Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 964 - If One Doesn't Work Hard When One's Young, It Will Be Useless to Mourn When One's Old

"That lady is Celestial Venerable Xu?"

Qin Mu focused his gaze. Yue Tingge once said that the Void Bridge was extremely treacherous. As an Emperor's Throne Grand Completion Realm being, even he didn't dare to step foot on it. This was considering how powerful Yue Tingge was despite faking insanity and not being mentally stable.

The fact that he didn't dare to step foot on it was a testament to its danger.

Yet, Celestial Venerable Xu was different. This lady was already deep inside the Void Bridge, a testament to her incredible power.

Qin Mu frowned. Yue Tingge lured the two Celestial Venerables into the supreme consciousness realm. Celestial Venerable Huo was stuck there, so how did Celestial Venerable Xu escape?

Why did Celestial Venerable Huo tell him to be careful of Celestial Venerable Xu?

Was there a deeper meaning to his words?

Why must Celestial Venerable Xu cross the bridge? Was it to find the missing masters of creation or to find Carefree Village?

'Considering how treacherous this Void Bridge is, I probably can't cross it. Let's forget about it.'

Qin Mu's gaze flashed as he thought, 'The Paramita Ark created by the Heavenly Works God Race during the Founding Emperor Era can travel to Carefree Village as long as I avoid the detection of the celestial heavens. As long as I recover that ark, I can take it to Carefree Village, so I don't need to risk it here.'

The star compass of the ark was still with him. When Village Chief gave him the compass, he sealed it. He told him that he would only allow him to drive the ark to find Carefree Village when he was powerful enough to break the seal open.

Now, although Qin Mu was likely still not as powerful as Village Chief, it was easy to break his seal.

The ark was heavily damaged. However, Qin Mu was able to use Wei Suifeng's topographic map to find the strongest brain hiding in the Supreme Brightness Heaven of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens and obtain the ark's blueprint.

The only hard part was how the ark was a tool created by the Heavenly Works God Race to go to Carefree Village. The celestial heavens must have a lot of surveillance on that boat.

It would be nearly impossible to avoid the celestial heavens' detection!

'Or, I could build another Paramita Ark…'

He calculated the possibility. 'However, to create another ark, one would need hundreds of thousands of Heavenly Workers working together. I can't find so many of them, and even if I did, my plan would be leaked, making me a bigger target. Or…'

He came up with a ridiculous plan. Once he thought about it, he couldn't stop thinking about it, making him restless!

'Or, I can visualize the ark.'

'If I follow the blueprint imprinted in my head, I can use it to visualize the ark!'

'As long as I visualize it, with the star compass, I can cross the Void Bridge and even find Carefree Village!'

His heart moved greatly. In the outside world, he was heavily monitored, for he was Celestial Venerable Mu. Because of that, he was unable to escape the ears and eyes of the celestial heavens.

However, the Great Void was different.

Only Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu, out of the celestial heavens' experts, could reasonably survive the Great Void. Others, like Yue Tingge, might not be able to do so.

Here, as long as he avoided Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu, he could visualize the Paramita Ark as much as he wanted and drive it through the Void Bridge!

'However, before that, I need to elevate my cultivation to the Celestial Palace Realm. This way, I can attempt to cultivate the Grand Emperor's Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness. With it, I can swiftly visualize the Paramita Ark!'

Qin Mu went to do it immediately. He hadn't opened the celestial palace yet, but he had opened divine treasures about 20 to 30 times already, making it easy for him.

However, the people in the Dragon Han Era opened the celestial palace by feeling the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, using the power of the ancient gods there to open it in their bodies.

At that point, the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens was still in the mortal realm despite being high up. Men and gods were in the same realm, which made it easy to feel the celestial heavens and use its power and that of the ancient gods to open the celestial palace.

When a divine arts practitioner was opening the celestial palace, the buildings within like the Southern Heavenly Gate, Jade Pool, God Execution Stage, and Numinous Sky Hall were imprints of such buildings in the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, which made it convenient.

However, in the Great Void, there were no such shortcuts.

Hence, Qin Mu used visualization to visualize the layout of the celestial heavens, starting with its full appearance, before he opened the void to open the Celestial Palace Realm.

They were staying in the last gathering place of the masters of creation, so Luo Wushuang guarded him against potential enemies.

