Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 98 - Secret Waters

His hand stretched into the river water but he couldn't touch the woman face.

"Why are you still here? Are you still thinking of protecting me…"

Qin Mu cried. He couldn't grab the woman in the water no matter what. He stopped and the woman under the water stopped too. However, it seemed like a world was between them and they could never touch each other.

"Are you my kin?"

"What happened?"

"Why did you need to escape with me? To escape to Disabled Elderly Village?"

"Did you stay here to see me again?"

The woman in the water could no longer answer his questions and could only look at him silently. Her eyes seemed to be filled with tender affection and gratification.

Feng Xiuyun used her magic powers to drive the ship over and she was about to attack the female corpse in the water, but when she saw Qin Mu kneeling on the water surface, she was stunned and didn't make a move.

The female corpse in the water looked at the youth from Disabled Elderly Village. Fourteen years ago she had floated here where the current had weakened therefore she wasn't washed away by the river and had sunk to the river bed instead.

A strong attachment made her remain in the water and wait quietly. Knowing the ship Qin Mu boarded was passing here, her strong attachment was woken up by the familiar jade pendant, impelling her to float up to the water to see the inverted image of the youth on the ship.

"You see, I've grown up, I've survived…"

Qin Mu looked at the woman in the water and held back his tears. He gave a smile and spoke softly, "You can be at ease, I'll look for my ancestry and find my hometown. I'll seek out your past and remember your name forever…"

The woman in the water seemed to give a slight smile before slowly sinking back into the deep waters and vanished.

Qin Mu knelt on the river surface in a daze and only got up after some time. He felt that he had really grown up and wasn't the ignorant boy he was before.

He returned to the ship, and the fog gradually dispersed on the river.

After the woman under the river had vanished, the fog also vanished. The river regained its clarity and looking afar, one could see a grand pass towering and stretching over the entire Surging River. This grand pass was actually pieced together by countless of ships which formed a huge barracks where a magnificent army of a thousand men and horses was stationed!

With chains locking the river, only a waterway was left in the middle. From this waterway, people could pass through Secret Waters Pass and entered the territory of Eternal Peace Empire.

"Young master, here's Secret Water Pass."

Feng Xiuyun urged the huge beast which was pulling the ship to enter the waterway and said, "The Inspection Mirrors are in the middle of the city where the people are all mine, therefore young master can be at ease."

Qin Mu looked around and saw the majestic troops of Secret Waters Pass. There were even steeds galloping from ship to ship rapidly. There were hardly any gaps between the ships. And with the ships joining together by tenons, they looked more like an extremely complicated construction instead of ships.

Once the tenons were separated, the ships would still be ships and be able to sally at any times.

"The person who had constructed the place could be said to have heavenly skills!" Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration.

Feng Xiuyun burst out in laughter, "Young master, Secret Water Pass was designed and constructed by Craftsman Hall Master from our cult."

Qin Mu's heart slightly stirred and exclaimed even more in admiration.

Now he finally knew why Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had to subdue Heavenly Devil Cult. Heavenly Devil Cult's power was definitely inferior to Eternal Peace Empire's great army but Heavenly Devil Cult have people from all kinds of professions. Three hundred and sixty professions corresponded to three hundred and sixty halls, where each and every one of them penetrated deeply into the haunts of the common people and had a deep foundation.

The ship came into the city. There were some merchant ships in front waiting for inspections, forming a long queue on the waterway. On the other hand, Feng Xiuyun steered the ship into a water lane and berthed to bring Qin Mu ashore.

Hu Ling'er immediately followed up and skipped into Qin Mu's backpack with a few steps. Tunneling into the bag, she left a small head outside to look around curiously.

"Young master, those are the Inspection Mirrors."

Qin Mu looked in the direction where she was pointing and saw a floating bridge suspended over the waterway. In the middle of the bridge was a sparkling bright mirror which was aimed at the waterway. Any ships passing through this waterway would be reflected in this mirror.

Merchant ships passing by must stop under the bridge and every person must go through the illumination of the Inspection Mirrors.

However, now that Qin Mu was ashore and avoided the Inspection Mirrors, he, of course, wouldn't worry being discovered by the Inspection Mirrors.

