Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 982 - Luo Xiao, an Ancestor Spirit Who Lost Control

'Eight heavens of divine arts?'

Qin Mu was in a daze and had some doubts. For a long time, he had tried to enter the path through divine arts but was ultimately unsuccessful.

To enter the path through divine arts, one needed to have extraordinary comprehension in spells and divine arts. He, however, was used to steering the general direction of Eternal Peace's reform, and the more meticulous work was often left to others.

For instance, he was the one who comprehended that magnetism could form the basis of a system of paths, skills, and divine arts. Hence, he sorted out a few equations that could deduce the runes of magnetism. However, he didn't continue the research, pushing it to Granny Si instead.

After researching all of the runes of magnetism, Granny Si directly entered the path of the magnetism divine art. Although Qin Mu had mastered the runes of magnetism and the magnetism divine art, he had missed out on a chance to enter the path.

Naturally, entering the path was a difficult task. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that only one in a billion would be able to do it.

This time, Qin Mu simply merged the knowledge of two great cultivation systems, combining his knowledge of the runes of the ancient gods' Great Dao with the masters of creation's consciousness. The two systems of consciousness and vital qi were mixed into one. Only through this could he deduce the eight heavens of divine arts in one move.

However, the knowledge of these two great systems hadn't been exhausted. He needed to continue comprehending these two systems, so as to push his divine arts to a greater level.

He woke up from entering the path and carefully comprehended the knowledge he gained from it. His heart was filled with emotions. "I didn't realize entering the path was so easy…"

The 27 ancestor spirits were silent.

Was entering the path really so easy?

The holy infant, who the masters of creation had spent millions of years waiting for, didn't realize how hurtful his words were. If entering the path was indeed so simple, would the race of masters of creation end up in their current plight?

An ancestor spirit said, "We originally thought you would directly achieve eighteen heavens of entering the path. We didn't expect it to just be eight."

The rest of the gigantic ancestor spirits agreed and nodded their heads. "Eighteen heavens would be considered more appropriate. Eight is deemed a little low."

"Indeed, as the holy infant of our race, you are naturally a peerless talent. Eight heavens is a little low."

Qin Mu stopped talking, his face as black as iron.

An ancestor spirit consoled him, "It isn't too bad achieving eight heavens. Ultimately, you have entered the path. Holy infant, there is no need to take it to heart. Compared to ordinary masters of creation, you have done well."

Other ancestor spirits said in succession, "As long as the holy infant continues to work hard, he can make up for his lack of natural talent."

"It's okay to be a little stupid. When a slow sparrow makes an early start, achieving great things is still possible!"

Divine King Lang Wo smiled ambiguously at these ancestor spirits and coughed.

Only then did they stop attacking him and let him off.

Qin Mu bowed and expressed his thanks to the ancestor spirits. He said, "I have received the wisdom of the masters of creation. Hence, I will try my best to work for the welfare of the masters of creation."

The ancestor spirits returned his courtesy and said, "Holy infant, don't forget the promise you made today, restoring peace to the Paramita World and Great Void soon. You can leave now."

"I won't forget what I have promised!" Qin Mu said solemnly.

The ancestor spirits faded into the red glow of the Ancestor Spirit World, one after another. Their consciousnesses continued to tremble ambiguously. "Everything is good about the holy infant, except he's a little stupid. Eight heavens…"

"Quiet, did you not hear the divine king's cough? She wanted us to stop attacking him. He's already very upset."

"Hehe, the wisdom of our entire race in exchange for eight heavens…"

"Stop talking!"

Qin Mu's expression was getting worse. Divine King Lang Wo curled her lips as she tried to hold back her laughter. She then lowered her voice and said, "You don't have to listen to their rubbish. Eight heavens of divine arts is considered remarkable. They acted like that because they saw how easily you entered the path. Actually, my race isn't skilled at entering the path, and they haven't been able to reach this level of proficiency in the past. You have to understand, even that thief Qin Ye is only able to achieve 33 heavens of entering the path."

Qin Mu said resentfully, "I know they're jealous of me. That's why I'm not affected by their words. I am the Overlord Body, able to fight 10 Founding Emperors head-on."

Although he said this, he appeared to be unconfident.

Divine King Lang Wo took him and flew towards the outside of the Ancestor Spirit World. Suddenly, Qin Mu remembered something and hurriedly said, "Is the ancestor spirit who arrived with the three prophecies not in the Ancestor Spirit World? Why did I not see him?"

Divine King Lang Wo hesitated a while before deciding to tell him the reason. "That ancestor spirit died after he brought back the three prophecies. Although we collected his consciousness and stored it in the Ancestor Spirit World, his consciousness is a mess and doesn't possess complete thoughts. Hence, the Ancestor Spirit World is governed by the 27 ancestor spirits."

Qin Mu asked, "Can I see him?"

Divine King Lang Wo hesitated for some time before saying, "His consciousness is in a disorderly state. Even if you see him, it'll be useless. However, since he is the one who delivered the three prophecies, you being the holy infant of the third prophecy should meet him."

She brought Qin Mu to another part of the Ancestor Spirit World. There was no demarcation of north, south, east, and west. Also, there was no distinction between up or down. This was truly a vast and boundless place. Qin Mu had no idea how she determined her position.

The consciousness and thoughts of the ancestor spirit who delivered the three prophecies were indeed a mess. Other masters of creation could form their consciousness and thoughts into a head-shaped body of flowing light. For him, they were colliding around haphazardly. Some were clumped into lumps of knots, looking like countless balls of wool entangled together. It was indeed a strange scene.

Qin Mu stood in front of this ancestor spirit. The light given off by thoughts was disorderly, flashing all sorts of different colors. This meant that his thoughts were in a chaotic state.

