Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 990 - Old Qin Family

Yan Yunxi waved her sword and attacked. She interrupted him and immediately used the first move of Founding Emperor's 33 heavens of the sword path, Supreme Emperor Heaven Quelling Sword. She taunted, "Do you think I'm like Su Maiqing or Yan Rinuan? They are only skilled in algebra or divine arts. Some are only good at leading armies, while some are but civilian officers. Do you think they can show off the marvels of Founding Emperor's sword skills?"

Founding Emperor's sword path was marvelous when commanded by her. It was in a different league compared to what Qin Mu saw previously.

It was different from people like Su Maiqing. Yan Yunxi was the real deal. She was unrelenting and unleashed all of the sword path's power immediately.

However, she underestimated Qin Mu's cultivation and used god realm cultivation. Thus, despite showing off the power of Founding Emperor's sword skill, she couldn't threaten Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's heart fluttered as his sword pellet flew out and broke her Supreme Emperor Heaven Quelling Sword.

Yan Yunxi felt the force from his blade and raised her magic power realm, unleashing the second move—the Supreme Brightness Flood Sword.

Qin Mu continued breaking it with his sword, using his sword move to break the Supreme Brightness Flood Sword, cutting off the flood of brightness.

Yan Yunxi's magic power was raised to the true god level. However, she still felt that Qin Mu's magic power was grand and much stronger than her cultivation. This frightened her.

Her path was unique. She had learned a mix of a lot of different things. However, she was smart and had high attainments in every subject.

Founding Emperor evaluated her before and said she was smart and that she only paled in comparison to Wen Tiange, and even then, her natural aptitude was far superior to Wen Tiange.

In natural aptitude, she was inferior to Di Yiyue, but she was smarter.

Di Yiyue had Heaven Duke's bloodline and could learn anything easily. She didn't have such a level of talent, so she learned the Postcelestial Great Daos, all of them. She learned the paths of instruments, chess, books, paintings, knives, spears, swords, formations, and martial arts.

The path of Yan Yunxi was the path of unison, improving several celestial palaces. In this path, one would hope to rush to the Grand Realm of the Celestial Heavens Realm after reaching the Emperor's Throne Realm, elevating one's techniques and cultivation level to that of the Celestial Venerables.

She followed this path. However, it was difficult to elevate the Postcelestial Great Daos to the Emperor's Throne level, even more so than the Precelestial Great Daos, as one had to open them step by step.

She knew the path would be hard. Di Yiyue and Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher were already strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne, while she was still stuck in the Numinous Sky Realm.

However, this also made her magic power grand. In the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, few could defeat Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha like her!

The first to do so was Founding Emperor.

Founding Emperor's magic power was unbelievably grand. The basis of Qin Mu's Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique came from Founding Emperor's basic Daoyin Technique.

The second was Di Yiyue, who had the bloodline of Heaven Duke, which rendered her strong.

However, while Yan Yunxi was a realm below him, she was still able to defeat him, showing off her skill.

Yet, when facing off against Qin Mu, she felt that Qin Mu's magic power in the same realm was two to three times more powerful than hers!

She had to elevate her cultivation realm to the God Execution Stage before she could deal with Qin Mu's sword.

'In the same realm, even Founding Emperor wouldn't be as dense as him. Even, even…'

She was unnerved. Qin Mu's magic power was too dense. In the same realm, Founding Emperor paled in comparison.

Yan Yunxi had already deployed the 33 heavens of the sword path to the Supreme Melt Sword. However, Qin Mu hadn't seen it before, so she deployed it slowly to show its marvels to Qin Mu.

After this move, Yan Yunxi didn't stop. Instead, she brought out the thirtieth heaven, the Grand Jade Rising Victory Sword.

Then it was the thirty-first heaven, the Dragon Brahma Alteration Sword. Next was the thirty-second heaven, the Education of the Graceful Merchants Sword. Finally, the thirty-third heaven, the Grand Brightness Realm Sword.

