Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 972 - Divine King Lang Wo

The chiefs of the various masters of creation clans came forward and almost crawled on the Grand Emperor's seal to check it. They also examined the Grand Emperor's sacrificial altar very carefully.

After quite a bit of time, the chiefs stood up and looked at one another, discussing Qin Mu's validity.

"Could it be that the ancestors' third prophecy came true too?"

"However, this fellow doesn't look like a master of creation. He even has an Adam's apple, like an adult of those hooligans."

"His eyebrows are like Thief Qin's too!"

"Now that you mention it, he does look like Thief Qin. The more you look at him, the more similarities you can make out…"

"Yet he has the seal, the sacrificial altar, and the Origin Stone. Thief Qin shouldn't be this sly, right? Even if he's this sly, there's no way for him to get the seal and the sacrificial altar, let alone the Origin Stone."

"Thief Qin is sly. One can't be too careful against him. Which one of you thought that 'small piece of land' of his was this big?"

In the Origin Stone, Shu Jun was nervous and couldn't help but remind these chiefs, "He wasn't born clutching the seal, nor did he descend on the sacrificial altar! Both of those things were gifts! The Grand Primordium Origin Stone was mine too! Be smarter!"

The various clan chiefs discussed it again. The white-haired elder from the Xiatai Clan said, "The matter regarding the holy infant is of critical importance. We must verify his body to ensure he's not a mole sent by Thief Qin. If we foolishly recognize him as the holy infant, Thief Qin will be laughing behind our backs."

Xiu Zhong nodded his head and said, "True, we can't be too careful about this matter. Even I don't dare to confirm his identity by myself, which was why I invited everyone here. Does anyone have a method to judge his validity?"

"Everything else aside from the soul can be faked!"

The female master of creation from the Zili Clan, Can Nü said, "Our clan's treasure is the Seven Soul Grass. It's a holy item visualized by my people after millions of years. Aside from swallowing souls, it can also recognize them. Previously, we used it to deal with that weird big-headed infant from the Qin family, but he munched it in half. Luckily, we still have the roots and stems."

She carefully retrieved a stalk of grass with purple roots and stems. It was larger than normal grass, and it looked like there were purple yams growing on it. However, there were ferocious bite marks on the stem.

This grass was created by the Zili Clan's masters of creation after countless years of visualization. It was an extremely powerful holy item that was good at swallowing souls. However, it was at a disadvantage and was eaten by Qin Fengqing when facing him.

Qin Fengqing was a fanatical man who came out of Carefree Village to slaughter the masters of creation. Can Nü and her clan members worshipped this treasure to deal with him. In the end, it was bitten in half by him.

Can Nü and her clan members hurriedly took back the grass, but it had already been chewed upon by Qin Fengqing. This was also why the grass was said to not be tasty.

It lacked vitality and energy after being stored away. Even when Can Nü and her clan members worked together to worship it, the grass never recovered to its peak condition.

Luckily, they were only using it to identify the age of Qin Mu's soul, which was easy for the grass.

Can Nü raised the grass, and it floated lazily onto the sacrificial altar in front of Qin Mu. Its purple aura rotated around Qin Mu before it flew into him to do the same inside.

The grass weakly raised two of its stems. One of them stood vertically while the other drooped.

"The Seven Soul Grass claims that he's not two years old yet!"

Can Nü put away the grass, proclaiming, "This confirms that he's one of us. I have seen human infants when they are one or two years old, they are basically nothing in size."

Shu Jun was furious, and his brain jumped around on the Origin Stone's sacrificial altar, calling out, "Your stupid grass is useless! It can't identify his corporeal body! This guy's corporeal body is 30 years old!"

The chief of the Zhuqiu Clan solemnly said, "Since the soul is real, he can't be fake. However, in the prophecy, the holy infant has a vast number of divine arts and great wisdom. Holy infant, can you allow us to test you?"

Qin Mu helplessly agreed, "Everyone, please."

Even if he objected to it, these masters of creation wouldn't have allowed him to object to it, so why not let them test him now?

'Anyways, Xiu Zhong said there was no danger more than once,' Qin Mu thought.

Xiu Zhong discussed it with the other chiefs to verify the tests, then said, "The divine king isn't here yet. She should be here soon according to her speed. Does she have something to deal with? Why not wait a while for her? She will host the test."

Dong Ming, Chu Nu, and the others nodded.

At that moment, a phoenix cry echoed forth. The masses looked up and saw heavenly flowers falling from the sky. It was as if their petals came from a waterfall in the heavens.

The rainbow phoenix pulled an unbelievably extravagant treasure carriage down from the sky. Wherever this carriage passed, a river of flowers would appear. This river was probably extremely long by now.

The river of flowers dispersed, and the treasure carriage landed.

"The divine king is here!"

The various chiefs and elders that came to the Xiu Clan bowed down and said in unison, "Welcome, Divine King Lang Wo!"

"Drop the formalities."

The voice of a lady came from the carriage. Qin Mu looked towards it but couldn't see the lady within. However, her rainbow phoenix didn't become consciousness and dissipate, unlike the other masters of creation chiefs' modes of transport.

