Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 979 - The Ode of the Two Snakes and the Fragrance of the Flower

"After you pass their test, you will have the deepest knowledge possible and the authority to lead us," Divine King Lang Wo continued.

Qin Mu was unnerved just now, but after hearing this from her, he was instantly relieved.

"Within these two days, you will stay here while I guide the way you battle with visualization."

Divine King Lang Wo continued, "Although two days is a short time, I believe that with your intelligence, you can grasp basic visualization combat methods. The best would be that you become able to merge visualization with your own vital qi."

Qin Mu was as skinny as a matchstick. Thus, he feared that his essence, blood, and vital qi wouldn't be able to keep up. To cope with this, he retrieved the primordial liquid and flicked a drop of it into his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure to replenish his vital qi and consciousnesses.

Divine King Lang Wo saw it and frowned slightly, asking, "You're helping Divine King Shu Jun recover his corporeal body?"

Qin Mu nodded.

"Divine King Shu Jun is already old and outdated. Besides, he's obstinate. There's no need to save him."

Divine King Lang Wo continued, "If you don't want to kill him, I can get rid of him for you. It's easy to refine him to death."

Inside the Origin Stone, Shu Jun was furious at how she was so cruel that she ignored tribal feelings and relations.

Qin Mu shook his head and replied, "I promised Shu Jun to recover his head, so I'll do it. Divine King, if I was an untrustworthy fellow, would you have so much faith in me?"

Divine King Lang Wo thought about it and shook her head.

Qin Mu's color recovered slightly, and his consciousness was somewhat preserved, allowing him to utilize his own consciousness divine arts.

Divine King Lang Wo circulated her consciousness and slowly visualized. A rune appeared in front of her slowly, becoming more and more real and clear.

Qin Mu followed her while learning. He also tried to visualize the rune.

Divine King Lang Wo taught in a detailed manner, and Qin Mu learned quickly. Qin Mu was an expert on the basic runes she gave him, making it easy for him to get the hang of it.

He could even point out Divine King Lang Wo's inadequacies and help her patch them up.

Masters of creation often used consciousness to instill their own knowledge to their younglings. However, there was a flaw in this method, which was how it made it difficult for others to find errors made by their elders.

Divine King Lang Wo abandoned that and instead used the most clumsy method to teach Qin Mu. She taught him personally instead of instilling knowledge.

She wanted Qin Mu to correct her inadequacies too.

In the study of basic runes, although the masters of creation had done some research, it was rather minor. After all, they had been in the Paramita World for millions of years, and they spent an even longer time in the Great Void. This rendered them isolated from the outside world. They could only secretly learn runes from Carefree Village, which made their rune attainments inferior to Qin Mu's.

However, in regards to consciousness divine arts, they were far superior to Qin Mu.

Although Divine King Lang Wo claimed to be teaching him, they were actually learning from each other.

Time flew, and a day passed without them realizing. Qin Mu could already visualize any basic runes easily. With a faint thought, his consciousness could construct the runes.

In addition, he found out that runes that merged consciousness and vital qi were way stronger than runes that relied on only one of the two by several times!

In the Green Feather Temple, Divine King Lang Wo visualized a green snake with a graceful demeanor. She stood on its head, and it lunged to fight Qin Mu.

Qin Mu stood on a white snake that he had visualized and visualized various divine arts to defend himself, combining the paths, skills, and divine arts he comprehended to enhance the divine arts' power.

Both of them visualized various consciousness divine arts. With the wave of their hands, heavenly flowers fell from the sky, and the stars struck. With a movement of their consciousness, heavenly fire descended and incinerated things. With another movement of their consciousness, meteors rained, and the ground shook.

They visualized doors that contained worlds, and their snakes carried them through the doors, drifting through their visualized worlds. They cruised the mountains, seas, glaciers, and swamps, appearing and disappearing unpredictably.

In the end, the two giant snakes crisscrossed, their bodies curling around one another as they grew taller and closer together. All sorts of visualized divine arts flew around them, which morphed into all sorts of peculiarities that constantly collided and annihilated one another!

Qin Mu's visualized divine arts were everchanging. He merged visualization with the Great Daos of the ancient gods, merging it with Postcelestial Great Daos to diversify his tricks and confuse Divine King Lang Wo.

The entangled snakes also made them closer, causing more violent collisions of divine arts.

Soon, they were right in front of each other, the two encircling snakes looking like two stars orbiting one another. Their blows became more intense, and their divine arts became more and more unique.

Suddenly, a flower bud was visualized in Qin Mu's hands. It bloomed with magnificent red and brilliant purple colors that were mesmerizing.

The petals grew in number as they bloomed externally. The stamens appeared out, and the flower's fragrance rushed towards their noses.

Divine King Lang Wo saw a flaw and booped Qin Mu's forehead with her finger, invading his body with her consciousness.

At that moment, the beautiful fresh flower was sent to her face. Qin Mu smiled and said, "This is for you."

Divine King Lang Wo was stunned. She retracted her finger and her consciousness, plainly commenting, "This was a contest. I wanted to test your cultivation after these two days. Yet, you were distracted. You disappoint me."