Qin Mu meditated for quite a long time, visualizing. A Southern Heavenly Gate that was like glassy jade appeared in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, and the runes on it gradually became clear as well.

Soon, the Green Wave Bridge that was needed to cross the celestial river appeared. A golden dragon whose mouth was like a great sun danced around, while a phoenix whose head was vermillion-red in color set foot.

Within it was the Lifespan Stage, Heavenly Street, Heavenly Market, Palace Roads, Water Mansion, Three Platforms, Heavenly Base, and Three Masters. Going inside along the celestial river, the Jade Platform emerged. The vast Jade Pool, with the green sea and divine mountains, began to appear.

Crossing the Jade Pool, one would reach the Left and Right Feathered Forest, Left and Right Dragon Martial, Left and Right Divine Martial, Left and Right Divine Stratagem, and the ten imperial guards of the Left and Right Divine Awe, before reaching the God Execution Stage.

After the God Execution Stage was the Jade Capital and Numinous Sky Hall.

The first celestial palace Qin Mu visualized was in accordance with the present celestial heavens. He understood the Great Dao runes of the various ancient gods, and having them imprinted on each palace and hall of the celestial heavens would only make his celestial palace more complete and perfect than those opened in the past.

However, visualization was just that. With it alone, he couldn't turn the celestial palace into reality.

He still needed to open the void and the celestial palace.

In the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, Qin Mu's primordial spirit stood on the black and white taiji diagram. Stomping on it, it rapidly expanded, and the Primordial Tree grew ever more verdant and beautiful.

As the taiji diagram expanded, Qin Mu retrieved the jade bottle that sealed the primordial liquid, extracting a drop of it carefully. He flicked it, and it flew out onto the taiji diagram. Immediately, a raging sea emerged!

Qin Mu took out another drop of it, which morphed into a celestial river with roaring waves. The Primordial Tree behind him was uprooted into the void!

Qin Mu's primordial spirit remained on the taiji diagram, and it didn't follow the celestial river into the void, instead, commanding it to flow on the taiji diagram landmass.

Qin Mu frowned. He didn't have the Great Dao runes of the Ruins of End's abyss, making him unable to visualize it.

He was only able to get the celestial river to flow around the taiji string in the center of the taiji diagram. At the end of it, the river morphed into the torrenting ghost river that flowed down towards Youdu around Earth Count.

'Mistress Yuanmu's corporeal body is with me. I will retrieve her for research when I have time, to understand the Great Dao runes of the Ruins of End!'

He retrieved another drop of the primordial liquid, which he flicked.

It began to expand before landing, becoming pure energy, as if it was a torrenting ocean about to land.

At the same time, Qin Mu utilized the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to adjust all of his vital qi to bombard the area around the taiji diagram!

Quite a bit of vital qi flew out from all areas of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, crisscrossing and inciting the energy in the primordial liquid. The vital qi collided into it, and a Southern Heavenly Gate was erected, followed by thousands of palaces and halls.

In a split second, buildings like the Green Wave Bridge, Lifespan Stage, Heavenly Street, Heavenly Market, Palace Roads, Water Mansion, and Three Platforms emerged, from the foundation to the roof. It was as if an invisible hand was painting, or as if an invisible worker was working to create this vast celestial palace!

The celestial palace appeared, surrounded by glorious and bright red clouds and shrouded by bluish-green fog.

The energy of that drop of primordial liquid was depleted.

This celestial palace was different from that of other people. Others' celestial palaces were often built on the banks that the divine bridge rested on. That, or on the celestial river. Qin Mu's celestial palace was built directly on the taiji diagram.

The ocean he created from the first drop of primordial liquid had already become the Jade Pool's sea, forming a part of this celestial palace.

Qin Mu retrieved another drop of it while the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and his vital qi were still running, looking to create another celestial palace!

This celestial palace's buildings were based on dragons. On the God Execution Stage, the blades were made out of two dragon coils.

Qin Mu retrieved a fifth drop of the liquid, and a third celestial palace emerged!

This celestial palace sat on the backside of the taiji diagram and had darkness as its main theme. The pitch-black celestial palace had a pitch-black sun and moon, while the reflection of Qin Mu formed Earth Count's figure. This dark celestial palace floated between the horns of the Qin Mu Earth Count.

