Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 962 - The Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure Realm

Luo Wushuang was shocked. This blade from Qin Mu was extremely sharp. It stabbed through his first heaven without alerting Luo Wushuang of its power.

He was young when he entered the path with the knife. The first move he learned was Opening the Green Sea Clouds. When it was unleashed, it was as if a green sea was shrouded by clouds. When the clouds opened, the knife skill would change as torrenting waves descend from the heavens.

This move was the first move he learned when he entered the path. At that time, he had accumulated little and wasn't so exquisite. Thus, it was normal that it was broken.

Yet, in the next moment and in the next blade, Qin Mu broke his knife path's second heaven, Jade Lock Urgent Snow. This way of entering the path required the use of divine arts. The knife light morphed into flying snow that bombarded the enemy while the mysterious ice formed a jade lock that locked the cold in.

When the jade lock opened, the killing blow would appear. The blizzard would oppress one's face while the jade lock closed in, crushing the opponent between them.

Countless strong practitioners died under this divine art of his.

However, this move was busted by Qin Mu's blade.

Qin Mu's sword stabbed through his Jade Lock Urgent Snow, sweeping through the blizzard and crushing the jade lock and the icy environment he created.

The third heaven of his knife path was called Sudden Armored Cavalry. When used, celestial armored cavalry with golden weapons would descend from the heavens. However, it proved to be useless as well, for Qin Mu's sword light leveled the cavalry.

The fourth heaven of Luo Wushuang's knife path was called Moving Light Multi-storied Building. With one cleave, the knife light would morph into a 33-story building, which the killing blow would appear from.

Yet, the building was pierced by the sword light and collapsed on the spot.

Soon, the fifth heaven, the sixth heaven, and the seventh heaven were used…

His knife skill was called Knife Path Sky, and it contained 14 knife skill divine arts to enter the path with. These 14 knife skill divine arts formed the 14 heavens. Here, he planned to settle the battle with one hit. Thus, he overlaid the 14 heavens as if they collapsed from the sky.

Qin Mu pierced through all of them with one blade, which caused him to shudder.

The good thing was that after he pierced through nine of them, his momentum and power weakened, which relieved him slightly.

If Qin Mu had pierced through his 14 heavens with one stroke, there was no need to continue the battle, as he would abandon the knife and concede.

Unexpectedly, after the weakening of Qin Mu's blade's momentum, the sword skill changed. The Opening Calamity Sword became the Raising Calamity Sword. One sword light morphed into ten thousand jumping ones. Each one of them trembled before morphing into a floating flower.

In a split second, ten thousand flowers floated about, filling the ninth heaven of his knife path fully.

The ninth heaven of his knife path was called The Nine Locks to Opening the Gate of Heaven. It was an imposing stroke. Yet, the sword light filled the interior of the Gate of Heaven and its nine locks and swept through them, crushing the gate.

Luo Wushuang had heard about Qin Mu's Raising Calamity Sword, it was the one that made him famous.

In the first year of the Dragon Han Era, Qin Mu used this sword skill to heavily injure Celestial Venerable Hao under the suppression of Mistress Yuanmu's projection, causing him to lie in bed for thousands of years, unable to take care of himself.

From then on, this skill of his became the stuff of legends. Later on, many intelligent youngsters tried to imitate it, and all of them failed.

The Raising Calamity Sword became a lost ultimate art after Qin Mu's disappearance, becoming the legendary invincible blade. Until the Eternal Peace Era, where Qin Mu had pioneered it by himself.

The great thing about it was that it was a rudimentary skill, known as the nineteenth sword.

Without the previous 18 rudimentary skills, one couldn't learn it. Yet, by learning it, one could enter the path of the sword directly!

This meant that the Raising Calamity Sword could combine with other sword skills to form countless different sword skills!

This was the greatest and most peculiar bit about the Raising Calamity Sword.

In the Primordial Realm, Qin Mu used this move to kill many strong enemies. However, it had yet to be broken by anybody. Even Celestial Venerable Hao himself couldn't break his skill or find a flaw in it.

Visibly, this Raising Calamity Sword was going to break the thirteenth heaven of his knife path, but the force in this divine art of Qin Mu's was finally expended, and Luo Wushuang was relieved. The thirteenth and the fourteenth heaven came to the top of Qin Mu's head, imposing themselves on him!

At this moment, he saw the black and white taiji diagram beneath Qin Mu expand, becoming around a hundred miles long, turning the golden desert black and white.

