The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams

The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams - Chapter 15

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Translated by Momo. Unedited.

WARNING: Mature content. NSFW!

On that day, she relaxed and took it slow until the evening. Cleatt probably explained that Priscilla wasn't feeling well, and a worried Feim said she should rest and also take a break from studying and learning noble manners. Priscilla willingly accepted it, and at dinnertime when she was better, she sat down to have a meal as usual with Duran and Feim.

Then the night came.

"Welcome back."

It felt a bit embarrassing to meet Cleatt after what they did the other night, but Priscilla still went to greet her husband back home in the dead of the night with a smile.

"I'm back."

Cleatt walked over to Priscilla without any hesitation and bowed slightly to kiss her. Priscilla was surprised for a moment, but she ended up putting her arms around his waist timidly.

She wondered if the change in his usual behaviour was due to what they did last night. After clutching their lips and entwining their tongue several times, Cleatt moved away from her face. Then he took Priscilla to the bed.

"Does he wish to do it again today?" Priscilla wondered a little preoccupied. She didn't dislike it, but she was still feeling a bit uncomfortable at the place where she fully accepted Cleatt yesterday, and she was also worried about his sleep since it was already so late.

Perhaps noticing Priscilla's anxiety, Cleatt smiled as he placed her on top of the bed.

"Don't worry, we're not doing it tonight. After your first time, it would be too strenuous and your body needs to rest."

"Thank you..."

Priscilla felt relieved that he was being considerate, but the moment she hugged him, she felt something hotter than usual hit her thighs. This had to be "that". It was the proof her husband was suppressing his lust.

"I'm sorry. It looks like I'm really hopeless after tasting it just once. I guess I'm more young and lively than I expected."

Cleatt also bitterly acknowledge his current condition and kept hugging her loosely.

"Are you sure it's okay?"

"Ah, yeah. If you leave it alone, it will calm down. I'm also sleepy today."

She really wondered if that was the case, but Cleatt seemed to be satisfied just by smooshing his face against her chest. Priscilla put her hand on his head and stroked it gently, but after a while, she could not help but worry about the hard thing that was stroking against her legs. Far from calming down, it felt like it was getting even harder.

"Hmm, I...well..."

Priscilla decided to say something, willingly sacrificing herself. She had absolutely no experience, but it wasn't like she didn't know anything about it. At school and at the royal palace, the women around her had been talking openly about such topics, so she remembered a few things.

"If you're okay with my hands..."

Moving down the hand that was caressing Cleatt's head, Priscilla reached out to his lower body, while her face turned bright red. She wondered if it was improper for a woman to do something like this even though he didn't ask for it, but she had also heard that it was tough for a man not to relieve himself while in that state. She couldn't leave it alone.

When Priscilla touched the hard hot rod covered by his pyjamas, she felt like it had quivered under her hand.

"...Hmm, maybe you could help me out."

Cleatt mocked himself for his lack of self-restraint and accepted her offer candidly. The two sat up. When Cleatt stripped off his clothes while they faced each other, a bigger and thicker thing than Priscilla had expected came out.


Priscilla took a deep breath. They had slept together yesterday, but she hasn't observed his body like this ever before. Priscilla was surprised that something like that was inside her body. Considering the size, it was obvious it would hurt. She couldn't believe it had really penetrated her and kept staring at it.

"Priscilla, please don't look at it so intently."

Cleatt's abashed tone of voice called Priscilla back to reality. "That's right", she thought to herself while her cheeks turned red again. She would also be ashamed to death if someone stared at her intimate parts like that.

"Excuse me……"

Priscilla slowly reached out, slightly glancing away. As she carefully placed her fingers over it, it was already standing impetuously. She could hear the sound of Cleatt's throat bobbing over her head. "I guess I'm supposed to squeeze it and rub it now", while she thought about it, Priscilla gently wrapped both her hands around it and just started to move them.



At that moment, a white liquid gushed from the tip of his rod, and Priscilla let out a surprised shriek. While she stood stunned, it continued to eject and spit out the liquid, smearing even her chest under her nightgown.


"Perhaps it's already over?" as she thought that, Priscilla slowly let it go. Her hands were also smudged by the sticky white substance.

Gently raising her face, she saw Cleatt put his hand on his forehead and stay silent.

"Hmm. That……"

"...It's not like that."


Wondering what he meant, Priscilla tilted her neck. Cleatt seemed to have something to say, and with his hand still on his forehead, he looked down and whispered. His face was covered by his hands, so she wasn't sure what kind of expression he had at the moment.

"It's usually not that fast. I'm also stunned that I came only by you touching my..., but when I thought it was in your hands... I just reacted strangely and..."

Priscilla noticed that his face and ears that peeked out through his hands were turning red as she watched him. Cleatt, that had climaxed just by being touched, was acting terribly shy.

