Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 984 - Intimidating Carefree Village

Within Carefree Village's 33 heavens, there was an austere atmosphere.

The various great armies of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens had already finished organizing themselves. Their respective generals traversed amongst the formations, yelling out in high voices endlessly to give the soldiers encouragement.

The main motive of the 33 heavens in gathering a great army was to protect the citizens that had fled there. There were countless god cities there that were easy to defend and hard to invade. The various branches of the army also had seamless coordination that the ragtag bunch of masters of creation would find difficult to match up to.

Yet, despite being a plate of scattered sand, the masters of creation had extremely formidable fighting prowess, and even the adolescent masters of creation were extremely terrifying.

By the age of three, these masters of creation were already capable of fighting and killing dragons. This wasn't something the other races could match up to. Perhaps only an existence such as Son of Youdu Qin Fengqing could surpass them in the infant state.

Everyone was raising their heads to look up towards the sky.

There were countless massive planets bustling about in the sky, filling it up entirely. There were whole planets and damaged planets that squeezed together and collided with each other.

In the past 20,000 years, the masters of creation invaded them from time to time, causing great death and destruction to Carefree Village.

The dead star zone was even more dangerous, as masters of creation frequently hid there, visualizing all sorts of monsters that would invade Carefree Village. They would also visualize all kinds of natural disasters such as tempests, great floods, and hurricanes, making it difficult for Carefree Village to bear such harassment.

And right now, they had received news that the masters of creation had actually gathered their entire race for an attack and were about to arrive at Carefree Village!

Even though the 33 heavens of Carefree Village had been forged to become an impenetrable iron fortress over the years, ultimately, the ones who were attacking them were the masters of creation! Could their god cities really resist the invasion of these masters of creation?

Suddenly, the sky crumbled and split open. A pair of extremely coarse giant hands poked out from the sky, pushing away the planets as though they were pushing marbles. Following it, more and more masters of creation appeared, pinching the planets to place them in the distance.

The masters of creation grew exponentially in number, and in no time, a large area in the zone of dead stars that encircled Carefree Village had been cleared out.

To shift about and change the stars, even the gods of Carefree Village wouldn't be able to do that so easily!

The expressions of the god generals of Carefree Village's 33 heavens grew solemn, and they involuntarily gripped their divine weapons tightly. Cold sweat broke out on the forehead of one of the soldiers, dripping into his eyes, and he hurriedly pulled open his helmet to wipe it away.

He was spotted by a general, who immediately chided him, telling him to hurry and wear his helmet properly.

In the city, a child was crying before his mother covered his mouth such that he could only make muffled noises.

In the sky, an enormous face emerged and scanned through the god cities.

"Don't take any action!"

A god general cried out, "Send my orders down, don't take any action! Wait for the enemy to enter Carefree Village. Await my command!"

The gods that defended the innumerous god cities were growing increasingly anxious. They gathered their vital qi, and behind them, their celestial palaces swayed about. Their primordial spirits within the celestial palaces were also at their maximum strength as they prepared to attack on command!

Yet, the masters of creation in the sky gradually faded away.

The great army of gods and devils and the common citizens of Carefree Village raised their heads to look beyond the sky. As seasoned in battle as they were, at this moment, they still couldn't help but feel somewhat fearful.

Beyond the sky, there were countless imposing figures that resembled ancient gods that stood upright in the void. They stood in an organized formation, radiating an aura of murderous intent.

Looking from Carefree Village, the masters of creation in the sky went as far as the eyes could see. These masters of creation were standing extremely upright, wearing dazzling looking armor from head to toe, and they each held divine weapons that were obviously stained with god knows how much fresh blood.

In addition, those divine weapons were so big in size that it looked as though it would only require one or two of them to destroy an entire god city, completely crushing it into smithereens!

What was even more terrifying was that the masters of creation in the sky beyond were separated into different formations, and within every formation, there were different divine armors and weapons. The divine armors and weapons were completely filled with incredibly complicated looking patterns formed by runes. It was evident that every single weapon had been through countless refinements and that hidden within them were god knows how many terrifying formation divine arts!

