Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 965 - A Righteous Gentleman

Qin Mu turned his head around to look, only to see Lian Huahun striding over. She must have followed Luo Wushuang and his trail all the way here.

However, the weather and sky within the golden desert were unpredictable, and there were also many strange things there. She probably encountered several strange occurrences within the desert and was thus a few days late in discovering this final gathering place of the masters of creation.


Qin Mu wasn't humble at all. He shifted his gaze away from Lian Huahun and looked towards the Void Bridge. With a calm expression, he continued, "There is no longer anyone in the Great Void who can threaten me. Not you, Celestial Empress, and not Mistress Yuanmu."

The reason he didn't continue to watch Lian Huahun was that Lian Huahun's appearance resembled Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu a little. She had a slender waist with a large chest, and when she walked, she was as graceful as a leopard, with her waist and bottom looking very firm—it was all very attractive to him.

'Could Celestial Empress be aware of what I like?'

Qin Mu was shocked. 'She is quite well-researched on me, targeting my weakness. Yet, I don't know much about her.'

He was, however, unaware that Celestial Empress hadn't transformed into Lian Huahun to target him. Instead, she was trying to evoke Celestial Venerable Hao's affections for his mother. It just so happened that her appearance as Lian Huahun had also matched Qin Mu's standards of beauty.

Qin Mu suppressed his strange thoughts as he continued to stare at the Void Bridge.

There, Celestial Venerable Xu was truly stuck. Although she was powerful without limits, she was facing a dangerous situation at the end of the Void Bridge.

The Void Bridge was made up of disjointed segments, and towards the end of the bridge, the parts that were broken off were even longer. If it was merely the void getting destroyed and collapsing on itself, it wouldn't be able to trap Celestial Venerable Xu. However, the void there would also shrink and collapse. Not only that, when it reached a maximum point of collapsing, there would be terrifying strange explosions as well!

It was as though the void was breathing through this sort of collapsing and inflating. Yet, between each exhalation and inhalation, beyond the Void Bridge, there would be countless small universes being born and then destroyed. Their lives and deaths were similar to evanescent light, yet they were still extremely powerful.

Even an almost unmatchable existence like Celestial Venerable Xu was having difficulties with every step she was taking at this moment. She was caught in a dangerous situation where she could neither advance nor retreat.

Her celestial palaces floated and shook as they were greatly damaged by the apocalyptic sight at the Void Bridge, resulting in her cultivation being lacking compared to before.

'Her celestial palaces were opened, not created from visualization. If they were created from visualization, they would be able to be destroyed and reformed as well. She might even have the chance to directly arrive at the other side of the Great Void.'

Qin Mu retracted his gaze and thought to himself, 'Celestial Venerable Xu doesn't know the visualization technique. That might mean that she's not the master of creation hidden within the celestial heavens.'

A master of creation hiding within the celestial heavens was a guess of Qin Mu's.

There were many suspicious points with regard to the death of Celestial Venerable Yun. Celestial Venerable Yun had been killed by a master of creation and had been cursed with the bloodline curse. When Qin Mu helped Yun Jianli by lifting the curse, he had also encountered that master of creation's consciousness.

He had previously guessed that this master of creation was the Grand Emperor. The Grand Emperor had died in the Land of the Great Void, yet for a master of creation, the death of the corporeal body and the soul didn't equal true death. Only when the consciousness had perished could that be considered true death.

Whether or not the Grand Emperor had changed his complete appearance to live within the celestial heavens, that would then be an unknown.

However, judging from Celestial Venerable Xu's situation on the Void Bridge, Celestial Venerable Xu was most probably not the Grand Emperor.

If she was the Grand Emperor, she could have made use of her formidable consciousness to cross the Void Bridge.

Of course, there was also the possibility that she hadn't made use of her true powers so as not to risk exposing her true identity.

Lian Huahun walked over, glancing at Luo Wushuang before immediately shifting her gaze to Celestial Venerable Xu, who was trapped on the Void Bridge. She laughed coldly. "Hypocrite."

Qin Mu jolted slightly and asked her, "Good little sister, why do you call Celestial Venerable Xu a hypocrite?"

"Good little sister?"

Lian Huahun snorted coldly before replying leisurely, "You dare call me 'good little sister'? I want your head, and no one will be able to save you."

