Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 958 - Giving Someone a Taste of Their Own Medicine

In a split second, the Grand Emperor apparition was drowned in the apparitions of ancient gods, like Earth Count and Heaven Duke!


The Grand Emperor apparition was bombarded to pieces by countless attacks. It morphed into rolling consciousness that rose into the sky, then morphed into the Grand Emperor apparition again, with a cape that covered the sky.

He utilized the Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness, and countless apparitions of ancient gods walked out from under his cape.

The Qin Mu Heaven Duke lifted his hand, grabbed him, and hollered, "Get over here!"

A heavenly net fell from the sky like a cape and locked him in place.

The Grand Emperor apparition was about to break out of it when the heavenly cycle star gods utilized the starry sky, which morphed into another heavenly net that fell from the skies and kept him locked in place on the taiji diagram!

The Qin Mu Earth Count's horns became two flaming springs that wrapped around his body, preventing his escape. Mother Earth picked up the Primordial Tree and smashed it on him, shattering him.

The Grand Emperor's consciousness flowed again and flew everywhere on the taiji diagram. Yet, around him, the figures of ancient gods like Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise surrounded him and kept him in the center.

At the same time, Qin Mu's primordial spirit rose into the air. It lifted its palms and smacked down hard on the seals of the four deities!

After a violent tremor, the Grand Emperor's consciousness shattered again!

"You don't understand me at all, Grand Emperor."

Qin Mu landed and stepped into the broken consciousness of the Grand Emperor. Around him were countless consciousness fragments that glowed like glass. His consciousness was almost strong enough to morph into matter without any visualization, which was impressive.

"The strongest part of me isn't my cultivation realm, nor is it my vital qi, which is as deep as a god's, it's my consciousness."

Qin Mu sized up a soul fragment and observed its marvels as he continued, "A long time ago, I was able to rely on my Undying God Consciousness to not die even when I lost my soul. However, after I met Shu Jun and used his Grand Primordium Origin Stone to cultivate the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge, my consciousness cultivation became extremely strong. You entered my divine treasure, which made you think that you broke the Three Types of Heavenly Aeons that I had set down. How did you know I didn't do that on purpose? What if I let you in to refine you and swallow your consciousness?"

"You want to swallow my consciousness?"

Those consciousness fragments that were like glass started to flow, encircling Qin Mu to form a giant whirlpool. The Grand Emperor's voice came and laughed at him. "Just because you cultivated a couple days' worth of Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge, you think you can fight me?"

"Of course not, I wouldn't be able to defeat your consciousness with these alone."

Qin Mu picked up a piece of the consciousness fragment, sized it up, and said, "After all, you're the celestial emperor of the primordial era and the original owner of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone. In addition, you have the complete version of that stone, while I only have a fragment of it."

The Qin Mu Heaven Duke rose and covered the skies. The heavenly cycle star gods orbited the skies while the sun and moon sank into the taiji diagram. The great sun shone brightly as there was a Qin Mu Great Sun Sovereign within. The full moon shone brightly as well, as there was a Qin Mu Great Moon Sovereign within.

Under the taiji diagram, the Qin Mu Earth Count held his whip in anticipation.

Outside, Yue Tingge, Luo Wushuang, and Shu Jun were battling hard now that the Grand Emperor apparition had no way to escape.

"The reason that you're strong isn't just that. You amassed countless ancient masters of creation to visualize you, to strengthen your corporeal body and your consciousness. You are, without a doubt, the strongest practitioner of the primordial times. Shu Jun praised you and said that you had the strongest corporeal body in history."

Qin Mu continued, "In my opinion, the strongest corporeal body might not be you, but you had the strongest consciousness! However, times have changed…"

Suddenly, the Grand Emperor's consciousness fragments amassed again. He recovered his body and used his consciousness, letting multiple devils loose. He broke out of the lock of the ancient four deities that had Qin Mu's face and rose into the air.

