Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 690 - Attack From Son of Heaven Yin

The god of Founding Emperor couldn't help feeling anxious and tugged him in a panic. He wanted him to leave Heavenly Yin World as soon as possible to prevent him from suffering an unneeded disaster. However, he didn't manage to move him.

Qin Mu turned his head back, and he could faintly see the black sand in Heavenly Yin World suddenly becoming concentrated and violent. There were circular air currents in the air that were formed by the black sand, and they were as thick as dragons. They traveled back and forth among heaven and earth recklessly!

Yet there was that kind of thing everywhere in Heavenly Yin World, and it made him unable to see far.

"Goddess, take care!"

Qin Mu knew he didn't even have the rights to observe the battle and he picked up the two taotie sacks and hugged the prism of heavenly fire to get out with the god of Founding Emperor. They came to the long stretch that was in the mountain crack.

The god of Founding Emperor swayed, and he was feeling faint.

Qin Mu frowned, and his primordial spirit appeared behind him. He handed his taotie sacks and the prism over to his primordial spirit while he executed Heavenly Devil Creation Technique in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. Using his vital qi as needles, he tapped on the body of the god and said solemnly, "The seal Teacher Woodcutter placed on you is too much, it's suppressing too much of your soul. He didn't expect you to be weakened to such a state. Let me help you undo part of the seal!"

The speed at which he executed his spell was very fast, and the god of Founding Emperor felt much better. At that moment, he heard a gentle voice coming from Heavenly Yin World. "Goddess, long time no see."

Qin Mu heard the voice, and his mind became muddled. He couldn't help being alarmed. "Son of Heaven Yin's voice contains a divine art that can confuse the soul!"

He hurriedly pulled along the god, and they headed out while he tried to keep himself clear-headed. His primordial spirit followed behind them step for step.

"Congratulations on dying and reviving, goddess. May I ask, where's the Dao friend that revived you?"

Son of Heaven Yin's voice continued to ring out gently and not only did it bring along a divine art that could mesmerize the soul, but there was also a feeling that he was a lover that understood them the most. Of course, it was ineffective against men.

"This Dao friend sure is remarkable, to actually create a kind of divine art that could gather the shattered souls once again. A person with such unmatched talent sure is worthy of being called my Dao friend, so I naturally had to visit him personally and seek to learn from him. Goddess, why don't you introduce him to me?"

Goddess of Heavenly Yin's voice sounded out, saying, "That expert has already left, Son of Heaven Yin, you don't need to have evil designs on him. It's been a while since we have last met, so why don't we have a good talk."

Her voice suddenly cleared Qin Mu's head, and when he looked around, he felt his blood run cold and his skin becoming cold and clammy.

In front of him was the boundary stone of Heavenly Yin World!

He had felt that he was following the crack out, but he didn't expect to actually return to the front of the Heavenly Yin World's boundary stone!

It was obvious he had still fallen into the trap unintentionally, and he was mesmerized by Son of Heaven Yin's voice.

He thought he was leaving yet the divine art hidden in Son of Heaven Yin's voice had made him lose his sense of surrounding. As a result, he didn't even know he was turning back.

If it weren't for Goddess of Heavenly Yin's voice that broke Son of Heaven Yin's divine art, he would probably have returned to Heavenly Yin World.

'The attainments of this person in the area of soul surpassed Lou Qianzhong by tens of thousands of miles!'

Qin Mu took the chance when he was sober to immediately pulled the god of Founding Emperor to run forward.

From behind, Son of Heaven Yin's voice sounded out again. "Yes, it's time we should talk. However, for this expert to create a divine art to gather the soul on the spot and invoking a change in the Dao of Heaven and Earth makes me truly curious."

Qin Mu's mind was muddled, and he immediately stopped again. He didn't dare to take a step as he was afraid he might fall into Son of Heaven Yin's trap again.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin laughed. "That's easy, that's easy. If there's a chance in the future, I will naturally introduce him to you."

Her voice rang out, and Qin Mu immediately took the chance to sprint and broke the god of Founding Emperor out of the crack. Light came from their front, and Qin Mu leaped and gently landed on the rock door in front of the crack before changing his direction to jump out of the broken cliff.

Behind him, the god of Founding Emperor got shone on by the sunlight outside, and the black smoke poured out from his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth—turning him into human skin. Qin Mu kept holding onto his hand, and the human and skin came flapping down from the sky.

Qin Mu's primordial spirit also rushed out of the crack and floated down with them.

Yan Jingjing, He Yiyi and the rest were waiting at the broken cliff anxiously for a few days and nights. Supreme Emperor Heaven had already been bored through by Yan Jingjing, and the roads were paved, yet Qin Mu never appeared. That made them slightly worried.

Yan Jingjing said, "Fatty Dragon, did you really not see Brother Cowherd entering that crack?"

The dragon qilin shook his head. "I was taking a nap, and just as I heard Cult Master's words and planned to open my eyes to see where he was, I felt someone pressing down on my eyelids, so I didn't open my eyes..."

Right at that moment, Qin Mu suddenly brought a person and flew out from the cliff, surprising them. However, they immediately saw the person beside him opening his mouth to give off a miserable shriek as black smoke spewed out of his face. When he finally turned into a piece of human skin, everyone was shocked.

Qin Mu landed on the ground, and he was still holding onto the hand of the god. When he looked back and didn't see any abnormal activities or hear the voices of Goddess of Heavenly Yin and Son of Heaven Yin from the crack—only then did he let out a sigh of relief.

Yan Jingjing looked at the limp skin of the god he was grabbing, and she couldn't help asking with a trembling voice, "Brother Cowherd, the thing in your hand..."

