Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 976 - The Reunion of Mu and Qin

Divine King Lang Wo remained shocked and looked as though she hadn't heard him. Qin Mu made a stroke with the peachwood hairpin, breaking open the supreme consciousness realm that had plagued her for countless thousands of years.

It was simply too shocking. To an outsider, Qin Mu had used a year to break through the supreme consciousness realm. However, to her, Qin Mu only used a short amount of time to think before using a hairpin to break through this peerless realm!

"Who killed Celestial Venerable Ling?"

She asked blankly, "Who is Celestial Venerable Ling?"

Qin Mu paced around excitedly on top of the sacrificial altar and laughed heartily. "The Grand Emperor! It was him! The fellow who controlled Celestial Emperor's corporeal body to kill Celestial Venerable Ling!"

Divine King Lang Wo was still lost. "Who is Celestial Emperor?"

Qin Mu was ineffably excited. At times he balled up his fists tightly, and at times he waved the peachwood hairpin around while circling her repeatedly. "The unchanging substance divine art of Celestial Venerable Ling could precisely suppress the Grand Emperor's supreme consciousness realm. Actually, not just suppressing it, breaking it completely!"

"The consciousness of the supreme consciousness realm freezes space-time, creating an unmoving space-time and the strange phenomena of the outside world changing at great speed. Anyone who enters his supreme consciousness realm freezes. However, the unchanging substance divine art of Celestial Venerable Ling may not exist in this concept known as time. The so-called flow of time is only a facade caused by changes in substances.

"Their divine arts were at two extreme ends of the spectrum. One uses consciousness to determine substance, while the other uses substance to determine consciousness.

"It seems that the Grand Emperor comprehended the Great Dao of space-time control. However, Celestial Venerable Ling's divine art showed him that his strongest ultimate skill was merely a facade caused by changes in substance!

"His supreme consciousness realm was just an illusion that was punctured by Celestial Venerable Ling's unchanging substance divine art!

"That's why Celestial Venerable Ling had to die!

"As long as Celestial Venerable Ling lives, he can't be considered peerless!

"Although there were many Celestial Venerables in the Heaven Alliance with reasons to kill her, their reasons weren't as pressing as his. Therefore, the one who killed Celestial Venerable Ling and the one that was in Celestial Emperor's body that was trapped in the celestial river was the Grand Emperor!"

Divine King Lang Wo shook her head. She had some difficulties following his line of thought.

However, the part about how consciousness determined substance was indeed the essence of the race of masters of creation. This particular sentence could describe their race's divine arts and civilization.

However, using substance to determine consciousness was something new and novel to her.

Qin Mu raised his head towards the sky as his gaze flickered. He lowered his voice and said, "In that case, why did the Grand Emperor use Celestial Emperor's corporeal body to assassinate Celestial Venerable Ling? This shows that if he didn't resort to that, he would have been unable to deal with her. This also shows that he hid in the celestial heavens and was one of the leaders. Once he killed Celestial Venerable Ling and destroyed the corporeal body of Celestial Emperor, there would be no one in the celestial heavens who would be able to threaten him anymore."

As Divine King Lang Wo looked at this fellow who hadn't yet reached two years old, she actually felt that he was quite charming when analyzing mysteries.

"Just now, Divine King said that the Grand Emperor has a consciousness that is inextinguishable. Hence, he can survive in any form he desires. I have a conjecture. The corporeal body of Celestial Emperor trapped in the celestial river isn't all of him. It may just be a portion of him."

Qin Mu thought for a moment and said, "There's a portion of him that wears the face of a Celestial Venerable, one active within the celestial heavens. In that case, the Grand Emperor has divided himself into three parts. The Great Void has his corporeal body and part of his consciousness, the celestial river has his soul or consciousness, and the celestial heavens also has part of his soul or consciousness. Now, I'm starting to get curious. Why does Jue Wuchen look so similar to Divine King?"

He stood in front of Divine King Lang Wo and carefully examined her stunning beauty. Her lips were thin and red, while her eyes and nose were like precious jade. It was the first time he had ever looked at such a beautiful lady so closely.

Although Yun Chuxiu was always pestering him, he didn't dare look at her closely. Divine King Lang Wo didn't have a flirtatious character like her, so Qin Mu was able to muster his courage.

"Divine King Lang Wo, has Celestial Venerable Ling, Celestial Venerable Yun, or the Grand Emperor ever seen you before?"

Qin Mu suddenly said, "One of them has definitely seen you before. That's why they were able to create Jue Wuchen, who is so flawless, and use her to seduce the ancient Celestial Emperor. Among the three, who exactly has seen you before?"