Priscilla had no idea of what was the average time for a man's endurance on that aspect but considering yesterday, the speed he reacted by being touched was certainly a little too fast.

When she realized that, her face also heated up. She wondered if maybe...

"Oh, p-perhaps... do my hands also have such an effect?"

She never had a chance to try it out before, but Priscilla seriously wondered if her hands not only had the power to alleviate pain but also the effect of increasing pleasure. Priscilla had some complex feelings over it, thinking it might not be good.

"No, it's not that. I was just overexcited. When I thought it was being held by your precious hands, it just..."

Cleatt stopped talking and let out a big sigh. He changed the topic of the conversation, saying, "Let's stop, I feel like I'll continue to dig my own grave like this..." and quickly rose from the bed and left the bedroom. Priscilla sat mindlessly on the bed while wondering where he headed off to, but Cleatt immediately returned with a cloth in his hand.

Then, he opened the closet in the bedroom and took out another nightgown prepared for Priscilla.

Cleatt, that came back and stood in front of her, silently picked up her stained hands and gently wiped them. Then he took off her clothes and held out the new nightgown for her while she squeamishly moved her body to wear it.

"Let's sleep."

In order not to allow any objection, he grabbed her with a slightly forced gesture and both feel on the bed. With his face still buried on her chest, it was impossible to decipher his current expression but the tips of his ears were still red, so it looked like he was still acting bashfully.

"...Just...try to avoid touching me in that place again tonight."

Hearing the low voice murmured at her chest, Priscilla went silent for a few seconds. But somehow a peal of laughter formed on the back of her chest, and even though she desperately tried to put up with it, she couldn't hold it in and her body shook and she laughed. She tried her best not to voice it out, but since Cleatt was hugging her tightly, he could tell what was going on by the swaying of her body.

"I'm sorry, I'll be careful."

When Priscilla answered with her voice still trembling from her stifled laughter, Cleatt sighed and buried his face in her chest once more. While she held his head like that, she couldn't help but keep laughing until Cleatt said in a defeated tone: "Who would imagine you could burst into laughter that easily...".


The marriage between Priscilla and Cleatt was good.

After that, they would do it every few days. To reassure Priscilla, who was worried about his health, Cleatt laughingly said "I couldn't afford to do this if I was tired". And just as her husband had declared, before she quit her job at the royal palace, the rumours she heard about Cleatt were that "Vice-minister Brody had become even sharper than before". She secretly smiled at them.

Apparently, Cleatt, who was less tired, performed well on his duties.

Everyone at the Brody residence was also delighted at the fact that Cleatt would come back home every night.

Feim was always kind to Priscilla, and Duran, who looked strict and quiet, started to talk to Priscilla when he got used to her presence. Actually, it seems he was used to spoiling Cleatt's younger sisters and according to him, "My father is very gentle towards women."

Priscilla, who was worried about the manners of the upper-class nobility, was learning under the guidance of Feim. The Brody family was considered a bit prudish, so they wouldn't often appear in tea parties and social circles, but Feim still accompanied Priscilla to such events.

At her age, she was experiencing these events for the first time in her life.

She tried her best not to tarnish Feim's reputation by just standing quietly and dignified but she also worried that people might consider her "an unworthy mediocre lady". Fortunately, there were no such people. Probably because Feim always stood by her side. Those sorts of ill-intended nobles wouldn't stand a chance against Feim's sharp and refined glance.

Feim treated Priscilla with great care, and she was a really reliable presence. After all, Cleatt took after his mother. While watching her back always protecting her, Priscilla smiled at how her image overlaped with Cleatt in her mind.

She seemed to like Priscilla sincerely exactly as she was, and their relationship was very good.

Feim often said, "Priscilla doesn't have to pamper Cleatt that much." From her point of view, it was clearly her son who was deeply infatuated with Priscilla. At first, Priscilla was at a loss when she heard it, but recently she became aware that it might really look like that for the people around them.

At any rate, the way he expressed himself in front of Priscilla was completely different from how he treated others. He was never angry or cold towards her. And she also never had displayed these kind of emotions either.

And whenever he was at home, the first thing he did was always to try to spend more time alone with Priscilla. It might be because he wanted to sleep with her as soon as possible, but everyone around them seemed to attribute it to a strong sense of possessiveness. That kind of attitude was so surprising for Feim that she said "I never knew my son had that side to him."

In the midst of that pleasant everyday life, Priscilla was a little concerned about her own hands. She wanted to say something about it to her new family, Duran and Feim, but when she consulted Cleatt, he said, "Since it's going to be a hassle, keep it a secret until it's absolutely necessary to inform them." Priscilla wondered what he meant with 'a hassle', but when the time came, she understood exactly what he had said.

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