Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 975 - Celestial Venerable Ling Must Die

The ancient gods Qin Mu visualized were only beginning to take shape when the nine masters of creation's consciousness divine arts attacked.

These nine masters of creation sat still as their consciousnesses morphed into peculiarities like dragons, phoenixes, mountains, and rivers that rushed towards Qin Mu. Qin Mu's consciousness was used, and the ancient gods on the sacrificial altar blocked the divine arts rushing towards him, killing their products.

A divine dragon was ripped apart by a Heaven Duke he visualized. As it disintegrated, it became consciousness that rushed into Heaven Duke's body, forming a large sword that ripped him inside out!

After Heaven Duke was ripped apart, the large sword became a disc that rotated around crazily. The Heaven Duke that Qin Mu had visualized was turned to ashes, its consciousness taken away.

Qin Mu was shocked. Before he could come up with a countermeasure, the ancient gods he visualized were executed by the nine masters of creation.

The visualized Earth Count had its horns ripped off, and its eyes stabbed, while Mother Earth was beaten to death and incinerated into ashes. The other ancient gods died brutally too. At best, they could survive one or two hits before being refined.

Cold sweat burst out of Qin Mu's forehead. The ancient gods he visualized were strong, but they weren't as strong as the masters of creation's consciousness divine arts, which he underestimated. Shu Jun never taught him any consciousness divine arts either, which caused his formation of ancient gods to be broken immediately!

The masters of creation's consciousnesses were peculiar and hard to defend against. Their divine arts had no solid state. If they visualized a dragon or phoenix, they could morph into other forms immediately to target the weaknesses of the ancient gods he visualized. This was completely different compared to divine arts coming from vital qi runes!

He could control these visualized ancient gods and even use them to deploy divine arts. However, they weren't strong enough to withstand these masters of creation's consciousness divine arts!

The prowess of the ancient gods he visualized was less than gods who reached the god realm!

He visualized in a frenzy, creating one ancient god after another to defend the sacrificial altar and block the nine masters of creation's consciousness divine art attacks.

Yet, they visualized more and more divine arts. Them breaking through his defensive position was only a matter of time.

'Consciousness divine arts are so hard to deal with?'

Thousands of thoughts flashed through Qin Mu's head as he tried to think of a way to deal with this quickly. However, it was extremely difficult for him to comprehend a way to adapt to these consciousness divine arts.

It was especially difficult since he had to face nine mature masters of creation at the same time.

"Divine King Shu Jun, are the divine arts of the three kings of the primordial era so gross?"

Divine King Lang Wo glanced at the head on the throne, vaguely laughing and saying, "The holy infant is like a kid who doesn't understand consciousness divine arts, like you. The way he uses his consciousness is hilarious. It's unexpected that Shu Jun, one of the three primordial kings, is of such a standard."

Shu Jun gave a cold humph and was visibly displeased. "I didn't impart my consciousness divine arts to him. If I did, he would be able to take down 100 masters of creation easily, let alone nine!"

Divine King Lang Wo frowned slightly and whispered, "So the holy infant hasn't learned consciousness divine arts yet?"

Shu Jun was silent.

Divine King Lang Wo's brows furrowed. Qin Mu, unexpectedly, hadn't learned consciousness divine arts yet. She thought that Shu Jun was Qin Mu's master and thus would have imparted his divine arts to him. That would have rendered the test Qin Mu was facing passable, if not easy.

The idea of Qin Mu not knowing a single consciousness divine art hadn't crossed her mind at all!

'If this goes on, he won't last for much longer.'

Divine King Lang Wo relaxed herself and thought, 'After he's dead, we can retrieve the Grand Primordium Divine Stone, the Grand Emperor's seal, and the Grand Emperor's sacrificial altar to create another holy infant.'

As soon as she thought that, Qin Mu suddenly fell asleep on the sacrificial altar on his side.

