Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 981 - The Eight Heavens of Entering the Path With Divine Arts

Endless information swarmed Qin Mu's brain. It was the masters of creation's complex and overwhelming knowledge, containing the knowledge from the beginning of their race until now! The endless amount of knowledge occupied his memory entirely in an instant!

He felt their delight when they first came into contact with the Grand Primordium Divine Stone. He felt their happiness when they used such a type of consciousness to visualize things. He comprehended their excitement when they opened their superficial consciousness divine arts.

He also felt the grand happiness of creation. He saw the masters of creation as they created everything in the world. They created nature and modified it, built mountains and valleys, as well as rivers and streams, and they walked on the sea and in the clouds. He could feel their state of mind when they did these things.

They had a unique comprehension of the universe and nature, having a very close relationship with all of nature.

He even experienced the feelings of the masters of creation when they were slain on battlefields. The rumbling drums and lightning, their boiling blood, he felt everything. He felt how the masters of creation destroyed everything to their heart's content in the heat of the battle, inciting excitement within that made them bloodthirsty for combat.

He even felt their exquisite state of mind towards creating a beautiful world. They could visualize and create the sun, moon, and stars, or even the most beautiful flowers. They could even delicately carve the most intricate of formation markings on their flowers.

He felt their joy and their sorrow.

The internal strife they experienced, the death of their fellow masters of creation, the end of a life, or even the withering of a flower made them sorrowful. Such sorrow made these giant brutes shed tears.

Visualization and creation were normal to them. The same could be said about war, destruction, and massacre.

He could feel their comprehension of consciousness and creation.

All sorts of information flooded his brain and formed a vast array of knowledge. Qin Mu felt that he had lived through and witnessed billions of years in that instant. He saw the rise and fall of civilizations.

He was still him, but he witnessed too many things and acquired a great deal of knowledge, comprehension, and consciousness divine arts.

Divine King Lang Wo stood by him and felt envious seeing the Ancestor Spirit World's light flood into the heart of Qin Mu's brows.

After an unknown period of time, the light flooding towards Qin Mu dimmed, and the imparting of knowledge ended.

The Ancestor Spirit World became calm again.

The 27 spirit ancestors remained in the red light, motionless as they gazed at Qin Mu.

The light in the heart of Qin Mu's brows dissipated, yet he wasn't awake.

Suddenly, his third eye brightened up, and the light that his consciousness formed grew in brightness. They also felt strong waves of vital qi coming from Qin Mu's body. His vital qi and consciousness intersected and fused.

Under Qin Mu's feet, the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm suddenly opened. The starry sky rose and covered thousands of miles of the Ancestor Spirit World, and the stars moved in accordance with their unique orbits to form a galaxy.

The galaxy flowed beside Divine King Lang Wo and the 27 spirit ancestors before congregating to form a sky.

The Heaven Duke with Qin Mu's features appeared in the sky.

The verdant Primordial Tree rose into the sky towards the galaxy. Beneath the taiji diagram of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was pure darkness. It was Youdu, and its depth was immeasurable.

The taiji diagram rotated, and the celestial palaces were arranged in a sort of picturesque disorder. They floated above the heavens and underground. Some were on the taiji diagram.

Divine King Lang Wo and the 27 spirit ancestors saw apparitions of the ancient gods. In their own positions and duties, they guarded Qin Mu's divine treasure in unison.

Divine King Lang Wo was visibly surprised. The divine treasure and celestial palaces that Qin Mu displayed uprooted her understanding of the divine treasures and celestial palace cultivation system.

Qin Mu's divine treasure included his celestial palaces!

This was completely different compared to the gods of Carefree Village!

The celestial palaces of Carefree Village's gods rested on their divine treasures!

In addition, Qin Mu only had one divine treasure, while the people in Carefree Village had seven!

Another peculiar thing was how Qin Mu had an incorrect number of celestial palaces. Most gods in Carefree Village had only one celestial palace, but Qin Mu had 14, despite most of them being incomplete.

Meanwhile, in Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, the fifteenth celestial palace was being rapidly constructed!

'Opening the celestial palace?'

Divine King Lang Wo's gaze flashed as she carefully observed how Qin Mu was opening this new celestial palace. She thought, 'Maybe this is useful for us. Many of us died to open the consciousness celestial palace then…'

When Founding Emperor built Carefree Village then, Divine King Lang Wo led the charge to attack it. Both sides suffered heavy casualties as a result. Divine King Lang Wo immediately realized that if the masters of creation didn't accept the divine treasures and celestial palace cultivation system, they would be outmatched, and this gap would grow over time.

Thus she abruptly got everyone to accept it. However, they knew nothing about opening divine treasures and celestial palaces. The good thing was that they were masters of creation, and they captured many gods of Carefree Village.

It was easy for them to acquire these gods' memories.

Knowing something was one thing, but opening it was another.

When they opened the seven divine treasures and celestial palace then, many masters of creation died trying. The number of masters of creation who died trying surpassed the number of masters of creation that died in the battle with Carefree Village!

After countless failures, they finally mastered the system.

The seven divine treasures and celestial palace they saw were different from Carefree Village's system. Carefree Village relied on the path of god system, while they relied on a consciousness divine treasures and consciousness celestial palace system!