"Times have changed. You're already dead, killed by the scheming of many masters of creation in a peculiar place like the Great Void."

Qin Mu looked up and saw that he had rushed into the heavenly web that the Heaven Duke had placed down, and he said, "You died with those masters of creation, and all of your consciousnesses formed this supreme consciousness realm. Most of your consciousness became a part of it, and the amount of consciousness you can use now isn't much."


The Grand Emperor apparition broke again, Heaven Duke and Mother Earth hitting it until it shattered. His divine stone fragments morphed into torrenting currents that went into the taiji diagram as he attempted to leave from beneath it. In the next moment, he met the Qin Mu Earth Count.

Qin Mu's voice came from above the taiji diagram. Separated by it, he looked down at the Youdu world beneath and said, "Every time you broke the Three Types of Heavenly Aeons that I set up, your consciousness was injured. When you came to my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, you were already not in great form. Add to that the defending done by the primordial spirits of masters like Yue Tingge and Luo Wushuang, the former of which being at the Emperor's Throne Grand Completion Realm, and you were forced to expend your consciousness to deal with the both of them."

He didn't continue on, but the Grand Emperor understood him.

When Shu Jun, one of the three primordial kings, blocked him, he had to spend half of his consciousness to deal with it.

The amount of consciousness that faced Qin Mu wasn't much, so Qin Mu seized this opportunity, intending to capture the Grand Emperor's consciousness and then refine it.

He was here to borrow and occupy Qin Mu's body, to live by wiping out his consciousness. Yet, Qin Mu had lured him in to refine his consciousness, with the end goal of obtaining his techniques and memories.

When one eyes the prey, the prey eyes back.

Qin Mu was moved by his Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness, especially after he came to the supreme consciousness realm, which allowed Qin Mu to see another path of cultivation.

Although Shu Jun's Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge was good, even Qin Mu saw its inadequacies, which made him desire the Grand Emperor's Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness.

The four ancient deities with Qin Mu's face sank into Youdu. They worked together with the Qin Mu Earth Count and forced the Grand Emperor apparition out of Youdu to face another blow from Qin Mu that shattered him again!

"How strong of you, Celestial Venerable Mu…"

The Grand Emperor's consciousness fragments rose into the air, and from them came the Grand Emperor's laughter. "I looked down on you and thus allowed you to gain an advantage. Unfortunately, you don't understand the Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness!"

The Qin Mu Heaven Duke immediately went to stop him, but the broken fragments of consciousness moved and flowed into his body as soon as they came into contact with him!

The Qin Mu Heaven Duke's expression changed greatly, his face contorting. In the next moment, it was as if he had two faces rapidly shaking. It was as if two people were fighting for his body within it!

This situation was like two Heaven Dukes trying to split from one body!

Qin Mu's expression also changed, and he rushed forward. Unexpectedly, however, when he came to the Qin Mu Heaven Duke, his consciousness within the Qin Mu Heaven Duke had already been refined and swallowed by the Grand Emperor's consciousness!

The face of the Qin Mu Heaven Duke became that of the Grand Emperor!

The Grand Emperor Heaven Duke laughed as consciousness fragments flowed out and drilled into the bodies of the 360 star gods that had Qin Mu's face.

Those star gods experienced the same thing as the Qin Mu Heaven Duke. Their faces violently contorted before becoming that of the Grand Emperor!

"As long as I agree, I can even make the world become me!"

The Grand Emperor's consciousness flowed like floodwater towards the four deities, Mother Earth, and Heavenly Yin conjured by Qin Mu. He laughed and said, "Unfortunately, that would be boring."

Qin Mu rushed forward and taunted, "Unfortunately, you're still dead. You were beaten up by the ancient gods, and you fell to the scheming of the masters of creation! You were defeated twice, and today will be the third time!"

