Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 973 - As Though Being Helped by Heaven

Divine King Lang Wo's eyes shifted as she laughed. "Divine King Shu Jun died in the battle at the Blood Rust Zone during the ancient primordial era. At that time, we had already migrated to the Great Void. Hence, it's not possible that Divine King escaped to the Great Void because, during that time, no one had told you where it was."

On the sacrificial altar, Divine King Shu Jun gave a snort, looking very unhappy.

However, what Divine King Lang Wo said was correct.

Although they were being referred to as the masters of creation by the later generations and were viewed by them as the race of masters of creation, there were many different races among the masters of creation. The races belonged to different powers, with feuds among them.

Wherever there were people, there would be a martial world. It was the same for the masters of creation.

During that time, the three primordial kings were considered the stronger powers. Apart from them and the Grand Emperor, who was the most powerful, there were all sorts of other powers too. Each of them was fighting for power and gain. It was indeed a busy period.

The three primordial kings were at loggerheads. Also, there was a big rift between them and the Grand Emperor. Moreover, there were people who submitted themselves to the ancient gods. Getting defeated, killed, and exterminated by the ancient gods wasn't coincidental but inevitable.

At that time, Shu Jun had a messy reputation among the three primordial kings. It was true that no one ever told him where the Great Void was.

Divine King Lang Wo pondered for a while and laughed. "Divine King Shu Jun must have met the holy infant in the outside world and hidden yourself in his body, borrowing his consciousness, qi, and blood to be revived. Except, you aren't completely revived, which is why your abilities are still weak."

Shu Jun snorted again. He was very unhappy that this lady had guessed correctly again.

He originally wanted to use his identity as a primordial divine king to put her down. However, he didn't expect her to guess his background within a few words. Instead, he was the one being put down.

Divine King Lang Wo continued, "Divine King Shu Jun is a guest from afar and has brought the holy infant along with him. Naturally, the masters of creation of the Paramita World have to receive you with hospitality. Men, please bring Divine King Shu Jun to his seat. He shall sit beside me."

Xiu Zhong stepped forward and lifted the head of Divine King Shu Jun from the sacrificial altar. Some men carried in a treasure seat, placing it beside Divine King Lang Wo. Xiu Zhong then put the head of Divine King Shu Jun on the seat.

The eyes of Divine King Shu Jun danced around. He wanted to speak but didn't know what to say to salvage some of his dignity.

Qin Mu thought, 'This lady is formidable. She is able to subdue Divine King Shu Jun convincingly, not giving him room to maneuver. She is indeed the leader of the remaining survivors of the masters of creation, an existence that's able to put Founding Emperor in a deadlock until now.'

To be able to fight toe-to-toe with Founding Emperor and assimilate the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces to move along with the times, this Divine King Lang Wo was formidable in her knowledge, experience, ambitions, methods, and thoughts!

During the Three Kings Era, although the masters of creation ruled the universe, they were simply some primitive tribes. Under the leadership of Divine King Lang Wo, even though their status was unlike what it was in the past, they were much more advanced.

Divine King Lang Wo stared at Qin Mu deeply, her voice resonating in his head. "You are human, not a master of creation."

Qin Mu felt a chill run down his spine as he nodded quietly.

It was quite obvious that Divine King Lang Wo was able to guess that he wasn't a master of creation, so there was no use denying it.

Shu Jun had admitted that they came from the outside world to the Paramita World. The masters of creation of the outside world were already extinct. Hence, Qin Mu clearly couldn't be a master of creation. With Divine King Lang Wo's intelligence, it was an easy guess for her.

"Don't worry, the third prophecy prophesied the coming of the holy infant but didn't mention he had to be a master of creation. Maybe you really are the holy infant."

The jade wreath on Divine King Lang Wo's forehead gave out a soothing light as her voice continued to resonate in Qin Mu's head. "However, if a human holy infant traveled to the Ancestor Spirit World, it's very likely that he would be killed by our enraged ancestors' spirits. Even if they don't, when our people find out about your true identity, they'll kill you."