Qin Mu hurriedly laid the skin of the god flat on the land and quickly rolled him up as though he was rolling several pieces of clothing. "This is a god of Founding Emperor Era that I met in Heavenly Yin World. He was dispatched by Teacher Woodcutter to enter Heavenly Yin World to scout the source of darkness. He has no corporeal body, and his soul is sealed in his skin. I'll roll him up first, and when night falls, he will return to normal."

"Heavenly Yin World? The source of the darkness?"

Yan Jingjing and He Yiyi stared at him with their eyes wide open. They completely didn't understand what he had just said.

Qin Mu took out a small rope and tied the god of Founding Emperor properly. "Fatty Dragon, keep him properly. Where's Fatty Dragon?"

The dragon qilin had stuffed his head into a cave while his butt was exposed outside. He was shivering non-stop.

Qin Mu shook his head and tied the god to his back. "Is the tunnel done?"

He Yiyi said, "With Sister Jingjing's help, we have already dug out a tunnel through Supreme Emperor Heaven. This tunnel is very huge, and even the Sun Ship would be able to drive through. However, we will need to keep the suns first. This human skin..."

Her hair was also standing on end.

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Don't be afraid. He's actually someone very easy to talk to. He's just like Grandpa Mute; they have many things to say."

His primordial spirit walked forward and placed the prism of heavenly fire and taotie sacks down. Qin Mu immediately took out some Metal of Heavenly Yin. "It's just that his current state is a little strange. When I create a container that could store the darkness for him, he will become normal... Uhm, he will still be very strange."

The two girls looked at each other in the eyes, and they could see each other's puzzlement.

How could a human skin have many things to talk about?

As talkative as Grandpa Mute?

That was indeed very strange.

Qin Mu took out a medium-sized smelting table from his taotie sack and placed the Metal of Heavenly Yin on the table. He placed the prism of heavenly fire in the furnace and carefully controlled his vital qi to activate it. Suddenly, a burst of flames melted the entire smelting table, and nothing was left behind.

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open and was helpless. In front of him, there was nothing left, and even the Metal of Heavenly Yin was completely vaporized!

"Using this kind of flame to pave roads can make the process abnormally fast!" Yan Jingjing said in delight.

Fear could be seen in He Yiyi's eyes, and she hurriedly shook her head. "If this kind of fire is used carelessly, we will be incinerated until there's nothing left!"

Yan Jingjing was puzzled and said, "Then we can just control the heat."

She said it like it was natural and as though controlling the heat should be an extremely simple task.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he said, "Sister Jing, this is the heavenly fire of Xuandu, I'm not as skilled as you in controlling the heat. Come and have a try."

Yan Jingjing went up and used her vital qi to activate the prism of heavenly fire. The flame seemed to come alive and stretched its body to separate into various flames that had the shapes of crystal. It was very tranquil.

Qin Mu carefully took out some more Metal of Heavenly Yin and controlled the sand-like metal and placed it over the flames. The Metal of Heavenly Yin slowly melted.

"Look, it's simple, right?" Yan Jingjing said with a smile.

Qin Mu was overjoyed, and he said with a smile, "Sister Jing's ability to control fire is superior to others, even I'm far inferior. From today onwards, you can travel the streets with me to help people forge knives and sharpen their shears. You will be great no matter if it's to forge a ladle or a plow!"

He used the melted Metal of Heavenly Yin to forge an incomparably intricate hourglass, and the hourglass even had the engravings of every hour. He then engraved numerous runes.

The hourglass was very similar to Son of Heaven Yin's Celestial Dipper, but it was only an imitation.

The circulation system that Son of Heaven Yin had set up was more complete. The black soul sand was circulating in the Great Ruins, Heavenly Yin World, and all the other worlds.

Qin Mu had planned to use Metal of Heavenly Yin to create an hourglass to store some black soul sand and let the black soul sand flow to and fro between the body of the god and the hourglass.

In that way, a small circulation system would be formed, and as long as there was no mistake in the engraved time, the God of Founding Emperor would be able to swap between human skin and human form during day and night.

Metal of Heavenly Yin was a divine metal from Heavenly Yin World, and one of the few things that could store the black sand, therefore it was best to use that kind of divine metal.

Qin Mu then crafted a small tray, and the tray was crafted with numerous gears and components to show the time accurately. The calibration was according to when the sun rose and set; it wasn't according to the daily hours.

Furthermore, every gear was imprinted with a rune, and the rune would resonate with the god to maintain the circulation system.

In that way, a small circulation system of Heavenly Yin World would be formed.

After he had created it, he placed the hourglass on the tray and continued to refine the two smaller treasures. In the end, they were only two to three inches tall and were extremely delicate.

Qin Mu forged another ring, and he stuck the hourglass in the center of the ring. It was like a slightly bigger pendant, and he just needed to craft a chain to hang it around the god of Founding Emperor's neck. In that way, the circulation system could be maintained.

After he finished forging it, he let out a sigh of relief and stretched his back.

Yan Jingjing took over this strangely shaped necklace, and other than having a certain use, it was also beautiful to look at and made it so people couldn't bear to let it go.

Qin Mu turned around to look at the cliff and thought to himself, 'I wonder how's the battle between Son of Heaven Yin and Goddess of Heavenly Yin going? If Goddess of Heavenly Yin can't block Son of Heaven Yin outside of Heavenly Yin World, she probably can't escape death..."

In Heavenly Yin World, a gigantic woman was standing on the center of the sea and executing an immeasurably tall tower to fight with Son of Heaven Yin across the worlds.

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