Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 970 - Three Prophecies

Xiu Zhong's consciousness cultivation was at a level close to the three primordial kings?

The civilization of the masters of creation had experienced many great cleansings. Logically, this civilization should either be in a state of decline with one generation inferior to the last or going through a state of reform, progressing rapidly.

However, their civilization had already matured, so launching a reform would be difficult.

In that case, how did the master of creation, Xiu Zhong, manage to cultivate to the level of the three primordial kings?

"The masters of creation of the opposite shore have already abandoned the teachings of our ancestors!" Shu Jun was seething in anger.

Qin Mu smiled faintly. Shu Jun should be referring to the treasure carriage. The masters of creation of the ancient primordial era followed a minimalistic style. Their houses and furniture didn't have many ornaments and were flat and smooth, and their progress in the arts was even more pitiful.

However, this treasure carriage that the master of creation had visualized was extremely extravagant. It had three canopies for a roof, each canopy representing one heaven. Under the canopies, the sun, moon, and stars circled around the center like beautiful gemstones, looking extremely luxurious.

Beads made from colorful gemstones dangled from the sides of the canopies, with each gemstone being a different color. If one was to look carefully, there was a riot of colors inside these gemstones. They were a thing of peerless beauty. Even if one were to study them for a couple of hours, they would still continue to discover new details.

The carriage's shaft, body, seats, and wheels were all adorned with beautiful decorations. Even the ropes chaining the dragon were weaved with intricate markings and could be considered a piece of art!

In the eyes of the masters of creation of the ancient primordial era, this was a deviation from the orthodox path!

For ease of battle, the ancient primordial masters of creation visualized things that were simple so that they could create them easily during battle.

Trying to visualize things with intricate patterns would add an additional burden on one's consciousness and slow down the speed of visualization. This was a fatal weakness to the masters of creation, as their enemies would take advantage of such openings.

"This is a betrayal of our traditions!"

Shu Jun said angrily to Qin Mu, "This is the most serious betrayal! The masters of creation are going to go extinct!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly. "Divine King Shu Jun, this is art. It is also a form of combat power."


Shu Jun's prejudice was too deep, disliking everything he saw. He snorted and sneered with contempt at the things created by these masters of creation.

It was good that they were communicating in Qin Mu's head through the rippling of consciousness and wouldn't alarm Xiu Zhong.

After traveling with Xiu Zhong for an unknown distance, he led away from the landmass, arriving at a starry sky. In front of them, galaxies swirled. Within the starry sky, Qin Mu saw humongous masters of creation creating stars.

They surrounded an empty area. As the Grand Primordium Divine Stones in the hearts of their brows glowed brightly, a star was slowly being formed.

Qin Mu was dumbfounded, seemingly in a daze as he stared at these masters of creation. He saw that there were many divine treasures behind their heads, radiating bright light in all directions.

Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars, Celestial Being, Life and Death, and Divine Bridge—the seven great divine treasures were all present!

What shocked him was, at the end of the Divine Bridge Divine Treasures of these masters of creation were a sea of celestial palaces. These resplendent celestial palaces looked extremely dazzling in the starry sky!

He stood in a daze, staring at the gigantic primordial spirits that stood erect in the celestial palaces. These primordial spirits were creating stars at great speed through visualization.

'The masters of creation of the Paramita World have cultivated the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces!'

An incomparably preposterous feeling rose in his heart. Not only did these masters of creation manage to escape death by fleeing here, they actually cultivated the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces opened up by the human race, and to a pretty good level!

'Could it be that these masters of creation of the Paramita World have absorbed the cultivation methods from Carefree Village and walked down the path of cultivating divine treasures?'

Qin Mu composed himself. If one could evolve their consciousness cultivation method to a divine treasure cultivation system and replace the cultivation method of vital qi with the cultivation method of consciousness, one could cultivate much quicker!

Shu Jun once said that after he was brought back to life, he would abandon the consciousness cultivation method he once used. He planned to merge the consciousness and divine treasure cultivation system, creating a method that was suitable for this era.

If Shu Jun was able to comprehend this, the masters of creation of the Paramita World should be able to comprehend this as well, and hence had already had their reform.

Actually, Qin Mu had already modified the cultivation methods of the masters of creation. For instance, he had completely changed Shu Jun's Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge until it looked nothing like the original.

