Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 980 - Ancestor Spirits

The giant hexagon-shaped eye in the sky slowly opened and closed, leaving a vertical stitch that ran from north to south. It looked like the eye of a sleeping beauty, as it quivered periodically.

The light rays that flowed out of the Ancestor Spirit World were like the eyelashes of a beautiful lady, except that they weren't black but were of all sorts of colors.

If Qin Mu was there, he would be astounded.

It was a pity that he wasn't there now but had already entered the Ancestor Spirit World.

It was difficult for Qin Mu to describe the feelings he had at the moment.

He stood in the center of Divine King Lang Wo's palm, floating in the boundless shining sea of thoughts and consciousness that looked like light pulses of a brain.

They traversed within it, seemingly hearing something that sounded like the long majestic cry of a giant kun swimming in the ocean, not knowing what it was trying to say. After which, he saw grand-looking mountains and rivers speeding past them.

He then saw the starry sky and traces of giants appearing among the galaxies, traveling within the universe.

In front of him, he saw worlds of all sizes being born. They were vast and extremely dazzling, swallowing him as they spun.

Following this, he saw worlds getting destroyed. It had a frightening but breathing-taking beauty to it.

These were the memories of the ancestor spirits of the masters of creation. Divine King Lang Wo and him were currently traversing through these masters of creation's thoughts and consciousness and saw certain images of their memories.

He heard many grand-sounding noises. Some were whispering to him in his head, while some felt like a battle was raging, almost deafening his ears as sounds of fighting caused the sky to tremble. Then he heard many strange and marvelous sounds of chanting, as though countless people had gathered for a solemn sacrificial offering.

Some sounds contained an understanding of nature and acknowledgment of the world.

These were also part of the ancestor spirits' memories. Memories weren't just made up of images but also sounds.

After some time, Qin Mu was being brought into the center of the Ancestor Spirit World by Divine King Lang Wo.

There, Qin Mu saw the ancient existences who had sacrificed themselves to merge with the Grand Primordium Origin Stone to create the Ancestor Spirit World.

Their figures were tall and big, like giants touching the sky, and they stood among a red glow.

There were 27 of them. These were the masters of creation who endured hardship at the beginning, leading the last of their race to overcome numerous dangers and obstacles to create the Paramita World.

Every race was full of people who would come forth to contribute their wisdom and lives. The race of the masters of creation was no exception.

At the most difficult and dangerous point, a group of masters of creation worthy of praise and tears took on the heavy burden to battle with the Grand Emperor, ultimately trapping him in the supreme consciousness realm.

Similarly, there was another group of heroes who appeared after the battle, leading the remaining survivors of their race to avoid being hunted and killed. They traversed the great desert and arrived at the end of the Great Void.

It was them who built the Void Bridge and the wondrous three houses, leading the survivors to open up the Paramita World.

It was also them who, upon realizing they were dying after they expended all of their energy, sacrificed themselves to merge with the Grand Primordium Origin Stone, creating the Ancestor Spirit World. Even after their deaths, they remained as protectors of their race.

They must have had outstanding talents, extraordinary talents, or possessed limitless battle prowess. That was why they were able to design such a marvelous Void Bridge and the three houses, even trapping Celestial Venerable Xu and Celestial Venerable Huo inside.

'They are worthy of respect.' Qin Mu felt deep veneration.

Divine King Lang Wo placed him down and rippled her consciousness outward, waking these ancient masters of creation from their sleep and telling them about the matter of the holy infant.

The 27 masters of creation were now awake, their obscure consciousnesses colliding among themselves as they shared their opinions.

Qin Mu stood in the center of the void, feeling a little uneasy.

He was beginning to doubt whether Divine King Lang Wo would be able to resist if these ancient consciousnesses wanted to kill him.

Would they listen to Divine King Lang Wo?

A majestic consciousness gently rippled, transforming into a voice that shook the Ancestor Spirit World. In an instant, Qin Mu felt countless gazes descending upon him. The gazes penetrated him, making it difficult for him to hide any secrets.

"Someone outside our race has become the holy infant of our race. This is simply preposterous. However, the prophecy isn't baseless. The consciousness of our ancestors of the ancestral court didn't say that the holy infant has to be a master of creation."

