Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 992 - The 33 Heavenly Realms

As Qin Mu's pupils contracted, the sword in his hand flew out and became the Supreme Emperor Heaven Quelling Sword!

That was a sword path that was created after seeing an unjust world where gods and devils fooled around, causing the masses to suffer and be unable to shape their own lives!

He quelled the heavens and anything unjust and unfair about it by slaying hypocrites and seductive demons, righting what was wrong.

Founding Emperor didn't expect that his first move would be his own first move when entering the sword path.

When he entered the sword path, it was during the aftermath of the High Emperor Calamity. The Founding Emperor Era had yet to arrive, and he was a young brat filled with heroism then. He wielded his sword and made a name for himself in a world filled with monsters and devils.

He saw how the Primordial Realm was distorted by a grand force before being sealed. Heavens soon disappeared, and silence arrived. The Primordial Realm had shrunk.

Despite it still being larger than Eternal Peace and the Great Ruins that came after, it was still much smaller than the real Primordial Realm.

What was the grand force that folded and sealed the Primordial Realm?

He saw the ruins of the High Emperor Era, the imposingly tall legacies of its celestial heavens, the collapsed temples and palace walls, and the corpses of the gods and devils beneath them.

He often thought about the drowned history in those ruins.

He even saw people wailing in the flames of war and suffering. There were married couples, women, children, and the elderly.

He saw rampant gods and devils, monsters that took advantage of the situation for their own gain, gods who built grand sacrificial altars to chase away surviving citizens of the High Emperor Era. They sacrificed those people on the sacrificial altars to the celestial heavens.

He vividly remembered the grin the gods and devils had when they sacrificed the people to the high gods.

The Supreme Emperor Heaven Quelling Sword was born from this.

With heroism in his chest, he leveled the world with his sword.

That was his earliest move. He hadn't met Qin Mu yet when he pioneered it, for he hadn't yet transmigrated to the first year of the Dragon Han Era.

The move wasn't as complete as his later moves. It could even be considered rough. Yet, it was the most ambitious move of his sword path's 33 heavens. It was the most heroic move. It was unique!

The Supreme Emperor Heaven Quelling Sword was deployed by Qin Mu. It was when he used his sword to be a hero, when he suppressed violence with violence. The youthful heroic sword path came from Qin Mu's sword, and it instantly caused Founding Emperor to recall his past memories. He felt the Carefree Sword in his hand bringing him back to the past.

He deployed the Supreme Emperor Heaven Quelling Sword too. It was identical to Qin Mu's. When he deployed it, he felt the howling winds that his body swayed in.

It was a feeling he had when he was young. Filled with passion, he felt that the power to change the world was in his tiny body. No matter the elements or the setbacks, he felt that he couldn't be beaten!

All of the hardships and setbacks pushed him forward as they became the motivation for him to grow stronger!

He wanted to protect the people of the land who had suffered so many disasters. He wanted them not to have to fear the gods and devils anymore. He wanted them to live with dignity and not by the skin of gods and devils' teeth.

Underneath their swords, Supreme Emperor Heaven's hills crisscrossed as the sword light became a stream that rang and echoed.

In the Jade Capital of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, gods and devils all watched the scene, unable to blink.

Qin Mu looked like a youth, while Founding Emperor became a middle-aged man with all the demeanor of an emperor. Yet, what they saw were two youths with swords that had ambition radiating from them.

The sword was like a rainbow, while Dao was like a painting. With one swing of the sword, mountains and rivers that were thousands of miles long rushed towards them.

The sword energy in the mountains and rivers was like a mountain of its own, while the sword light was the shimmer of the lake. Some sword energy was like the rolling clouds, while some sword light fractured the sky in a frightening manner!

Their sword light overlapped and exploded intensely, causing many younger gods and devils to flee the inner Jade Capital.

Their sword light crushed the Gate of Heaven Influence. They swept through, from the Vermillion Bird Gate to the Black Tortoise Gate. From the Peaceful Prosperity Gate to the Eternal Jubilee Gate. From the Hidden Light Gate to the Peaceful Ceremony Gate. From the Obedience of the Will Gate to the Peaceful Wind Gate. From the Peak Prosperity Gate to the Gate of High Ranks.

The sword light flooded out of these gates and crushed them. Halls and buildings crumbled one after another, and the grand and torrential scene in the Supreme Emperor Heaven replaced them!

The Taiji Palace, Concubine Palace, and Green Palace were instantly replaced by the rising hills. The Merit Cultivation Temple, the Auxiliary of Flourish Temple, the Long-Lasting Joy Temple, and the Grand Peace Temple were all replaced by the lakes.

Their sword light suddenly coalesced and rolled around before forming light beams.

It was an extremely resplendent scene. Their figures remained still while the flying swords orbited them, their bright bodies shining all sorts of teleportation runes.

The runes shone on them from the flying swords, deploying the teleportation divine arts. Their sword light was pushed forward, and they looked like two electrical rainbow lights speeding in the air as they collided above the Jade Capital.

In every collision, the sword light was as bright as the sun. All around them was sword energy, which became straight light beams that beamed downwards.

The outer part of the Jade Capital was hit. Temples like the Peace Temple, the Announcement Temple, the Prosperous Path Temple, the Temple of Opening, and the Imperial Assistants Temple became riddled with holes as sword energy shot through them.