Moreover, the Grand Emperor's Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness was a technique belonging to the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces. He was actually the first to assimilate the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces.

The masters of creation of the Paramita World would have comprehended that this method was much easier to cultivate.

As the carriage of Xiu Zhong went past the area where they were creating stars, the masters of creation bowed towards him, paying their respects. They didn't speak. As their consciousness rippled, they could instantly communicate information that people would take half a day of talking to convey.

Qin Mu felt their consciousness and interacted with them through his consciousness. In a split second, they exchanged plenty of information.

These masters of creation were the creators of stars from the Xiu Clan and were responsible for creating the starry sky.

They planned to create a great many stars to attack the territory of the Carefree Village scoundrels, using these stars to crush them.

"Don't be rash."

Ultimately, Xiu Zhong still opened his mouth, speaking a language that wasn't entirely the language of the masters of creation. There were many sentences that were the language of the human race. It felt strange when an ancient language was mixed with human language.

Qin Mu sought help from Shu Jun, who then translated Xiu Zhong's words and communicated them to Qin Mu through consciousness.

"The leader of the scoundrels, Qin Ye, is very formidable. Attacking using these stars would do nothing to them, and if you provoke Qin Ye, your lives will be in peril!"

Xiu Zhong said, "Continue to create areas of dead stars, trapping these scoundrels in Carefree Village so that they can never escape."

These masters of creation nodded, revealing curious expressions as they looked at Qin Mu.

"He is called Mu Qing. He is only two years old and likes to run around."

Xiu Zhong explained to them, "His cultivation isn't bad. A lot of the adult masters of creation aren't his match. Take a look at the eye at the heart of his brows."

These masters of creation all looked at the eye at the heart of Qin Mu's brows and were shocked but delighted.

They started dancing joyously in the starry sky, their movements looking strangely beautiful.

"This is great! The Origin Stone has demonstrated its divine power and blessed our people!"

"The child born from the Origin Stone, the holy infant, will rescue our people and lead our race back to the ancestral court!"

"Qin Ye, that fellow, is in deep trouble!"

"That big-headed weird infant in Qin Ye's family now has an opponent!"

Qin Mu was stunned and a little lost. He couldn't understand why these masters of creation were so happy.

"What was that about the Origin Stone demonstrating its divine power? The holy infant and the big-headed weird infant of Qin Ye's family, what was that all about?"

He had a dumbstruck expression. Xiu Zhong looked at him and laughed. "That idiot Shu Jun hasn't told you about this?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "Teacher Shu Jun only taught me the cultivation technique of Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge and nothing else."

"That idiot sure is tight-lipped."

Xiu Zhong laughed. "Actually, there's no harm in telling you. A million years ago, our ancestors sent a young man out of the Great Void, heading towards the ancestral court. Although the masters of creation of the ancestral court were all killed, their consciousnesses remained there, observing everything. That young man toured the ancestral court for a long time before returning to the Great Void. He was then pursued by the Grand Emperor and was on the verge of dying. Nevertheless, he brought with him the Grand Emperor's precious stone, the Grand Primordium Origin Stone."

Qin Mu's heart moved slightly.

The Grand Primordium Origin Stone?

The crystal in his third eye at the heart of his brows was a fragment of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone. In that case, this Paramita World also possessed fragments of the stone!

"Although he died, he managed to convey some shocking news. The consciousnesses of our ancestors told him three prophecies."

Xiu Zhong tightened his giant fist and said, "First, our Great Void would encounter a great calamity, but a young man would come to help us tide over that. Subsequently, the calamity did arrive. The Grand Emperor came to the Great Void and brought along a calamity, almost killing all of us. Just like what was predicted, a young man rushed over from the outside world, addressing himself as Celestial Venerable Yun."

Qin Mu's body shook violently as he lowered his voice. "Celestial Venerable Yun!"

"This Celestial Venerable Yun wasn't of our race, but he helped us wholeheartedly. His intelligence was peerless, and he designed a trap. He made use of the Great Void's heart devils to deal with the Grand Emperor's suppression, limiting his cultivation. He then lured him into the trap, killing him."

Xiu Zhong said, "The second prophecy of our ancestors was the Paramita World. We, those who were lucky enough to survive, followed the prophecy and used the Grand Primordium Origin Stone to open up the Paramita World, merging the stone into it to create this world. And the third prophecy of our ancestors is the holy infant!"