That majestic-sounding consciousness said unhurriedly, "If the divine king and our people sent you here, you must have some special qualities to be able to convince them."

Another majestic-sounding consciousness said, "However, the holy infant carries the wisdom of our people. Not only does he have to face our enemies, but he also has to lead our people on the path of revival. We have some questions for you to see if you actually possess such wisdom."

Qin Mu acknowledged.

A heavy-sounding consciousness said, "A man named Qin Ye came to the Paramita World. He and the benefactor of my race, Celestial Venerable Yun, had some former dealings, and he came forth to request a small piece of land. This request of his, however, has taken away nearly half of the Paramita World, using it to set up Carefree Village. The feud between the masters of creation and Carefree Village has lasted for close to two thousand years. How do you plan to get rid of Qin Ye and Carefree Village and hence restore peace to the Paramita World again?"

Qin Mu said, "I can bring peace to the Paramita World without getting rid of Carefree Village."

"I'd like to hear the details."

Qin Mu said, "I am the 107th descendant of Founding Emperor Qin Ye. After I become the holy infant, I will take charge of promoting peace between the masters of creation and Carefree Village."

One by one, the majestic figures shook, causing the Ancestor Spirit World to tremble violently. Terrifying typhoons of consciousness raged and swept across the Ancestor Spirit World, creating ferocious turbulences.

Divine King Lang Wo frowned slightly. She had some misgivings about Qin Mu revealing his identity so early on.

If they could slowly arouse the enthusiasm in the hearts of the ancestor spirits before revealing Qin Mu's identity, the ancestor spirits would then hesitate when thinking of taking action against him.

It was a little hasty of Qin Mu to reveal his connection with Founding Emperor Qin Ye straight away.

"You are an outsider and a descendant of Qin Ye. Could you be a spy?"

Another grand consciousness trembled and said, "You shall have an opportunity to explain. If we aren't satisfied, we are fine with doing without a holy infant."

Qin Mu said, "Ancestor spirits, if I may ask, what are masters of creation? What is the race of masters of creation?"

Those majestic-looking figures were stunned.

Qin Mu said, "I possess the Grand Primordium Origin Stone with immeasurable consciousness and can create things. Am I a master of creation?"

The consciousness of an ancestor spirit rippled and said, "You can refer to yourself as a master of creation."

"If I, who am an outsider, can become a master of creation and part of your race, why would you reject Founding Emperor and remain bent on destroying Carefree Village?" Qin Mu asked puzzledly.

Another ancestor spirit's consciousness said, "Qin Ye led the people of Carefree Village to occupy our land in the Paramita World, killing our people. Our feud runs deep, we are totally irreconcilable."

Qin Mu asked, "I have seen the history of the masters of creation. During the ancient primordial era, you were divided into various tribes. You fought and killed each other, even annihilating entire tribes. How do such atrocities compare to Founding Emperor?"

The ancestor spirits fell silent before one of them said, "Most likely worse, if not the same."

Qin Mu said, "The so-called masters of creation were originally ordinary men. It's only after they came to possess the Grand Primordium Divine Stone that they gained the power to create something from nothing. Over time, based on a common identity, the race of masters of creation was formed. Founding Emperor Qin Ye only wanted to give his people a place to survive, so he pulled some tricks. I believe he shouldn't have attacked the masters of creation of the Paramita World of his own initiative, right? The grudge between these two sides is because the masters of creation wanted to take back their land, hence creating endless battles. Carefree Village likely suffered higher losses than the masters of creation."

Another ancestor spirit said, "They are the invaders, while we are the ones getting invaded. Getting rid of them and taking back our land is natural. Not long ago, a big-headed weird infant arrived, killing many of our people. Your explanation doesn't make sense. Lang Wo, you should look to create another holy infant!"

Many streams of terrifying consciousness trembled as they charged towards Qin Mu, intending to kill him. Suddenly, Qin Mu said, "What if Carefree Village is able to grant the Great Void a lifeline?"

The rippling of consciousness halted.

Qin Mu said, "That big-headed weird infant is my brother, Qin Fengqing. He was born in Youdu and is Son of Youdu, a god in control of the dead. He could establish a Youdu in the Great Void and the Paramita World, letting souls enter Youdu to the afterlife! He could revive the souls of your people who died earlier in the battle of the Great Void and get rid of the monsters plaguing the Great Void, preventing the collapse of order there. He could also prevent the Paramita World from becoming another Great Void."

