Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 974 - Three Contests

Besides visualizing the Jade Capital Pearl, one also had to materialize it from illusion before one could complete Divine King Lang Wo's test. One had to visualize and turn into reality all of the mountains, rivers, trees, runes, buildings, and even ancient gods in a detailed manner.

This was the part that truly tested masters of creation's consciousnesses.

If Qin Mu hadn't sealed those nine masters of creation and they caused trouble, he couldn't have visualized the Jade Capital Pearl nor turned it into reality.

However, now, he had plenty of time to do so.

Consciousness flooded out of Qin Mu, who sat at the center of the Jade Capital Pearl. It was as if there were thousands of invisible painter hands with invisible brushes. He created an entire world in the pearl that looked more and more realistic as time went on.

Long after that, he finally recalled his own consciousness and stopped visualizing. He walked through the pearl and went back on the sacrificial altar.

The various masters of creation came to size it up carefully. They saw that the pearl Qin Mu visualized was way smaller than the holy object of the Xiu Clan. However, they found no flaws at all, just some minor differences between the ancient gods Qin Mu visualized and those in the Xiu Clan's holy object.

Xiu Zhong laughed. "Not bad, coming from the holy infant. Such a creation would make you an elite amongst us. Although the consciousness cultivation and the form of the gods and devils are slightly off, they are likely due to lack of knowledge, which isn't your fault, holy infant…"

At that moment, he saw the ancient gods of the pearl moving. Each one of them moved in a different way and form, and the Great Dao runes on them were different too!

Not only that, but the 256 ancient gods each recited their own Dao scriptures in 256 different Dao languages, forming a grand Dao voice that came out of the pearl together. It was especially solemn and serious!

Following the rumbling of the Dao voice, the runes, celestial bodies, mountains, and water bodies of the pearl gave off a glow, as if the pearl had coalesced a heavenly force and was giving off a shocking tremor!

All of the chiefs got scared and backed off quickly.

The Jade Capital Pearl that Qin Mu visualized radiated a light that projected over a thousand acres worth of space. The runes and formation markings were projected too. In the end, another Jade Capital Pearl of a thousand feet radius was projected from the original one!

However, only the interior of it was real, its exterior was an apparition.

However, the apparition's runes packed power too, and the celestial bodies, mountains, and water bodies continued coalescing into something real. The Jade Capital City also appeared with all forms of gods and devils standing tall, murmuring different Dao languages.


The Jade Capital Pearl apparition shook as it gave off light and projected itself again, forming a third Jade Capital Pearl that was even larger outside the two that were already formed!

Those around the sacrificial altar were shrouded by it, mesmerized by the third heaven formed by the second projection.


The third heaven projected again, forming the fourth heaven, then the fifth and the sixth.

After forming the sixth heaven, the projected apparition dimmed and was unable to project itself again.

Qin Mu stood on the sacrificial altar as the God Eye at the heart of his brow shut itself. The heavens dissipated too, leaving the pearl as a spirit pearl the size of the tip of his finger in his palm.

"Xiu Zhong, can your Xiu Clan use your holy object like this?" asked the Zili Chief, Can Nü.

Xiu Zhong was stunned. He shook his head and replied, "No."

Qin Mu gave him the Jade Capital Pearl he visualized, saying, "The ancient gods your clan visualized lack some runes. Hence, they were unable to project the second heaven. I have made up for it, so if someone has a strong enough consciousness, they can project a second heaven from the pearl and turn it into reality. My consciousness isn't strong enough, so I can only project six heavens. The Xiu Clan is truly powerful. The power in this Jade Capital Pearl is astounding!"

He couldn't help but praise, "If I didn't have deep attainments in painting, forging, the arts, and algebra, I wouldn't have been able to visualize it! Impressive, Xiu Clan!"

Xiu Zhong carefully picked up the Jade Capital Pearl he visualized. He was still stunned. "The Jade Capital Pearl we visualized lacks that function…"

He quickly followed up, saying, "With the ancient gods' runes, can one infinitely project?"

Qin Mu shook his head, explaining, "When I was visualizing, due to time constraints, I could only calculate to 18 decimal places without error. That means that it can only project 18 heavens. After that, due to inadequacies in algebra, errors in projection will grow, and the heavens projected will lack power due to said errors."

Xiu Zhong was stunned. "Algebra?"

Qin Mu nodded. "Algebra. When masters of creation visualize simple things like a mirror, algebra isn't needed. However, for complex things like runes, algebra is needed. With algebra alone, I wouldn't be able to create a perfect sphere, but, with visualization, I can make the objects forged more accurate to my imagination. If it was accurate enough, one could infinitely project with a strong enough consciousness!"

Xiu Zhong was still perplexed.

Qin Mu was helpless. He shook his head, lonelily. These masters of creation didn't know about algebra.

They had no need for algebra, for they could visualize the most perfect surfaces and any formation markings. Therefore, they hadn't developed algebra.

However, visualization wasn't omnipotent. Algebra was needed when visualizing detailed structures.

Divine King Lang Wo laughed. "Since the first test has been completed, let's begin the second one, the corporeal body test. This one is simple, it's just combat using corporeal bodies. There's no using consciousness, one has to fight with the corporeal body only."

Another nine masters of creation walked out. They were imposing in size.

Qin Mu's heart fluttered as he looked at Xiu Zhong, whispering, "Not dangerous?"

Xiu Zhong was brimming with confidence as he replied, "It's not for the holy infant!"

Qin Mu glanced at Shu Jun as he proudly called out, "Use the consciousness training technique I taught you. You'll definitely beat them!"