Qin Mu blinked.

Divine King Lang Wo continued talking, "However, I can choose not to expose you. Even if you're exposed, I can use my position to protect you. I can also shield you in front of the spirits of our ancestors in the Ancestor Spirit World. However, before that, you need to pass my test and that of other chiefs."

Qin Mu gave a grunt.

He was also subdued by this lady.

Divine King Lang Wo was done communicating with him. She laughed coldly and said, "Since this is the holy infant who descended, he must have an extraordinary consciousness, corporeal body, battle methods, and intelligence so that he can lead our people out of the Paramita World to return to the ancestral court. Hence, my test will be divided into four parts. Since the holy infant isn't yet two years old, for the first test—a test of consciousness. We shall pit him against an adult master of creation."

Xiu Zhong said to Qin Mu, "Didn't I say this wouldn't be dangerous?"

Qin Mu heaved a sigh of relief and thanked him.

Divine King Lang Wo said, "The second test is a test of the corporeal body. Like the previous test, you will be pitted against an adult master of creation. The third test is on battle methods and will be in a similar format. The fourth test is on intelligence, which I will administer personally. Does anyone have any objections?"

Xiu Zhong smiled at Qin Mu. "See, these are very simple tests. With the holy infant's abilities, it will be very easy!"

Qin Mu had some uneasiness in his heart. Tests of the corporeal body or battle methods may look conventional, but he was unfamiliar with the masters of creation's corporeal body battle techniques and consciousness visualization battle techniques!

The various chiefs discussed among themselves and didn't have any objections.

"I have objections!"

On the treasure seat, Shu Jun's giant head jumped and laughed heartily. "These four tests are too simple. After all, the holy infant is my disciple. These puny tests are as easy as flipping a palm to him!"

Qin Mu was furious. 'This fellow is causing trouble for me!'

Divine King Lang Wo laughed. "Divine King Shu Jun, you may not know this. The four tests may seem simple, but actually, they are very difficult. The first test of consciousness is to create things from visualization. He won't be competing against one adult master of creation but nine. The nine masters of creation will mobilize their consciousnesses at the same time to disrupt his visualization. If he is able to suppress these nine masters of creation and visualize successfully, he will pass the test."

Xiu Zhong's expression changed slightly. The rest of the chiefs also couldn't help but have a change in their expressions.

Shu Jun chuckled. "This disruption by the nine masters of creation can be considered a battle of consciousness. If he's not careful, the holy infant will be attacked by their consciousnesses until he becomes an idiot. This is more like it, the test is interesting. Disciple, are you afraid?"

"I'm not afraid." Qin Mu revealed a simple and honest smile as he looked at Shu Jun's head.

Shu Jun was spooked by his gaze. He thought to himself, 'When I return to the Origin Stone, this little fellow won't let me off. However, I have no choice but to return, or else, who will supply me with qi, blood, and consciousness to recover my corporeal body?'

Divine King Lang Wo gave a few instructions. Not long after, the various races selected nine majestic-looking adult masters of creation.

"The item that the holy infant needs to visualize is the sacred artifact of the Xiu Clan."

Divine King Lang Wo looked at Xiu Zhong, who hesitated a while before raising his hand. A treasure slowly rose, and a pearl floated in front of Qin Mu.

Xiu Zhong said, "Holy infant, please watch carefully."

His consciousness exploded as he mobilized the pearl, which suddenly expanded. Within an instant, it transformed into a world, floating above the sacrificial altar!

Within that round world, there were land masses embedded on the interior walls of the pearl. The numerous mountains and rivers looked like they were carved out of beautiful jade. The bodies of the mountains and the river streams formed various magnificent runes. Countless mountain ranges rose and fell, the details of their structures incomparably intricate!