She took the beautiful flower from Qin Mu's hands, turned around, and smelled it. Its fragrance was calming.

Divine King Lang Wo revealed a smile and walked down from the green snake's head, barefoot. She said, "Can you not do this next time… Can you follow me quickly? It's time for the grand offering already."

Qin Mu hurriedly jumped off the white snake's head and followed her.

Behind them, the two snakes continued to entangle themselves, refusing to separate. They swam into the temple's forest with their necks entangled.

Qin Mu came to the pool of the primordial liquid and took out a few jade bottles to collect some of it. Divine King Lang Wo saw this, shook her head, and said, "Your bottles are too small, how much can you store? I sense an aura that indicates that you have the Bottle of Flask World of the Hidden Mountain Tribe. Use it."

Qin Mu retrieved the Bottle of Flask World given to him by the tribal chief. Inside it was a complete heaven of vast space that could store not just an entire pool but an entire starry sky too!

Divine King Lang Wo waved her hand, and the pool shrunk by one-tenth. One-tenth of the pool's primordial liquid flew into the Bottle of Flask World.

'This much?'

Qin Mu's heart pounded. He only wanted a couple bottles of the liquid. Unexpectedly, Divine King Lang Wo gave him one-tenth of the amount stored in the pool.

"You shall leave first."

Divine King Lang Wo glanced at him and said, "I will come and host the grand offering soon."

Qin Mu nodded and walked out of the temple.

It was only when Divine King Lang Wo saw him far away from her that she leisurely walked to the pool and threw the flower in. She watched it float in the pool and sprout in it before she gave off a warm smile.

'A visualized flower easily withers, but, if it's planted here, it will bloom after constantly receiving nutrients.'

Qin Mu walked outside of the temple and saw that the various chiefs had already prepared sacrificial altars. Surrounding them were hundreds of masters of creation who had the hearts of their brows glowing. They focused all of their worship power in the center of the sacrificial altar. It soon coalesced into a light liquid that was like a wave of light.

Beams of light rose into the sky from the sacrificial altar.

There were a lot of sacrificial altars, at least three to five thousand of them, and all of them had lights beaming into the void, causing it to shake. The sky even became crimson.

At that moment, there were only a few masters of creation left to defend against an attack by Carefree Village. Everyone else was gathered here to hold this grand offering!

Qin Mu didn't expect that he would open the Ancestor Spirit World amidst such a grand scene!

He looked back and saw a large hexagonal eye rising from behind the temple. It was the Ancestor Spirit World, summoned from the void by the grand offering. It grew in size and altitude.

This world was created by the merger of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone and dead masters of creation. The world was hidden in the void, and it was only when a master of creation died that the masters of creation were able to feel the call of the Ancestor Spirit World, which called them towards it to become a part of their flowing consciousness. They were forever preserved there as silent guardians of the Paramita World.

Qin Mu calmed himself and looked for the Zili Clan chief, Can Nü. He finally found her. She was leading her clan in the offering to pull the Ancestor Spirit World from the void.

Qin Mu was surprised and flew over. He floated in front of the majestic masters of creation and smiled. "Chief, I got the liquid!"

Can Nü's consciousness pulsed, and she tiredly said, "Why are you here? The grand offering is about to be successful. Quickly go back and prepare to enter the Ancestor Spirit World!"

Qin Mu smiled. "I promised you that I would get you some primordial liquid. Where's your holy object, the seven soul grass?"

Can Nü hurriedly said, "I can't be distracted now, holy infant. Summoning the Ancestor Spirit World is an important thing. Quickly go back. If the divine king sees this, I'll be reprimanded!"

Qin Mu wanted to say more when a consciousness suddenly surged and picked him up. Soon, Qin Mu was in front of the temple again, and beside him was Divine King Lang Wo.

Divine King Lang Wo had already recovered to her real master of creation body. She was extremely imposing as she looked up at the Ancestor Spirit World, which was already very high up. The hexagonal eye in the sky grew larger, and one could faintly see the scene inside.

There seemed to be countless light waves that were formed by countless heads that moved around constantly in the Ancestor Spirit World. It was extremely bizarre.

Finally, a loud rumbling sound came from the heavens. The Ancestor Spirit World stopped, and the large hexagonal eye stopped expanding too.


Divine King Lang Wo saw Qin Mu look towards her and said, "You can enter now, but Shu Jun cannot. He's not the holy infant and thus has no right to go inside. Divine King Shu Jun, come out now."

The eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened, and long and messy hair grew from Shu Jun's large head as it furiously flew out. He angrily asked, "Why can someone who's not a master of creation enter, but not me, a divine king? What is this logic?"

Qin Mu comforted him, "Relax, Divine King. If I get the inheritance, I'll impart it to you."

Divine King Lang Wo shook her head. "He has no such rights. The divine king of the past is no longer the divine king of today. Besides, our defeat is heavily linked to him… Let's leave!"

She took Qin Mu by the arm and flew up and into the Ancestor Spirit World.

In the sky, the giant hexagonal eye suddenly rolled around and seemingly stared at them. Soon, a beam shone on them, and Qin Mu and Divine King Lang Wo instantly disappeared from the Paramita World!

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