Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 968 - Proud Brother

Slaughter Cauldron, Ah Chou, Earth Count reincarnated.

This experience lay within the Slaughter Cauldron's memory. Qin Mu had used an alternate means to "experience" the hard period Earth Count had lived through. He became Ah Chou, who put his girl with horns on his shoulders, dragged the extremely heavy chain of the Great Dao of Youdu, and slaughtered the celestial heavens, turning it into darkness.

Due to it being the Slaughter Cauldron's memory, Qin Mu figuratively lived through it as if he too had morphed into Ah Chou. Thus, he had a particularly deep impression of this part.

Celestial Venerable Xu looked at Slaughter Cauldron, and some fuzzy memory returned to her. Her expression then returned to normal as she coldly glanced at Qin Mu.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, Celestial Venerable Huo, the three of us should be enough to cross the Void Bridge and reach the opposite shore."

She ignored the Slaughter Cauldron as she looked at Celestial Venerable Huo, who was maintaining the Paramita Ark. She suggested, "If we work together sincerely, the mystery of Carefree Village would be solved!"

Celestial Venerable Huo's voice came. "I had plans to cooperate with you, it's just that you refused."

Celestial Venerable Xu looked at Qin Mu and asked, "What about you, Celestial Venerable Mu?"

Qin Mu put away the Slaughter Cauldron and smiled. "I concocted my own plans to find Carefree Village a long time ago too."

Celestial Venerable Xu nodded. She went into the Void Bridge alone, which led to her being severely injured. Thus, she sat down to quietly recover.

Qin Mu frowned. Celestial Venerable Xu's attitude made him suspicious. Logically, Celestial Venerable Xu should recognize the Slaughter Cauldron. However, her attitude suggested that she merely remembered it. She didn't seem to be agitated by it.

'Could Celestial Venerable Xu be like Ancestral God King? Ancestral God King is Heaven Duke's son, yet he wishes to replace him. Could Celestial Venerable Xu have the same idea? Does she want to replace Earth Count?'

Celestial Venerable Xu was the daughter of Ah Chou, Earth Count reincarnated, who fell into the hands of the ancient Celestial Emperor. She became Earth Count's weakness, and Celestial Emperor used her as a hostage to control Earth Count.

Qin Mu knew nothing about what happened to Celestial Venerable Xu or the education she received.

At that point in time, Celestial Venerable Xu was merely a little girl who had just been born, akin to a blank slate. Her views on good and evil were formed in the celestial heavens. Who she became was determined by what the celestial heavens instilled in her.

'Celestial Venerable Huo asked me to be careful of her, which seems to be something I really have to do,' he secretly thought.

With Celestial Venerable Xu, Celestial Venerable Huo, and the Paramita Ark that Qin Mu visualized, the journey became way smoother.

Finally, they reached the three houses at the end of the bridge. Qin Mu retrieved the star compass and jumped out of the Paramita Ark with Luo Wushuang to the front of the three houses.

Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu also jumped out. As soon as they landed, the Paramita Ark fell apart in the void storm, becoming flowing consciousness that was sucked into the void.

These three houses were lit by bright lights. Although they existed in the void, they weren't destroyed by the void storm. They were so unaffected by the storm that not even their lights shook, an incredible feat by itself.

It was weird knowing that beings like Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu couldn't cross the bridge using their own powers, yet this small house could stay here, upright, by itself.

Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu looked at one another and walked into the room in the center.

Qin Mu's heart fluttered. He didn't follow them in, instead, choosing to feel for Qin Fengqing.

They were related by blood and once shared a body and soul, so they had a marvelous connection between them.

In the Great Void, he couldn't feel Qin Fengqing, causing him to deduce that Carefree Village wasn't in it. Yet, upon arriving here, he got a response when he tried to feel for him!

Within his divine treasure, a light shaped like butterfly wings suddenly emerged, spreading onto the sides and growing bigger. Soon, it split in two and revealed a large eye filled with devilish aura after a gulping sound. It rolled around before looking at Qin Mu's primordial spirit. It cheerfully asked, "Bad brother! Why are you here?"

Soon, another two eyes appeared as Qin Fengqing's fat face squeezed itself out of the void, followed by his body.

Qin Fengqing's projection sat in the void with its arms crossed. The joy he displayed just now was gone as he turned his head, coldly asking, "Why are you here? Don't think that I've forgiven you just because time has passed. You dug me out and threw me into Youdu, even returning me my soul! You made me cry for so long! My life now is great. Every day, I get to fight and eat gods and devils! I'm telling you, you can't placate me!"

Qin Mu lifted his head and smiled. "Brother, I missed you."

Qin Fengqing smiled, turned around, and said, "I missed you too! Are you in Carefree Village? Where? I'll go and find you."

Qin Mu told him his position. "I just wanted to see whether you were at Carefree Village. Now, I have two Celestial Venerables with me. I won't bring them to Carefree Village. You don't need to fetch me, I just need to know where Carefree Village is. I'll go there myself."

Qin Fengqing was somewhat disappointed as he replied, "Did you mention three houses? It's treacherous inside. It's a trap left behind by the big guys. Don't enter."

Qin Mu was stunned as he asked, "Those three houses are traps left behind by the masters of creation?"

He couldn't help but shudder. The masters of creation left behind a trap at the end of the bridge. Those who crossed the bridge would have barely survived it and would surely enter the three houses to investigate it after crossing!

Upon entry, they would fall into the masters of creation's traps without any chance of avoiding it!

If Qin Mu hadn't been cautious and contacted Qin Fengqing first, he would have walked into those three houses too!

"They are masters of creation?"