The flow of the rivers and waterfalls of the mountains also formed different rune structures. Even the linkages between the various runes were extremely complicated!

Most crucially, there was a god city in the center of the pearl, similar to the structure of the celestial palace of the Jade Capital City. There were even gods whose forms looked like the ancient gods!

If one was to look carefully, they would see that there were limitless details hidden in the bodies of these gods.

Cold sweat appeared on Shu Jun's forehead as he muttered, "Divine King Lang Wo, this little maiden, plans to make things difficult for the holy infant. Pooh! It should be to make things difficult for Qin Mu, this little fellow. Not to mention him, even I would have some trouble visualizing that. One would need to exert fine control over his consciousness for this. These masters of creation have abandoned our tradition. They have made a simple pearl so complicated…"

The vertical eye at the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened, and a screen of light surged forth like a plow harrow, going through every corner of the Xiu Clan's sacred artifact carefully, be it mountains, rivers, or that Jade Capital City.

Qin Mu closed his eyes and sat on the sacrificial altar without moving. Below, over ten thousand masters of creation were silent, looking at him nervously.

Suddenly, Qin Mu opened his eyes and said, "I'm ready."

Divine King Lang Wo said, "The nine masters of creation will use their consciousnesses to attack, attempting to thwart your consciousness. Don't let your guard down."

Qin Mu nodded.

Divine King Lang Wo signaled the nine masters of creation. Their consciousness immediately exploded, gushing out majestically from their third eyes at the hearts of their brows. Although consciousness was formless, they conjured up waves of hurricanes and thunderbolts that charged towards Qin Mu on the sacrificial altar!

Immediately after the consciousnesses of these nine masters of creation exploded, Qin Mu's consciousness surged forth. However, he wasn't trying to visualize the pearl. Instead, he gathered all of his consciousness and directed it at the nine masters of creation!


The space around the sacrificial altar shook violently as ten powerful consciousnesses collided. Qin Mu's consciousness abruptly transformed into the Great Overarching Heaven, suppressing the consciousnesses of the nine masters of creation. Within a second, their consciousnesses were crushed and forced back into the heart of their brows!


Qin Mu gave a low shout, and the bodies of the nine masters of creation shook violently. Instantly, the hexagon-shaped vertical eyes at the hearts of their brows were turned into dust and sealed by his consciousness layer by layer, so as to prevent them from mobilizing their consciousness to break out of the heart of their brows!

After Qin Mu had sealed the nine masters of creation, he retracted his consciousness and began to visualize.

"This is truly the holy infant."

Chief Dong Ming couldn't help but give his praises, laughing. "If he focused on visualizing the Jade Capital Pearl of the Xiu Clan, he would have been taken advantage of by the nine masters of creation. There's a chance he might even have been attacked until he was turned into an idiot. However, after sealing their consciousnesses, he can visualize unhurriedly, not fearing any disturbance."

Other chiefs nodded their heads one by one. Can Nü said, "Now, we shall see if he is able to visualize the Jade Capital Pearl."

Before they could even finish their sentences, they saw countless mountains and rivers gushing forth from the void around Qin Mu. The geographical features of the scenery that emerged on after another were exactly the same as those in the Jade Capital Pearl!

Not only that, but the image of the Jade Capital City also materialized. The gates, walls, houses, halls, and palaces were the same as the Jade Capital Pearl. Also, the gods whose forms looked like the ancient gods were visualized by Qin Mu. Their structures were intricate and complicated, even surpassing that of the Jade Capital Pearl!

"As though heaven is helping him!"

Many of the masters of creation gasped in shock, giving their praises. "This is more detailed and complicated than the Jade Capital Pearl. You are indeed the holy infant born from the Origin Stone. Please guide us!"

Shu Jun repeatedly rolled his eyes as he thought, 'Had it been me, I would have been attacked until I became an idiot… No, it can't be. I don't have a brain…'

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