Every weapon was the most terrifying killing divine weapon!

Within Carefree Village, even the general in command of the great army of gods and devils was breaking out in a cold sweat at this very moment, his palms trembling a little.


He heard a noise from behind him, and he turned around to look. One of the soldiers hadn't held on to his divine weapon properly, and it had fallen onto the ground.

"Pick it up!" he commanded in a low voice.

The soldier anxiously picked up his divine weapon and raised his head to look out beyond the sky. Suddenly, his gaze was fixed, and his mouth opened wide. He was speechless.

The general hurriedly turned back and looked towards the sky. His palm shook involuntarily, and he almost failed to hold on to his own weapon.

Beyond the sky, the millions of masters of creation cried out, and behind them, a sea of divine light burst forth as countless large-scale celestial palaces emerged from the void!

There was a sea of innumerous celestial palaces, and almost every master of creation had about three celestial palaces behind them. Some even had more than a dozen celestial palaces that formed a small celestial heavens!

This sight made everyone feel helpless.

Although the masters of creation from the Paramita World were extremely formidable in their consciousness visualization and had also accepted the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces, it was quite unbelievable that they had already advanced to such levels!

One should be aware that even in Carefree Village, only a minority had been able to cultivate a Small Celestial Heavens technique!

Yet, it seemed that almost every single one of the millions of masters of creation had already successfully cultivated the Small Celestial Heavens technique!

In the pure jade skies, the big-headed weird infant Qin Fengqing was also completely suited up with two large round hammers gripped in his hands. It was a heavy-duty divine weapon that Founding Emperor had ordered the Heavenly Workers in Carefree Village to customize for him to use against the masters of creation.

The armor he wore was also carefully forged. The runes imprinted onto the armor were formations that were designed to target the attacks of the masters of creation's consciousness.

When Qin Fengqing saw this sight in the sky outside, he immediately clamped the two round hammers under his armpits and turned around to walk into the Founding Emperor Celestial Palace. Princess Consort Zhen hurriedly followed behind him and asked, "Fengqing, where are you going?"

"Tidy up valuables, prepare to escape."

The big-headed infant turned around and continued, "Mother, you come too. This is no longer a carefree village. Those tasty things have attacked all the way here, and even I won't be able to defend against them. I might even be eaten by them. Mother, go and ask Father to come. We have a ship, we can leave from the back. I will bring you all back to Youdu. Earth Count said that if I return, he'll do everything he can to protect me. Our family can still survive!"

Princess Consort Zhen replied angrily, "Our people are all here, how can we abandon them and escape by ourselves?"

Qin Fengqing scratched his head and replied, "If not, you can also ask them to come along? But not all of them. If there are too many people, I won't be able to ensure the safety of everyone. Also, I don't think Earth Count will be willing to take in so many people…"

Princess Consort Zhen was enraged, and she jumped onto his shoulder. She pulled on his ear and dragged him back as she yelled, "There's even less chance of survival out there! If we defend Carefree Village and fight until the end, there's a possibility of survival! Have you forgotten about your younger brother? Your younger brother has been captured by those masters of creation, but instead of trying to save him, you're trying to escape. I feel ashamed for you!"

"Stop pulling, stop pulling!"

Qin Fengqing followed after her and walked back to the front of the formation as he cried out, "I'm already an adult now, so stop pulling at my ear! I'm greatly respected by the people of Carefree Village, it's so embarrassing when you pull at my ear. Bad younger brother won't die, I've never seen him die before. He's most likely hiding amongst the tasty food and secretly laughing at us…"

Princess Consort Zhen dragged him to the front of the formation as Founding Emperor was joking with Qin Hanzhen and the others, "These celestial palaces, they almost look real, it's scary."

Next to Founding Emperor, the many great experts exuded fiery auras that rushed into the sky, forming all sorts of apparitions as they inspected the great army of masters of creation.

"Truly, they look like the real thing. It's a pity that they replicated them too much."