Divine King Lang Wo was stunned. 'Sleeping at such a point in time…'

On the sacrificial altar, Qin Mu utilized the Boundless Calamity Sutra, and suddenly, countless small Qin Mus appeared on the sacrificial altar. They were noisy as they fought around, making a scene.

These small Qin Mus were imitating the nine masters of creation's divine arts, attempting to attain an ever-changing consciousness like the masters of creation had. Soon, these little Qin Mus' corpses littered the floor.

Some exploded from their opponent's consciousness divine arts, while some had their heads chopped off. Some were pulverized by large mountains, while some were torn in half by two dragons. Some had divine flames bursting from their bodies, dying from self-immolation. Some of them even spewed out water from every pore of their body, drowning as a result. The scene was extremely violent and brutal.

The scene was bustling on the sacrificial altar. However, the nine masters of creation's divine arts had already reached their peak.

Suddenly, Qin Mu opened his eyes violently, and the dream world collapsed. The little Qin Mus, who had died in various ways, dissipated like it was a dream.

Qin Mu sat up and closed his eyes, and his God Eye opened. He created electricity and lighting all over the sacrificial altar out of nothing. It formed a grand thundercloud that rained thunder and lightning like rain.

The area around the sacrificial altar soon became an ocean of thunder and lightning, beating the nine masters of creation's divine arts to a pulp, filling them with holes. They were put in a still state as a result.

When the lightning landed, it morphed into countless sprouts that grew with the wind, making the entire sacrificial altar a green primordial forest.

Those nine masters of creation were about to control their consciousnesses when a gust of wind suddenly blew sand towards them, drowning the forest. The divine winds picked up the newly formed blazing divine flames and rushed towards them!

The sea of fire was beside them in an instant. The heart of the nine masters of creation's brows had great light coming from them. They worked together and used their consciousnesses to counter it, but the void cracked open, and suddenly, countless stars appeared, forming a galaxy in front of them.

New stars kept flooding out of the galaxy, pulling Qin Mu and the sea of fire further and further apart.

At that moment, the sea of fire suddenly morphed into countless magpies that flew across the galaxy noisily. They formed a magpie bridge that spanned the galaxy.

When the magpies created that bridge, they suddenly lifted their heads. Each one of them became a large snake that opened their mouths, hunting the nine masters of creation.

They were shocked and modified their consciousnesses and divine arts again to become a large web that was hurled towards the large snakes.

Nine large snakes went into the web and suddenly dispersed, becoming rolling consciousness that drilled into the tops of their heads.

The nine masters of creation opened their eyes and refused to move, their foreheads pouring cold sweat. Qin Mu's consciousness had invaded their corporeal bodies, and by visualizing any large creature, he could implode their corporeal bodies!

"That's enough!"

Divine King Lang Wo's voice came just at the right time. Qin Mu's consciousness instantly flew out of these nine masters of creation's bodies, forming nine invisible jet streams that returned to the heart of Qin Mu's brows on the sacrificial altar.

Divine King Lang Wo leaned over and said to the large head beside her, "As expected of Divine King Shu Jun, one of the three primordial kings. You lied to me about not teaching him anything, didn't you? It seems his consciousness divine art attainment isn't bad after all."

Shu Jun was stunned as he murmured, "I really didn't… Wait, I did! Naturally, as a primordial divine king, I have my own tricks. Although I may have been careless in teaching him these shallow consciousness divine arts, it's enough to deal with your well-trained masters of creation."

His expression remained unchanged.

Divine King Lang Wo smiled a little before standing up and saying, "The holy infant has passed the three big tests. Although they were difficult, given the holy infant's abilities, he naturally passed them. The last test is his intelligence."

She walked up to the sacrificial altar leisurely. Light flooded out of the heart of her brow as if it was paving a realm, enveloping Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's heart fluttered as he looked outside from the realm. Outside of the sacrificial altar, the masters of creation's actions were unbelievably swift, as swift as fleeting shadows.

He looked up and saw that the sun in the sky was moving at an unbelievably fast speed too. It set almost as quickly as it rose. The rising of the moon and the setting of the sun was near-instantaneous!