He flicked out a sixth drop of the liquid, and a fourth celestial palace emerged!

This celestial palace was on the taiji diagram, and its theme was based on three-headed and six-armed gods and devils.

After its formation, Qin Mu retrieved the seventh drop of the primordial liquid, and the fifth celestial palace was erected. This celestial palace was a sword celestial palace filled with the energy of swords!

He retrieved the eighth drop of the liquid, and the spirit of the martial path filled the heaven and earth. His vital qi created the sixth celestial palace behind him, the celestial palace of the martial path!

The ninth drop of the liquid flew out, and Qin Mu's breath became paper and ink. Half of the painting path celestial palace formed to his left.

The tenth drop of the liquid flew out, and an astonishing knife light came out as half of the knife path celestial palace formed to his right.

The eleventh drop of the liquid flew out and created half of the medicine celestial palace.

The twelfth drop formed half of the divine art celestial palace.

The thirteenth drop formed half of the forging celestial palace.

The fourteenth drop flew out and formed half of the Buddhist path celestial palace.

The fifteenth drop flew out and formed half of the stealing celestial palace.

The sixteenth drop formed half of the formation celestial palace.

Once the sixteen drops of the primordial liquid were depleted, Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure no longer changed. Some of the celestial palaces were completed, while some weren't. They crisscrossed and formed different peculiarities. In total, there were 14 celestial palaces.

Others thought that his techniques merged three or four Emperor's Throne techniques, which was right. His Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique merged Emperor's Throne techniques, such as those of Crimson Emperor, Light Emperor, and Mahakala, as well as the Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique. His Mahakala's Dark Mo Jia Sutra was incomplete, making it only half of a celestial palace.

However, Qin Mu entered the path with the sword and had unrivaled sword path divine arts, allowing him to build a sword celestial palace. He also comprehended the martial path and had researched the Martial Arts Heavenly Technique of Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha. Therefore, having his martial path spirit morph into a celestial palace was natural.

However, the other Postcelestial Great Daos like the knife, painting, stealing, formations, divine arts, forging, and medicine that he possessed were all learned from the elders of Disabled Elderly Village.

Although Qin Mu never entered the path in those ways, the elders of Disabled Elderly Village did. They just had low cultivation, which prevented their techniques and divine arts from reaching the level of the celestial palace.

The elders of Disabled Elderly Village gave him a figurative seed, which now sprouted.

Thus, on the surface, Qin Mu seemed to have only cultivated several Emperor's Throne techniques. In reality, he had quite a few.

'When I return to Eternal Peace, I must get Village Chief and the other elders there to train properly and comprehend properly in order to raise their cultivation realm and understanding!'

Qin Mu's primordial spirit walked under the main celestial palace's Southern Heavenly Gate. Feeling its force, he felt some pain inside as he thought, 'If one doesn't work hard when one's young, it will be useless to mourn when one's old! If Village Chief and the elders don't work hard, I can't perfect the other celestial palaces.'

'In the past, they forced me to train and practice hard, now I must do the same to them! It's only when they cultivate the celestial palace that my celestial heavens will be complete.'

His primordial spirit was heavily pressured by the Southern Heavenly Gate. In the meantime, his projections walked into the Southern Heavenly Gates of the various celestial palaces and were crushed one after another.

Qin Mu frowned. He wanted to cross the 14 celestial palaces and become a true god immediately, but it was difficult for him.

This was because of how the techniques of the other celestial palaces were often incomplete, making it hard for him to pass through all 14 of them to become a true god.

He sighed and opened his eyes.

Luo Wushuang's voice came over. "Overlord Body Qin, I noticed that your cultivation suddenly became stronger, what happened to you?"

Qin Mu unhappily said, "I became a god after my cultivation."

Luo Wushuang asked peculiarly, "This is a good thing, why are you still frowning? You are only around 30 years old. Becoming a true god at this age is already impressive. Another thing, Celestial Venerable Xu is stuck."

"I'm barely two years old, not 30 years old. Celestial Venerable Xu is stuck?"

Qin Mu leaped towards the Void Bridge, happily proclaiming, "Nice, now no one in the Great Void can threaten me!"

"Is that so, Celestial Venerable Mu?" A clear and cold voice came from behind him.

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