Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1109 - Move With Me

Blind and Mute saw the scene and instantly felt relaxed. They looked at one another and nodded.

As expected, Qin Mu used his comprehension in his forging. Not only did he learn the knowledge imparted by the two of them during forging, but he also mastered using it.

Not only that, but Qin Mu also entered a mysterious state where his comprehension of himself and Dao, his own spirit, and even his own Dao heart were fused into forging!

When he was forging, halos appeared around him, followed by ancient god apparitions. The halos circled the ancient gods, symbolizing the Great Dao of the prehistoric universe.

Loud Dao voices came. His comprehension, Dao heart, perseverance, and hard work were all forged into his divine weapon via his hammering.

He made his Great Dao runes and divine arts microscopic before imprinting them on every microscopic particle of his divine weapon via his large hammer. He was very serious about it.

Every time his vital qi and consciousness were depleted, he drank a mouthful of primordial liquid. When his divine weapon was too scorching, he would douse water on it, disregarding the cost.

Blind and Mute were perplexed by how Qin Mu was still forging despite them finishing Butcher's divine knives already.

They didn't think much about it, though, considering Qin Mu's learning was complex, which rendered his microscopic forging tedious.

They rested for a while before turning on their furnace again to help Cripple forge his boots and gloves.

It was even more tedious to forge Cripple's treasures than Butcher's knives. Cripple's techniques were unique. His treasures had to be able to pass through all sorts of seals and restrictions with him and be something that could elevate his thieving techniques.

It was a huge challenge to Mute and Blind.

When they finished Cripple's treasures, at least 20 days had passed. They gave a sigh of relief, but when they looked back, they saw that Qin Mu was still forging his divine weapon.

However, one could see that Qin Mu was forging a sword, a normal one with no visible uniqueness.

Yet Qin Mu had already used the celestial palaces of his own Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure to enhance his imprints!

'The power of Mu'er's divine weapon will probably be terrifying!'

They looked at one another with that thought in their hearts.

They recognized how Qin Mu's divine weapon merely looked like a sword. In reality, it carried Qin Mu's Great Dao and ambitions. It was more than a sword, for it could change forms easily, which made it complex.

The abnormalities around Qin Mu gathered, and with the final hammer, the divine sword suddenly broke.

Blind and Mute were shocked. They rushed to him and saw the divine sword he had painfully forged for days broken!

It became powder since it was made from microscopic forging. Thus, the divine gold and materials became minute particles that were almost impossible to detect.

Qin Mu grabbed the ashes and was stunned.

Blind examined it, frowned, and whispered, "Mute, he planned to fuse 15 Emperor's Throne techniques and forge them into the sword. However, the sword couldn't take it."

Mute examined the particles on the floor and differentiated the materials before saying, "I couldn't have done better than him in mixing materials. However, this sword is forged!"

Blind was stunned as Mute wiped the ashes and took out a hilt. There was a broken sword on it that was six inches long. He smiled and said, "It's this sword!"

Qin Mu originally thought that he had failed, but when he heard Mute, he looked at the sword and saw how it was still sharp and bright!

Mute took it and said, "Mu'er, you wanted something too perfect. You wanted to forge a perfect divine sword that could merge with your own Great Dao. How could you do everything at once? We try to reduce what we are poor in to make us richer in what we are rich in. When you were forging, you did just that."

Qin Mu seemed to understand.

"You forged it to be too complete when your techniques aren't. Forcing the forging caused the blade to be damaged. It couldn't take it, so it broke. As the saying goes, once you are at the edge of something, you have to return."

Mute continued, "The right way is to take what you have extra of to make up for what you lack. For you, you should make up for your broken sword with yourself. This is thus your Dao Sword. You don't have to chase perfection. You have to constantly comprehend with this sword and perfect your own techniques and Great Dao to finish making up for it. The day you finish will be the day your blade is complete."

Qin Mu took the blade and was touched. A sword light came out, and it was clear like water as it shone on his face.

Mute said his forging was too complete, which was right.

When he was forging it, he wanted a divine weapon that could carry his 15 celestial palaces with his Great Dao runes imprinted on it so that he could imprint his comprehension of Dao on it.

Six of the 15 celestial palaces were still incomplete. The incompleteness of his techniques rendered his blade incomplete as well. Yet, Qin Mu wanted perfection, which shattered the blade.

Mute smiled and said, "This blade will grow with you. Although it's broken, its power will be extraordinary when it's grown!"

Qin Mu utilized the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and the blade morphed into countless microscopic particles. It formed a long knife that was like flowing water. He gently rubbed it, and it became a dragon spear.

The blade changed according to his thoughts. However, he had to use his runes to make up for what it was lacking when it morphed into a different one.

The parts that were missing were different for every form, so the Great Dao runes needed were different too.

Qin Mu picked it up. He was still disappointed. Although his incomplete techniques caused the weapon to be damaged, he still wanted to forge a perfect divine weapon.

'More haste, less speed. People like Grandpa Mute and Village Chief, who only cultivate one celestial palace, are more suited than me at forging divine weapons. I'm attempting to cultivate the great celestial heavens, which makes it harder for me to forge.'

He calmed himself down as Dutian Devil King's voice came from the outside. Qin Mu walked out, and Dutian Devil King and Yu Zhaoqing requested an audience. Three heavenly dragons followed them. They bowed and paid their respects too. Dutian Devil King said, "After five years, I have conquered the Heavenly Feather World. I'm here to report on it!"

Qin Mu laughed and held him up, saying, "It's been tough, Brother Dutian."

He summoned the dragon qilin and took the Bottle of Flask World, saying, "Your people are still in there. Today, I give this heaven to you. Please check, Brother."

Dutian Devil King suppressed his excitement as Qin Mu took out the remaining primordial liquid. He flicked it up, and the Bottle of Flask World soared into the air, growing taller. It soon arrived near Eternal Peace's Primordial Tree.

Suddenly, it was a treasure bottle dozens of miles tall. Its mouth was tilted down and hung beside the Primordial Tree. Starlight flowed out of it like a tide as it formed the entrance to the Flask World.

"Brother Dutian, you are now a master of a heaven," Qin Mu said.

Dutian Devil King looked up at the Flask World and cried. He felt that his efforts were all worth it.

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