At this move, Yan Yunxi stopped and abandoned her sword. She admitted, "I can't beat you, but Founding Emperor can. He is way stronger than me when using the 33 heavens of the sword path. You will surely lose to him."

"Many thanks," Qin Mu said earnestly as he put away his sword pellet.

Yan Yunxi glanced at him and coldly said, "Do you really think you can beat Founding Emperor? He's number one in the path of the sword. His attainments in it are unrivaled. His comprehension is so quick and deep that no one can beat him! He created the 33 heavens of the sword path 20,000 years ago. I'm not even sure which step he has reached in his sword path."

Qin Mu felt apprehensive.

Yan Yunxi continued, "When Founding Emperor sees your nineteenth sword form, he can take down your fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth sword form. He won't be stuck on the nineteenth sword form. Maybe, when you enter the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, you will find his twentieth sword form. You might even see the thirty-fourth or thirty-fifth heaven of his sword path. Thirty-five heavens! You're dead!"

Qin Mu smiled gently. "You really want Founding Emperor to lose to me?"

Yan Yunxi glared at him and hollered, "Ridiculous! I'm loyal to Founding Emperor. Even the sun and moon can see that! I lost to you due to my lack of power and not because I wanted you to see Founding Emperor's sword skills!"

Lü Zheng and Shu Jun were drinking with the other god officials on the city tower, and as soon as they heard her, the god officials spit out their wine.

"What are you laughing at?"

Lü Zheng was furious and stared at them. "Drink up! Whoever doesn't drink today sees and hears nothing! No one is allowed to leave!"

Those god officials were frightened and had to drink.

To Yan Yunxi, Lü Zheng was a donkey. To the others in the Supreme Heaven, this donkey was the Donkey Devil King.

Qin Mu glanced to the side and asked, "Heavenly Teacher, is there really a thirty-fourth heaven to the sword path?"

"I have no idea."

Yan Yunxi shook her head and said, "Maybe, maybe not. Judging by his talent, yes, but from the state of Carefree Village, no."

Qin Mu stared deep into her soul and asked, "When will you dress like a girl? Saint Woodcutter and Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher are waiting."

Yan Yunxi was furious. "What business is it of yours? Until I meet a guy that can take my heart away, I'll dress like this."

Qin Mu laughed and said, "You can't find a guy as wise as Saint Woodcutter or as stubborn as Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher. You should change into female clothing now and choose one of them to marry. Neither of them has married yet, as they are waiting for you. Your delay inconveniences them."

Yan Yunxi was frustrated and embarrassed. She furiously said, "I didn't lose to you! Leave now! Don't humiliate me here!"

"Shu Jun, let's go!"

Qin Mu called out, and Shu Jun rose quickly. Lü Zheng smiled and said, "Big guy, come here to drink another day! I will treat you to carrots!"

The carrot hung on the fishing rod on his head struggled, but it failed and had to accept its fate.

Shu Jun agreed and moved to Qin Mu's side.

"Don't go to the heavens after."

Yan Yunxi walked him out of the city and said, "This display of flattery is fake. In the later heavens, their display is real. If you go there, you will be humiliated."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and showed his doubt.

Yan Yunxi sighed and said, "The only bitter people in Carefree Village are those of the older generations like us. The new gods and devils born here have little attachment to the outside world and greatly fear the strong celestial heavens they have heard rumors about. They don't want to leave, and among them are some smart people who know you are fighting to advise Founding Emperor and force him to go out. They will surely try and stop you."

Qin Mu revealed a smile, nodded, and said, "To them, this place really is Carefree Village."

Yan Yunxi gave a cold humph and plainly said, "What Carefree Village? There's no Carefree Village in this world! Go now, the earlier you see Founding Emperor, the better your odds of winning become. His comprehension of sword path divine arts is too high. The later you go, the higher the likelihood of him comprehending the twentieth sword form, which puts you at a disadvantage."

Qin Mu bade her farewell and left.

The two of them reached the Grand Jade Heaven. This heaven was a great deal different than the previous 29 heavens. Dance and song filled the atmosphere of the extravagant and luxurious looking heaven, and young gods and devils used visualization divine arts to create all sorts of wondrous scenery that was beautiful.