Divine King Lang Wo had generously allowed him to examine her. She said softly, "You have passed the fourth test, the test of intelligence."

Qin Mu continued to stare at her. "One of them must have seen you before. That's why they were able to create someone exactly like you. It's very important to know who thought of the idea of creating a Jue Wuchen to seduce the ancient Celestial Emperor. I'm very curious, Divine King Lang Wo, have you ever been outside before?"

He added, "What I mean is, during the Dragon Han Era, did you ever leave the Great Void?"

Divine King Lang Wo gave a slight smile. "Holy infant, I'm the divine king, and you're the holy infant. There's no need to get too curious, or else, there might be harm coming your way."

Qin Mu immediately complied and stopped asking. He parted his big red robe and sat down on the sacrificial altar obediently.

Divine King Lang Wo walked down from the sacrificial altar and returned to her seat. She said, "The holy infant has passed the four tests. Please invite him to take a rest. The various chiefs, please proceed to prepare the grand offering for the Ancestor Spirit World. In a few days, we shall hold a grand offering, sending the holy infant into the Ancestor Spirit World."

Following her instructions, Xiu Zhong and the rest of the chiefs went into action. Qin Mu also got down from the sacrificial altar. When he looked at Shu Jun, who was on the altar, he noticed that he had an unhappy expression.

Shu Jun's skin was pretty thick, and he chuckled with his expression unchanged. "Congratulations, holy infant."

Qin Mu gave a snort. As he thought about the callous actions of this fellow, some unhappiness rose in his heart.

Divine King Lang Wo said, "Holy infant, your attainments in consciousness divine arts aren't high enough. You should spend this time focusing on the present-day divine arts of the masters of creation. I don't wish to waste half a day explaining your human identity to the spirits of our ancestors when I'm in the Ancestor Spirit World. If you're proficient enough, the ancestor spirits will accept you as the holy infant, regardless of whether you're human or not. If you're not proficient enough, I'll have to take the complicated route of getting them to accept you."

She had a pressing aura. Although she looked exactly the same as Yun Chuxiu, her temperament was totally different.

Qin Mu agreed and asked, "Divine King, what's the purpose of meeting the ancestor spirits at the Ancestor Spirit World?"


Divine King Lang Wo took a step to leave as she said, "To receive the inheritance of the masters of creation race. The civilization of our race from the ancient primordial era until today has accumulated limitless knowledge. If the spirits of our ancestors acknowledge you, they will impart this knowledge to you, instantly turning you into the most learned existence in the universe."

Qin Mu's heart was thumping wildly.

Gaining the billion years of accumulated knowledge of the masters of creation's civilization?

Was there such a good deal?

Although they seemed like a bunch of primitives before the start of their civilization and were pretty vulgar, the civilization they created after they had assimilated the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces was extremely remarkable!

Also, the masters of creation were creators of stars and worlds. That was worthy of respect and admiration!

Shu Jun was very envious. He thought, 'If only I was the holy infant…'

As Divine King Lang Wo left, her consciousness resonated in Qin Mu's head. "I will temporarily be staying at the Green Feather Hall of the Xiu Clan. If you run into anything you don't understand, you can look for me."

Qin Mu acknowledged her words, watching her as she left.

Shu Jun said, "This Divine King Lang Wo is remarkable. If it was me, I would be unable to acknowledge an outsider as the holy infant of the masters of creation. Yet, she is open-minded enough to acknowledge you. Her breadth of mind is something I'm unable to match up to."

"Indeed, Divine King Lang Wo has broad vision and great courage. She isn't inferior to a man. In fact, she is much stronger than one."

Qin Mu was also full of praise for that lady. Suddenly, he gave him a glance and snorted. Shu Jun gave two dry laughs and said, "There's a reason I didn't impart my divine arts to you. You didn't help me recover my brain, so I had to retain some means to exchange for your consciousness, qi, and blood. If I taught you everything, you would definitely have killed me."

Qin Mu's anger subsidized as the ill feelings disappeared without a trace. He then laughed. "I'm unable to blame you for this."

Qin Mu's character was like that.

He and Shu Jun were just making use of each other while trying to trip each other up. Because Shu Jun was a divine king of the masters of creation, he refused to recognize him as the holy infant. Hence, Shu Jun expectedly gave him some trouble.

Qin Mu still had that little bit of breadth of mind.

The masters of creation from the other clans, including the Zili Clan, the Zhuqiu Clan, the Yanlong Clan, and the Xiatai Clan, were constantly arriving at the territory of Xiu Clan. Under the command of their chiefs, they began to visualize, building a giant sacrificial altar and preparing for the ritual of offering.