She paused for a while before continuing, "Celestial Venerable Xu's true abilities aren't limited to such. Yet, she has been refraining from using her true abilities for fear of exposing her true capabilities to others. She would rather be caught in such a dangerous situation than reveal her true abilities, how hypocritical."

Qin Mu burst out laughing. "Isn't Empress like that as well? If you truly wanted to deal with me, you would just have to make use of your true abilities, and I would definitely be utterly defeated. Yet, Empress still went to become a disciple of Celestial Venerable Hao to learn the technique of the Hundred Ways to Kill Mu. Evidently, you are also a hypocrite. All ten of you so-called Celestial Venerables, you're all hypocrites. Not one of you is a righteous gentleman."

"Within the celestial heavens, the righteous gentlemen are all long dead."

Lian Huahun revealed a rare smile, and she asked him with interest, "Then, is Celestial Venerable Mu a righteous gentleman?"

Qin Mu averted his gaze from her chest and replied with a serious tone, "I am one of the rare righteous gentlemen in the celestial heavens." He couldn't help but take another glance as he said that.

Lian Huahun covered up her collar to avoid being taken advantage of again and replied, "There are many loopholes in Celestial Venerable Mu's techniques and divine arts. The remaining 18 ways to kill Mu that I learned from Celestial Venerable Hao, every single technique is targeted towards a loophole within your techniques and divine arts. It would be difficult for you to avoid death. If you hand over the corpse of that slut sister of mine, then I can spare your life."

She added softly, "You remaining alive is very useful to me. However, I want to dig out your eyes. You have shifty eyes."

Qin Mu made a mental command, and Mistress Yuanmu's crystal coffin flew out from the heart of his brows, landing on the ground with a thud. He replied, "It's not like it's anything valuable. Empress can just take it. As for my eyes, Empress can also just dig them out. My creation techniques allow me to reforge even the corporeal body."

Lian Huahun was taken aback.

Along the way, she had already considered countless possible scenarios, including the various ways that she could use to kill Qin Mu, the expression of disbelief that Qin Mu would have before he died, and the final words that he would say. Yet, she hadn't considered the possibility that Qin Mu would actually so readily retrieve Mistress Yuanmu's crystal coffin and give it to her.

She walked forward, reaching a palm towards the crystal coffin while also cautiously guarding her back against Qin Mu at the same time.

However, Qin Mu was honest and retreated a few steps back.

Lian Huahun's palm slowly reached towards the crystal coffin cautiously, while her gaze remained on Qin Mu.

Qin Mu smiled slightly. "Empress, be careful."

He had just finished speaking when, behind Lian Huahun, the void tore open, and an abyss appeared. A fair and white arm poked out of the abyss. Its five fingers were long and slender, and it was in the form of a strange-looking handprint. It was quietly pressing towards the back of Lian Huahun's head.

However, it seemed that Lian Huahun was completely unaware of this. The split second that the fair and white hand reached the back of her head, her figure suddenly vanished.

The fair palm struck empty air and immediately retreated. However, it was too late, and Lian Huahun had already come to the side of that abyss, waving her hand and executing a palm into the abyss. "Little slut, you snuck up on me once, did you think you would be able to do it again?"

From the abyss came a dull thudding sound, and Yun Chuxiu fell out of the abyss as she laughed. "Big Sister has learned from her mistakes. It seems that I have taught you well enough that you have become so clever!"

Although her smile was as beautiful as a flower, her moves were extremely vicious and ruthless. She had activated all of her power from her first strike! Behind her, there were all sorts of celestial palaces floating about, and it was a magnificent sight.

Lian Huahun also activated all of her power, and the two young maidens darted about the sacrificial altar's surroundings with unpredictable moves, clashing and colliding with each other in a shocking display of power.


A great hall of the masters of creation was directly evaporated by their divine arts, yet in the next moment, that great hall emerged again.

Although Lian Huahun and Yun Chuxiu's divine arts were immensely powerful and it would be easy for them to destroy this place, everything there was created from visualization and would thus only return to its initial state after getting destroyed by them.

Qin Mu observed their fight, and after some time, he couldn't help but shake his head.