The 360 star gods led by the Grand Emperor Heaven Duke blocked Qin Mu as the Grand Emperor apparition sent his countless consciousness fragments rushing towards Qin Mu Mother Earth, like countless sparrows made out of jade glass, in an attempt to make her his minion.

Qin Mu's expression sank as he sent the Grand Emperor Heaven Duke and various star gods that the Grand Emperor had converted into the air with a smack. However, he was helpless against the peculiar and unpredictable Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness.

The strength of the Grand Emperor exceeded his expectations. He thought that he had captured him, but the Grand Emperor was able to use his marvelous Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness to turn the tables!

"However, in the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure that I opened, I am the celestial emperor. This is my realm, my world! I am the master here!"

Qin Mu hollered, and the skies changed as 49 Heavenly Daos appeared. They included the heavenly web, heavenly order, heavenly begging, heavenly seal, heavenly machine, and various other Heavenly Great Daos that materialized into tall and ancient-looking gods who descended from the heavens to trap the Grand Emperor Heaven Duke.

Another 23 heavenly gods appeared and helped the 49 gods lock the Grand Emperor Heaven Duke in place. With a pull, the 49 Heavenly Daos and 23 Xuandu Great Daos were pulled out of his body, causing him to collapse and leaving behind nothing but consciousness.

Those bits of consciousness flew about, trying to escape before being trapped by the 49 Heavenly Dao gods and 23 Xuandu gods. They worked together and smashed the bits of consciousness into pieces.

The heavenly bottle god waved his hand, and a heavenly bottle appeared for the storage of the bits of consciousness.

The 72 gods orbited the heavenly bottle at an ever-increasing speed, imprinting their own divine arts on it to suppress the Grand Emperor's consciousness.

On the other side, the Grand Emperor apparition rushed into the Qin Mu Mother Earth's body, making her his. At the same moment, 36 Yuandu Dao gods walked out of the Primordial Tree to trap the Grand Emperor Mother Earth, pulling the 36 Yuandu Great Daos out of her body, leaving behind only the Grand Emperor's consciousness.

The Grand Emperor apparition immediately ran away into Youdu. As for the consciousness in the Grand Emperor Mother Earth, it was refined by Qin Mu.

The Grand Emperor assimilated the Qin Mu Earth Count and immediately saw 64 devil gods come out of the darkness. They were a form of the 64 Great Daos of Youdu, and they worked together to dissolve the Grand Emperor Earth Count.

The Grand Emperor apparition was furious, and he ran straight for Qin Mu's primordial spirit. He taunted, "Celestial Venerable Mu, can you still break down your legend into various Great Daos?"

Qin Mu's primordial spirit suffered a great shock as its body was invaded by the Grand Emperor. Its face became contorted as two faces violently changed.

At that moment, the countless gods like Heaven Duke, Earth Count, Mother Earth, and Heavenly Yin descended and surrounded Qin Mu with their palms stuck out.

"This is giving you a taste of your own medicine!"

Many gods pulled, and Qin Mu instantly fell apart into strings of Great Daos made out of countless runes, leaving behind only the Grand Emperor's consciousness!

The Grand Emperor's consciousness was about to escape when strings of rune Great Daos coalesced to form Qin Mu's body. He pressed his palm down, and the other gods' palms pushed forward.

Zhnng, zhnng, zhnng. The crisp sound continued as four impenetrable walls emerged to trap the Grand Emperor within!

The Grand Emperor's consciousness became as desperate and rash as wolves and boars, yet he still couldn't escape. He was shocked, surprised, and furious as he asked, "How can your primordial spirit dissolve itself?"

"That's because I originally had no soul and was a mere bunch of consciousness. My soul was created when I broke the ground."

Qin Mu looked up and saw that the consciousness of the Grand Emperor that was fighting Shu Jun, Yue Tingge, and Luo Wushuang rushed outside. He didn't dare to fight him anymore. Qin Mu couldn't help but laugh. "Grand Emperor, you're too timid."


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