Yan Yunxi giggled. "There are a total of fourteen types of celestial palaces behind these masters of creation. Some of these celestial palaces are even incomplete. Evidently, someone has exhibited fourteen types of celestial palaces to these masters of creation to let them visualize them, pretending that it's their own so that they can intimidate us."

Qin Hanzhen laughed. "The divine armor and divine weapons on them are also products of visualization, they aren't real. The runes on the armor of every battalion of the masters of creation, as well as their divine weapons, are also different. There are about a thousand masters of creation in every battalion, and the millions of them are divided into a thousand battalions. The armor and divine weapon structures are different for every single battalion. Just to design the structures of the armor and divine weapons would require a vast array of knowledge. This kind of reminds me of someone."

Yan Yunxi and the others all nodded their heads and laughed. "We are also reminded of someone."

"Wen Tiange, Heavenly Master Wen. His wealth of knowledge is immense, and he has broad horizons. He's also the smartest man in the world. He's a perfectionist when it comes to doing things. If he was the one who set all this up, he would definitely try his best to design it to its most perfect state."

Founding Emperor continued, "This is exactly the kind of person he is. Yet this is also what restricts his achievements. His knowledge is too varied, which results in his inability to merge all of the knowledge he has and use it together. This inhibits the growth of his cultivation."

Yan Yunxi laughed. "Your majesty may be unaware, but he has accepted three disciples, and each of them inherited some of his strengths and flaws. There is one thing in common for all three of his disciples—they're all perfectionists. The second disciple is one of you Qins."

Qin Hanzhen looked at her strangely. "What Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi is trying to say is…"

Yan Yunxi continued, "The Son of Qin not only hasn't been killed as a sacrifice, but he has actually become the holy infant of the masters of creation and become the leader of the masters of creation race."

Qin Hanzhen cried out, "You're suggesting that the one who came up with this set-up was Mu'er?"

Founding Emperor replied indifferently, "The mastermind behind these masters of creation is him. Heh heh, crushing our borders with a great army and such a formidable battle formation, this brat is truly audacious. If any of you see him, remember to call him Celestial Venerable Mu, don't treat him as a Son of Qin."

Everyone was taken aback, not knowing what he meant.

Founding Emperor continued, "He has the bloodline of the Qin family, but he owes no debt of nurturing or teaching to the Qin family. Moreover, he has already repaid the debt of life to the Qin family. He is, after all, a Celestial Venerable, to call him by his title is to show respect."

Qin Hanzhen furrowed his brows, sensing that this old ancestor was a little angry.

Though it was quite understandable.

After all, only a handful of people would be able to tell that the celestial palaces of these masters of creation were products of visualization. The rest of them were scared witless by the sight of this great army of masters of creation. Even Qin Fengqing was so afraid that he was about to escape.

And this was all the result of Qin Mu's doing. How could Founding Emperor not be angry?

Beyond the sky, Qin Mu's fourteen celestial palaces floated behind him. He made use of Divine King Lang Wo's consciousness to send the structures of his own fourteen celestial palaces to the minds of the masters of creation so that they could visualize and form them.

Shu Jun coughed and reminded him, "Holy infant, are you not worried that you may be overdoing it with this?"

"Is it too much?"

Qin Mu laughed coldly. "When Eternal Peace most needed the protection of Carefree Village, with one command, all of the gods were transferred away such that Eternal Peace was left to resist the celestial heavens on its own. I don't think I'm overdoing things. He shouldn't have given Eternal Peace hope and then taken it all away in an instant. Eternal Peace, heh heh…"

His resentment towards Founding Emperor had never been fully resolved. "From the start to the end, Eternal Peace has always been mere ordinary folks that were abandoned by him. He didn't just abandon us once, it was two times! The one who saved the people of Eternal Peace has never been him, it was First Ancestor."

He stood up, floating atop Divine King Lang Wo's shoulder as he stepped on empty air to reach the woman's earlobe and said, "Sister, your consciousness is boundless. Inform everyone in Carefree Village that the divine king and holy infant of the masters of creation race would like to have a discussion with Founding Emperor to settle the eternal peace between the two races! Ask him if he dares to come forth!"

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