He paused for a while and said, "As more masters of creation die in the Paramita World, there will be more consciousnesses collapsing as well, increasing the chances of the Paramita World becoming another Great Void. That's why the ancestor spirits created this Ancestor Spirit World. Am I right?"

One after another, the ancestor spirits fell silent.

"However, there is a limit to how much consciousness the Grand Primordium Origin Stone can hold. There will be a day where the scattered consciousness of the Paramita World exceeds the limit of how much the Paramita World can hold, causing its collapse. When that happens, it will become another Great Void."

Qin Mu said, "The great enemy of the masters of creation of the Paramita World, the big-headed weird infant Qin Fengqing, is precisely the person who can establish order in the Paramita World and restore the Great Void into a place that's safe and suitable for living. The masters of creation have given Founding Emperor a tiny piece of land to establish Carefree Village. In return, the descendant of Founding Emperor will give the masters of creation a world without worries, transforming the Great Void into a place to live in. Why should we not be happy to do it?"

The consciousnesses of the 27 ancestor spirits collided among themselves, gathering their opinions.

After some time, an ancestor spirit said, "Although we can resolve our differences with Carefree Village, there will still be enemies heading towards the Great Void even after order is established there. Hence, our race will still face the danger of being annihilated."

Qin Mu smiled and said, "If I may ask, if we compare the present-day masters of creation to those of twenty thousand years ago, are they weaker or stronger?"

Those ancestor spirits were stunned.

One ancestor spirit said, "The present-day masters of creation are stronger."

Qin Mu laughed and said, "Being isolated means alienating yourselves from the world. When the masters of creation escaped into the void to create the Great Void, they thought that they were safe. However, the arrival of the Grand Emperor brought about the destruction of the Great Void, defeating your people easily. When Celestial Venerable Yun came, he brought along the knowledge of the outside world, helping you get rid of the Grand Emperor. However, the masters of creation once again escaped to the Paramita World, alienating yourselves. Founding Emperor then came to establish Carefree Village, bringing with him knowledge of the outside world. Your paths, skills, and divine arts would swiftly advance and surpass your current state if you interact with Carefree Village."

His voice was so loud that even the deaf could hear. "From my observation, your race numbers around a million. If Founding Emperor wasn't here, how many years do you think the race of masters of creation would last before getting annihilated? By staying here, there are no internal disturbances or foreign aggression, so your race will slowly sink into extinction and won't thrive. The Paramita World is a place for you to settle down, while the Great Void provides you a window to interact with the outside world. With this window, the race of masters of creation will slowly prosper and become stronger."

The many consciousnesses of the ancestor spirits collided with each other, clearly their exchanges were intense.

Qin Mu didn't say another word.

After some time, the ancestor spirits came to a unified conclusion.

An old voice said, "Until now, we haven't asked for your name. Holy infant, how should we address you?"

"Qin Mu of Eternal Peace."

Qin Mu laughed and said, "You may not have heard of this name, but you might have heard of my title from Celestial Venerable Yun. I am Celestial Venerable Mu from the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, one of the five elders who founded the Heaven Alliance!"

Those ancestor spirits fell silent. After some time, some of them said, "We haven't heard Celestial Venerable Yun mention this before."

Qin Mu's face darkened. He felt a little humiliated and angry and was embarrassed with himself.

Divine King Lang Wo had been quiet and expressionless. At that moment, she couldn't help but laugh quietly to herself.

Qin Mu's face turned from black to red, and he mumbled to her, "The reputation of Celestial Venerable Mu is very well-known. He was the Dragon Han Overlord Body of the Dragon Han Era and the High Emperor Overlord Body of the High Emperor Era. During the Eternal Peace Era, he was also the Overlord Body of Eternal Peace. I am very powerful…"

Divine King Lang Wo couldn't help but chuckle as she turned her head away from him.

"Holy infant, are you ready to receive the billion years of wisdom of our race?" Countless consciousnesses trembled in the Ancestor Spirit World, speaking as one voice.

Qin Mu was astonished. He quickly composed himself and said solemnly, "I am ready!"

The entire Ancestor Spirit World trembled as countless consciousnesses transformed into streams of light that surged forth, drowning him!

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