Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 978 - A Beauty Washing Her Shoulders

Qin Mu's heart pounded. According to Mother Earth, the liquid was a unique and special liquid that she used to root herself and nourish herself and her roots. It was like a light liquid—very energetic and filled with energy.

Mother Earth relied on opening it to become an ancient god!

It was unexpected that the masters of creation in the Paramita World had it too!

Can Nü said, "The concentrated primordial liquid came from a pool in the ancestral court. It was good looking. Then, all of the clans came to take it to water their various holy objects, so less and less of it remained. I heard that when the Jü Clan migrated, they took all of it away from the pool. Afterward, they just sat there and enjoyed life. Now, there's little of the liquid left. You are the holy infant. If you want it, find the divine king, as the remaining liquid is with her."

She looked around and whispered, "If you get some of it, give me some. Our clan's seven soul grass is sick and lacking in vitality."

Qin Mu nodded his head repeatedly.

Can Nü was happy and flew away riding a large white silkworm to continue preparing the grand ritual.

'Oops, I forgot to ask her about the state of the battle.'

Qin Mu walked towards the Green Feather Temple, thinking, 'If I ask Divine King Lang Wo about it, she should tell me. Speaking of that, the masters of creation are quite ancient. They should have a lot of treasures and be extremely rich! The primordial liquid, Grand Primordium Origin Stone, and Grand Primordium Divine Stone. They have so many of these treasures that the younger generations have a hard time finding. They should have other precious treasures too then! Since I'm the holy infant, these treasures…"

The Green Feather Temple was actually a large temple with wings. On the sides of it were wings made out of flesh with green feathers. It was capable of flight.

Such uniquely marvelous structures were almost impossible to find outside. Yet in the Paramita World of the masters of creation, there were many such buildings.

For example, masters of creation would visualize buildings with legs for ease of relocation. They also visualized plants with a bull's body to grow leaves that absorbed the sun's energy to create meat.

Qin Mu walked to the front of the temple and carefully sized up the wings. He saw that the joints between the wings and the halls were made with a perfect blend of rock and flesh, which impressed him.

"The divine king would like to invite the holy infant into the temple," The phoenix at the door ruffled its feathers and said to Qin Mu.

Qin Mu thanked it and followed it into the temple.

The temple was tall and vast, and it made people walking within it feel minuscule and fearful.

Qin Mu, however, was used to seeing the grand buildings of the masters of creation and followed the rainbow phoenix quickly. The fact that Divine King Lang Wo summoned him to the back halls instead of the front surprised him.

The temple was so large that Qin Mu followed the phoenix for quite a while before they reached the back halls.

"Sister, why haven't you morphed into a human?" Qin Mu asked.

That phoenix with beautiful feathers turned around and curiously asked, "Morph into a human? Do you mean morphing into a master of creation?"

Qin Mu thought about it and nodded. The appearances of the masters of creation were similar to humans, but they were taller and had a hexagonal-shaped eye at the heart of their brows.

The rainbow phoenix shook its head. "I was visualized, and I cannot cultivate nor morph myself. When I was visualized, I was bound by my own power."

Qin Mu's brain boomed and shook his head. "Could you repeat yourself, Sister?"

The phoenix repeated itself, saying, "Being bound by my own power makes it hard for me to change. I can't open divine treasures nor use consciousness to cultivate. However, I can upgrade my blazing holy fire's power."

Qin Mu groggily mumbled, "Your form resembles that of the ancient gods…"

"The divine king is in front."

The rainbow phoenix led him to the back hall, and Qin Mu saw Divine King Lang Wo picking up water by the pool to cleanse her wounds. Her shoulder belts were loose as her shoulder was injured. Long, bloody scars scarred it. Founding Emperor must have injured her.

Her long hair was like a waterfall with glistening water that reflected bright light. The scene took Qin Mu's breath away.

Qin Mu's breathing hastened as a result. The pool was filled with the primordial liquid!

What a large pool!

It was a pool to the masters of creation, but to Qin Mu, it was a lake. The entire lake was filled with the primordial liquid!

He really wanted to rush in and jump straight into the pool!

"You're barely three years of age, yet your heart beats so violently when you see a lady's shoulder?" Divine King Lang Wo saw him and lifted her shirt to cover her shoulder before asking him that.

Qin Mu forced himself to retract his gaze from the pool, choosing instead to glance at it with curiosity.

Divine King Lang Wo then realized that it was the pool, not her, that made his heart pound so violently. She instinctively gave off a weird expression, waved her hand, and dismissed the phoenix. She then said, "Please follow me, holy infant."

Qin Mu followed her and kept looking back at the glistening pool of primordial liquid. It gave off a mesmerizing glow that tempted him.

After a few steps, her body shrunk to his size. Her hair covered her shoulders and had a dark glow to it as if it still wasn't dry.

"Was this beautiful hair of yours washed with the primordial liquid?"

Qin Mu was extremely envious. "The liquid is really nice, I want to have such a large pool of it too."

Her dress covered her legs, and when she walked, Qin Mu could barely see it. She was barefoot, and her feet were beautiful to Qin Mu.