Qin Mu was furious. This fellow had only imparted the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge, not the consciousness training technique!

Qin Mu had to exchange with Shu Jun for his consciousness techniques, so all of the consciousness techniques he cultivated were incomplete.

The training technique Qin Mu comprehend came from the Grand Emperor's Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness. It taught him to make his body the universe and hide 2000 ancient gods within it.

The Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness was powerful, but he had only cultivated it for a short time, which made it hard to ascertain whether he could compete with these mature masters of creation.

Qin Mu calmed himself down, stabilized his breath, and utilized his consciousness. Immediately, it flooded into his third eye from his brain. It went through the Grand Primordium Origin Stone and became the Grand Overarching Sky!

His consciousness exploded in the Grand Primordium Origin Stone. He used his head as the celestial heavens, his Dantian as Yuandu, his sea of qi as the Ruins of End, his Yongquan as Youdu, his limbs as the Four Poles Four Symbols, and his spine as the 33 heavens.

The celestial heavens consciousness came from the ancient Celestial Emperor, while Yuandu came from Mother Earth, the sea of qi came from Celestial Empress' sister, and Youngquan came from Earth Count. The four limbs came from the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise. This allowed the spine's 33 heavens to form nearly 2000 ancient gods!

He utilized his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, combining them to form an internal universe!


A master of creation tried to punch him, causing space to rupture. The strongest thing about masters of creation was their corporeal body. They visualized it with the consciousness to elevate it, making their race the race with the strongest corporeal bodies in history!

It was a simple punch, without any attainments from the martial arts path, yet it was extremely strong!

Qin Mu stood on the sacrificial altar, receiving their punches with punches of his own. Compared to those mountain-sized punches of the masters of creation, his were way smaller.

At that moment, the other eight masters of creation swung at him in unison from different directions!

Qin Mu's color changed slightly, and with one swing of his body, he grew three heads and six arms. Yet, six arms weren't enough to fight against nine. He blocked six of them, but he couldn't block the other two and was squashed by them!

Another master of creation attacked from above. His punch came from above, and it almost hit the sacrificial altar.

A violent rumble came, and the surrounding masters of creation dared not look. The scene must be bloody. Qin Mu, being smashed by two masters of creation's first, must have been crushed like a little fruit.

However, those two masters of creation could see it clearly. Their punches didn't collide, as the small Qin Mu between their mountain-sized fists wasn't squashed. He used his corporeal body to resist it, and his face didn't change shape even once during the ordeal!

Qin Mu was stunned too.

'The Grand Emperor's Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness is truly strong. His corporeal body was as strong as the ancient Celestial Emperor's!'

Qin Mu let out a long howl and fought back, sending out two punches. Those two masters of creation flew back as a result!

Qin Mu withstood the punch from the master of creation in the air like a nail, standing straight on the sacrificial altar. It had already sunk into the ground because of the attacks, yet Qin Mu stood still.

Qin Mu punched up, and that master of creation in the air spat out blood as he flew into the clouds, dyeing them red.

The other six masters of creation wobbled and visualized eight arms to rain down punches. The exploding sounds didn't stop. Soon, the sound of bones cracking came as giant bodies flew into the air and fell back one after another!

Those mature masters of creation had their arms broken apart in the air, and blood flew out like mist as a result.

On the sacrificial altar, Qin Mu dispersed his arms and heads, recovering his real body. He clutched his big red robe and sat down.

Divine King Lang Wo clapped her hands and ordered people to send the nine masters of creation to rest. Although they were injured, they could use their own consciousness visualization to recover their corporeal bodies. Thus, their injuries weren't serious.

This was why Carefree Village couldn't gain the upper hand against the masters of creation. They were unkillable. As long as their consciousness was still around, they could recover and continue fighting.

Until the Son of Youdu, Qin Fengqing's arrival, that is. He swallowed their souls whole, causing them to suffer heavy casualties. Hence, they saw him as a big enemy.

"Divine King, what's the third test?" Qin Mu was in high spirits as he asked with a smile.

Divine King Lang Wo smiled back. "The third test is on your consciousness divine arts."

Another nine masters of creation stepped forward. They sat down around the altar and closed their eyes, leaving only the hexagon-shaped eye in the center of their brows open.

Qin Mu frowned and looked at Shu Jun.

He didn't know a lot about consciousness divine arts!

Shu Jun didn't teach him much, and there weren't any complete consciousness divine arts in the Grand Emperor's consciousness!

Qin Mu clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, opening the one in the heart of his brows, thinking, 'Divine arts were created by people. Since they did it before, I can do it too. I'll create it now and face off against these masters of creation here!'

He quietly encouraged himself, 'I'm the Overlord Body, I can do it!'

One of the masters of creation had a light shining from his forehead. A golden dragon swam out of it, showing off its claws and teeth and spitting out clouds and mist.

Qin Mu was slightly flustered. 'This master of creation visualized a real divine art. How is that any different from using vital qi to construct runes to form a dragon-shaped divine art? If I can use consciousness to replace vital qi, can I do the reverse?'

He thought about it, and consciousness flowed out of the heart of his brows, forming a golden dragon that swam out of it. It soon fell on the ground.

'Was I visualizing Fatty Dragon?'

Veins popped out of Qin Mu's forehead. Every time he tried to visualize a dragon, the thing he visualized bore similarities to the dragon qilin.

He sat in his mind and decided to visualize the ancient gods instead. Ancient gods soon walked out of the heart of his brows and filled the sacrificial altar.

Shu Jun quietly said, "B*stard, that's not how you use consciousness divine arts…"

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