In it, the sun sunk while the moon rose. The moonlight was bright.

'What a frightening cultivation!'

Luo Wushuang's heart turned cold as the blades collided. Qin Mu towered beneath the Primordial Tree as if he was rooted to the desert, his body unable to be moved.

The force of both of Luo Wushuang's knife path heavens was able to pressure the surrounding taiji diagram, causing it to shake. Yet, Qin Mu's body remained still.

'This level of cultivation represents the combination of one's corporeal body and primordial spirit. Is this the effect of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure Realm?'

Luo Wushuang turned to his left, and his knife light rose again. Qin Mu seemed as if he hadn't moved at all, but he still faced the front of Qin Mu's face.

The two men fought with great speed. Luo Wushuang swung his knife and sped up, the knife light pouring out like a waterfall. Yet, no matter where he turned, he was facing the front of Qin Mu's face, shocking him.

Qin Mu never turned at all, surprising him!

In Luo Wushuang's heart, an incomparably preposterous feeling arose. It was as if Qin Mu had countless faces. No matter which angle he attacked from, he was facing the front of Qin Mu's face. There was no flaw to exploit, and he ended up always facing Qin Mu's strongest attack!

In battle, the movement trajectory of a person's actions, muscles, veins, bones, essence, and blood caused multiple breakable flaws.

Even the movement of vital qi on the skin surface would create flaws.

These flaws weren't flaws in the technique, they were flaws created by the movement of a divine arts practitioner's body. Divine arts, which were used to kill enemies, were also used to make up for these flaws.

It was just that Luo Wushuang was unable to find any flaws in Qin Mu's body when he was in such a state!

'This is a rogue divine art!'

Luo Wushuang clenched his teeth. He thought that it must be Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure that was causing this. He remembered that Qin Mu had once said that he was the celestial emperor and the master in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure when he was invaded by the Grand Emperor's consciousness in the supreme consciousness realm.

Now, Luo Wushuang understood what the Grand Emperor then felt.

Qin Mu turned hundreds of miles worth of desert into his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, forming a peculiar realm, one which made him hard to fight with his knife skill divine arts alone.

What really shocked him was how Qin Mu used the supreme consciousness realm in his divine treasure, learning it after entering it.

Other people couldn't turn their divine treasures into a realm like him.

The most crucial reason was Qin Mu turning the seven divine treasures into one. He was unrivaled in the attainment of divine treasures. Even Celestial Venerables couldn't supersede him in divine treasure cultivation.

Yet, he opened heaven and earth, turning his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure into a mini-universe, which gave birth to a soul that merged with the spirit embryo to form the primordial spirit. The primordial spirit thus became the master of this universe, naturally forming a distinct realm.

'To defeat his rogue techniques, I must destroy his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure!'

When Luo Wushuang thought about this, his knife light exploded forth again. This time, it was aimed not at Qin Mu but at heaven and earth. It cut through the sky and the land!

Qin Mu's realm immediately became unstable, and his aura weakened. At that moment, heaven and earth flipped over, and so did the black and white desert. The rules of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth had changed.

Shocked, Luo Wushuang watched his corporeal body, essence, and blood molt away rapidly. He became a mere skeleton who couldn't feel his corporeal body!

This was Youdu.

It was the Youdu created by Qin Mu's own power!

Without his corporeal body, Luo Wushuang's magic power dropped dramatically. Qin Mu's sword light flew about, so Luo Wushuang lifted his knife to block it. Yet, his corporeal body was gone, so his magic power and force fell, as if to a lower realm.


The sword light pierced through his knife path's 14 heavens and stopped abruptly when it reached the heart of his brows.

Luo Wushuang dispersed the knife in his hand, and the jumping knife light in his eyes also extinguished itself. His breath became exhausted as he said tartly, "Forty thousand years. I waited for 40 thousand years to fight you again. Unexpectedly, I still lost…"

Qin Mu dispersed his sword light, and the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure's realm disappeared. The golden desert reappeared, still just as hot as a heatwave hit them.

"You didn't lose to my sword skills, so don't be so sad."

Qin Mu walked forward, smiling. "You lost to my divine art. My sword skills might not beat your knife skills. On the topic of the knife, I still need to seek guidance from you in many places."

Luo Wushuang sighed. He looked pathetic as he said, "You beat me with your sword skills then, and I spent 40 thousand years bitterly training my knife skills, hoping that one day your sword would lose to my knife. Today, your sword skills might not be able to beat my knife skills, but your divine art still beat me. How many years must I bitterly train and comprehend to be able to beat your divine art?"