People were dancing and singing in this strangely beautiful land. There were wine pools and meat forests. It was extremely extravagant.

Shu Jun suddenly cried when they reached that place.

Qin Mu was weirded out and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Before our extinction, we were like this. Seeing such a scene again, I can't help but recall our extinction."

Shu Jun recalled, "Nobody thought about how close we were to extinction when we were in our most prosperous state."

Qin Mu thought about it deeply.

Gods were on guard here. They should be younger gods who heard the news of Qin Mu's arrival at Carefree Village and thus were searching for him.

Qin Mu's consciousness waved and formed a consciousness illusion. They walked past the gods who were searching for them safely.

They reached the Dragon Alteration Heaven, which was even more extravagant. The heavens below trained to prevent an offensive by the masters of creation, creating a nervous atmosphere. There was none of that here. There was only enjoyment and luxury.

Qin Mu and Shu Jun didn't stop and instead rushed to the next heaven, Peaceful Education Heaven.


Qin Hanzhen and his wife were waiting for him at the entrance, likely for a long time. Princess Consort Zhen smiled and said, "You really are here. Your father still knows you well. He said you would come here to find out about Founding Emperor's sword skills."

Qin Mu lifted his robe and kowtowed to them, saying, "I became the holy infant, which caused me to neglect both of you. I hereby pay for my sins."

Qin Hanzhen lifted him up quickly, saying, "How can we be called your parents if we didn't nurture you, educate you, or even give you a soul?"

Princess Consort Zhen wiped her tears, smiling. "I wish I gave birth to two sons."

Qin Hanzhen said, "You must have suffered hardships coming here. The old guards of the emperor are loyal to him. They must have made your journey difficult. I know it has been hard on you."

Qin Mu didn't know what to say.

Princess Consort Zhen said, "Your father is King Zhen, and it's hard for him to go down and see those old guys. They have weird tempers, and they speak in an enigmatic manner. I wanted him to go look for you, but he said those old guys know better. They might strike out against you, but they wouldn't take your life. At worst, they would only injure you, so there was no need to go. It would be even better if you were forced to withdraw."

Qin Mu was even more stunned than before.

Shu Jun laughed. "Those old guards of Founding Emperor really are loyal and really made him suffer."

Qin Hanzhen led them to the King Zhen Residence as he said, "It's rare that you are back. I'll take you to see our ancestors. We won't question your duel with Founding Emperor. Let's enter first. Half of the land in this Peaceful Education Heaven is ours.

Qin Mu acknowledged.

He followed Qin Hanzhen and Princess Consort Zhen, and all he could see were graves with no end in sight.

"These are all our ancestors."

Qin Hanzhen said, "The old Qin family members knew that Founding Emperor was determined to move to Carefree Village, which was an unpopular decision. So, from the fourth generation on, they actively fought against the masters of creation. All of them are here, generation after generation."

"Founding Emperor had 34 children, and on the way to establishing his celestial heavens, 33 of them died in battle. Our ancestors died in battle when we migrated to Carefree Village. He had six sons who fought against the celestial heavens. They died, and their bodies haven't been found yet, as there was no way to find them."

Qin Hanzhen said, "He didn't enter the ancestral graves. Three generations of Founding Emperor's descendants died while entering the Great Void. They scouted the way, and only one came back alive, which meant safety for Founding Emperor."

"In our generation, the hundredth and sixth generation, and yours, the hundredth and seventh generation, there are few people in the old Qin family. Every generation of ours has to shoulder the burden of defending Carefree Village. When the masters of creation struck, we were the first to respond at the front lines. We were worried about that, which was why your mother didn't want you to return here."

He pointed at a grave in front and said, "That's your uncle, my brother. He treated me nicely. He sent me off when I left Carefree Village. When I returned, he was buried here…"

"To us, Carefree Village never existed."

He stood in front of it, and his head drooped as he said, "Because, for people with the surname Qin, there are too many burdens… too many burdens."

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