Every ten steps there were guards patrolling Secret Waters Pass and the inspections were very strict. Luckily he had Feng Xiuyun bring him around, therefore, he wasn't inspected along the way.

Feng Xiuyun brought him to the merchant's assembly area and told him, "Young master will have to stay in the city first and there will be merchants leaving Secret Waters Pass tomorrow when the waterway is unlocked. Young master can leave with a caravan."

She hesitated for a moment and continued, "Recently Eternal Peace Empire isn't in a state of peace. If Young master was to move on your own, I'm afraid it wouldn't be too safe. It's best to move together with a caravan."

Qin Mu was astonished, "Not in a state of peace?"

The young lady looked around carefully and whispered in Qin Mu's ear, "Recently there are some strong practitioners who heard that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had suffered a loss when trying to invade Great Ruins, therefore, they took the advantage to assassinate Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor on his way back. It was said that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was severely injured and nearly died. When this news was passed down, everyone was alarmed and some sects which refused to comply with the Imperial Family's discipline took the chance to create havoc. Some of them seceded, some took the chance to seize territories and many of them rebelled…"

Her fringe drooped into the youth collars and tickled him. Qin Mu's ear also itched from her breath.

When Feng Xiuyun saw his ears becoming red, she realized she was too close to him and immediately moved back.

This youth was the future sacred cult master. How can she treat such an honorable person so carelessly?

"There's still one more thing."

Feng Xiuyun composed herself and measured Qin Mu, "Young master will have to change your attire. Eternal Peace is not Great Ruins, there's no need to wear clothes that are too sturdy,"

The clothes on Qin Mu's body were made out of beast skin. Granny Si disliked him spoiling clothes when he trained every day therefore she had made him wear beast skin since young. Although his clothes were made of beast skin, it was no ordinary beast skin but a delicate and thoughtful choice.

Qin Mu's clothes were made out of the pelt of the strange beast, Snow Cloud Leopard. The skin with the fur removed made it cool to wear it in the summer and warm in the winter. The design might be good but it wasn't nice looking.

After Qin Mu learned to make his own clothes, he also used the pelt of Snow Cloud Leopard to make his clothes. The clothes he was wearing were all made by himself. If the material of his clothes was ordinary silk fabric, it would not take a day for his clothes to be spoiled from all his daily training with Blind and Butcher.

"Does sister know which place has good fabrics?" Qin Mu asked.

Feng Xiuyun led him to a fabric store and went in to choose piece goods with Qin Mu. Walking around the store, Qin Mu still couldn't find any fabric he was satisfied with and called the boss over, "Does your store have this kind of fabric?"

He took out the handkerchief that Ling Yuxiu gave him and the fabric store boss got a shock when he saw it. He immediately shook his head and replied, "This is made from Nature Fragrance Silk and belongs to tribute to the Imperial Family. How would my small fabric store have such high-quality goods?"

Feng Xiuyun smiled, "Incense Master Qu, this is the young master."

The fabric store boss got a shock and immediately wanted to bow down to greet but Qin Mu held him up by the arm, "This is Secret Waters Pass and there are many eyes watching, drop the formalities."

The fabric store boss Incense Master Qu smiled, "Subordinate didn't recognize Young master and had neglected you. Please wait a moment, Young master."

He quickly went into the storeroom of the fabric store and took out a fabric not long after, "Young master, even though Nature Fragrance Silk is the tribute to the Imperial Family, but there are also some fabrics that are not inferior to Nature Fragrance Silk. This roll of fabric is the treasure of my small store and it's called Golden Natural Silk. The Venom Insect Hall of our sacred cult is good at creating venomous insect. They change the venomous insect, Hundred Venom Golden Silkworm, into Six Wings Golden Silkworm which is incomparably venomous. When this Hundred Venom Six Wings Golden Silkworm grows, it would spit out natural silk which is extremely tenacious. This silk is impenetrable by swords and spears, immune to fire and water and repels hundreds of poisons. This roll of fabric was handed to me by Venom Insect Hall Master for sale. Young master, please have a look."

