Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 995 - Bad Brother Being Shy

"The twentieth sword form is indeed powerful."

Shu Jun put Qin Mu down from his back. Qin Mu extended his body before jumping up energetically, amazing Shu Jun.

Just now, Qin Mu's injuries were serious. Founding Emperor's twentieth sword form severely injured him, causing Shu Jun to believe that his soul was going to return to the Ancestor Spirit World.

Qin Mu had suffered a serious sword injury. The most severe injury he sustained wasn't to his corporeal body but to his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and celestial palaces, as they were attacked by Founding Emperor's twentieth sword form's sword realm.

Strangely enough, despite Qin Mu's serious injury, he recovered quickly. Shu Jun even suspected him of faking his injury.

"As expected of the number one in the sword path. His comprehension of the sword is deeper than most. The twentieth sword form is even stronger than the nineteenth sword form, Raising Calamity."

Qin Mu retrieved a sword pellet and waved it around, trying to recreate the twentieth sword form.

It was fundamentally different than the previous 19 sword forms.

Qin Mu felt something when comprehending the eighteenth sword form. When one's basic sword skills grew to be more advanced, the amount of magic power one needed would increase. Ultimately, the sword skill would become unacceptable to use, as one might use all of their magic power in one use of the sword skill.

Such signs emerged in his eighteenth sword form.

His cultivation was deeper and stronger than his counterparts. Even the grand Founding Emperor paled in comparison to him in the same realm. That was why it was easy for him to use the eighteenth sword form.

If it was someone else, however, using the eighteenth sword form would require a typical divine arts practitioner's entire magic power pool.

The nineteenth sword form, Raising Calamity, required even more magic power, on top of high attainments in algebra formations and in one's state of mind.

To attain the nineteenth sword form's sword skill, one had to go through vigorous training. Thus, when one learned it, they could directly enter the path with the sword.

Fewer and fewer people knew the move in the world as time went on as a result.

Even if one learned it, they might not be able to handle the magic power it required.

In the full-on duel between Qin Mu and Founding Emperor, Qin Mu was able to observe the even freakishly higher demands of Founding Emperor's twentieth sword form.

'Using this blade seems to require one to inject their soul into it on top of burning their essence and blood and cooperating with the sword realm.'

Qin Mu frowned greatly. He was unlikely to deploy the twentieth sword form in such a short period of time, as he was still unable to comprehend his own sword realm.

His Facing Calamity Sword wasn't a basic move, it was a move to cleave divine treasures and celestial palaces. It was a sword path opened to break the old systems, aimed at severing one's cultivation.

Then, Qin Mu had lost his soul and only had his consciousness left. He used the Facing Calamity Sword to sever his own cultivation. He began by destroying his own celestial palace. The sword light created a torrent that severed the divine bridge after collapsing the celestial palace, destroying the Celestial Being, Five Elements, Six Directions, and Life and Death Divine Treasures. He only kept his spirit embryo.

Later on, he used this move to cleave other gods and devils' celestial palaces and divine treasures.

However, this move wasn't a basic sword skill.

When Founding Emperor fought him in the same realm, he used his magic power from the god realm. Qin Mu used his divine treasure realm's immense magic power to suppress him, but he was still injured by the twentieth sword form, showing how terrifying it was after it was matched with the sword realm. Using it allowed a weaker person to beat a stronger one.

He was, however, disappointed by his inability to learn it.

'I am the Overlord Body, I just have to work harder…'

His spirits felt rejuvenated as he walked towards the masters of creation's territory with Shu Jun.

Amongst the masters of creation, many adults were led by Xiu Zhong and other chiefs to help the Son of Youdu, Qin Fengqing, open the Paramita World's Youdu. The only people left were younglings and elders.

It was the same for other clans. The Paramita Youdu was vital to the masters of creation, which was why Divine King Lang Wo ordered every clan to help Qin Fengqing build it.

Qin Mu tried to open the Gate of Heaven Influence and found that it actually opened.

He looked inside and saw countless imposing masters of creation walking around in the vast void. The heart of their brows glowed, and they were creating via Grand Primordium Divine Stones using consciousness.

Qin Fengqing, who was in the center of the Paramita Youdu, wasn't smaller than them. In fact, he was bigger.

The Great Youdu Daos inside of him spread out and fused with the masters of creation's consciousness as they worked together to imprint his Great Dao in the void.

"Don't open the door! Don't open the door!"

Divine King Lang Wo saw Qin Mu opening the door and hastily used her consciousness to transmit her voice into Qin Mu's head. She said, "You can't open the door yet, as it will cause the Paramita Youdu's Great Dao and consciousness to leak, disrupting the Paramita."

Qin Mu's figure moved as he entered the Paramita Youdu and closed the Gate of Heaven Influence.

He looked down and around and saw landmasses clearly taking shape in the Paramita World. He could even clearly see stars and the 33 heavens of Carefree Village.

The Paramita Youdu and Paramita World were stacked on top of one another. This Paramita Youdu that the masters of creation and Qin Fengqing built together could reach every corner of the Paramita World. With continuous development, they could even extend it to the Great Void.

Qin Fengqing wanted to be a Little Earth Count with his own realm for a long time so he could take care of his mother. Now, he had more than a little realm. He had a large one. Now, he could not only take care of his own mother but everyone in Carefree Village.

He could even take care of all the masters of creation in the Great Void and Paramita World to prevent the former from being so dangerous.

"Bad brother!"

Qin Fengqing found Qin Mu and excitedly said, "You're here! It's not fun here, all I can do is look at these big guys. I can't eat them yet!"

The masters of creation around him were visibly pissed. They wanted to punch him but couldn't.