Now, Qin Mu was displaying another system to them. Although it came from the divine treasures and celestial palace cultivation system, it was better than it and their own consciousness system!

"What is he doing, Divine King?" inquired a spirit ancestor via his consciousness.

Divine King Lang Wo carefully sized up the celestial palace Qin Mu was opening and replied, "He is comprehending a consciousness technique on the Emperor's Throne level… It should be the Grand Emperor's Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness!"

She was shocked.

Qin Mu was modifying the Grand Emperor's Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness!

How daring of him!

However, she didn't know that the Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness that Qin Mu got was incomplete. It lacked several divine treasure techniques and also lacked a lot of celestial palace realm techniques, which prevented Qin Mu from forming the consciousness celestial palace.

Now that he had acquired the masters of creation's knowledge, his knowledge of consciousness was so in-depth that it couldn't be rivaled!

The Grand Emperor might have had consciousness knowledge of a higher quality, but he would have less of it!

With this knowledge, Qin Mu could now naturally make up for the incomplete parts of the Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness!

After all, the Grand Emperor was the opener of this technique. Qin Mu was merely patching in the holes, which wasn't bothersome.

This Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness celestial palace gave off an ever-increasingly dense aura that suppressed that of the other celestial palaces. However, Qin Mu's main celestial palace remained vast enough to suppress the Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness celestial palace's aura beneath it, preventing it from becoming the main celestial palace.

After the Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness celestial palace's formation, Qin Mu's aura grew in grandeur again.

However, the change was still happening.

Divine King Lang Wo and the 27 spirit ancestors felt a marvelous aura emanating from him. They seemed to have heard the marvelous rhythm that was Dao reverberation.

Qin Mu smiled and seemingly entered an unspeakably marvelous state.

He unleashed a divine art, and the Dao rhythm became jumping musical notes between his palms. His vital qi and consciousness merged, and the masters of creation's knowledge and his own understanding of paths, skills, and divine arts became a Dao realm.

Entering the path via divine arts!

Consciousness divine arts and vital qi's paths, skills, and divine arts perfectly fused together at this moment. The first heaven of entering the path via consciousness was formed.

He raised his palm, and his vital qi and consciousness became Forty-nine Heavenly Dao as the palm rose to the heavens and covered the world. His consciousness became Yuandu's Thirty-six Heavenly Dao. Although the spherical heavens, Heavenly Dao, and Great Dao of Yuandu belonged in different systems, they were able to combine together perfectly under the facilitation of consciousness and vital qi.

The place where the different Great Daos of Heaven and Earth merged formed a beautiful curve that was smooth on all sides. Four different faces of gods and devils appeared on four of its sides. They were either angry, happy, depressed, or joyful.

This was the first heaven of his divine art, the Four Imprints of Heaven and Earth!

Qin Mu was still unable to feel relaxed despite forming this great way of entering the path via divine arts. Another divine art soon burst forth.

He was still comprehending the path when the second heaven of entering the path with divine arts was formed!

A door formed behind him, connecting heaven and earth, the 64 Youdu Great Dao, and the Forty-nine Heavenly Dao to form a unique divine art.

This door was different from the Gate of Heaven Influence. The Gate of Heaven Influence connected Youdu and heaven. It didn't connect to Xuandu. His door, in comparison, was a divine art formed by combining Xuandu, the Forty-nine Heavenly Dao, and Youdu's 64 Great Dao.

The second heaven, the Heavenly Door of Heaven and Earth.

He was still unable to relax despite deploying his divine arts. He wanted to display all of his comprehension.

The third heaven of entering the path with divine arts was formed, and the celestial river had a view of the four poles.

The third heaven was still unable to splendidly display his knowledge base. Just as Qin Mu was about to comprehend the fourth heaven, the Grand Overarching Heavenly Completion was complete!

He went into the mystical world of comprehending the path and unknowingly comprehended the fifth, sixth, and seventh heaven of entering the path with divine arts.

Divine King Lang Wo and the 27 spirit ancestors watched the scene stunned. They were shocked.

They knew that the knowledge base of the Ancestor Spirit World wasn't enough for Qin Mu to comprehend so many ways of entering the path with divine arts. At most, he could comprehend consciousness divine arts, allowing him to enter the path that way. As for how many heavens of entering the path with consciousness, that depended on Qin Mu's level of comprehension.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mu hid Great Dao runes of the ancient gods that the Dao Sect of the celestial heavens had accumulated over millions of years. Although he hadn't completely comprehended all of the Great Dao runes of the ancient gods, nor used the Computational Canon of Supreme Molecule to complete all of them, he had accumulated just as much knowledge in this area as the Ancestor Spirit World!

He was on the edge of entering the path with divine arts as if he were a large volcano filled with endless heat and angry flames that was merely waiting for a chance to erupt.

When the Ancestor Spirit World's consciousness flooded his brain, it was akin to pumping more heat and flames into a volcano about to erupt. Naturally, the volcano erupted and shook the world!

He merged his vital qi and consciousness into one body of knowledge. It was akin to a torrent rushing forward, drenching everything in its path.

Finally, Qin Mu woke up from entering the path when he was opening the eighth heaven of entering the path with divine arts.

His knowledge base hadn't been used up, but he had reached a bottleneck in his combination of consciousness and Great Dao runes.

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