Qin Fengqing was stunned. He clearly didn't know their identities. He scratched his head, saying, "They taste pretty good… Those big guys are bad, they attack us every day. Carefree Village isn't carefree as a result. We have to fight every day, causing us to lose quite a few people. Though the food here is pretty good…"

At that moment, a violent tremble came from the house in front of Qin Mu, and an incomparably dangerous aura burst forth. Clearly, Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu encountered danger and were fighting in the house. With who, however, was unknown.

Their power was extraordinary. Even ancient gods like Mother Earth, Earth Count, and Heaven Duke might not be able to defeat them. Yet, their opponents seemed powerful and terrifying, too, as their attacks were blocked!

Besides Qin Mu, Luo Wushuang was shocked and was about to rush into the house before Qin Mu blocked him, signaling for him to not be rash.

Qin Fengqing explained, "It's difficult to get out once stuck. I heard that our ancestor was stuck there before too, and it took him years to escape. Those masters of creation are wicked, but they taste good…"

His speech was incoherent as his thoughts were all over the place. However, luckily, he and Qin Mu came from the same parents, and Qin Mu's thoughts were like his, making it easy for Qin Mu to understand him.

"So how does one go to Carefree Village?" Qin Mu inquired.

"There are three houses there."

Qin Fengqing continued, "The house in the center is the way to Carefree Village."

Qin Mu was confused. The house in the center was the way to Carefree Village?

Celestial Venerable Xu and Celestial Venerable Huo had already entered it. So why had they not found Carefree Village yet? Why had they encountered enemies instead?

"Don't enter yet, close the door first."

Qin Fengqing continued, "When our parents were here, they closed the door before opening it again. They repeated the cycle several times before opening it to Carefree Village. I don't remember the specifics. Give me a moment, I'll ask them!"

His figure disappeared. He probably went to ask Qin Hanzhen and his wife.

Qin Mu stood in front of that house and looked within. The lights were clear, yet he couldn't see Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu's shadows. He was only able to hear the collision of divine arts and feel their auras.

Qin Mu examined it carefully. The room was simply decorated. The light was probably visualized, considering it floated in the center of the house like a mini sun.

Opposite that door was a wall with a painting on it. Besides it, the room contained a table with a miniature tree on it.

The painting on the wall attracted Qin Mu's attention. He looked at it carefully and found out that it wasn't a painting, it was a world!

The masters of creation weren't advanced in the arts. They mainly relied on visualization, yet the painting on the wall was extremely realistic. In it were countless people and beasts. It clearly wasn't a painting of the masters of creation. Instead, it was a world visualized by them.

That world on the wall was, in reality, vast. Celestial Venerable Xu and Celestial Venerable Huo likely entered it and encountered enemies within.

"Bad brother, I got the answers!"

Qin Fengqing's projection appeared in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure again. He continued, "It's not to open and close the door of the room in the middle, but to do it for all of the rooms in a specific order. Is there a painting in the middle room?"

Qin Mu nodded.

"Don't enter. It's the Reincarnation World within. You will reincarnate once you enter, and you won't be able to recognize anyone and massacre your own people."

Qin Fengqing seemed to have heard something. After a while, he continued, "Go to the left room and see if it has a table and a candlestick."

Qin Mu went to the left room, sized it up, shook his head, and replied, "It's a chamber inside, and it only contains a bed and a sword in front of it."

Qin Fengqing instructed him, "Close the door and open it until you see a table and a candlestick inside."

Qin Mu closed the door before opening it. He was stunned.

The scenery within the room changed greatly, as the sky of the Primordial Realm appeared. Outside of the door was the Primordial Tree, which was filled with layers of palaces. Many gods stood in front of it, guarding it.

They saw the door that suddenly appeared, felt shocked, and hollered for the divine armies to come.

Qin Mu hurriedly closed the door and opened it again. A giant eye appeared, and it was ablaze with devilish fire!

That eye rolled around and looked at Qin Mu. Within a palace in the devilish eye, an Earth Count walked out and looked in Qin Mu's direction, clearly puzzled.

Qin Mu closed the door and opened it again. Inside of the room was a palace with some lakes. There were some beautiful naked ladies in the lake bathing and playing with one another.

"There's someone peeping!"

The female gods screamed, jumped out, hugged the clothes that they picked up from the lake's shore, and scurried away, leaving behind only butts for Qin Mu to see.

"It was Celestial Venerable Mu that was peeping at us!"

"This b*stardly fellow! Does he not know that this is the chamber of the concubines of Celestial Emperor? How dare he peep at us bathing! Report this to the emperor and send this fellow to be executed at the God Execution Stage!"

Qin Mu blushed as his head was filled with the idea of butts. He hurriedly closed the door and opened it again. The world behind the door changed again, and a thousand-mile long giant green dragon hugging a magnificent mountain appeared. It was closing its eyes and using the mountain to grind its teeth.

That green dragon seemed to have sensed something, and he opened his eyes in shock. Luckily, Qin Mu had closed the door by then.

"This door is weird. How does it connect to so many places? It was Great Emperor Qing Long just now, right?"

Qin Mu opened the door, and finally, a table and a candlestick appeared in the room.

Qin Fengqing's voice came, instructing him, "Go to the room on the right and open and close its door until you see a lotus inside of it before closing it."

Qin Mu went to the right room and closed the door. When he opened it again, he heard screams. "Celestial Venerable Mu unabashedly came to peep at Celestial Empress bathing! There he is, in front!"

Qin Mu immediately saw numerous well-dressed yet peculiarly angry girls rushing towards him as he hurriedly closed the door, thinking, 'How is it still Celestial Emperor's chamber of concubines?'

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