Qin Mu flew towards him, but because he was slow, Qin Fengqing extended his hand, which Qin Mu landed on. Qin Fengqing retracted his hand, and Qin Mu arrived in front of him. He floated around him as if he was a dust particle.

"There will be more things for you to eat in the future. However, you can't eat the people in Carefree Village or the masters of creation whenever you like."

Qin Mu patiently said, "The celestial heavens will come here to find Carefree Village. Outside of the Great Void, countless casualties will be inflicted to the point that you won't be able to finish eating them. You can even keep some for barren years!"

Qin Fengqing was very happy, and he rubbed his hands. "How can we deal with that? If we store them, won't it be tough on them? I'll suffer for a bit and eat them regardless. I'll just exercise and digest more!"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "There are so many strong practitioners in the celestial heavens, how can you finish them? Besides, if a war is fought, there will be even more casualties. Towards the people of Carefree Village and the masters of creation, you must set up a system that punishes evil and rewards good. You can eat the bad ones, while the good ones stay."

"That sounds even better!"

Qin Fengqing righteously said, "I get to eat even more!"

Veins popped out of Qin Mu's forehead as he repeated, "Punish only the bad and reward the good!"

Qin Fengqing asked, "What does that mean?"

Qin Mu calmed himself down and explained, "We keep them behind so that food can last forever."

Qin Fengqing suddenly had a eureka moment. He laughed and said, "That's a good idea. Even good people do bad things sometimes. Good idea, good idea! If good people do bad things, we lick them, and if bad people do bad things, we eat them!"

The masters of creation around them had cold sweat rolling down their foreheads and backs. It wasn't clear whether they were too tired or scared.

Qin Mu sighed secretly, thinking, 'Brother is too careless about things like rules, as he acts according to his feelings. However, the gods in the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens are good at it. They will surely create rules to restrain Brother and prevent him from being too wild.'

Even Divine King Lang Wo was worried, feeling that they were too unreliable.

Qin Mu gave her a reliable feeling, but after hearing his conversation with Qin Fengqing, he was clearly unreliable too.

"Sister Divine King, can you break through to the Great Void and get the Paramita Youdu to cover it?" Qin Mu asked.

Divine King Lang Wo shook her head and said, "It's hard to do everything at once, it will take a long time. However, if the celestial heavens attack us, they might be able to enter the Paramita Youdu, which is a big problem. Thus, I feel like we can open the passage to Youdu at the three houses to ensure we have a checkpoint to defend against the celestial heavens."

Qin Mu praised her, "How detailed of you, Sister."

Divine King Lang Wo smiled and asked, "How was it between you and Founding Emperor?"

"We fought already. He wanted a best of five, while I wanted a best of ten. We couldn't agree on the format."

Qin Mu thought about it and said, "If we are in the same realm, my chance of winning is 70 percent. However, if he learns the results of Eternal Peace's reform, it will be less clear. Maybe I'll only have a 40 percent or 50 percent chance of winning. At best, he will have a small edge over me. He has his own niche, and it'll be difficult to beat him there as well."

Divine King Lang Wo curiously observed him before smiling and saying, "After all that you've said, do you really not want to stay here?"

Qin Mu nodded and said, "I plan to set sail back to the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens. I have settled things here. The masters of creation and Carefree Village are now at peace, and Founding Emperor will handle things in Carefree Village. After the Paramita Youdu is built, a collapse will be impossible here, so I'm no longer needed here. The outside world is more vast and interesting."

Divine King Lang Wo blinked and said, "I want to go out too, to the ancestral court."

Qin Mu hastily said, "Don't go out! If you do, big trouble will occur. There's nothing much to see in the celestial heavens! There really isn't!"

Divine King Lang Wo curiously asked, "I didn't cause any big trouble here, why would I do so if I leave?"

Qin Mu was stuck. He didn't know how to explain it to her.

How much chaos would there be if Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu saw another Jue Wuchen there?

After all, the beauty of Divine King Lang Wo was, in itself, a weapon that would affect many people's Dao hearts and stir chaos.

After all, her beauty and elegance were superior to even that of Yun Chuxiu. Even though they looked similar, Yun Chuxiu already gave an artificial feeling, while Divine King Lang Wo was more natural and attractive.

In addition, the ancient Celestial Emperor was still alive!

If he saw Divine King Lang Wo, what would occur?

Qin Mu couldn't imagine it.

Divine King Lang Wo plainly said, "We have to head out. This is your duty too. Holy infant, am I supposed to be locked here while everyone else leaves the Paramita World?"

Qin Mu couldn't make a decision.

Qin Fengqing curiously looked at them. His huge face was almost on their bodies as his eyeballs rolled around. Sometimes, it was on Qin Mu, while the other times it was on Divine King Lang Wo.

He looked at Qin Mu's expression of hesitation and found it interesting. His brother was a decisive person, yet he was being overly cautious now.

"Bad brother is shy!" Qin Fengqing laughed out loud.

Qin Mu blushed and disputed him, shouting, "No! Brother, don't talk nonsense!"

Divine King Lang Wo didn't understand them and continued to look at Qin Mu. Qin Mu clenched his teeth and said, "You can follow me, but you have to listen to me. You cannot reveal your identity as a master of creation, and you must act like a normal person. You have to cover the eye in the heart of your brows too."

Divine King Lang Wo nodded and gently said, "Sure."

Qin Mu's heart fluttered, but he hastily calmed himself down to avoid being mocked by Qin Fengqing again. He said, "I have a willow leaf here that I can place on your forehead. I used it to seal my brother in the past…"

He retrieved a golden willow leaf, and Divine King Lang Wo closed her eyes and waited for him to place it at the heart of her brows.

Qin Mu's heart fluttered again when he saw the scene.

"Shy!" Qin Fengqing laughed.

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