Qin Mu gently caressed the fabric and the silk was smooth with a hint of chill to it. The fabric had a light gold color with strange markings on it. Pulling the fabric with his hand, he realized he couldn't tear it at all which was why he couldn't help exclaiming in admiration and was very pleased, "How much is it?"

Incense Master Qu immediately shook his head and replied, "How would I dare to accept young master's money. This is a present to Young master from me and Venom Insect Hall Master!"

Qin Mu smiled, "You can't accept but I have to give. Ling'er, take out the coin pouch."

Hu Ling'er who was always in the bag on his back only showed her small head and immediately tunneled into the bag when she heard Qin Mu. Shortly after, she took out a coin pouch and Qin Mu said, "These are dragon coins and shouldn't be usable in Eternal Peace Empire. I'm giving them all to you."

Incense Master Qu could only keep the coin pouch and replied, "Eternal Peace Empire uses the Great Abundance Coins which are definitely different from the currency of Great Ruins. Young master, there are a few thousand coins in this pouch, so let subordinate exchange them for some Great Abundance Coins for you. It might be useful on your way."

Qin Mu pondered and nodded, "Thanks for the trouble. How do I cut this Golden Natural Silk?"

Incense Master Qu smiled, "Normal spirit weapons aren't able to cut this fabric. In my small shop, there's a Dragon's Teeth Scissors which can still barely cut it. Please wait a moment, young master."

He came to the front of the hall and took out three incense to light. At the front of the hall, there was a tiny shrine and a pair of scissors was worshiped in the shrine.

Incense Master Qu paid his respect to the scissors and carefully took it down, passing it to Qin Mu, "Subordinate shall offer this scissors to young master as a little tribute…"

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Incense Master, I'm not going to keep your scissors...Hmm? Splendid scissors!"

He gave a startled expression. Touching the scissors, he felt that it seemed to be made out of warm jade and was very mild and humid. When his vital qi dipped into the scissors, it was like an extension of his body and had totally no obstruction. Furthermore, he could feel a terrifying power hidden in the scissors which were beginning to stir!

This power was extremely terrifying and very ferocious.

Qin Mu tried to cut the corners of the fabric and the abnormally tenacious Golden Natural Silk fabric was cut apart. Even though it was slightly strenuous, the sharpness of the scissors could be clearly seen.

"Truly a splendid scissors." Qin Mu exclaimed again.

Incense Master Qu brought over needle and thread which was also made from the silk of Hundred Venom Golden Silkworm.


Qin Mu stretched his hand and waved, instantly sweeping up the entire roll of fabric into the air as his vital qi burst forth. With the fabric hanging down, Qin Mu used his qi to manipulate the scissors and cut the fabric. At the same time, the needle which Incense Master Qu had brought over also flew up by his vital qi and automatically threaded the needle to sew the fabric which had been cut in the air.

This skill was extremely eye-catching and made everyone who had come into the store to buy fabric to stop and look.

Not long after, Qin Mu put the scissors, needle, and thread back as a set of clothing gently dropped down. The first piece was an overlapping brocaded gown with narrow sleeves and ridges near the button area. The second piece was a belt and the third piece was a brocaded shirt while the fourth was pants.

Incense Master raised his hand, "May young master enter the inner room to change your clothing."

Qin Mu went into the inner room while Incense Master Qu and Feng Xiuyun waited outside. Feng Xiuyun frowned and muttered, "Why did young master learn how to tailor from Cult Mistress? How could this be something the young cult master should be learning to do?"

Incense Master Qu replied, "The clothes that young master made had already reached a professional level…"

Feng Xiuyun sneered, "You sure are good at boot-licking. I'm simply holding you in contempt. You just gave Young Cult Master a valuable fabric made from the silk of the Hundred Venom Golden Silkworms which required thousands of golden silkworms to weave out such a roll of fabric. A single silk spit out by a Hundred Venom Golden Silkworm is roughly equal to the worth of this bag of dragon coins here and this set of clothing for the young master is priceless…"

When the door of the inner room opened and Qin Mu walked out, the eyes of both of them lit up. The people in the fabric store also looked over as well and exclaimed silently: what a charming youth!

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