said, "Long time no see, Grand Emperor!"

The Grand Emperor apparition, who was about to rush down, stopped as he gazed at that incomplete head. He asked curiously, "Shu Jun? One of the three primordial kings? You're still alive?"

"That's right, I'm still alive!"

The consciousness from Shu Jun's big head rose and morphed into a giant master of creation. He clipped his head beneath his armpits and laughed. "Hehe, you didn't think it was possible, did you? I was able to survive that battle! Grand Emperor, now that I'm here, scram!"

The Grand Emperor apparition gave a cold humph and plainly replied, "You dare to say that given that you lost to me?"


Shu Jun coldly smiled. "If no one gathered the tribesmen to visualize you then, could you have won against the three kings who claimed the emperor's throne? Don't run away now, I'll battle you for 300 rounds!"

The Grand Emperor apparition snickered. "Your body is broken, and your consciousness hasn't recovered. It won't take 300 rounds to battle you."

His body wobbled and split into two. One of the new apparitions faced off against Shu Jun while the other one continued towards Qin Mu.

Shu Jun was furious. "Are you looking down on me? I'll show you my Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge!"

His consciousness burst forth as many star gods and devils of the Supreme Palace Enclosure, Purple Forbidden Enclosure, and Heavenly Market Enclosure appeared. Their starlight morphed into a void storm, and in it, countless imposing gods and devils rushed out. They were identical to the ancient gods in form as they waved their weapons around, rushing towards the Grand Emperor apparition.

"Your Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge is just that, can it beat my Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness?"

That Grand Emperor apparition laughed and visualized various divine beings that battled those of Shu Jun.

Shu Jun was furious, and his big head flew up and rushed towards the Grand Emperor apparition. That Grand Emperor didn't hesitate to meet him. Their collision caused Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure to fall and crack!

The other Grand Emperor apparition came to a gentle stop in front of Qin Mu's spirit embryo and looked at him curiously.

Qin Mu also curiously sized up this legendary being. The grand in Grand Emperor meant ancient, beginning, and initial. The title of Grand Emperor was thus only gifted to the initial and most ancient Celestial Emperor.

Such a being naturally stoked his curiosity.

"Dragon Han Overlord Body, we finally meet." The Grand Emperor apparition smiled.

Qin Mu's heart trembled as he asked, "You know about me?"

"When you were conferred with the title of Celestial Venerable Mu at the Jade Pool Meeting during the first year of the Dragon Han Era, I was there too. It was just that I was at the Celestial Heavens Meeting under Celestial Emperor."

The Grand Emperor apparition continued, "When I heard of your name, you had already left the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens. I hate how I didn't meet you."

Qin Mu smiled. "When I transmigrated to the first year of the Dragon Han Era, I saw many beings whose names were household names, but I also didn't meet many beings. In that case, I suppose you want to take over my body?"

The Grand Emperor apparition shook his head. "I'm not taking over your body, I'm merely borrowing it to live."

Qin Mu was curious. "What do you mean by borrowing it to live. What's the difference between that and taking over my body?"

"There's a big difference."

The Grand Emperor apparition honestly said, "Taking over your body requires devouring your soul and using my soul to occupy it. Borrowing your body to live doesn't touch on the soul and is of a higher level than the former. Souls are important to you all, but we don't rely on them to live. We rely on consciousness."

He gently smiled. "I'll use my powerful consciousness to wipe out yours, but your soul will remain. Thus, technically, the only thing that dies with me borrowing your body to live will be your consciousness. You and your soul won't die. That should be a small comfort for you."

Qin Mu's gaze flashed as he smiled. "Well said, well said. I'm grateful to be able to offer my corporeal body and sacrifice for you. How did you end up here, though?"

The Grand Emperor apparition's expression changed slightly as he shook his head and said, "I'm fine with telling you, it's just that not telling you makes things easier."

He walked forward and said, "You should go to sleep now."

His body suddenly morphed into rolling currents of consciousness that went for the heart of Qin Mu's brows like a column of green smoke. It was trying to drill into Qin Mu's spirit embryo!

Suddenly, the sky became unusually bright, with countless stars shining and forming a beam of light that fell from the heavens in front of Qin Mu. It was a Heaven Duke that looked like an old sage who blocked the flow of consciousness created by the Grand Emperor apparition.

Shua, Shua, Shua. Countless light beams fell from the sky. One star god after another stood up from the taiji diagram and trapped the flow of consciousness.

That flow of consciousness coalesced and became the Grand Emperor apparition again. He sternly looked around him.

At that moment, he saw Earth Count at the back of the taiji diagram beneath him.

All of these beings had Qin Mu's face on them, whether they were Earth Count, Heaven Duke, or the star gods!

The Grand Emperor's apparition's eye jumped, and he laughed. "Celestial Venerable Mu, are you intending to recreate the scene in which the ancient gods surrounded and eliminated me, the primordial master of creation? Nice formation. Although, it seems to be lacking quite a few ancient gods."

"Are you looking for Mother Earth, Heavenly Yin, and the four deities of the four directions of the ancient gods?"

Qin Mu smiled, and behind him, a Primordial Tree seed sprouted and grew into a large tree that reached the heavens. From it, a lady with Qin Mu's face walked out.

At that moment, in the shadow of the Heaven Duke with Qin Mu's face, a female god appeared. It was like the lady prior, who had a male face but a female body.

Following that, the four emperors—Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, Green Dragon, and White Tiger—appeared from the north, south, east, and west of the taiji diagram. They too bore Qin Mu's face.

The Grand Emperor apparition's expression changed slightly, but keeping his cool, he said, "It seems that Shu Jun imparted his Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge to you, and you fused it with the Great Dao runes to achieve this. However, you haven't seen the battle of the Blood Rust Zone from back then. In your formation, two female gods from the Ruins of End are missing. You also lack Celestial Emperor. You cannot defeat me."

Qin Mu smiled. "In the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure world that I opened, I am the celestial emperor."

He shook his body, and it began to expand greatly. His soul and spirit embryo fused into one, and his primordial spirit was large and had a thunderous voice. "If I was going to reuse their method, how could I not have thought about that?"

His primordial spirit morphed into the ancient Celestial Emperor, but it still had his face. He furiously shouted, "Please die, Grand Emperor!"

All around the taiji diagram, Heaven Duke, Earth Count, Mother Earth, Heavenly Yin, the four deities of the four directions, and the star gods rushed to attack the Grand Emperor's apparition!

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