Although Lian Huahun and Yun Chuxiu's battle was intense, the abilities that they had executed were only at the level of the Celestial Venerable Yu weapon. They hadn't executed their true ultimate arts. They hadn't even executed any of their own true techniques, evidently worried that they might expose their own techniques and ultimate arts.

'It seems that the battle of the sisters won't become any more intense. I guess there's no longer any use in me pretending to comply with them anymore.'

Upon thinking about this, he reached out a hand and waved. The crystal coffin stood upright with a clang and opened up to reveal Mistress Yuanmu's corpse.

He closed his eyes to enter his dreams, and immediately, his dreamscape enshrouded the crystal coffin. Hundreds of thousands of teeny tiny Qin Mus ran out of his mind with quick steps and leaped onto Mistress Yuanmu's corporeal body. They were everywhere. Some even tunneled into her sleeves and wandered about, studying the markings on the corporeal body of Mistress Yuanmu.

Yun Chuxiu was startled by this, and her techniques became disorderly. Lian Huahun immediately caught hold of the resulting loopholes and beat her until she spat out blood, rolling and crashing through several great halls of the masters of creation.

Lian Huahun was about to continue her attacks when Yun Chuxiu hurriedly cried out, "Our corporeal bodies hide the secrets of the Ruins of End Great Dao. If he manages to study and research them, we will no longer have any secrets from him! I can't handle him, only Sister can kill him and take back my corporeal body."

Lian Huahun sneered. "After I kill him, you won't take the opportunity to kill me and take back your corporeal body?"

"Sister, you and I were originally born from the same roots. If the Great Dao of my corporeal body is revealed, you won't be spared either!"

Yun Chuxiu's tears fell as she continued pitifully, "You and I will both die with no burial place! If I go up against you straight on, how would Little Sister be any match for you? Little Sister was only able to kill Sister back then because I snuck up on you! Now that Sister is on guard, how would Little Sister be able to do anything?"

She couldn't help but let her tears continue to trickle down. "When Sister possesses my corporeal body, you'll be in possession of my fatal weakness. I would naturally work like an ox or horse and be a dutiful servant to Sister! I wouldn't dare be disloyal!"

Lian Huahun glanced at her and immediately flew up into the air and attacked Qin Mu with a divine art technique from the 18 ways to kill Mu!

Qin Mu had his eyes shut to enter his dreams, yet his person stood up. His three eyes remained tightly shut and didn't open as he raised his hand to pierce with his sword.

Lian Huahun immediately identified the loophole within his sword technique, coming straight through and directly attacking Qin Mu's fatal weakness!

Yet, when her sure kill technique reached Qin Mu's side, it was as though it had encountered an invisible barrier that prevented the power of this divine art technique from reaching Qin Mu's body.

Lian Huahun was astonished, and she instantly changed her move, executing yet another move of the ways to kill Mu.

The result of this move was similar to that of the previous move. It was also deflected before it could even reach Qin Mu.

Lian Huahun changed her moves continuously, but she was completely unable to near him at all. She couldn't help but panic and hurriedly said, "Little slut, I've already slowed him down, are you still not coming to help?"

Yun Chuxiu hurriedly rushed forward, and the two sisters joined forces, encircling Qin Mu like two colorful butterflies fluttering around him. The various divine arts they executed were powerful beyond measure, yet they were still unable to reach Qin Mu.

From afar, Luo Wushuang watched this sight and couldn't help but shudder. 'Overlord Body Qin has actually become so formidable after cultivating and becoming a god. His powers are so strong that even the sisters can't break through it!'

At present, Qin Mu had reached the god realm. Celestial Empress and her sister were merely one realm beneath him, but the difference between Qin Mu and them was similar to having a level of heaven between them!

"We can't go head-on against this one, let's escape!"

Yun Chuxiu and Lian Huahun dodged and made their way to retreat. Behind them, they each tore open an abyss and were about to escape.

At the very same time, the eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened, and two rays of brilliant light shot out, one after the other. Yun Chuxiu and Lian Huahun both fled into their own abyss, but the split second that the abyss closed, the two rays of light entered each of them.

The sky suddenly started to bleed, and the two women vanished.

The eye between Qin Mu's brows twinkled, and suddenly, he reached out both of his hands into the bloody streak in the sky. He had grabbed Lian Huahun and Yun Chuxiu by their necks and pulled them out of the void before ruthlessly flinging them onto the ground!

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