The masters of creation chiefs' modes of transport were visualized, and thus they would become consciousness and dissipate after they landed. Yet, this Divine King Lang Wo's transport seemed to be powered by a real rainbow phoenix.

'Could these rainbow phoenixes be gods that were visualized?'

Qin Mu's heart fluttered slightly. "If they became reality after visualization, these rainbow phoenixes are likely no different from ancient gods. Who is this Divine King Lang Wo? Divine King Shu Jun, have you heard of her?"


Shu Jun was shocked too, saying, "During the Three Kings Era, they were ancient beings like me. Shu Jun, Bo Yang, and Xin Fu. We were the three kings, and our position was only below that of the Grand Emperor. Bo Yang and Xin Fu died in the last battle. I haven't heard of this Divine King Lang Wo. Could she be a divine king crowned by the masters of creation of the future generations?"

The voice of Divine King Lang Wo came from the carriage. "The descent of the holy infant is something to be celebrated. However, our ancestors prophesied that he would lead us out of the Great Void and recreate our glory. As such, we must know the capabilities of the holy infant."

The chief of the Xiatai Clan said, "We were waiting for you to test him."

Divine King Lang Wo smiled. "You all should have checked his identity and ensured that he is a master of creation already. So, have you all asked about his master and origin?"

Xiu Zhong bowed quickly, reporting, "The holy infant claims that his master is a master of creation called Shu Jun. The holy infant's consciousness is strong, just as strong as that of an adult master of creation. Shu Jun is thus likely a powerful person of ours."

"Shu Jun?'

A shocked voice came from the carriage, and Divine King Lang Wo laughed. "So, it's Divine King Shu Jun, one of the three primordial kings. Shouldn't he have been dead for millions of years? He's my senior, after all, so I've heard of him. He was heavily involved in our defeat then. How could a dead person be his master? Oh wait, I know now."

Her melodious voice rang out, "Divine King Shu Jun, please appear for a while!"

Within the Grand Primordium Origin Stone in Qin Mu's third eye, Shu Jun gave a cold humph before plainly saying, "How dare this junior look down on me."

Qin Mu curiously asked, "Are you not going to see this Divine King Lang Wo?"

Shu Jun coldly laughed. "For what? I'm a primordial divine king, while she is just a divine king crowned by the masters of creation of the future generations. If I go and see her now just because she called for me, my status would be cheapened. Besides, I only have a head left, one that's devoid of a brain. If I head out, I'll be laughed at, and I'll be throwing away the face of the divine kings. I'm not going!"

Qin Mu smiled. "Divine King, I believe that a divine king who was able to introduce the divine treasures and celestial palaces cultivation system and reform the consciousness cultivation system must be one that's impressive and not petty… I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about Divine King Lang Wo."

Shu Jun was furious, and his head jumped as he angrily said, "Will you let me out even if I want to be out? Are you not afraid of me busting you, fake holy infant?"

Qin Mu smiled and replied, "Have you not realized it yet, Shu Jun? The holy infant in the three prophecies is me."

Shu Jun was stunned and visibly perplexed.

Now that he thought about it carefully, the holy infant described in the masters of creation's three prophecies was indeed him! There was no one else but him!

Qin Mu acquired the Grand Primordium Origin Stone and had the Grand Emperor's seal and sacrificial altar given to him by Celestial Venerable Yun. It seemed like fate had planned for him to come to the Paramita World of the masters of creation to become their holy infant!

Did the fact that he wasn't a master of creation really matter?

In the three prophecies, the holy infant wasn't mentioned to be a master of creation, not once!

Divine King Lang Wo's consciousness was spread all over the void, even within Qin Mu's brain. It rang out and said, "Divine King Shu Jun, since you're here, why not show up?"

"I'll head out."

Shu Jun plainly said, "Every generation of ours has had talented beings. I don't believe that the previous generations will always be outdone by the later ones. I don't believe that this Divine King Lang Wo's knowledge and experience surpass mine! Take away the Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness!"

Qin Mu heard him and took it away.

Before Divine King Lang Wo could continue, a giant head appeared from the heart of Qin Mu's brows and fell on the sacrificial altar.

Shu Jun lazily said, "Divine King Lang Wo, why are you making such a big ruckus?"

Beside the carriage, two rainbow phoenixes peeked out, and they used their beaks to hold on to the drapes and pull them aside. A divine lady rose and walked out of the carriage. Her phoenix crown and jade wreath drooped and wobbled as she walked.

"I hereby pay my respects to Primordial Divine King Shu Jun."

That lady had an elegant and beautiful demeanor. Qin Mu's head was blank as he realized something was wrong.

'There really is a Jue Wuchen in this world!'

His mind was blown. Divine King Lang Wo looked exactly the same as Jue Wuchen. She was as perfect, as charming, and as mesmerizing as her!

'Impossible! Impossible! Jue Wuchen was created by Celestial Venerable Ling to seduce perverts like the ancient Celestial Emperor. There's no way that such a beautiful lady exists in this world!'

Qin Mu's gaze fell on this divine king's breasts as he became more certain of his assertion. 'She must have been visualized. Those breasts… I mean, she is way too beautiful!'

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