This defeat disappointed him, but it also relieved him. It was as if he let go of a heavy burden.

"One hundred and twenty thousand years."

Qin Mu walked up, saying, "You owe me three lives. Each of them lasts for 40 thousand years. You have 120 thousand years to comprehend things to beat me."

He looked back and smiled. "Divine Knife Luo, aren't you coming too?"

Luo Wushuang was stunned and followed him quickly, saying, "Your spirit embryo realm has a large flaw. If I break your Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, it becomes easy to kill you. This technique that you comprehended from the supreme consciousness realm isn't perfect."

Qin Mu humbly asked for guidance, saying, "When you attacked heaven and earth, I realized that. So, Divine Knife Luo, how should I modify and perfect it?"

Luo Wushuang hesitated, saying, "Overlord Body Qin, you don't need to call me Divine Knife Luo all the time. I'm older than you by 40 thousand years. If you don't mind, you can call me Brother Luo."

Qin Mu couldn't help but laugh. "I'm already Dao brothers with Zhe Huali, so how can I call you Brother Luo?"

Luo Wushuang sternly said, "I already broke all ties with Zhe Huali, and he's no longer my disciple. You are a Celestial Venerable, so calling me Brother Luo is giving me an advantage."

He thought about it, smiled, and continued, "I don't know how to conduct myself in the celestial heavens. I have few friends, and the disciples under me are kids from powerless families who are unable to escape my shadow. They often cut off their own arms as well and are poor people. Zhe Huali was the only one who walked out of my shadow and knife path. I admired him for it."

He thought about Zhe Huali and couldn't help but feel a sweet warmth in his heart.

Zhe Huali only walked out of his shadow after contacting Qin Mu. Thus, his feelings towards Qin Mu were contradictory. This was also why he didn't strike out against him after going down to Eternal Peace.

"I don't know enough about realms to guide you, but the supreme consciousness realm is made out of consciousness. The masters of creation and the Grand Emperor didn't use their divine treasures or celestial palaces."

Luo Wushuang thought about this, saying, "Using your Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure to create a realm is the same as handing over your weakness to an enemy. If you could do it without using the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, then there would be no weaknesses. It's just that in its application, it might be slightly lacking and not be as unpredictable as the realm of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure."

Qin Mu had a eureka moment. "Brother Luo, you make a lot of sense. It's just that I can only create a realm with the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. If I don't use it, my cultivation can't catch up nor have as many changes."

Luo Wushuang thought about this. "Then, can you use the magic power and Great Dao runes that one normally uses to refine the realm before it's released in battle?"

Qin Mu's eyes lit up, and he praised him, "It's a good idea! I can imprint divine arts in the realm too. After a great deal of refining, the realm will be stronger and not weaker than the realm of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure! By the way, Brother Luo, you can create the knife path sky realm!"

Luo Wushuang stopped. He was stumped. Yet, after a while, he became violently happy and laughed, his laughter rumbling in the golden desert.

"Knife path sky realm! Great, how great!"

"This is a reform, Brother Luo! You are now in the ranks of reforming things!"

"This, too, is a reform?"

"This is exactly a reform. I still have an unreasonable request. You can't stay in the celestial heavens anymore, and I still have some properties in the lower bound. Have you heard of the Heavenly Saint Cult? I lack the necessary skills to be the cult master. Now, we are in need of people like you. Truth be told, the number one consciousness practitioner of the celestial heavens, Yan Shaoqing, is already in. If we add the number one divine knife of the celestial heavens to that…"

They slowly left the place they battled. Soon, space cracked open, and a deep abyss appeared. Lian Huahun walked out of it, looked around, and followed Qin Mu and Luo Wushuang's footprints.

'Celestial Venerable Mu, I thought you had died since you disappeared for half a year. I didn't think I would be able to sense your divine art. Today, I will use Celestial Venerable Hao's remaining 18 ways to kill Mu to send you off to die.'

Another great Ruins of End abyss appeared after she left, and a flower bloomed in it. Yun Chuxiu lay in it lazily before jumping out of it. She followed Lian Huahun's footprints with great energy—jumping around, playing with the braids that reached her waist, and swaying around.

'Where did he go during the half a year he was missing? How petty of him to not bring me along. Now that he has reappeared, Sister will deal with him, and then he will drop my crystal coffin on top of other treasures!'

This young lady excitedly said, "Afterwards, I can kill my sister, and I will be free from troubles!"

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