In a split second, the sun and moon changed position as many as three times!

'The supreme consciousness realm!' Qin Mu's heart shuddered.

Divine King Lang Wo stood beside him, whispering, "This divine art realm is our enemy's ultimate technique. You have to use your own intelligence to break it to pass my tests. If not, even if you are the holy infant, you will die to it."

Qin Mu whispered back, "Grand Emperor?"

Divine King Lang Wo's heart was slightly jolted as she looked down at him.

Compared to her, Qin Mu was extremely small.

She was the divine king of the masters of creation and had a corporeal body as large as that of Goddess of Heavenly Yin. Qin Mu was minuscule standing beside her.

"It is indeed the Grand Emperor's divine art."

Divine King Lang Wo didn't deny it, saying, "The Grand Emperor betrayed us and almost made us extinct. I will avenge us no matter what! I exist solely to get revenge on him. However, although I can imitate his divine art, I don't dare say I can break it."

Qin Mu frowned and probed her, "So you're saying that the Grand Emperor is still alive? I saw him dead in the Great Void, though. His corporeal body was trapped in the supreme consciousness realm by Celestial Venerable Yun and the masters of creation."

Divine King Lang Wo shook her head and shrank her corporeal body to the size of Qin Mu's, then said, "The Grand Emperor must still be alive. Countless masters of creation worshipped him then, making him the strongest being in the world with the strongest corporeal body and consciousness. He couldn't have been stuck there."

She whispered, "He has a consciousness that can't be wiped. He can survive in any form, even without his corporeal body, soul, or part of his consciousness. The Grand Emperor that died in the Great Void was merely a part of him. He has other parts of him that are still living in the ancestral court."

Qin Mu frowned. One could only use the Undying God Consciousness to exist forever after cultivating to the level of Crimson Emperor. One could only completely eliminate Crimson Emperor after getting rid of his Undying God Consciousness.

A being like the Grand Emperor, a monster shaped by countless masters of creation, must have a stronger consciousness than Crimson Emperor. It would be extremely difficult to eliminate him!

"Why does he want to eliminate the masters of creation?"

Qin Mu was perplexed as he asked, "Is he not of the same race?"

"It's because of how it was the masters of creation who created him. If they can create him, they can create others like him. He wants to eliminate all other masters of creation for the longevity of his rule."

Divine King Lang Wo told him a chilling fact, "Now, more than half a year has passed. You need to speed up. You have unlimited time to break this realm with me beside you. I cast this realm that even I can't walk out of."

Qin Mu's heart fluttered as he looked at the girl beside him. He suddenly came to his senses and took his eyes off of her breasts, reminding himself, 'Qin Mu, Qin Mu. You must hang on without Fatty Dragon beside you!'

He steadied himself and tried not to look at this girl with her white skin that was as smooth as jade.

Qin Mu retrieved the Grand Emperor's seal and the Grand Emperor's sacrificial altar. Divine King Lang Wo commented, "If you take these two things out in front of the Grand Emperor, you are essentially looking to die."

Qin Mu put them away and carefully sized up the supreme consciousness realm.

He used those two treasures to break the supreme consciousness realm in the Great Void. Without them, he found himself helpless against it!

'There must be a way, there must be a way…'

He walked around as the sun rose and set above him. The sun and the moon swapped places repeatedly.

"A year has passed," Divine King Lang Wo reminded him.

Qin Mu panicked. Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration, and a peachwood hairpin appeared in his hands.

Divine King Lang Wo was perplexed as she looked at it.

Qin Mu utilized his vital qi to activate the hairpin. With one wave, the entire supreme consciousness realm split open. The moving moon stopped, and the stars hung on the east side, stationary. Everything outside returned to normal.

Divine King Lang Wo was stunned as she looked at the scene. She was unable to speak.

Qin Mu was stunned, too, and he suddenly felt a chill. He continued, "I've figured it out! I know who killed Celestial Venerable Ling! To him, Celestial Venerable Ling must die!"

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