"These legs were washed with the primordial liquid too, right? It looks really nice!" Qin Mu looked back at the primordial liquid pool while thinking about that.

Divine King Lang Wo stopped, and Qin Mu almost collided into her. He stopped hastily.

Divine King Lang Wo vaguely smiled and said, "You seem to be more interested in that pool than me. A guy like you is rare. Before I was a divine king, many masters of creation ogled me. They tried all sorts of tricks to woo me. It wasn't until I became a divine king that they stopped. Yet, you seem to be more interested in that pool."

Qin Mu probed her, "If I was interested in you, what would you do?"

"Cut you open, of course."

Divine King Lang Wo lifted her hand and explained, "I would cut your nerve that decides what's right or wrong. You're only three, yet you have such thoughts already, how are you supposed to be the holy infant? If I cut you, you would spend all of your energy on comprehension and cultivation, which would allow you to lead us to get revenge against the Grand Emperor."

Qin Mu was shocked and said solemnly, "Divine King, this is why I like that pool. I'm only three, so even if you're enchanting and charming, I won't have any weird thoughts."

Divine King Lang Wo revealed a smile and continued walking forward. She softly said, "Don't be scared, as long as you think for us, I won't do anything to you. After all, you are the holy infant in our prophecy."

Qin Mu followed her quickly, interrupting her, "Are you injured, and is it serious? Who hurt you? I'm skilled in medicine. If you don't mind, you can take off your clothes so I can heal you."

"In the Paramita World, the only being who can hurt me is Founding Emperor Qin Ye."

Divine King Lang Wo continued, "Although he injured me, he suffered too. He'll have to stay in bed for several days after returning in order to recover. As for my injury, you can't heal it, only the pool can."

She fell into silence for a little bit before saying, "However, the pool is finite and will be gone eventually. When I get injured then, there will be nothing to treat me."

Qin Mu hesitated, not knowing whether he should ask for some of it.

"If you like it, go get some of it for yourself later."

Divine King Lang Wo seemed to have read his mind as she said, "This pool isn't mine, after all, it's ours. I just took it for myself. You are the holy infant, so you can use the pool water."

Qin Mu expressed his thanks.

Divine King Lang Wo continued, "You came here to probe about Founding Emperor Qin Ye's injury by beating around the bush, right? You aren't here to inquire about my injury. You aren't here to ask me to impart consciousness divine arts to you either, right?"

Qin Mu felt apprehensive.

Divine King Lang Wo parted the flowers and walked forward, saying, "You are related to him. I felt that the blood in your body is related to his. You came here to search for him, not us, who are hiding in seclusion."

She stopped herself and turned around to look at Qin Mu before saying, "You foolishly became our holy infant. You felt that it was an opportunity, so you stayed instead of going with Qin Ye."

She was visibly calm. Qin Mu sized up her face carefully, but he couldn't see what lay beneath this pretty face of hers.

"That's right, Founding Emperor came here to look for me. After I refused him, he left angrily and fought you."

Qin Mu honestly said, "Truth be told, I have a name in the outside world. I came to the Great Void to look for Carefree Village and incidentally ended up here, at Carefree Village's enemies' base. Unexpectedly, I became the holy infant. However, the most unexpected thing is how pretty and intelligent you are. How do you plan to deal with me, Divine King?"

Divine King Lang Wo turned around and continued going forward, saying, "Deal with you? I will only get rid of you when you harm us. Then, I'll make a new holy infant."

Qin Mu felt a chill run down his spine.

At that moment, he felt a familiar aura summoning him, and he couldn't help but walk faster.

Divine King Lang Wo laughed. "You felt that?"

Qin Mu restrained the thought of chasing the temptation. "What's in front?"

"The Grand Primordium Origin Stone, also known as the Ancestor Spirit World."

Divine King Lang Wo continued forward, laughing. "It's the entrance to the Ancestor Spirit World."

Qin Mu followed her, and the summoning aura became stronger.

"The masters of creation who built this world brought some Grand Primordium Origin Stone fragments. They were supposed to be on the Grand Emperor's forehead, but it was broken, and only some of the fragments were collected."

A light came from the front, and Divine King Lang Wo walked towards it, saying, "When they opened this world, they exhausted their energy and couldn't keep their souls. They saw the writing on the wall, so they combined themselves with the Grand Primordium Origin Stone, becoming the Ancestor Spirit World."

Qin Mu saw a rift in space-time in front, which was where the light was coming from. The rift was hexagonal-shaped like the eye in the heart of the masters of creation's brows.

Additionally, the eye grew bigger.

"The Ancestor Spirit World was hidden in the deepest part of the Paramita World. When we die, our consciousness will be led by it to enter it."

Divine King Lang Wo said, "We experienced several extinction events and barely survived. The Ancestor Spirit World is our last chance at securing our inheritance. However, this grand offering's purpose is to let your real body enter the Ancestor Spirit World. Thus, we have to summon it first."

She seriously looked at Qin Mu, saying, "There are still two days left before you can enter it. In these two days, you have to prepare a speech to move the spirit ancestors. Or else, you will die there. This will be the last test for you to become the holy infant."

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