Qin Mu and Shu Jun were with the children of the masters of creation. Although they are young, their knowledge was extraordinary. This was because they were infused with consciousness the moment they were born. Hence, they had the knowledge base of an adult master of creation.

Although they knew a lot, their consciousnesses weren't strong. They still needed to work and practice on their various consciousness divine arts before they could fully grasp them.

Qin Mu wanted to interact with these children so that he could grasp the foundation of the divine arts of the masters of creation.

Although he was able to defeat many adult masters of creation during his four tests and his consciousness divine arts trounced nine masters of creation, he was still weak at the foundation level.

Shu Jun's huge head floated in the air, following him in step. He was also earnestly learning the foundations of the divine arts.

Although Shu Jun could be quite stubborn and thought highly of himself, his breadth of mind and his intelligence were actually pretty high.

When Qin Mu modified his Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge, he already realized that the techniques of the ancient primordial era were outdated. They would need to move on with the times. Otherwise, the race of masters of creation would be eliminated.

Although he felt that the Grand Emperor's Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness, which had been modified into the systems of divine treasures and celestial palaces, was of no use to him, he acutely felt that the techniques of the masters of creation needed to be modified in this particular manner. Even his own techniques as well.

When Shu Jun saw the masters of creation of the Paramita World embarking on their reform, abandoning the traditions of the ancient primordial era, he wasn't angry at them for changing the cultivation system.

He was angry at them for abandoning their minimalist traditions, walking down a path of impractical extravagance. He felt that resplendent art had little use to the masters of creation.

He possessed the qualities of a leader.

"Why do you have to visualize such complicated things?"

Shu Jun saw a young master of creation that was around 26 feet tall facing rune markings on a stone wall, trying to visualize. These were the flame markings of the cultivation systems of divine treasures and celestial palaces. He couldn't help but ask, "If you visualize the flames directly, your consciousness will be stronger, and the power of your flames will be stronger as well. Isn't that much easier?"

That young master of creation shook his head and said, "Visualizing such complicated markings increases the strength, toughness, agility, and reaction speed of your consciousness. Hence, the control of your consciousness will be precise."

Shu Jun wanted to frown, but he didn't have eyebrows.

Qin Mu supplied him with some qi, blood, and consciousness, allowing him to grow two thick black brows. He then frowned and said, "In that case, in a battle, aren't simple consciousness divine arts better?"

That young master of creation shook his head again. "The flames constructed from runes are more powerful than the ones we visualize directly. Hence, we tried our best to make them more intricate."

Shu Jun's eyes jumped from his sockets as he said angrily, "In that case, the reaction speed of your consciousness will be slower! Speed is the most crucial thing in consciousness divine arts! We have to attack our opponents with lightning speed, using extremely rapid changes to overwhelm them so that they are unable to react in time and are killed! You are abandoning the tradition of our people!"

Qin Mu had kindly supplied him with some qi, blood, and consciousness so that he could grow eyelids to prevent his eyes from dropping out.

That young master of creation didn't understand. He smiled as he said, "When we are constantly visualizing, the runes will be imprinted among our consciousness. These runes are just the foundation, and there aren't many of them, only 200 or so types of fire runes. As we have been visualizing daily, these 200 or so fire runes will be imprinted in our consciousness, and during battle, the arrangement of different runes will produce different divine arts. Its speed isn't slower than before."

Shu Jun had a dazed expression.

After a long time, he sighed. "I accept wholeheartedly that Lang Wo is the divine king. Rascal, when are you going to help me recover my brain? I can't get by without one!"

Qin Mu was about to speak, but Shu Jun sighed and said, "I won't be following you anymore. The Origin Stone is yours, I won't fight with you over it. Instead, I plan to stay here for a while to study, cultivating from scratch. During the ancient primordial era, I became a divine king, respected and admired by thousands of people. Now, I'm sure I can do it again. I'll become a divine king once more!"

Qin Mu heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. "Since Divine King has such ambition, I'll naturally give you my blessings."

Suddenly, his expression wavered as his gaze landed on a "toddler" master of creation far away. That master of creation should be just one or two years old, and he was wearing a red belly band.

"Shu Jun, wait for me for a while."

Qin Mu's mind was blown. He hurriedly walked towards that belly band wearing master of creation. Upon seeing him approaching, that belly band wearing master of creation swiftly turned around, revealing his naked bottom as he walked away.

Qin Mu quickly caught up with him. When the two reached a secluded area, Qin Mu laughed coldly. "I recognize you, Founding Emperor! A Celestial Venerable that actually ended up dressing like that, how shameful!"

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