In the sea of light, Qin Mu saw images that flashed and disappeared instantly. The thoughts of this ancestor spirit were simply too erratic. These images were warped, making it difficult to understand what they meant.

"Is there really someone who can foresee the future?" Qin Mu was a little lost.

Divine King Lang Wo said, "Him."

She said gently, "Senior, the holy infant you prophesied is here to visit you."

The moment she stopped speaking, the light from that ancestor spirit's thoughts suddenly disappeared and became incomparably calm.

Qin Mu's spirit was greatly roused as he said, "Senior, I am the holy infant that you prophesied. Can you hear me? I would like to know how you are able to foretell such accurate prophecies. Are you able to share?"

Divine King Lang Wo had a strange gaze as she glanced at him. This fellow wasn't there to visit this senior. He was there to learn how he managed to derive his prophecies!

'The thoughts of the holy infant are clearly different from a normal person. Is it because he has a different brain structure?' She glanced at Qin Mu's head as she thought quietly to herself.

There were some flashes of light among that ancestor spirit's thoughts, but the frequency was much lower now.

His consciousness rippled. "Holy infant…"

Divine King Lang Wo was delighted. 'The ancestor spirit actually spoke words that are complete. Is he going to regain his clarity all of a sudden?'

Qin Mu's consciousness rippled and connected with the consciousness of that ancestor spirit. "Yes, it's me, the holy infant in your third prophecy. Senior, all three of your prophecies came true. Can you tell me how you and the ancestor spirits of the masters of creation of the ancestral court managed to get these three prophecies? How did they know what was going to happen in the future?"

The moment that ancestor spirit touched his consciousness, light from his disorderly thoughts suddenly exploded. Countless light rays flashed wildly among his thoughts, looking very agitated.

From the connection of their consciousnesses, Qin Mu felt a majestic voice that was full of rage. "So, it's you!"

Qin Mu was stunned. "What about me?"

In his mind, he saw a big, tall, and young master of creation with a piece of Grand Primordium Divine Stone embedded in the heart of his brows.

The face of that master of creation still looked a little child-like, so he shouldn't be too old. As for his body, it was very muscular. From his features, he was already a handsome man of the masters of creation race.

"Don't you recognize me? I'm Luo Xiao!"

The thoughts of that ancestor spirit were getting angrier and messier. Countless thoughts and consciousness surged madly towards Qin Mu. "You lied to me! You f*cking lied to me…"

When Divine King Lang Wo saw this, she got a fright. She swiftly rushed forward to sever their consciousness connection, then grabbed Qin Mu in her hand as she flew off, saying, "He has gone mad again! The thoughts of this ancestor spirit are in utter chaos. In your terms, he's as good as mad! Let's go!"

She, together with Qin Mu, fled at great speed. Behind them, the thoughts of ancestor spirit Luo Xiao looked like countless messy balls of entangled thread, waving tentacles that danced and glowed brightly. The tentacles charged towards them as though they wanted to grab them, clearly very angry.

Qin Mu had never been pursued by countless balls of thread before.

Divine King Lang Wo frowned and said, "He has often descended into bouts of madness. His thoughts were already very messy. Now, it's worse. I can subdue him, but I'll end up hurting him as well. Avoiding him is the better option."

Qin Mu's mind was blown. He turned and looked at those threads of thoughts sent by Luo Xiao to kill him and thought, 'What he said earlier, what does it mean? Could it be that we've met before and I lied to him? Hehe, how could this be possible? He's obviously someone from a million years ago…'

The thoughts of ancestor spirit Luo Xiao pursued them madly and angrily. However, Divine King Lang Wo was much faster. Soon, she managed to shake him off, and she flew out of the Ancestor Spirit World.

"Close the Ancestor Spirit World immediately!"

The moment Divine King Lang Wo got out, her consciousness rippled, sending her message throughout the Xiu Clan.

The chiefs, elders, and millions of masters of creation of all the different races immediately halted their sacrificial offerings. The light rays retracted from the sky into the sacrificial altar, and the eye that looked like it belonged to a beautiful lady also gradually became faint and hazy until it finally disappeared.

Qin Mu raised his head and saw that just when the Ancestor Spirit World was disappearing, the thoughts of ancestor spirit Luo Xiao smashed into the barrier and attempted to burrow through.

It was good that he was slower by one step and didn't manage to break through the Ancestor Spirit World.

"This is the first time we've met. We don't have any deep grudges, so why did he have to pursue me so vigorously?" Qin Mu shook his head. He was feeling very puzzled.

Divine King Lang Wo couldn't help but shake her head as well. She sighed and said, "He has really gone mad."

She and Qin Mu descended slowly, landing on top of the highest sacrificial altar. Her consciousness transformed into a loud and clear voice, projecting across the land. She said, "The holy infant has received the approval of our ancestors and has been bestowed with our ancestors' inheritance. He now possesses limitless knowledge and wisdom and will lead our race towards glory!"

Qin Mu's face was red as he raised both of his hands to wave at the millions of masters of creation.

Below, deafening cheers were heard. The masters of creation were overcome with emotions. The blood in their chests seethed with excitement as they visualized countless strange apparitions in celebration.

Divine King Lang Wo looked at the bustling joyous crowd below. Her consciousness gently rippled as she said to Qin Mu, "If you let my race down, I'll definitely kill you without mercy."

Qin Mu smiled faintly and said, "Divine King, I'm now a master of creation. Would I betray my own race? Do you trust me?"

Divine King Lang Wo looked at his clear eyes. After some time, she revealed a smile that mesmerized Qin Mu.

"I trust you," she said gently.

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