He looked at Qin Mu. It was difficult for him to contain his excitement and joy as he said, "According to the third prophecy, in the undetermined future, the holy infant of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone would appear, leading our people to return to the ancestral court! When I first saw you, I began to suspect that you might be that prophesied infant. Now, even the elders think so as well. It looks like you might really be the holy infant that was sent by the Origin Stone to save us!"

Qin Mu's eyes were wide open, and his mouth was agape. He was speechless.

'I'm really not…' he thought quietly to himself.

"Divine King Shu Jun, am I the holy infant?" he hurriedly asked Shu Jun.

Shu Jun gave a snort and sounded very unhappy. "Of course not. If so, I'm also the holy infant. This Origin Stone belongs to me. My corporeal body and cultivation were destroyed and had to be reborn from the stone. It's me who is the holy infant, the savior of the masters of creation. You are a spy from the human race!"

"Hehe." Qin Mu laughed fatuously

Xiu Zhong said, "However, we need the spirits of our ancestors to determine whether you are the holy infant. Before that young man who delivered these three prophecies died, he created the Ancestor Spirit World, giving the consciousnesses of our dead masters of creation a place to rest, away from worldly troubles. I'll bring you back to our tribal land and inform the various tribes so that they can make preparations for entering the Ancestor Spirit World. Before we enter the Ancestor Spirit World, you need to pass some tests, very simple tests…"

Qin Mu's face darkened as he thought, 'Enter the Ancestor Spirit World? Won't I get exposed? Will Dad and Mom come and get me? Why are they still not here? Quick, come and get me out of here!'

"It's me who is the holy infant!"

Shu Jun still refused to give in and was seething with anger. "This fellow is a fake, I'm the real holy infant!"

"Shut up!"

Qin Mu berated him as a sense of uneasiness rose in his heart. "You don't have the Grand Primordium Origin Stone. It's now in the heart of my brows."

Shu Jun was incensed. "You stole it from me! You and your senior brother! This Origin Stone is supposed to be mine, but it was stolen by your black-hearted senior brother and then embedded by you in the heart of your brows. I'm the holy infant…"

Qin Mu immediately executed the Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness, sealing up the interior of the Origin Stone to prevent Shu Jun's consciousness from gushing out and alarming Xiu Zhong.

'Shouldn't Dad and Mom be here already?' he thought quietly to himself.

Xiu Zhong mobilized the treasure carriage and continued forward. He said, "As for Qin Ye's family's big-headed weird infant, that's a separate matter. About a year ago, a big-headed weird infant suddenly appeared in Qin Ye's family. His body isn't smaller than ours and has plenty of tricks. He killed many masters of creation and is really powerful. That scoundrel Qin Ye bragged, saying that all of his 107 descendants are very powerful and that they will eat us after they have grown up."

He produced a cold laugh. "With the emergence of the holy infant, it looks like the days of the big-headed weird infant are numbered."

Qin Mu gave a dry laugh.

On the other side, a ship charged through the void and arrived in front of the three houses.


Princess Consort Zhen got off of the ship and said in delight, "Mu'er, are you here? Quick, let's return home!"

Qin Hanzhen flew out of the ship. His body still had some lignified wounds. He scanned his surroundings, frowning as he said, "He's not here. Could he have gone roaming again? When I was caught by Celestial Venerable You, I heard him say that Mu'er is a man who is difficult to get a hold of. He never stays in one place for more than half a day. If not, he would definitely get into all sorts of trouble… This isn't good!"

He looked down the mountain, and his expression changed drastically. "There are footprints left behind by the masters of creation!"

Princess Consort Zhen's voice trembled. "Are you saying that Mu'er has been harmed by the masters of creation? Could he be…"


Qin Hanzhen quickly consoled her, "If the masters of creation know that he's a descendant of Founding Emperor, they'll definitely capture him and punish him severely, even using him to threaten Founding Emperor. He'll suffer a little, but we'll save him for sure, no matter the cost! Let's go back first!"

Tears rolled down Princess Consort Zhen's face as she said, "Mu'er is such a pitiful child. He experienced so much hardship and yet will have to endure more at Carefree Village? Why is heaven so unfair to him?"

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