Their usage of their sword skills to deploy teleportation divine arts made everyone, even algebra experts like Su Maiqing, dazzled as they applauded and praised them.

More young gods and devils escaped, but before they could stand up, they saw the figures of Qin Mu and Founding Emperor coming to a halt.

A loud boom was heard, and the second sword of the 33 heavens of the sword path was unleashed!

The Supreme Brightness Flood Sword!

This sword was created when Founding Emperor was quelling the chaos caused by gods and devils. With heroism and bravery, he swore to change the unfair world with the saint!

The unfairness of the world wasn't caused by the gods and the devils, it was a mere smokescreen for the true injustice in the heavens!

He wanted to change this unfair world with the saint!

This sword was genuine and ambitious, and it made the men climb in height as if they were two growing mountains. They went into the sky, into the clouds, and into outer space!

Carefree Village's second heaven's Sun Guardian, Yan Rinuan, couldn't take it anymore. Tears came out of his eyes, and they became two fire dragons.

He didn't have tears, for he was a Sun Guardian whose body became pure holy fire. Even when he was touched to tears, his tears were blazing flames.

This sword woke not Founding Emperor but him.

He was the one who fought with Founding Emperor to change this unfair world!

They were young, filled with energy and passion, and they were daring, loyal, and fearless.

Today, all he did was complain.

In the boiling hot tears of flames, a resonance came from his sword case. A large divine great sun sword hummed as the sheath shook. The rust was washed away as the sword shone again.

Above the heavens, sword light burst open and became the third heaven sword path. It was the Pure Bright Sword of Stealing Hearts, a sword of self-reflection. It shone on one's heart and got people to remember their initial ambitions.

At that time, Founding Emperor had made a name in the tattered Primordial Realm. He forgot his ambition and suffered a great defeat, and many of his followers became casualties. They were buried on hills, as their souls were cut by swords.

It was a sword that acted as a reminder. The sword light shone from the heavens in as clear a manner as a heaven of pure brightness. It shone on the faces of everyone in the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens.

Many saw themselves in that mirror-like sword light. Some saw their own depression, some saw their own hatred, some saw their own bitterness, and some saw their own fall.

At that moment, they faced their own self and saw a Dao heart riddled with holes.

The sword light wasn't just a symbol of the fight between Qin Mu and Founding Emperor, it was also them and their Dao hearts in self-recognition.

Junior Protector Fang Youji wiped his tears, but he couldn't clear them.

Qin Mu and Founding Emperor unleashed the fourth heaven of the sword path. The Dark Embryo Sword of Calm Heavens. It was a sword of rebirth after a calamity. It was the sword of their reformation of ranks, morale, and Dao hearts after heavy casualties!

The pioneers of the Founding Emperor Era found their fighting spirit reignited after that. They were willing to fight the heavens, gods, and devils. They no longer accepted defeat as they adjusted their Dark Embryos to fight again.

Many of the old guards of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens saw that sword light, that sword path, and that spirit, and it was as if they had returned to that era. The heroic auras in their chests were stirred once more.

It had been a long time for them.

Twenty thousand years of their persistence, belief, and hard work all became dreams when they retreated to Carefree Village. It became a moldy memory that grew more and more muddled after 20,000 years spent in Carefree Village.

Now, everything had awakened!

The fifth heaven of the sword path was ignited, and the Primordial Bright Sword of Literature was shown. It was shown off in Qin Mu and Founding Emperor's hands. It was a sword skill pioneered when Founding Emperor returned from the first year of the Dragon Han Era. He wanted to revolutionize things via reform to create an era with different schools of thought for the younger generations.

Then, they went on a path of reform.

They didn't cultivate literature, they used it to cultivate their hearts.

With literature, they raised the heavens. With literature, they carried the heavens. With literature, they recorded things down. They ordained conscience for heaven and earth and served the people by passing down their ultimate arts and opening more!

In the sky, Qin Mu and Founding Emperor continued to battle. Every move and skill of the sword path carried the spirit of the Founding Emperor Era. This spirit was something the old guards of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens had experienced. It was their spirit, and it was the popular symbol of their era.

Today, seeing Qin Mu and Founding Emperor deploy them made them relive that era. Sealed memories were awakened, and dissipated heroism was summoned. Their cold blood boiled hot once again.

The Founding Emperor Era was never Founding Emperor's, it belonged to everyone who participated in the reform.

The spirit of that era was never Founding Emperor's, it belonged to everyone who participated in the reform.

When did they link the era to him alone?

When did they link the spirit of the era to him alone?

When did they put the blame of moving the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens to Carefree Village on him alone?

When did Founding Emperor become that Founding Emperor and not the original?

In the sky, the battle between Qin Mu and Founding Emperor grew to become more ferocious. They had already reached the thirty-third heaven of the sword path, the Grand Brightness Realm Sword.

This sword was created when Founding Emperor formed the sword realm. He was unrivaled in the path by then.

Yet, it was also the time when the Founding Emperor Calamity occurred. The series of events that happened in it all happened after he opened the path of the sword.

In the sky, the collision of their large swords became unbelievably terrifying. Yet, they still seemed evenly matched.

The Grand Brightness Realm Sword's power had been exhausted. Their sword light stopped for a little bit. At that moment, Founding Emperor's Carefree Sword rose again, and Qin Mu experienced a bone-chilling feeling.

After the Grand Brightness Realm Sword, there was still a thirty-fourth heaven!

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